Location: Cloud County KS

Biography of Andrew Garfield Marple

Andrew Garfield Marple, a successful educator and school administrator, is now superintendent of the city schools of White Cloud, Kansas. He is a native of this state, was educated here, and most of his work in mature years had been secomplished within the borders of Kansas. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now He was born at Yates Center, Kansas, November 16, 1881. His ancestors were Englishmen who settled in Virginia more than a century ago. His grandfather, David Marple, was born in Virginia in 1812, grew up and married in that state Miss Sneff, and subsequently removed to Northern Illinois, where he became a merchant. By trade he was a cooper. His death occurred at Sheffield, Illinois, in 1893, at the age of eighty-one. His son W. F. Marple, father of the White Cloud school man, was born in Virginia in 1840, grew up and acquired his early education in that state, and was a young man when his parents removed to Bureau County, Illinois, near Sheffield....

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Biographical Sketch of W. R. Ansdell

W. R. Ansdell is one of the oldest residents of Cloud County and one of the most prominent citizens in and around Jamestown. He is a pioneer homesteader there and had filled many offices of trust and responsibility. He was born in the State of Wisconsin in 1849 and was reared and educated there. In 1870 he came with his father, F. T. S. Ansdell, and four other children to Kansas, and they all settled in the vicinity of the present Jamestown. W. R. Ansdell being then twenty-one years of age was entitled to take up a homestead, and his father also acquired a quarter section. These two tracts were brought to a high degree of agricultural perfection, and Mr. W. R. Ansdell still resided on his old place and for forty-five years had grown the crops adapted to that section. His prosperity as a farmer is measured by the splendid place of 240 acres which he now owned and which is highly cultivated and improved with excellent buildings and other equipment. In 1878 the Village of Jamestown was established and the first postoffice opened there. F. T. S. Ansdell was the third to hold the office of postmaster, and later W. R. Ansdell was given the duties of supervising the distribution of mail and was the ninth postmaster in order of appointment. For two years he also filled...

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Biographical Sketch of Ira Mahaffey

Ira Mahaffey has for two terms, two years each, been the affable and courteous clerk of the District Court at Concordia. Few people entirely appreciate the ability and tact required for the successful administration of such an office. Not only must the records be properly kept, legible and correct and easily grasped by the ordinary mind, but the clerk himself must be accommodating and at all times genial and attentive to those who have business with his office. All these qualities Mr. Mahaffey possesses and more too. Politically he is a republican, and while he is a strong believer in his party and its principles, he does not fail to admit that other party beliefs have good ideas and character. Prior to his election as District Court elerk Mr. Mahaffey served as deputy clerk of the court one year, and was deputy county clerk for two years, one year under a republican and one year under a democratic clerk. In the fall of 1916 he was elected for a third term to his present office. Ira Mahaffey was born in Washington County, Kansas, October 30, 1883, a son of Samuel and Emma J. Mahaffey. His parents made permanent settlement in Kansas in 1879, but his father had homesteaded a claim in this state as early as 1870. Samuel Mahaffey was a veteran of the Civil war, having served as...

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Biographical Sketch of O. A. Olson, Dr.

Dr. O. A. Olson is one of the well known practitioners of Concordia, where he had spent many years in his suceessful healing of many obstinate and troublesome cases both chronic and otherwise. His success had been unusual, in spite of the fact that his treatment is simple. Patients come to him from all over the state, and he had cured many aihments that have been given up by other practitioners. Doctor Olson was born in Sweden in November, 1859, and came to the United States in 1880. In his younger years he learned the stone mason’s trads, and followed that as a journeyman. It was by accident- that he discovered the secret art of healing and his since given his entire attention to his profession. Doctor Olson states the basic principles of his professional ideas and practice about as follows: It is now high time, says the doctor, that the true physician should treat man so that he may know how to live rather than to prepare him to die, by filling his system with poisonous druga. Nature in her extensive laboratory had provided ample remedies for every ailment. Those remedies are not always found in the form of drugs. The laboratory is often the human body in which can be found that power which though unseen and indestructlble is none the dees effleaclous. Paracelsus speaks along those...

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Biography of James Calvin Morrow

James Calvin Morrow. In the death of James Calvin Morrow, which occurred at Washington July 4, 1912, there passed away one of the men whose works and influence have been most conspicuous in the development of both the City and County of Washington. He was a pioneer in the best sense of the term, a hard worker, a good manager of men, a keen and resoureeful business man, and especially faithful and efficient in the performance of his civic responsibilities and his obligations to friends and family. It is only a matter of simple justice to refer to him as one of the most successful and influential men of affairs in Northern Kansas. As a banker and leader in political life he gained wealth and influence, but it is proper to emphasize the fact that to the end he remained an unassuming, kind and generous man, who possessed the esteem of all who knew him and the affection of his friends and close associates. His death occurred in his sixty-seventh year. He was born near the Town of Washington in Guernsey County, Ohio, April 3, 1846, a son of William and Elizabeth (Roberts) Morrow. He had personality and individual attributes of his own, but he also exemplified those sturdy and splendid qualities of an old and honorable American ancestry. Most of his forebears were farmers and as a family...

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Biography of Samuel V. Mallory

Samuel V. Mallory, now superintendent of the city schools of Morrill, Brown County, had been a, Kansas educator for many years. He had been connected at different times with the public schools of three states–Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma–and both as a teacher and administrator his work rests upon the seeure foundation of sincere and effective service. Mr. Mallory had lived in Kansas since early youth and he represents some of the best elements of American ancestry. His great-grandfather, John William Mallory, spent his life in Virginia, having been born near Harper’s Ferry. He married Elizabeth peyton, who was the daughter of an officer in the Revolutionary war. Mr. Mallory’s grandfsther was Valentine Roger Mallory, who was born at Harper’s Ferry in Virginia in 1797, and moved from that state to Sangamon County, Illinois, near the capital at Springfield, and was an early farmer in that district. He died at Springfield in 1866. His wife was Nancy Dawson, a native of Kentucky. Several generations of the family were represented in and around Springfield, Illinois, and it was in that city that Samuel V. Mallory was born April 16, 1856. His father is the venerable R. U. Mallory, who was born at Springfield in 1828 and is still living, nearly ninety years of age, at Morrill, Kansas. He grew up and married at Springfield, became a farmer, and in 1871 migrated...

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Biography of James M. Teasley

James M. Teasley was born in Whitfield County, Georgia, in 1858, a son of Allen D. and Rhoda M. Teasley. The Teasley family came to Kansas in 1866, when James was about eight years of age. They came by way of Nashville, Tennessee, to St. Louis, thence by boat to Kansas City and reached the Solomon Valley by wagon and team. The Teasleys settled in a portion of Cloud County south of what is now called the Town of Glasco. The first homestead of the family is now the Charles Horn Place. Mr. James M. Teasley is of English origin, his grand-father having come from England to America. The Teasleys forty or fifty years ago shared in all the customs and practices of pioneer life. During the winter season they used buffalo robes in abundance as artieles of clothing, and the floors of their houses were often carpeted with similar robes. They were prominent leaders among the parties of buffalo hunters who scoured the plains and killed great numbers of those animals both for meat and the skins. On February 28, 1894, James M. Teasley married Miss marths Winget, daughter of Silas and Annie Winget. They are the parents of four children: Earl, Lloyd, Dale C. and Esther...

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Biography of D. H. Teasley

D. H. Teasley, one of the prosperous and progressive farmers of the Glasco community in Cloud County, is a son of an early settler of Summit Township of that county, and there is not a better known and more honored name in that part of the state than Teasley. His father, W. W. Teasley, was born in the State of Georgia in 1849, a son of James S. and Susan (Reed) Teasley, both of whom were natives of Elbert County, Georgia. The Teasleys are of English origin, while the Reeds were Scotch. The immigrant ancestor was the grandfather of W. W. Teasley. W. W. Teasley married Miss Jane Stackhouse in 1869. Cloud County lost one of its valuable pioneers in the death of W. W. Teasley in 1905. He was a man of sterling qualities, his advice was highly appreciated, and he was an industrious worker and did his share toward the development of Cloud County. Various members of the Teasley family left Georgia in 1866, going through Nashville, Tennessee, through St. Louis, from there proceeding up the river by boat to Kansas City. Topeka was then the terminus of the railroad, and from Topeka the family journeyed by prairie schooner into Solomon Valley, where they arrived in April of the same year. The family party was under the leadership of A. D. Teasley, who located on a homestead...

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Biography of Carl Moore

Carl Moore. Under the system of local government prevailing in most American states, the office of sheriff is easily one of the most important. As the executive court officer and responsible manager of the county prison, he had a wide range of duties. The people of Cloud County during the past four years have had every reason to congratulate themselves upon the presence in that office of Mr. Carl Moore, who had distinguished himself for efficiency and an administration in the best interests of law and order. For many years Mr. Moore had been engaged in public office either as sheriff or on the police force. He was a member of the Concordia police when in 1912 he was elected on the republican ticket as sheriff of Cloud County. A fearless and faithful discharge of his duties during his first term insured him renomination and election in 1914. At his second election he received the largest majority given any candidate on the entire ticket. His majority was 2,498 votes. This in itself was a most substantial tribute and endorsement of the people to the efficient manner in which he conducted his rosponsible duties. Mr. Moore is regarded as the best sheriff  Cloud County ever had. He is painstaking in all his performance, conscientious and fearless when the law demands, but is friendly and affable to his friends and the public at...

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Biography of Riley Louthan V. S.

Riley Louthan, V. S. As more and more importance is paid every year to the handling of live stock on the farms of Kansas, so in proportion is the profession of veterinary surgery appreciated and increased in its scope of usefulness. It is through that profession that Riley Louthan is best known in the community of Glasco in Cloud County. He is a self-made man, in as much as he had succeeded in building up for himself a large practice under very discouraging circumstances. His knowledge of veterinary surgery might be called a natural product of experience and books. Such knowledge, while it comes slowly and painfully, is tenaciously retained in the mind of the pupil. Mr. Louthan never had the benefit of college training, yet success had followed his practice in the treatment of all varieties of domestic animals. He began treating veterinary diseases as a boy, but since 1901 had made a specialty of it. Mr. Louthan was born in Cloud County, Kansas, and with the exception of five years in Missouri had lived in the county all his life. His parents were Edmond and Mary J. Louthan, who came from Indiana to Kansas in 1871. They took up a homestead in the county. Edmond Louthan died in 1914. He was twice married, and is the father of four children, one by his first wife, who was...

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Biography of Charles Proctor

Charles Proctor. The men who came in the early days to Kansas and stuck to their posts in spite of discouragements and setbacks, have with few exceptions gained all the prosperity that a man of ordinary ambition could erave. Such men possessed character as well as the ability to do hard work, and it is not strange that many of the public honors have been given to such citizens. One of this class in Cloud County is Mr. Charles Prostor of Miltonvale. He had lived a long and useful life and is now past fourscore. His years have ripened his judgment, and through all his experiences and relationships he had maintained unsullied a reputation for integrity of character. He was selected by the citizens of Miltonvale and adjacent territory to various offices of trust and responsibility and gave conscientious exactness to every public performance. From 1888 to 1892 he served Cloud County as county clerk for two terms. He was county commissioner one term and on the school board several terms. He established a postoffice one-half mile west of what is now Miltonvale, where he was postmaster until resigning the office to R. T. Modrell. Mr. Proctor was elected the first president of the Home State and now the Drovers State Bank of Miltonvale, and he was succeeded in that position by his son-in-law, Mr. Culp. Charles Proctor was born in Joe Daviess County,...

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Biography of John M. Copeland

John M. Copeland is one of the three survivors of that group of pioneers who constituted the original settlement of Glasco in Cloud County. His name had been closely identified with the pioneer history of that loeality for more than forty-five years. His part had been an honorable one, had been useful both in what he had accomplished as a private citizen and as a business man and public spirited factor in local affairs. Apart from his service as a soldier during the Civil war his life had not been one of conspicuous activities, and his accomplishments have come through the formal expression and exercise of the strength and talents granted him and through a realization of his personal responsibilities and duties to his community. Though Cloud County had been settled and occupied by white men less than half a century, only a few parcels of land do not show several ownerships and transfers. An exception to this rule is the case of Mr. Copeland, who still owned the old homestead which he took up in 1870. The first year he came here he broke some of his land and succeeded by the following year in making the products of his farm support himself and family. Only a few of the early settlers were able to do this. Mr. Copeland was one of the associates who laid out the...

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Biography of J. S. Fahlstrom

J. S. Fahlstrom is one of the pioneers of Cloud County, where he had had his residence and his principal activities since 1870. Cloud County was then a wilderness and he had witnessed practically every advancement made here in the past forty-five years. His individual success calls for more than passing mention, and few men starting out with only the capital of their native intelligence and the strength of their hands achieve so much. Mr. Fahlstrom was born in Sweden in 1842. He attended schools only a few months altogether, and his real education was gained in the school of experience, and he says that he had never graduated from that university and is still a student. He early began to cherish an ambition to make a success out of his life. Everything was concentrated and directed toward that end. The land of promise appealed to him when a boy in Sweden and he felt that his fortune would be made if he could come to America, where all men were politically equal and where there was also equality of opportunity. In 1868 he left Sweden, having just enough money to carry him to Chicago. From that western city he made his way into Iowa, and there by hard manual toil was able to accumnlato a littlo fund necessary for his further advance. All that he heard impressed him...

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Biography of O. H. Deever, Rev.

Rev. O. H. Deever. One of the strongest churches of the United Brethren faith in Kansas is at Concordia. The pastor is Rev. Mr. Deever, who though a young man had had considerable experience in various pastorates, and is regarded as one of the most efficient leaders and most talented preachers in his church in the state. A brief reference to the early history of the church at Concordia should be given. The church was organized in 1887 with twenty-one charter members. The Rev. Joseph Bayz was the first pastor and one of the charter members. The other members who constituted the church were: Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Noah Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Kulp, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, Mr. and Mrs. Thacken and two children, Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Walshel, Mr. and Mrs. Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Bogue, Mr. and Mrs. Easter and Mrs. Isgreig. In the past thirty years this church had maintained a steady and prosperous growth, and it now had a membership of 240. The substantial church edifice was erected in 1911, and the church had property at Concordia valued at $15,000. With Rev. Mr. Deever as its pastor the church is now growing in strength and efficieney as a factor in the moral and spiritual life of the city. Reverend Deever is bound closely to Kansas not only by the ties...

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Biography of Henry R. Honey

Henry R. Honey. A pioneer of North Central Kansas, where be had resided for more than fifty-three years, Henry R. Honey had watched and participated in its growth and development from Indian days and had been variously identified with the movements and institutions which have brought about advanced civilization and the establishment of conditions that make this one of the most prosperous and enlightened sectione of the country. He had been connected prominently with business and finansial affairs, but more partienlarly with journalistic work, and for over two decades had been publisher and proprietor of the Western Advocate, the leading newspaper of Jewell County. In public affairs he had also been active and prominent, and at this time is postmaster of Mankato, having held this office since August, 1914. Mr. Honey is of Irish descent, but also had a strain of Iroquois Indian blood in his veins, being one-sixteenth Iroquois, this coming through his paternal grandmother. The Honey family originated in Ireland, where the name was spelled Mahoney, and the great-grandfather of Mr. Honey, who spelled his name in the old way, fought as a soldier during the Revolutionary war. Joseph Honey, the grandfather of Henry R. Honey, was born in 1791, in Vermont, was there reared, and married Miss Shipman, through whom Mr. Honey had inherited his Indian blood. Joseph Honey fought as a soldier from Vermont in...

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