Location: Cole County MO

Biography of Hon. Robert W. Hall

Hon. Robert W. Hall, judge of the circuit court of St. Louis, Missouri, was born in Ontario, Canada, September 27, 1873, and is a son of James Hall, also of Canadian birth and of Scotch and English descent. The founder of the family in the new world first settled in the state of New York but later representatives of the name went to Canada. James Hall was for many years a successful agriculturist and stock raiser but is now living retired. He has been very active in connection with political and civic interests in Ontario, being affiliated with the conservative tory party, and recognized as a man of considerable influence along those lines. He married Sarah Jane Fawcett, a native of Canada and of Irish descent. By her marriage she has become the mother of six children, five sons and a daughter, of whom one son and the daughter are now deceased. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Robert W. Hall, the third in order of...

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Biography of Alfred E. Baker

Alfred E. Baker, president and treasurer of the P. C. Murphy Trunk Company (established 1860, incorporated 1893), was born at Jefferson City, Missouri, December 10, 1865, a son of Dr. John and Amelia (Steels) Baker of Rugby, England. After attending public and private schools he started his career in the business world in the office of the LaGrange Iron Company of Stewart county, Tennessee, where his brother, Thomas C. Baker, was manager and E. C. Sterling, of St. Louis, president. The holdings of the company comprised forty thousand acres of ore and timber land, and was one of the large charcoal, pig-iron producing companies of this country at that time. There he continued until 1888 and in the latter year came to St. Louis to take a position in the office of the Hydraulic Press Brick Company, E. C. Sterling being also president of the latter company. About this time the mining fever was at its height, and he became connected with the Granite Mountain Mining Company of Granite, Montana, a well known mining company with general offices in St. Louis, L. M. Rumsey of St. Louis being president of the company. Mr. Baker resided at Granite, Montana, until 1893, when the mines were closed indefinitely, due to the low price of silver. During the same period he was associated with the L. J. Baker Company, which conducted a...

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Biography of H. J. Westhues

H. J. Westhues, filling the office of prosecuting attorney of Cole county and a well known resident of Jefferson City, was born in Westphalia, Germany, June 6, 1889, but in 1892, when only four years of age, was brought to America by his parents William and Teresa Westhues, who settled in Howard county. The father was a farmer, living a most active and useful life and becoming recognized as one of the prominent agriculturists of his community. H. J. Westhues obtained his education in the Catholic school of Glasgow and when his textbooks were put aside assisted his father on the farm for a time. Desiring, however, to enter upon a professional career he went to St. Louis to 1908 and took up the study of law in the St. Louis University, from which he was graduated with the class of 1912, winning the LL. B. degree. However, he was admitted to the bar in the previous year upon successfully passing the required examination at Jefferson City. He entered upon the general practice of law in Jefferson City in 1912 and was elected soon afterward to the office of city attorney. In 1918 he was elected prosecuting attorney for Cole county by a majority of more than a thousand, notwithstanding he is a supporter of the republican principles and Cole county normally gives a strong democratic majority. In 1920...

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Biography of Waller W. Graves

Waller W. Graves, of Jefferson City, judge of the supreme court and recognized as a peer of the ablest members who have sat upon the bench in the court of last resort in Missouri, was born in Lafayette county, this state, December 17, 1860. His parents, Abram L. and Martha Elizabeth (Pollard) Graves, were natives of Missouri and Kentucky, respectively. The father, a farmer by occupation, was also actively interested in public affairs, particularly in relation to the schools and for many years served as a member of the board of education. He was also a Justice of the peace and in official and non-official capacities had much to do with the advancement of public welfare in his county. He died in January. 1919. Waller W. Graves, after obtaining a high school education in his native county, attended the State University at Columbia, but before reaching graduation took up the profession of teaching in Lafayette county. After spending a few months in the school room as an educator he went to Bates county, where he taught school until 1885, at which time he was admitted to the bar, having in the previous years devoted his leisure to the mastery of the principles of jurisprudence. Five years’ study of Kent, Blackstone and other commentaries had qualified him for admission to the bar and he entered upon the general practice of...

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Biography of Rev. James Thomas Coffey

Rev. James Thomas Coffey, pastor of St. Leo’s Catholic church at No. 2315 Mullanphy street in St. Louis, was born near Jefferson City, in Cole county, Missouri, November 8, 1861, his parents being Michael and Ann (Fitzsimons) Coffey, who were natives of Ireland and came to the United States in the ’40s as children with their respective parents, who made their way direct to St. Louis. Michael Coffey and Ann Fitzsimons were married in the old cathedral by Father Ryan, who was later archbishop of Philadelphia. Mr. Coffey was one of the pioneers in railroad construction in the west and was widely known as one of the builders of the North Missouri Railroad, now a part of the Wabash system, from St. Louis to Kansas City. He was also one of the builders of the Iron Mountain and subsequently of the Narrow Gauge, now the suburban line, from St. Louis to Florissant. He was likewise connected with the construction of other roads through the west and became widely known as a railroad builder, thus operating to the time of his death, which occurred in 1901. His son, James Thomas Coffey, was educated in St. Francis Seminary at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he pursued his preparatory and classical studies, and in 1882 went to Rome, Italy, to complete his preparation for the priesthood at the American College in Rome. He was...

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Biography of William Alfred Clark, A. M., M. D.

It is seldom that one attains prominence along several lines, but Dr. William Alfred Clark of Jefferson City is regarded as one of the eminent surgeons of the state and in 1918 served as president of the Missouri state board of health, while in Masonic circles he has also been accorded a place of distinction and leadership, having been grand master of the order in Missouri in 1917 and 1918. He is numbered among Missouri’s native sons, his birth having occurred in Clarksburg, Moniteau county, September 11, 1865. He was the eldest of ten children, four sons and six daughters. His ancestors were Scotch-Irish but when they migrated to America is not definitely known. The first authentic knowledge concerning their residence in this country is that they went to Kentucky from Guilford Court House, North Carolina, and in 1833, the grandfather of Dr. Clark left Logan county, Kentucky, and drove across the country in an ox wagon, settling in Moniteau county, Missouri. He took up his abode on the broad prairie where the village of Clarksburg now stands and the town was named in his honor. The doctor’s father, George T. Clark, was born in Kentucky in 1830 and passed away about 1893. He lived most of his life in Clarksburg and married Mary B. Yancey, a descendant of Leighton Yancey, who migrated from Virginia to Missouri and was...

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Biography of Frank M. Stahl

If all the events, circumstances and movements with which Frank M. Stahl had been identified since he came to Kansas should be written out in detail the result would be a Kansas history perhaps as complete and certainly as interesting and instructive as could be written with one life as the central feature. To do full justice to such a career is manifestly impossible within brief limits, and the following must be in the nature of a suggestive outline of the career of one of the noted pioneer Kansans still alive, and an honored resident of Topeka. Born in Darke County, Ohio, May 23, 1841, he was one of the eight children, four now living, of Michael and Susan (Moore) Stahl. His paternal grandfather was a native of Germany. Michael Stahl was both a cooper and shoemaker, and as a youth Frank learned those trades from his father. In the decades of the ’40s and ’50s when he was growing up in Western Ohio there was no real public school system in that state. Most schools were maintained on the subscription plan, each family paying the tuition of those of its children who attended, and the time was usually only three months a year. Frank Stahl attended such a school in a log cabin. The first great national discussion which influenced his career was the Kansas-Nebraska controversy which began...

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Biography of Hon. John G. Slate

Hon. John G. Slate, of Jefferson City, who since 1912 has served on the bench of the circuit court of Missouri, his record reflecting credit and honor upon the judicial history of the state, was born January 26, 1860, in Cole county, about eight miles west of Jefferson City, his parents being Robert T. and Isabella D. (Jones) Slate, the former a native of Tennessee, while the latter was born in Kentucky. The father was a farmer, who in antebellum days owned a large number of slaves, having a plantation on the river. He also conducted a wood yard and sold wood to be used on the river steamboats. Judge Slate can well remember seeing the soldiers on these boats returning from the Civil war. Having been reared in the south he would call out “three cheers for Jeff Davis.” On one occasion the soldiers fired some shots and he thought they were shooting at him for calling out as he did. His father served with the Confederate army, was in the fight at Fulton and was captured and sent to the military prison at Alton, Illinois. While he was thus incarcerated much of his property on the farm was stolen. The death of Robert T. Slate occurred in Jefferson City, Missouri, in 1872. Judge Slate obtained a common school education in Boone and Cole counties of Missouri and...

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Biography of Hon. Sam B. Cook

Hon. Sam B. Cook, president of the Central Missouri Trust Company, the leading banking institution of Jefferson City, is not, only active in the control of important financial interests but has in many ways left the impress of his individuality and ability upon the history of the state. He has at various times been called upon to fill positions of public honor and trust and has recently retired as a member of the state senate. He was born at Front Royal, Virginia, January 11, 1852, a son of William and Sallie (Kelly) Cook, who came to Missouri from the Old Dominion during the early boyhood of their son Sam. They established their home in Washington county, where they lived during the period of the Civil war, but in 1864 removed to Warren county. The father died in the latter county in 1865 and the mother in 1872. Sam B. Cook, spending his youthful days under the parental roof, acquired his education in the public schools of the different localities in which the family home was maintained. At the age of twenty-six years he was elected sheriff and collector of Warren county and reelected in 1880. In 1885 he removed to Mexico, Audrain county, where he conducted the Intelligencer, figuring for a number of years in newspaper circles of the state. He naturally became deeply interested in the vital political...

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Biography of Louis S. Rephlo

Louis S. Rephlo, mayor of Jefferson City for the years 1919 and 1920 and a recognized leader in political circles in the state, was born December 20, 1880, in the city which is still his home, his parents being Frank H. and Josephine A. (Haar) Rephlo, who were likewise natives of Missouri. The father was for many years a merchant of Jefferson City and one of its leading business men. He never took an active part in public affairs but was identified with all movements to better the city and promote its substantial growth and improvement. Louis S. Rephlo was educated in St. Peter’s Catholic school and after mastering the branches of learning equivalent to a high school course he entered the St. Louis University, from which he was graduated in 1899 with the Bachelor of Arts degree. He afterwards returned to Jefferson City, where he entered the Merchants Bank, in which he is now cashier. He has been associated with the bank all through the Intervening years since 1901, save from 1915 to 1917, when he was bookkeeper with the Star Clothing Company, which in the latter year removed to St. Louis. Mr. Rephlo then returned to the bank and is now capably serving as cashier, having comprehensive knowledge of the banking business and of all of the activities contributory to the success of the institution. Mr. Rephlo...

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Biography of A. A. Speer

A. A. Speer, president of the First National Bank of Jefferson City, has been at the head of this strong financial Institution since July, 1916, giving his attention to administrative direction with the result that the resources and business of the bank have doubled within five years. He has also figured quite prominently in connection with public interests that have not a little to do with shaping the welfare and progress of the state and is today one of the well known and honored residents of Missouri. His birth occurred in Carroll county, Indiana, in October, 1858, his parents being William Wesley and Nancy (Douglas) Speer, who were natives of Ohio and of Kentucky, respectively. A. A. Speer engaged in the contracting business and at the age of twenty-one years did railroad construction work in connection with the Missouri Pacific Railroad and at this time lived in Greenwood. Later he removed to Chamois, Osage county, Missouri, where he continued in the same line of business, remaining there as a contractor far about two years and subsequently engaging in the mercantile and banking business. Eventually he became interested fn politics and in 1900 was elected to the state legislature from Osage county, representing that county in the general assembly for five terms, while in 1909 be was chosen speaker of the house of representatives. His legislative record is a notable...

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Biography of J. O. Cooper, M.D.

Dr. J. O. Cooper, engaged In the practice of medicine in Jefferson City, was born March 19, 1884, at Cooper Hill, Osage county, Missouri, the place of his birth having been named in honor of the family of which he is a representative. His parents, Thomas McCuin and Martha Jane (Cox) Cooper, were also natives of Missouri, the former born in Gasconade county and the latter near Cooper Hill in Osage county. Thomas M. Cooper was a farmer throughout his active life and was also prominent in public affairs. He served as notary public for thirty years and was deputy sheriff in Gasconade county and also collector in that county. He filled the office of postmaster at Useful, Missouri, and during the Civil war enlisted from Gasconade county on the Union side. becoming first sergeant of Company I, Ninth Missouri Regiment. He was captured by Price at Mount Sterling, Missouri, and afterward taken to Jefferson City, where be was released. His life was indeed a busy, active and useful one and he passed away June 27, 1918. Dr. Cooper, having completed a high school course in Osage county, became a student in the Barnes University of St. Louis, where he pursued his medical study, winning his professional degree upon graduation with the class of 1907. He at once entered upon general practice in Osage county and a little later...

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Biography of L. David Enloe, M.D.

Dr. L. David Enloe, a veteran of the World war, now devoting his attention to medical practice in Jefferson City, was here born November 25, 1891, his parents being Dr. Isaac N. and Rebecca (Short) Enloe, who were also natives of Missouri. The father was born in Moniteau county in 1860 and passed away on the 15th of February, 1921. He had acquired his early education in the schools of his native county and afterward pursued a medical course in the Missouri Medical College of St. Louis, from which he was graduated in 1883 with the M. D. degree. He then entered upon general practice in St. Thomas, where he remained for about six years. Later he removed to Jefferson City, where he continued to follow his profession. He was elected coroner of Cole county and still higher official positions were conferred upon him, for he was chosen on two different occasions to serve his district in the state legislature, making an excellent record by his devotion to interests of benefit to the commonwealth. He also belonged to the Jefferson City school board for sixteen years, serving as president during twelve years o1 the time, and no more stalwart champion of the cause of public education in this city was ever found, nor one who did more effective work for the benefit and improvement of the schools. He also...

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Biography of J. S. Summers, M.D.

Dr. J. S. Summers, specializing in the treatment of diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat at Jefferson City, his thorough preliminary study and his later postgraduate courses keeping him in close touch with professional thought, progress and scientific investigation and research, comes to this state from Indiana, his birth having occurred in the city of Wallace, June 27, 1870. His parents, A. J. and Annie (Cunningham) Summers, were also natives of Indiana, where the father followed the occupation of farming, and in addition to his care of the fields he took an active interest in public welfare, particularly in matters pertaining to the schools, and served as a director on the school board. In 1880 he removed from Indiana to Coffeyburg, Daviess county, Missouri, since which time the family has been represented in this state. On the paternal side Dr. Summers is a representative of an old Virginia family, his grandfather having been born in the Old Dominion, while his mother’s people came from Ohio. Dr. Summers largely acquired his education in the village school at Jameson, Daviess county, Missouri, and in the preparatory school at Liberty, Missouri, before entering upon a course of study in the William Jewell College, from which be was graduated in 1899 with the Bachelor of Arts degree. He remained at Liberty as assistant in chemistry and physics in the William Jewell...

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Biography of Lieutenant Colonel Paul C. Hunt

Within a month after America had declared a state of war with Germany, Lieutenant Colonel Paul C. Hunt had enlisted for service and after training in America and active duty overseas he was sent with the Army of Occupation into Germany, following the signing of the armistice. Since his return he has concentrated his efforts and attention upon commercial interests in Jefferson City as a dealer in stationery and office supplies. He was born in New York city, July 10, 1877, a son of Paul and Kate Chapman (Clayton) Hunt, the former a native of Massachusetts and the latter of Illinois. The parents came to Missouri when their son Paul was but eleven months old, the family home being established in St. Louis, where the father engaged in the real estate business. He was also very active in all uplift work, was a stalwart champion of the public schools and an earnest supporter of the church. He was largely instrumental in establishing and developing three different churches in South St. Louis and his aid and influence were ever on the side of right and reform, progress and improvement. At all times he was actuated by a most progressive spirit, and the state lost u most substantial citizen when he passed away on the 5th of March, 1911. Colonel Hunt, after obtaining a common and high school education in St....

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