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Location: Clewalla

1832 Creek Census – Clewalla Town

By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. This is the census for the town of Clewalla. TownNumberHeadMalesFemalesSlavesTotalRemarks Clewalla1Micco Chopco2204 Clewalla2Micco E marth lar4105 Clewalla3Lar tar Micco2204 Clewalla4Ufawla Tustunnuggy1102 Clewalla5Talledega Tustunnuggy2103 Clewalla6Fus hatch che Micco1102 Clewalla7Micco Har go4206 Clewalla8Woc se Har go1405 Clewalla9Ho loc Ke Yo ho lo2204 Clewalla10Tallessee Hopoiethly5308 Clewalla11Toat Kis Har go2305 Clewalla12Coch che Yo ho lo1102 Clewalla13Ufawla Har go2204 Clewalla14In clannis Har go3306 Clewalla15Paw hos Har go2406 Clewalla16Micco Chitta1506 Clewalla17Clan Tal Fix i co4307 Clewalla18Ne har Yo ho lo2305 Clewalla19W. J. Shumo411217 Clewalla20Le both Ka2204 Clewalla21Peggy Elliott0202 Clewalla22Tatth Hocar1304 Clewathla22Jim Boy25512principal chief Clewalla23Betsey1102 Clewathla23Sangty? Micco??2204principal chief Clewalla24Fitz Tug ga2406 Clewalla25Hick co iega1304 Clewalla26O Sook Fix i co2103 Clewalla27Smed1203 Clewalla28Ca bick Ke Yo ho lo1102 Clewalla29Put it Sar1304 Clewalla30Mith la na ga4206 Clewalla31Fuck os ke1102 Clewalla32Is tin liga0202 Clewalla33Ho lat tie E marth lar1405 Clewalla34Cho co lis Har go2305 Clewalla35Wi ge de Hoga2204 Clewalla36Coch...

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