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Biography of Alvin E. Huckins

Alvin E. Huckins is head of the leading clay products business of Champaign County. A mechanical engineer by profession, Mr. Huckins has been identified with several large industrial corporations in the United States, and now...

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Biographical Sketch of L. Forney Wingard

L. Forney Wingard is a successful lawyer at Champaign, has been in active practice over fifteen years, and besides his accumulation of professional interests he has identified himself in a public spirited way with the work of...

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Biography of Jacob Moudy

Jacob Moudy. The community of Ludlow in Champaign County pays special honor and respect to Jacob Moudy and his family. Mr. Moudy has had a long and active career. His years have been spent with benefit to himself and also to his...

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Biography of John Clark

John Clark. It is a grateful distinction to have spent half a century in one community, and when those years were filled with worthy accomplishment and with that old-fashioned spirit of loving kindness, such a career becomes one...

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Biography of Wolf Lewis

Wolf Lewis. The modern merchant is the man who knows what the people want and supplies the best facilities for meeting those wants. He acts on that solid commercial principle that real success is only a return for an adequate...

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Biography of Andrew Tornquist

Andrew Tornquist when he came to America from his native Sweden in 1879 had as his equipment some experience in mechanical trades and also as a farmer. Otherwise his capital was extremely limited. An earnest purpose, hard work,...

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Biography of Harry C. Kariher, M. D.

Harry C. Kariher, M. D. Perhaps no call is so insistent in man as that of personal service to others. It is one of the beautiful elements of humanity; it lies at the root of religion and permeates every brotherhood organization....

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Biography of Harry Herrick

Harry Herrick. The invention of the automobile not only brought a new element into business and social life, but in its subsequent development and improvement opened up other industries that have now become as essential to...

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Biography of Phillip Mohr

Phillip Mohr arrived in Champaign County in 1874. He was then a young man, only a few years over from Germany, possessed a fair education, knew how to work, but was without friends of influence and without a personal fortune....

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Biography of Michael Lowry

Michael Lowry. One of the prominent and substantial families of Champaign County bears the name of Lowry and this name for half a century has represented here good citizenship, honest industry and faithful membership in the...

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