Location: Clay Center Kansas

Biography of Earl A. Nossaman

Earl A. Nossaman, secretary of the Monarch Cement Company at Humboldt, had lived in Kansas since early infancy, educated himself for the teaching profession, which he followed for a number of years, and was in the drug business before he accepted his present official position with the Monarch Cement Company. He went with this company while it was being reorganised, and as manager of the sales department had had much to do with its successful operations in recent years. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now His ancestry goes back to Hesse Cassel, Germany, where his great-grandfather was born. Coming to America, this ancestor settled in Pennsylvania. Mr. Nossaman’s grandfather, Lewis Nossaman, served with credit as a Union soldier during the American Civil war. For many years he lived on a farm in Harrison County, Missouri, came from there to Kingman County, Kansas, where he was a pioneer homesteader, and he died at Wellington, Kansas. Earl Adrian Nossaman was born in Harrison County, Missouri, February 18, 1879....

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Biography of Frederick William Parrott

F. W. Parrott. Probably no agency so molds public opinion as does the reputable newspaper, and on this account the editor of a journal of standing occupies a position of great accountability. It may matter little, perhaps, whether one can convince his next door neighbor of the value of his enlightened opinions, but when his audience numbers hundreds and thousands his effort become a force of momentous strength and solemn responsibility. That this is generally realized by the men who through special talents are called upon to accept such a position may be seen when they show not only the disposition to preserve the sthics of journalism, but, from their necessarily broad field of outlook, they lead the fleeting thought of the public aright and thereby help snstain law, order and stable government. Such a one is found in Frederick William Parrott, who is the able editor of the Dispatch-Republican at Clay Center, Kansas, and president of the Clay Center Publishing Company. Frederick William Parrott was born in the Village of Wyke, County Surrey, England, February 12, 1865. His parents, Joseph and Emma (Belgrove) Parrott, were also of English birth, the father born in Buckinghamshire in 1832, and the mother in 1836. They were married in their native shire and came to the United States in 1885. The mother survives and resided at Lawrence, Kansas. The father was a...

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Biography of Mrs. Phoebe (Read) Pinkerton

Mrs. Phoebe (Read) Pinkerton. With a dignified recognition of official responsibility and the poise and charm of an intellectual woman, Mrs. Phoebe (Read) Pinkerton, register of deeds for Clay County, impresses a visitor very favorably and in a section of country where interesting personalities are by no means lacking. Mrs. Pinkerton is widely known and is universally esteemed, and was brought to Clay Center by her parents in 1878. Mrs. Pinkerton was born in the City of Manchester, England, and is a daughter of Rev. William and Margaret (Martin) Read. Both parents were born at Manchester, the father on February 7, 1834, and the mother on May 30, 1836, and both died in the United States, the father at Clay Center, Kansas, March 23, 1889, and the mother at Sedalia, Missouri, July 6, 1901. There were four children born to them, namely: Phoebe: Emma, who is the wife of Dr. T. S. Morrison, a dental surgeon practicing in Topeka, Kansas; Clara, who is the wife of J. H. Grayson, who is connected with the office force of the El Paso & South Western Railroad at Tucson, Arizona; and W. E., who is a painter and decorator at Leavenworth, Kansas. Rev. William Read, father of Mrs. Pinkerton, was reared and attended school in the City of Manchester and there learned the carpenter’s trade. In 1864 he came to the United...

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Biography of Alvin L. Williamson

Alvin L. Williamson. The many business interests that at present serve to make Clay Center one of the important young cities of Kansas cover almost every modern activity and profession, and include also some of the oldest industries, milling for example, that aecompanied the settlement of the first pioneers in Clay County. Long before improved machinery and modern methods of using motive power had been thought of, every deep-falling stream that could be profitably dammed had a grinding mill on its bank before civilized living was accepted as complete in that section. Pioneer history is full of atories of the inconveniencas and hardships and often dangers that were encountered in getting the precious “grist” to and from the mill, often many miles distant. It was usually of primitive construction and its equipments were not designed to produce the fine milling products of today, but it was a prime necessity of the time. Such, probably, was the orlginal mill that stood on the present site of the Williamson milling properties at Clay Center, which include the great modern flour mill, the elevator and the office building, with two mighty dams on the Republic River. For twenty years this property had been in the Williamson name and for a number of years the management of the Williamson Milling Company was in the hands of Alvin L. Williamson, who, along with other...

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Biography of Frank A. Moss

Frank A. Moss. For over thirty years the name Moss had been significant of the finest integrity and ability in connection with the banking affairs of St. Marys. The First National Bank of that city is practically a product of the financial genius of the Moss family. The founder and for many years the president was the late John A. Moss, and that office is now filed by his son, Frank A. Moss. The late John A. Moss was born in London, England, May 5, 1846, and had an experience that identified him with the frontier towns of Kansas. He grew up in his native city, and learned and followed the occupation of bookkesper there. When he was twenty-one years of age he landed at New York City on May 5, 1867, and at the time was on his way to California. He proceeded across the continent only as far as Fort Harker, now known as Kanopolis, Kansas. There he found employment in the Quarter-master’s Department of the United States army under Colonel Inman. From this Government service he found his next station in the Kaw Valley National Bank of Topeka, Kansas, and gained further experience in banking as an employe of the Adams Bank of Topeka and later the Maston Bank of Kansas City, Missouri. Removing to Clay Center, Kansas, John A. Moss and John Streater established the...

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Biography of Jesse M. Foster

Jesse M. Foster, a native Kansan, had been a practical newspaper man since leaving college. He is now proprietor and publisher of the Clifton News, one of the oldest papers in continuous publication in Washington County. This paper was established in December, 1885, by J. M. and J. C. Padgett. It was first known as the Local News. It was changed to the Clifton News in 1891 by L. A. Palmer, then the publisher. The successive owners and publishers were I. C. Ware, one year, A. Q. Miller, two years, N. F. Hewitt, Stoy E. Ware, Burt Fraser, P. M. Harmon, Best & Murdoek, later Best alone, and from him Mr. Foster bought the plant. The paper is published at the corner of Willow and Parallel streets. It is a republican paper and had a circulation over Clay, Washington and surrounding counties. Mr. Foster was born at Clifton, Kansas, February 26, 1888. He is of old American stock. The Fosters came from England to Pennsylvania in colonial times and some of the family served in the Revolutionary war. The grandfather, John W. Foster, who was born in Pennsylvania in 1798, married a woman whose ancestors came from Saxony, Germany, to Pennsylvania. John W. Foster was one of the early settlers in that historle City of Galena, Hlinois, the home of General Grant before the war. He went from there...

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Biography of Edgar M. Forde

Edgar M. Forde is now grand recorder for Kansas of the Ancient Order of United Workmen, having succeeded his honored father in that office when the late Edgar M. Forde, Sr., died in August, 1912. The official headquarters of this great fraternal order in Kansas are at 417-419 Commercial Street in Emporia. In the year 1916 the Ancient Order of United Workmen had 40,000 members in Kansas, 400 lodges, and there are two lodges in Emporia, Lodge No. 2 and Lodge No. 184. Mr. Forde was born in Emporia September 4, 1885, a son of Edgar M. Forde, who was born in Buffalo, New York, February 6, 1851. His parents were Matthew and Jessie (Edgar) Forde. Matthew Forde, though born in Ireland, was of English parentage, and he was married in Scotland in 1850 to Miss Jessie Edgar, a native of Scotland. In the same year of their marriage they set out for America, locating in Buffalo, New York, where Matthew Forde was connected with railroad service until his death January 12, 1881. Matthew Forde and wife had twin sons, Edwin J. and Edgar M. Edwin made his home in Buffalo and died there June 24, 1879. The late Edgar M. Forde grew up in Buffalo, his native city, graduated from the high school in 1868, and for three years prepared for the profession of law in an office...

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Biography of Col. Perry M. Hoisington

Col. Perry M. Hoisington, of Newton, is one of the big men of Kansas today. For over a quarter of a century he had been closely identified with the state military organization, at first with the old Kansas Militia and now with the Kansas National Guard. At the head of his fine regiment, the Second, he gave some good service on the Texas border in 1916 and is now ready for the call to duty in France. His business career had been equally successful and progressive. Colonel Hoisington is president of the First National Bank of Newton and had been identified with the Railroad Building, Loan and Savings Association of Newton throughout the twenty years of its very prosperous existence. Colonel Hoisington was born in St. Joseph County, Michigan, October 13, 1858. He is of old English stock, his ancestors having come out of Southern England and settled at Bridgeport, Connecticut, about fifty years before the opening of the Revolutionary war. His great-great-grandfather, James Hoisington, served as a soldier in the Revolution and doubtless some of his martial spirit was inherited by Colonel Hoisington. Frederick A. Hoisington, father of Colonel Hoisington, was born at Woodstock, Vermont, in 1830, a son of Aaron A. Hoisington, who was born at the same Village of Vermont in 1801. In 1835 Aaron A. Hoisington took his family to the wilderness of Southern Michigan...

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