Location: Cooweescoowee District OK

Biographical Sketch of Laura Alice Henry

(See Grant)-Laura daughter of Ellis and Martha (Copeland) Buffington was born September 22. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Married December 26, 1871, Josiah, son of Jesse and Lucy (Love) Henry, born January 1, 1850. He was elected in November 1869, Solicitor of Cooweescoowee District appointed to the same office in by the Chief. Elected Councilor from Cooweescoowee District August 1, 1881 and August 2, 1897. He died Oct. 4, 1904 and she died Nov. 12, 1906. They were the parents of Rosa Jane Henry, born August 10, 1883, educated in the Cherokee Public Schools and Female Seminary and E. E. Rector, born Feb. 27, 1873 Butler County, Kansas. They are the parents of Edna May, born Dec. 19, 1899; James Emmett, born Oct. 29, 1906; Josiah, born June 28, 1908 and Frances Rector born July 5, 1910. They are farmers near Claremore. They belong to the Methodist Church and he is a Mason. Mrs. Rector’s Cherokee name is Ay-ni. Josiah Henry son of Jess Henry...

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Biographical Sketch of William Lee Fields

(See Grant)-William Lee, Fields, born in Cooweescoowee District, November 29, 1875, educated at Willie Halsell College and Male Seminary. Married in June 1902 Dora E. Johnson. They were the parents of Bertha Helena, born August 29, 1903, married Jesse McCreary June 8, 1921; Violet Fern, born October 17, 1908; Apple Dorothy Fields, born June 20, 1910; William Lee, born March 20, 1913; Jesse Thomas, born April 17, 1915; Franklin Chester born August 15, 1917 and Fredonia Ellen Fields, born December 22, 1920. Henry Clay, son of Richard and Mary (Wilds) Fields born October 21, 1844 married in February 1861 Amanda Jane Rogers, born July 17, 1847, in Johnson County, Missouri. They were the parents of William Lee Fields, who is also the great great grandson of Richard Fields, Chief of Texas...

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Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Susie D. Coats

Coats, Mrs. Susie D. (See Grant and Hildebrand) —Susie Dora, daughter of James and Emily (Harlin) Sunday was born in Cooweescoowee District, September 12, 1876, educated in Female Seminary. Married September 11, 1893 James, son of James McKenzie and Annie C. (Spears) Coats, born April 1, 1866. They are the parents of: Jennie Bessie, born January 25, 1894; James McKenzie, born September 20, 1896; Elmer Earl, born September 4, 1901; Capitola Wyly, born February 15, 1903; Lulu May, born January 20, 1906; Eugene born October 15, 1908: Belva Lockwood, born June 8, 1910 and David Coats, born March 3, 1912. Mr. Coats died December 15, 1915. Mrs. Coats manages a farm near Pryor. Miss Jennie Bessie Coats was elected Court Clerk of Mayes County November 5, 1918 and November 2, 1920. James McKenzie was educated in Pryor and Agricultural College at Stillwater and served in the World War over seas 18 months. Capitola Wyly is a member of the 1922 High School class at Pryor. Lucinda, daughter of Samuel and Catherine (Hildebrand) Martin married Joseph Spears and they were the parents of Annie C. Spears wife of James McKenzie...

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Biographical Sketch of Mrs. John C. Duncan

Duncan, Mrs. John C. (See Grant, Duncan and Sanders)—Joanna Coody Rogers daughter of Charles Rogers Coody and Nancy (Patton) Rogers was born in Cooweescoowee District in 1861. Educat­ed in the Cherokee Nation Schools, graduating from the Female Seminary, June 30, 1881. Taught school. In 1885 she mar­ried at Fort Gibson, John Clinton, son of John Thompson and Elizabeth Ann (Sanders) Duncan, born in 1859 in Flint District, Cherokee Nation. He was educated in the Cherokee Public Schools and Male Seminary. Fortunate in having splendid educations, discriminative and appreciative minds, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan have always been...

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Biographical Sketch of Mrs. N. R. Brown

Brown, Mrs. N. R. (See Grant)—Jennie E. Cole born in Cooweescoowee District, Jan. 16, 1887. Married at Pryor Dec. 24, 1902, N. R., son of John W. and Catherine Brown, born Nov. 8, 1881, in Hickman County, Kentucky. They are the parents of Herbert Reed, horn March 27, 1904, Virgie D. born June 6, 1906; Owen, born August 2, 1911; Elmer Jackson, horn March 7, 1917 and John Wes­ley Brown, born June 13, 1919. Mary L., daughter of Henry C. and Amanda Jane (Rogers) Fields was born Sept. 10, 1866. Married January 20, 1884, John Cole, horn June 12, 1858 in Kentucky. They are the parents of Mrs. N. R. Brown. Mrs. Brown is the great great great grand­daughter of Richard Fields, Chief of the Texas...

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