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Location: Coffee County GA

Confederate Soldiers from Coffee County, Georgia

Confederate Soldiers who went to the War from Coffee County, Georgia Anderson, William 4th, Ga. Anderson, David 26th, Ga. Anderson, Aaron 47th, Ga. Adams, P. J 20th, Ga. Allen, T. C 10th, Ga. Adams, Willanghly 63rd, Ga. Bennett, W. J 26th, Ga. Beverly, John W 4th, Ga. Bailey, Thorpe 26th, Ga. Blount, J. B 2nd, Ga. Bowen, J. H 49th, Ga. Burke, A. D 25th, Ga. Beecher, H. H 25th, Ga. Beasley, W. M 1st, Ga. Bowen, W. C 49th, Ga. Cowart, K. C 50th, Ga. Cook, Henry 14th, Ga. Culbreath, L. M 48th, Ga. Cross, Richard 10th, Ga. Courson, W. S 4th, Ga. Cato, W. R 50th, Ga. Canley, John 26th, Ga. Corbett, M 29th, Ga. Chaney, Harrison 50th, Ga. Childs, W. H 45th, Ga. Corbett, M. L 29th, Ga. Crosley, Abraham 47th, Ga. Crosley, Spencer 47th, Ga. Channell, John 2nd, Ga. Douglas, B. W 31st, Ga. Dobson, W. B 27th, Ga. Duren, Richard 29th, Ga. Davis, Stafford 32nd, Ga. Douglas, Warren 18th, Ga. Deen, Jamia 4th, Ga. Douglas, Stephen 31st, Ga. Elmore, Thomas J 5th, Ga. Ellis, Joshua 50th, Ga. Edinfield, Jesse 4th, Ga. Ellis, H 1st, Ga. Findley, A. B 29th, Ga. Folds, T.J 13th, Ga. Grantham, Jackson 50th, Ga. Gilliard, W. H 63rd, Ga. Hutto, William 4th, Ga. Harris, Matthew 26th, Ga. Hays, B. F 50th, Ga. Hall, Joel 29th, Ga. Hersey, Joshua T 26th,...

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