Location: Colfax Washington

Biography of David Marsh

DAVID MARSH. – This excellent gentleman and popular public officer, whose untimely death of recent occurrence was widely noted in the papers of this coast, exemplified in a large measure the frank and amiable qualities...

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Biography of W. H. Mastin

W.H. MASTIN. – As a lien upon the gratitude of his fellow-men, one writes a book, another opens a mine, a third builds a house. Each one may do the work for himself, but nevertheless, in recognition of the wants and needs...

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Biography of Hon. J. A. Perkins

HON. J.A. PERKINS. – It is a pleasure to see that this widely known and universally respected citizen of Colfax, Washington, the father of the place, is an Oregon man, having crossed the plains to his Western home in...

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It takes a village to grow a family tree!
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