Location: Chicopee Massachusetts

Descendants of Elder Nutter of Dover, MA

The family bearing this name in East Bridgewater, whose head was the late Hon. Isaac Newton Nutter, descends from an ancient and honorable family of early New Hampshire, and is connected by marriage in later generations with a number of the old and highly respected families of Plymouth Colony, among them descendants of the “Mayflower” Pilgrims. The emigrant ancestor,

Elder Hatevil Nutter, was born in England in 1603. He was one of those of good estate and of “some account for religion” who were induced to leave England with Captain Wiggins in 1633, and to found a town in New England on Dover Neck, in New Hampshire. His wife, Annie, and son, Anthony, accompanied him. He received several grants of land, and became a large holder of real estate. He was a ruling elder in the first church at Dover, and sometimes filled its pulpit. He filled various offices in church and state, was highly respectable, and possessed of a good share of this world’s goods. He died before June 28, 1675 (when his will was proved), at the age of seventy-one years, leaving a “present wife, Ann,” and three children.

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Biography of Charles Gilkey

Charles Gilkey, a prominent resident of Cornish, who was formerly engaged in the gunsmith business, is a native of Plainfield, N.H., born September 29, 1826. Charles Gilkey, his grandfather, born in Connecticut, was the first of the family to come to Plainfield. He came originally as agent of a wealthy Connecticut family, and remained in their employ for some time. After failing in an attempt to buy a farm with the Continental money in which his salary was paid, owing to the depreciated value of that currency then, he succeeded in leasing one from the State for nine hundred and ninety-nine years. This property is still in the possession of the family, subject to an annual rental of six or eight dollars, which is paid to the treasurer of the Episcopal church of the town. Grandfather Gilkey married Lucy Avery, who bore him five children-Jonathan, John, Charles, William, and James. Jonathan married a Miss Spaulding, and lived in Vermont. John married and spent his life in Vermont, working at the trade of ship-carpenter. He had one daughter, who married the Rev. Robert Christie. Charles was drowned when a young man. William died young. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD...

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Biography of Hon. Zenas Ferry Moody

HON. Z.F. MOODY. – Zenas Ferry Moody, ex-Governor of the State of Oregon, was born on the 27th of May, 1832, in Granby, Massachusetts. His father was Major Thomas H. Moody. His mother was Hannah M. Ferry, an aunt of ex-Senator T.W. Ferry, of Michigan, formerly vice-president of the United States. Governor Moody comes of good old New England Revolutionary stock, his grandfather, Gideon Moody, having borne arms as a soldier during the Revolutionary war. He has proved himself worthy of his lineage; and the principles which he imbibed on New England soil have been the guide of his whole subsequent life. The sturdy virtues of that stock are too well known to require comment; they have become historical. The public men of New England have led the van in every reform, and have taken a most prominent part in molding all of that history of which the American people are most proud. New England ideas have been infused throughout the whole of our national life; and we have come to expect from men of New England ancestry those sturdy qualities which have contributed so largely to our happiness and prosperity as a people. Mr. Moody’s childhood was spent in Granby. January, 1848, he removed to Chicopee, Massachusetts, where he remained the ensuing three years. On the 14th of March, 1851, he sailed from New York to Oregon by...

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James Lewis Todd of Chicopee MA

James Lewis Todd8, (Asa E.7, Asa6, Titus5, Titus4, Benjamin3, Michael2, Christopher1) born Aug. 18, 1873, married June 25, 1902, Ethel Deane, daughter of Abijah and Mary A. (Deane) Hastings, who was born Oct. 27, 1875. They reside in Chicopee, Mass., where he is in the hardware business under the firm name of Todd & Baldwin. Children: 2342. Norman Hastings, b. March 7, 1910. 2343. Herbert Eaton, b. Aug. 25,...

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Biography of Charles S. Ferry

CHARLES S. FERRY – The firm of Charles S. Ferry & Son, lumber dealers of Pittsfield, which has been conducting one of the largest concerns of its kind in Western Massachusetts, was established by the late Charles S. Ferry, in 1886. In the rapid growth of Pittsfield during the past years this firm played a most important part, because it supplied the lumber and the builders’ materials for much of the construction work that has been done in Pittsfield and the surrounding country. It is over three and a half decades since Charles S. Ferry took over the business from Wadhams Brothers, who had conducted it for a number of years, and established the firm of C. S. Ferry & Son. Charles S. Ferry was born in 1825, in Chicopee, Massachusetts, and died at Salt Lake City, March 30, 1899. He was for over thirty years a lumber dealer and planing mill proprietor in Springfield, Massachusetts, and his business is today being successfully carried on by his sons, the firm consisting of C. K. Ferry, president, and F. G. Ferry, treasurer, the firm name, however, remaining unchanged. The yards are located on Center and Church streets, and cover in all about 85,000 square feet of ground and floor space, the plant consisting of the main storage shed and offices of the firm, and another large shed directly opposite, on...

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Biography of Patrick M. Moriarty, M.D.

PATRICK M. MORIARTY, M. D., previous to the World War, began the practice of medicine in Springfield, that has been continued with pronounced success in Chicopee, where his professional abilities and his proven skill have received recognition throughout an extensive district. Doubtless the most active years of Dr. Moriarty’s training were those spent with the United States Army Medical Corps in field and hospital service in France and Germany, where, with his professional comrades, he gave unceasing aid to his comrades in arms. A prominent and thoroughly equipped physician, he has the highest regard of his medical associates and the general public. Dr. Patrick M. Moriarty, a son of Maurice Moriarty, a funeral director, who died in 1900, and Mary (Griffin) Moriarty, was born March 17, 1891, in Bondsville, and he attended the Palmer public schools, and was graduated from the high school there in 1908. After a year in Williston Academy, he prepared for his profession in the Medical School of Georgetown University, where he was graduated in 1913, with his degree of Doctor of Medicine, and he then served as an interne at Hampden Hospital. Dr. Moriarty commenced his practice in general medicine in Springfield, where his headquarters were established from 1914 to 1917, and he then removed to Chicopee, where he has a large practice and is a member of the Mercy Hospital staff. Enlisting in...

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Biography of Charles S. Browning

CHARLES S. BROWNING-A successful druggist of Ludlow for nearly a half century, Charles S. Browning is also treasurer of that town and one of its prominent citizens. He is a banker, and active in all important public affairs. Charles S. Browning was born in Chicopee, July 7, 1854 the son of John C. and Joanna (Peck) Browning, both natives of Colerain, Franklin County, Massachusetts. Charles S. Browning was educated in the public schools of Chicopee. When he was sixteen years old he entered the employ of his brothers, A. W. and L. C. Browning, druggists, at Windsor Locks, Hartford County, Connecticut, where he remained two years. For another two years he was employed as a druggist in Holyoke, Massachusetts, and in October, 1880, he purchased an interest of C. F. Grosvenor, forming a partnership, and they conducted a drug store in Ludlow. They operated this store together with success for about ten months and then Mr. Browning bought out his partner. He has since continued as proprietor and operator of the Browning drug store and is now accounted one of the successful pharmacists in Hampden County, having been in business forty-five years in all. Mr. Browning is a trustee in the Ludlow Savings Bank. He was town auditor for three years and in 1905 he was elected town treasurer of Ludlow and has held this position since, a period...

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Biography of Charles P. La Riviere

CHARLES P. LA RIVIERE, city clerk of Chicopee since 1922, was born in St. Albans, Vermont, April 20, 1877, the son of Henry and Felanice (Perrins) La Riviere. His father was a machinist by trade, and was employed in the Overman Wheel Company in Chicopee and Chicopee Falls. The family moved to Chicopee when Charles P. was fourteen years old, and he was educated in the public schools of Chicopee, while he attended night school in Chicopee Falls after he had begun to work for himself. He was for three years in the draughting department of the Overman Wheel Company; then with Spaulding & Pepper, manufacturers of bicycle tires for a year and a half, and was one year and a half in the Chicopee Falls Machine Shop. He again returned to the draughting department of the Overman Wheel Company, and continued in that connection until the business was closed up, about a year and a half. His next employment was as draughtsman for the J. T. Stevens Arm and Tool Company. He also acted as accountant and did general office work. He is a trustee of the Chicopee Falls Savings Bank, and represents Ward No. 5 on the Chicopee School Board. After ten years with the Stevens Arms and Tool Company he became timekeeper for the Fisk Rubber Company, and continued for one and a half years. He...

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Biography of Harry Joshua Tait

President of Tait Brothers, ice cream manufacturers of Springfield, Massachusetts, was born in Chicopee, Massachusetts, August 27, 1867. His father was James and his mother Mary Laurentine (Decatur) Tait. Mr. Tait attended the schools of Chicopee and afterwards continued his studies at Westford Academy for a year. His school days over he engaged in farming for a time and also in market gardening; but did not find either to his liking. His father sold his milk business to another son, George C. Tait, and Harry Joshua Tait entered the employ of his brother, selling milk to private families. Many other lads have sold milk in the retail trade, but few have found in that occupation the open door to a great success and the building up of a large business concern, such as is operated by the Tait Brothers. As soon as Harry J. and James C. Tait became identified with the milk business established by their father they added several routes. The following year, in 1894, they opened a small plant on Greenwich Street, still continuing to retail milk. The business expanded, and in 1899, they purchased several other milk routes. The wholesaling of cream and milk was added to the retail line, and nine delivery wagons were needed to carry on the trade. In 1898 Tait Brothers began the manufacture of ice cream, and located on Dwight...

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Biography of George Gibert Tait

Vice-president of Tait Brothers, the large Springfield concern dealing in milk, cream, condensed milk and ice cream, is the third son of James and Mary Laurentine (Decatur) Tait. He was born in Chicopee, Massachusetts, November 5, 1872, and received his education in the schools of his native city. He was graduated from the grammar school and attended the high school for three years. Upon the completion of his studies he entered the employ of his uncle, George C. Tait, a milk dealer, with whom his brother, Harry J., was employed already, and has risen through successive posts to the vice-presidency which he occupies to-day. Mr. Tait finds time amid his manifold duties and responsibilities to show his public spirit, and to take an active part in political affairs. He is a supporter of the Republican party and keeps in close touch with all its work. He has given efficient aid in its councils as well as in the carrying out of its projects. For the last seven years he has served on the board of licensed commissioners, and he held this office until 1924. He also is widely known in fraternal and club circles, and is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, and the Nayasset Club. Mr. Tait is popular among a large circle of friends and associates, who...

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Biography of Frank Decatur Tait

As treasurer of Tait Brothers, of Springfield, Massachusetts, one of the largest and best known milk businesses in the country, is a prominent citizen of a town where his family has long played an important part in economic development The American progenitor was George Tait, born in Paisley, Scotland, about 1795, who settled for a time in Montreal, where he pursued his trade of tailoring, then in Terrebonne County, Canada, where he farmed until his death in 1878. His son, James Tait, born in St. Sophia, Terrebonne County, Canada, in 1839, died in Chicopee, Massachusetts, January 22, 1880. He established the milk business which grew into the Tait Brothers of today, and sold it to his nephew, George C. Tait, who in turn sold it to two sons of James Tait, George G., a sketch of whom follows; and Frank D. Tait, subject of this record. James Tait married Mary Laurentine Decatur, of Lowell, Massachusetts, who was born in 1845 and died in 1906, daughter of Joshua and Mary (Hill) Decatur. Among their five sons was Frank D. Tait, born in Chicopee, Massachusetts, January 9, 1871. He was educated in the schools of his native town, proving very precocious as a student and completing high school at the age of sixteen in 1887. Scotch energy and thrift, combined with American resourcefulness, marked his business career from the beginning. He...

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Biography of George P. Dion

GEORGE P. DION – Many monuments to the artistic and architectural skill of George P. Dion engage the eye in Chicopee and vicinity. He has been closely identified with the various phases of building operations, inclusive of architecture, in his native city and elsewhere for more than forty years, and he takes rank as the oldest architect in point of, number of years of practice in Chicopee. He has attained not a little renown as the designer of many important structures in this section, chief among them, perhaps, in point of beauty, type and usefulness, being the new Church of the Assumption (Catholic), built at a cost of $250,000, and which was opened to the members of the parish on Easter morning, 1925. This edifice, situated on one of the most commanding sites in Chicopee, is declared by contemporaries of Mr. Dion to be the crowning achievement of his career as an architect. That this testimonial is correct may be gathered from a description given herewith of the church edifice itself. Born in Chicopee, Massachusetts, January 1, 1871, George P. Dion is the son of Isadore and Delia (Dubour) Dion His father a carriage maker and wheelwright, now deceased, was of French descent and born in St Pie, Canada. His mother, now also deceased, was born in St. Hyacinthe, Canada. The son, George P. attended public and private schools...

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