Location: Concordia Kansas

Biographical Sketch of Ira Mahaffey

Ira Mahaffey has for two terms, two years each, been the affable and courteous clerk of the District Court at Concordia. Few people entirely appreciate the ability and tact required for the successful administration of such an office. Not only must the records be properly kept, legible and correct and easily grasped by the ordinary mind, but the clerk himself must be accommodating and at all times genial and attentive to those who have business with his office. All these qualities Mr. Mahaffey possesses and more too. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Politically he is a republican, and while he is a strong believer in his party and its principles, he does not fail to admit that other party beliefs have good ideas and character. Prior to his election as District Court elerk Mr. Mahaffey served as deputy clerk of the court one year, and was deputy county clerk for two years, one year under a republican and one year under a democratic clerk. In...

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Biographical Sketch of O. A. Olson, Dr.

Dr. O. A. Olson is one of the well known practitioners of Concordia, where he had spent many years in his suceessful healing of many obstinate and troublesome cases both chronic and otherwise. His success had been unusual, in spite of the fact that his treatment is simple. Patients come to him from all over the state, and he had cured many aihments that have been given up by other practitioners. Doctor Olson was born in Sweden in November, 1859, and came to the United States in 1880. In his younger years he learned the stone mason’s trads, and followed that as a journeyman. It was by accident- that he discovered the secret art of healing and his since given his entire attention to his profession. Doctor Olson states the basic principles of his professional ideas and practice about as follows: It is now high time, says the doctor, that the true physician should treat man so that he may know how to live rather than to prepare him to die, by filling his system with poisonous druga. Nature in her extensive laboratory had provided ample remedies for every ailment. Those remedies are not always found in the form of drugs. The laboratory is often the human body in which can be found that power which though unseen and indestructlble is none the dees effleaclous. Paracelsus speaks along those...

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Biography of Carl Moore

Carl Moore. Under the system of local government prevailing in most American states, the office of sheriff is easily one of the most important. As the executive court officer and responsible manager of the county prison, he had a wide range of duties. The people of Cloud County during the past four years have had every reason to congratulate themselves upon the presence in that office of Mr. Carl Moore, who had distinguished himself for efficiency and an administration in the best interests of law and order. For many years Mr. Moore had been engaged in public office either as sheriff or on the police force. He was a member of the Concordia police when in 1912 he was elected on the republican ticket as sheriff of Cloud County. A fearless and faithful discharge of his duties during his first term insured him renomination and election in 1914. At his second election he received the largest majority given any candidate on the entire ticket. His majority was 2,498 votes. This in itself was a most substantial tribute and endorsement of the people to the efficient manner in which he conducted his rosponsible duties. Mr. Moore is regarded as the best sheriff  Cloud County ever had. He is painstaking in all his performance, conscientious and fearless when the law demands, but is friendly and affable to his friends and the public at...

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Biography of J. S. Fahlstrom

J. S. Fahlstrom is one of the pioneers of Cloud County, where he had had his residence and his principal activities since 1870. Cloud County was then a wilderness and he had witnessed practically every advancement made here in the past forty-five years. His individual success calls for more than passing mention, and few men starting out with only the capital of their native intelligence and the strength of their hands achieve so much. Mr. Fahlstrom was born in Sweden in 1842. He attended schools only a few months altogether, and his real education was gained in the school of experience, and he says that he had never graduated from that university and is still a student. He early began to cherish an ambition to make a success out of his life. Everything was concentrated and directed toward that end. The land of promise appealed to him when a boy in Sweden and he felt that his fortune would be made if he could come to America, where all men were politically equal and where there was also equality of opportunity. In 1868 he left Sweden, having just enough money to carry him to Chicago. From that western city he made his way into Iowa, and there by hard manual toil was able to accumnlato a littlo fund necessary for his further advance. All that he heard impressed him...

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Biography of O. H. Deever, Rev.

Rev. O. H. Deever. One of the strongest churches of the United Brethren faith in Kansas is at Concordia. The pastor is Rev. Mr. Deever, who though a young man had had considerable experience in various pastorates, and is regarded as one of the most efficient leaders and most talented preachers in his church in the state. A brief reference to the early history of the church at Concordia should be given. The church was organized in 1887 with twenty-one charter members. The Rev. Joseph Bayz was the first pastor and one of the charter members. The other members who constituted the church were: Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Noah Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Kulp, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, Mr. and Mrs. Thacken and two children, Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Walshel, Mr. and Mrs. Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Bogue, Mr. and Mrs. Easter and Mrs. Isgreig. In the past thirty years this church had maintained a steady and prosperous growth, and it now had a membership of 240. The substantial church edifice was erected in 1911, and the church had property at Concordia valued at $15,000. With Rev. Mr. Deever as its pastor the church is now growing in strength and efficieney as a factor in the moral and spiritual life of the city. Reverend Deever is bound closely to Kansas not only by the ties...

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Biography of Henry R. Honey

Henry R. Honey. A pioneer of North Central Kansas, where be had resided for more than fifty-three years, Henry R. Honey had watched and participated in its growth and development from Indian days and had been variously identified with the movements and institutions which have brought about advanced civilization and the establishment of conditions that make this one of the most prosperous and enlightened sectione of the country. He had been connected prominently with business and finansial affairs, but more partienlarly with journalistic work, and for over two decades had been publisher and proprietor of the Western Advocate, the leading newspaper of Jewell County. In public affairs he had also been active and prominent, and at this time is postmaster of Mankato, having held this office since August, 1914. Mr. Honey is of Irish descent, but also had a strain of Iroquois Indian blood in his veins, being one-sixteenth Iroquois, this coming through his paternal grandmother. The Honey family originated in Ireland, where the name was spelled Mahoney, and the great-grandfather of Mr. Honey, who spelled his name in the old way, fought as a soldier during the Revolutionary war. Joseph Honey, the grandfather of Henry R. Honey, was born in 1791, in Vermont, was there reared, and married Miss Shipman, through whom Mr. Honey had inherited his Indian blood. Joseph Honey fought as a soldier from Vermont in...

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Biographical Sketch of Martin Van Buren Van De Mark

Martin Van Buren Van De Mark. Under the constitution and civil government of Kansas the office of county attorney is one of the most important. It is in fact too important to be used by patriotic citizens for the purpose of complimenting a friend by election to such honors and responsibilities. The candidate must be worthy of the honor conferred upon him, and with unimportant exceptions it can be affirmed that the people usually choose carefully the incumbent of such an office. When the people of Cloud County elected Martin Van Buren Van De Mark as their county attorney they made no mistake. Mr. Van De Mark is fearless in his convictions, is exemplary in his habits, is capable and conscientious in the discharge of every duty pertaining to his office, and had wide training and ability as a lawyer, a profession in which he had made his mark. At the present time Mr. Van De Mark is serving his third term in that office. He had been a member of the Concordia bar for the past eight years. His election as county attorney was from the republican ticket, and the people felt the more confidence in him because of the satisfactory manner in which he had proviously filled the position of city attorney of Concordia. Born at Clyde, Kansas, January 17, 1882, Mr. Van De Mark is a...

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Biography of Samuel V. Fraser, Rev.

Rev. Samuel V. Fraser. One of the younger members of the Roman Catholic clergy in Kansas is Rev. Samuel V. Fraser, pastor of the Church of the Immaculate Conception at Minneapolis, who in this, his first charge, had shown that he possesses with the dignity of his high calling Christian zeal, tempered with the knowledge of and sympathy for human frailty, that had endeared him to his parishioners, had won him the respect of his fellow citizens in general and promises to so increase his influence that it is certain that a rich field of usefulness awaits his future. Father Fraser belongs to Kansas. He was born at Concordia, this state, May 31, 1890, and is in the fourth generation descending from the founders of the family in Canada. His ancestors came from Corkell, Invernesshire, Scotland, with the Scotch Regiment of Highlanders, commanded by Simon Fraser, as a unit of the British army, in 1759, and remained permanent settlers of the Dominion of Canada. Francis Xavior Fraser, father of Rev. Samuel V. Fraser, was born near Three Rivers, Canada, in 1843. In 1849 he was taken by his parents to the United States and they settled in the French Village of Bourbonnais, near Kankakee, Illinois. In 1886 he removed to Cloud County, Kansas, in 1908 retiring to Concordia, and there his death occurred in the following year. All his...

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Biographical Sketch of A. O. Sage, D. D. S.

A. O. Sage, D. D. S. Among Concordia’s men of talent, integrity and professional skill is Dr. A. O. Sage, who is the oldest and most successful dentist of that city. He is not only expert in the mechanical practice of dentistry, but also thoroughly deserves the title Doctor of Dentistry and his experience and work make him an honor to the profession. His ambition since early years had been to master every detail of the dental profession, and the success which had attended his efforts is best evidenced by the extensive practice he enjoys. Doctor Sage had been in active practice at Concordia since January 1, 1893. Kansas had been his home since 1882. He was born at Bloomington, Illinois, in May, 1864, a son of Samuel and Emma Sage. His father died in Illinois and in 1882 the widowed mother and her four children came to Kansas. Doctor Sage received most of his public school education in Illinois, and he had to earn his own way and pay his own expenses while preparing for a professional career. Entering the Kansas City Dental College, after a thorough course he was graduated in 1891, and after two years of experience elsewhere he located permanently at Concordis. Doctor Sage is an active member of the Knights of Pythias and the Ancient Order of United Workmen. In May, 1892, he was...

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Biographical Sketch of B. H. Vance, D. V. S.

B. H. Vance, D. V. S., is regarded as the foremost veterinarian in Cloud County, and is now successfully established with his partner, Doctor Kiger, as proprietors of the Concordia Veterinary Hospital. This hospital had been in existence at Concordia since it was established by Doctor Colderwell in 1904. In 1912 Doctor Colderwell sold the business and good will to Doctor Vance. In 1916 Doctor Vance took as his partner Dr. G. J. Kiger. The firm had a very extensive and successful practice in Cloud County and adjacent territory, and without doubt they stand as the leaders of the profession in that part of the state. Doctor Vance was born in Missouri in 1882 and was reared and educated in his native state. He took his professional training in the Kansas Veterinary College, where he was graduated in 1911 and in the following year came to Concordia. Doctor Vance is the son of Isaac and Irene Vance of Missouri. In 1905 he married Miss Opal Gaines. They are the parents of two children: Leo and...

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Biography of George G. Hill

George G. Hill as president is head of one of the most important business institutions of the City of Concordia. He directs the destinies of a public utility, though owned by a private corporation, which is as intimately connected with the welfare and health of the people of that community as can be claimed for any other single enterprise. This is the Concordia Iee and Cold Storage Company. Mr. Hill had been its president for the past ten years, and from the time of its organization in 1902 had been one of the executive officers of the company, having held the position of vice president for five years. The vice president at the present time is A. Hirsch, a prominent business man of Kansas. Mr. Hirsch immigrated to this country at the age of thirteen from his native Germany. In 1874 he came to Kansas and had also been identified with the Concordia Ice and Cold Storage Company since its beginning. He is also president of the First National Bank of Formoso, Kansas. E. S. Huseher, secretary, treasurer and manager of the company, is a Kansas boy and was reared and educated in Cloud County. He had been connected with this concern for the past ten years. Mr. George G. Hill was born in Carrollton, Illinois, where he was reared and educated. Coming to Kansas in 1874, he had...

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Biographical Sketch of G. J. Kiger, D. V. M.

G. J. Kiger, D. V. M., who is associated with Dr. B. H. Vance as proprietors of the Concordia Veterinary Hospital, is a veterinary of thorough training and of unusual natural gifts for successful professional work. He was born in Kansas in 1889, a son of G. W. and Hannah Kiger. His parents came to Kansas in 1878, and located on a homestead in this state. Doctor Kiger had one sister, Hazel E., now deceased. Doctor Kiger graduated from the Kansas Veterinary College with the class of 1914, and had since been closely identified with his profession and in 1916 entered into practice with Doctor Vance. This firm had a modernly equipped hospital large enough for the accommodation of a dozen animals at a time. Their practice it is said is valued at $5,000 a year. In 1911 Doctor Kiger married Miss Daisy Davidson. Their one child is Darrel...

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Biographical Sketch of A. W. King

A. W. King. The Concordia Monumental Works is one of the leading enterprises of the kind in Cloud County and all Northern Kansas. It was established April 1, 1915, by the firm of Perkins & King. Mr. Perkins had been in business for himself at Concordia from 1911 to 1915. The partners are now Mr. D. F. Perkins and Mr. A. W. King. The junior member of this firm is a practical mechanic with thirty-five years’ experience in marble and granite cutting and the monument business. The firm is supplied with all the most modern machinery and turns out very complete, artistic and satisfactory work. While the firm had been in existence less than two years, its trade is already of extensive proportions, and during the first year the volume of business aggregated nearly $16,000 in value. Mr. A. W. King was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, July 25, 1863. He was brought to America in 1871, at the age of eight, and he grew up and spent many years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While there he apprenticed himself to the trade of stone cutting and lettering, and in fact learned all the details of the art, including design. While in Philadelphia he came to rank as an expert at his trade, and he thus brought a fund of thorough experience and officiency with him to Kansas when he arrived in...

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Biographical Sketch of J. M. Sanger

J. M. Sanger is manager of the Concordia Bottling Works. As this is a business which contributes to the larger commercial relations of Concordia and the surrounding territory, Mr. Sanger’s business position is accordingly one of influence and importance. The bottling works were established by E. J. Messal in 1884, and thus the business had a continuons history of more than thirty years. Subsequently a stock company took the management and ownership of the business, but in 1912 Mr. Sanger bought the plant from the stock company and is now its manager. He had made a thorough study of the business, had introduced the most scientific methods and had a thoroughly sanitary equipment, including some of the finest machinery made for the bottling business. The output of the plant is 300 cases per day, and besides a large trade elsewhere his superior stock supplies the Western Central Branch territory. A native son of Cloud County, where he was born August 2, 1877, Mr. J. M. Sanger had been known to the people of this community all his life and had well earned the respect and esteem of the entire body of citizenship. His parents, A. T. and Ruby J. Sanger, came to Kansas in 1875, taking up a homestead six miles south of Concordia in Cloud County. His father was a veteran of the Civil war, having served as...

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Biographical Sketch of Katherine E. Wrong

Katherine E. Wrong. It is a fact established by experience and observation that in many positions to which women have in recent years become qualifled by a changing view of their social rights and abilities, sconomy and efficiency have been the gratifying results of their administration. Many instances of this could be found in the great State of Kansas, which takes first rank among states that have granted women equal rights in politics and in economie affairs. Particularly does woman’s efficiency display itself in those offices where talent and tact are necessary to success. Cloud County had had good reason to congratulate itself on the presence of at least one woman in the management of its public affairs. This is Miss Katherine E. Wrong, who is now finishing her first term as register of deeds. Miss Wrong had won the favor and confidence of all citizens of Cloud County irrespective of party affiliations, and by her courtesy, quick and able discharge of duty, had thoroughly ingratiated herself among the people of the county and there is little doubt that she will be her own successor in the office as long as her ambition inclines that way. She had a wide experience in business affairs before entering the office and had applied that experlence to the accurate and systematic transaction of all responsibilities that go with the position of register...

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