Location: Christian County MO

Biography of J. M. Gideon, M. D.

J. M. GIDEON, M. D. There is generally a wide diversity of opinion among people outside of the medical profession in their estimate of the skill and ability of a particular physician. A family is likely to pin its faith on one...

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Biography of Henry J. Hinkle

HENRY J. HINKLE. No better proof of the advancement of Sparta in the last few years can be shown than the dimensions which the hardware trade has assumed. Among those prominently engaged in that line of business in the county is...

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Biography of William French

WILLIAM FRENCH. The French family are among the prominent of the early families of Christian County, Missouri, and have for many years ranked among the leading agriculturists, in following which calling the male members of the...

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It takes a village to grow a family tree!
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