Location: Clermont County OH

Roll Of Capt. John Humes’ Company

(Probably from Clermont Co.) Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Served from January 30, until April 10, 1814, and from January 11, until April 10, 1815. Capt. John Humes Lieut. James Turner Ensign Levi Moore Sergt John Steel Sergt. Thomas Holland Sergt. Charles Troy Sergt. John Meeks Corp. Joseph Anderson Corp. William Congar Corp. Edward Gandy Corp. Robert Evans Drummer, George Smith Fifer, William Lane Privates Arthur, William Ayers, Henry Beam, David Bell, William Bigg, Isaac Boreland, James Bunald, John Burg, Richard Burke, James Bushman, David Carroll, John Chance, John Clinton, Archibald Coleman, Isaac Coleman, Leroy Couch, Isaiah Crosson, William Cutright, Aaron Davis, Noah Debruler, Reason Floro, Thomas Fossett, William Frambes, Peter Gard, William Gates, Uriah Gibb, John Griffin, Ebenezer Hamel, Thomas Higbee, Amasa Hinde, John King, Leonard Kirgen, David Leonard, John Little, David Mallott, Zedekiah McKee, Thomas Moore, John Powers, Isaac Sellers, Peter Shaw, Solomon Shull, Phillip Smith, Burris Stalo, John L. Storey, Washington Test, William Thomas, Ephraim Tillatson, Luther Void, Henry Washburn, Josiah Wheeler,...

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Roll Of Capt. William McMain’s (Or McMean’s) Company

(From Clermont or Butler Counties.) Served from August 11, 1812 until February 11, 1813. Capt. William McMain Ensign Robert Orn Sergt. Joseph Cotteral Sergt. Henry Stroman Sergt. Archibald Clinton Sergt. Isaac Elston Corp. Joseph Hutchinson Sergt. John Coteral Corp. Edwin Hughs Corp. James Mullin Corp. Enoch McMaines Privates Abat, Jeremiah Barber, Daniel Briding, Thomas Brown, John Cambo, Thomas Clark, William Cotrell, William Cramer, David Crawford, Charles Crawford, Clark Cummins, John Daniels, William Darison, William Davis, Thomas Dougherty, David Durham, Silas Eacret, William Easton, William Eastwood, Joseph Elston, William Farden, Christopher Finlong, Lewis Fisher, Samuel Flagle, Vulentine Frazer, David Gilmon, Daniel Gost, Jacob Huddleston, James Hughes, Isaac Hughes, James Hutchinson, Joseph Jones, James Jones, Thomas Lenet, Adam Lenning, David Lenning, Nicholas Lining, Gabriel Long, Frank Long, Jacob Malot, Peter McCollum, James McDonnough, Samuel McMains, Benjamin Megrue, Charles Megrue, Paul Motainer, Felix Nerrit, Isaac Notruge, Felix Parks, James Pobst, Frederick Porter, Victor Price, Jeremiah Ramsey, George Reeves, Alexander Shields, Darld Sinnard, Abraham Stewart, Hall Stronie, Collen Wableton, John Wakeland, Charles Webster, John Wikkel,...

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Roll Of Capt. Jacob Boerstler’s Company

(From Clermont County) Served from April 24, Until May 23, 1812. Capt. Jacob Boerstler Lieut. Thomas Kain Ensign Thomas Foster Sergt. Daniel Campbell Sergt. Edward Brown Sergt. Hally Raper Sergt. Chas. Waites Corp. John Conroy Corp. Samuel Raper Corp. John Hankins Corp. Jaspar Shopwell Privates Arthurs, Abner Berry, Michael E Brunk, Joseph Buchaman, John Chambers, James Colthard, Isaac Colthard, James Compton, William Davis, John Davis, Lewis Davis, William Denham, James Dennis, Richard Digbee, William Fite, John Fite, John W Frazer, John Gibson, Arch Gould, Daniel Harris, Hiram Hunt, Geo. Hunt, Thomas Kenton, Simon Last, John Little, Joel Little, Jonothan Maloot, Sam R Martin, Joseph McCollun, Daniel McHarm, James McMillan, Geo Naylor, John Neff, Geo Oakman, John Reed, John Smalwood, Richard Smith Peter Stephens, Walker Tollia, Farro Jones Tuble, Cornelius Waidlaw, Hugh Waidlaw, William Waits, Peter Waits, Reuben Walker, John D. Williams, Thomas Wood,...

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Biography of Henry Brandley

Henry Brandley was born in Switzerland October 12, 1839, and died at his beautiful home at Matfield Green in Chase County June 1, 1910. When he was about twelve years of age his parents came to America, being fifty-two days in crossing the ocean. In 1852 the family settled in Cincinnati, where he finished his education and worked at the painter’s trade. In 1856 the Brandleys moved to Randolph. County, Indiana, and there the young man had further experience as a farm hand, in a shingle mill, as rail maker and digger of ditches. In the spring of 1859 he went overland to Western Iowa but in the same fall came on foot to Tecumseh, Kansas, where he was employed in a brick yard for a short time and then took up a claim in Chase County, which was still unorganized. During the following winter he built a shanty on his claim and when he returned from Ohio in 1860 he found another occupant on his quarter section. After a contest he was declared the legal owner and he at once set to work to develop and prove up. At the outbreak of the war he walked forty miles to Emporia to enlist with the Lyon County troops, commanded by L. T. Heritage. He was mustered in September 1, 1861, and a few days later the company was consolidated...

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Biography of William Christee Smyser

William Christee Smyser, who died at Sterling, Kansas, August 9, 1917, had been for thirty-five years a resident of that section of the state. Few men have assumed and carried out to such a successful conclusion the larger responsibilities of business affairs. One of the outstanding characteristics of big business men is a quiet efficiency of performance that handles a great volume of work with a notable absence of noise and confusion. This quiet efficiency was a mark of Mr. Smyser’s entire career. Under his direction large affairs were transacted and things got themselves done in the form of concrete results, but in such a way as to attract little notice to the source of the power and energy. The foundation of his business success was laid during his connection with the broom corn industry of Western Kansas. For a number of years he was one of the most extensive dealers in this crop, buying in carload lots. After he gave this up he concentrated all his time upon the buying and feeding of sheep, and was undoubtedly one of the biggest producers of mutton and wool in the State of Kansas. He amassed a large property in farm land and always lived in close touch with the soil. He was a student of farming from its scientific as well as practical point of view. He knew and understood...

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Biography of Louis R. Roter

Louis R. Roter. One of the very able business men of Parsons was the late Louis R. Roter, who was president of the Parsons Cold Storage and Crystal Ice Company and had followed merchandising and various lines of business in Kansas and other states for many years. He died in his fifty-fourth year at Parsons February 3, 1907. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, October 2, 1853, a son of Henry Roter, who was born in Germany and died at Dillsboro, Indiana. Henry Roter came to this country a young man, lived in Cincinnati many years, and then moved to a farm at Dillsboro, Indiana. The first seventeen years of his life the late Louis R. Roter spent on his father’s farm and in the meantime acquired an education in the public schools of Dillsboro. He then went to the oil district of Western Pennsylvania, and found employment at Titusville, at first in a grocery store and afterwards in a paint and wall paper store until 1879. From that date until 1881 he was a merchant at Colville near Bradford in the oil district. For many years Mr. Roter carried on a successful business as a general merchant at Abbottsford, Wisconsin. He left there in 1897, and in 1899 located in Parsons, Kansas, where he became actively identified with the ice business. He did much to develop the Crystal...

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Holloway, Richard Lamont “Monty” – Obituary

Richard Lamont “Monty” Holloway, 60, of Amelia, Ohio, a former Baker City resident, died May 7, 2006, at Claremont Mercy Hospital at Batavia, Ohio. His memorial celebration is scheduled at 6 o’clock tonight at the Stable Trails Equestrian Center in Amelia. Monty had been an Ohio resident for 20 years. He was a horseman, law enforcement officer and decorated U.S. Marine, having served in Vietnam from 1966 to 1968. Besides his family, Monty’s greatest loves were his horses and the innumerable friends he made throughout the horse community. Monty’s generous spirit is deeply missed, his family said. Survivors include his wife and best friend, Verleigh Powers; children, Erin Kaiser and her husband, Kendall, and Marnie McDougal; grandchildren, Kaitlin, Thomas and Maggie; and his mother, Margaret Holloway. Memorial contributions may be made to the Shamrock Trails 4-H Club at 4610 Blainfield, Batavia, Ohio, 45103. Used with permission from: Baker City Herald, Baker City, Oregon, May 12, 2006 Transcribed by: Belva...

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Biography of Oscar C. Baird, M. D.

Oscar C. Baird, M. D. Kansas is justly notable for the skill, learning and high character of the men who compose its medical fraternity and the profession here numbers among its members those whose scientific attainments are far beyond the ordinary. Among those well known during the past sixteen years is Dr. Oscar C. Baird, of Chanute, whose career is typical of modern advancement, his having been a broad field of medical service. Doctor Baird is a native of Van Buren County, Iowa, and was born December 29, 1871, his parents being Nathan and Lorinda (Jones) Baird. Doctor Baird is of Scotch descent, his original American ancestor having emigrated from Scotland to America during the Colonial era and settled in Pennsylvania. In that state, in 1812, was born the Doctor’s grandfather, Josiah Baird, who was a blacksmith by trade, migrated in young manhood to Noble County, Ohio, and later went to Iowa, where he became a pioneer of Van Buren County and there spent the remainder of his life at his trade. His death occurred in 1892, when he had reached the age of eighty years. Nathan Baird, father of Dr. Oscar C., was born in 1839, in Ohio, and was there reared to young manhood. He accompanied his parents on their western migration to Van Buren County, Iowa, and not long thereafter enlisted in the Iowa State Militia,...

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Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Tirzah B. McMillen

Mrs. TIRZAH B. McMILLEN. – Especial interest surrounds the life of those mothers who made possible the social conditions of our state. They will be held in everlasting remembrance. Tirzah, the daughter of Edward and Hannah H. Barton, was born in Clermont county, Ohio, in 1832, and at a very early age accompanied her parents to Cincinnati, later to Indiana, and in 1851 across the plains to Oregon. In October of the same year she was married in Portland to James H. McMillen, and soon removed to their new home on Tualatin Plains, ten miles west of Portland. It was there, amid the agreeable surroundings and comforts of the farmer’s life, that six children were born, – Ernest B., Justus H., June, Union, Right and Constant. The next home was at Oswego, whither they removed in 1861. It was there that Justus and Union passed to spirit life in 1863, they with their elder half brother Frank, departing within a few days of each other. Constant remained until 1882, when he joined his brothers in the beyond. One daughter, Myrtie, was born at Oswego. At the age of twelve she passed to the better life. Two sons, Ernest and Right, and the daughter June, now the wife of Julius Ordway, and Ivy, the wife of Dr. W.L. Miller, of Portland, are living near the parental home. Their present home...

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Biography of Arthur C. Shriver

Arthur C. Shriver, of the firm of A. C. Shriver & Sons, dealers in stoves, tinware and house-furnishing goods, Charleston; was born in Fleming Co., Ky., Jan. 30, 1813; when he was about 10 years old, his parents removed to Adams Co., Ohio; at the age of 18, he went to Hillsboro, in Highland Co., Ohio, to learn the tinner’s trade; after which, he worked as a journeyman in Ohio and Kentucky for a number of years; in 1836, he began business for himself in Augusta, Ky., removing a few years later to Felicity, Clermont Co., Ohio, and there carried on the stove and tinware business for nearly twenty years with the exception of a short time when he was in the same business in Cincinnati; in 1858, he removed to Charleston, and engaged in business, Dr. Byrd Monroe being his first Western partner; since then, many changes have occurred, but Mr. Shriver has remained the leader in his line of business during all the changes of the past twenty years; the firm now consists of himself and two sons -George A. Shriver and Charles W. Shriver; they do the largest business in their line of any house in the smaller towns of Illinois, carrying a well selected stock of stoves, tinware, queensware, glassware, silverware and cutlery; they keep everything of the kind that any one could want, are...

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Biography of Joseph Schoewaiter Smith

Joseph Schoewaiter Smith, was born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, June 20, 1824. His ancestors at an early day emigrated from England and Wales and settled in New Jersey and their descendants are now scattered all over the United States. At the age of eight years he accompanied his parents to Clermont County, Ohio, and three years later to Vermilion County, Indiana. He received such education as a farmer’s boy of ambition could receive at that day in a pioneer neighborhood. During the summer he worked on the farm and in the winter attended such schools as the county afforded. He early evinced great fondness for books which stimulated his thirst for knowledge, and at the age of sixteen he left his home determined by his own exertions to obtain a better education than the limited means of his father would permit. From that time until he was nearly twenty he spent at school all the time which the hardest physical labor necessary to support himself would allow. In the fall of 1844 he started for Oregon. Several months were consumed in making the overland journey, the winter of 1844-5 being passed among the Indians in the Rocky Mountains, while every mile of the long journey to the settlement in the Willamette Valley was beset by perils and privations such as fell to the lot of the pioneer land emigrants...

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Biographical Sketch of Dr. E.C. Heilman

He located at Ida Grove, Iowa, August 20, 1877. He was born in Cedar County, Iowa, July 18, 1856, son of Samuel and Mary (Ranck) Heilman. His parents were natives of Pennsylvania and of German descent. He was reared in Iowa, received his literary education at Cornell College and took his medical course at the Medical College of Ohio at Cincinnati, graduating at the latter institution in March 1877. Upon his arrival here he entered into a partnership with Dr. F. D. Seeber, & was associated with him for 2 years. After conducting his practice alone for 2 years, Dr. Heilman formed a partnership with Dr. Giles Moorehead, who had just graduated and with whom he practiced 4 years. He was elected to the office of County Treasurer in 1883, but resumed his practice the first of 1888. He was married September 20, 1877, to Nancy J. Blazer of Cedar County, Iowa, daughter of George W. and Catharine (Scarlett) Blazer. They had three children: Earnest S., Ralph E., and Frank...

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