Location: Chesterfield New Hampshire

Biography of Samuel Goodrich

Samuel Goodrich, son of Abijah, was born in Fitchburg, Mass., September 6, 1788, and married Hannah Cain, of Weymouth, Mass., March 31, 181 r. He settled in Chesterfield about 1813, upon the farm now owned and occupied by Willard Henry, and remained there until his death, January 1, 1877. He was selectman in 1836, 1837, and 1842. He was an influential member of the Methodist church, was deaf for many years, yet occupied his seat at church. His children were Sarah, Hannah, Emily, Joseph C., Abijah, George, and James H. Joseph C., born December 11, 1817, married Hannah F., daughter of Nathaniel Atherton, March 5, 1845, and had born to him five children, as follows: James H., John F., George A., Joseph N., and Charlotte Mabel. Joseph C. Goodrich was selectman in 1849, ’52, and ’53, was town representative in 1853-54, and died October 27, 1863. James H., son of Joseph C., was born June 26, 1846, and married Sarah E., daughter of Africa Hildreth, October 2, 1869. He served in the Rebellion in Co. F, ist N. H. Vols. He was selectman in 1874 and 1875, is the present town clerk, and is a general merchant, residing on road 46. James H., son of Samuel, was born November io, 1823, married Martha S., daughter of Eleazer Randall, December 8, 1847. He has been selectman, and was town representative...

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Biographical Sketch of Richard Hopkins

Richard Hopkins came to this town as early as 1787, married Lucy Fairbanks, and died April 5, 1847, aged eighty-three years. Thornton, son of Richard, married Diantha, daughter of William Farr, and died in Fitzwilliam about 1855. William W., son of Thornton, was born December 21, 1831, married Miranda, daughter of Squire Streeter, September 12, 1854, is a mechanic, and resides in this town. His children are Fred W., born October 2. 1859; Etta M., born September 21, 1863; and Harry D., born August 18,...

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Biography of William Bennett

William Bennett married Sally Pierce, and came from Harvard, Mass., about 1788, settling near Chesterfield line in the southern part of Westmoreland, near the farm which George Bennett now owns. He was a Revolutionary soldier and was at the battle of Lexington. His grandson, George Bennett, has in his possession a bullet which his grandfather made. Tradition says he run the bullet and passed it to the soldier who stood beside him, which killed the first British officer in the Revolutionary war. William Bennett, 2d, born in Westmoreland, married for his first wife, in 1807, Catharine Smith, born July 9, 1782, and who bore him three children, Edon, Eliza and Caroline. He married for his second wife, Rhoda, daughter of Caleb Howe, who bore him eight children, namely: Catharine S., William, Shubael, Holland, Cordelia, Sally, Jotham, and Lucy. William, 3d, born in Westmore. land, September 1, 1817, married, August 18, 1841, Caroline W. Fisk, who was born December to, 1820. She was the daughter of Ezra Fisk, and granddaughter of Aaron Fisk. The latter settled in Chesterfield at an early day, on the hill west of the lake. William Bennett, 3d, has one child, Angeline M., born March 15, 3846, and who married David H. Pierce, a metchant of Chesterfield, and who now lives in Fitchburg, Mass. Mr. Bennett acquired his education at the common schools and Chesterfield academy....

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Biographical Sketch of Samuel Gilson

Samuel Gilson, born about 1752, appears to have settled in Chesterfield about 1791, and is said to have been the first blacksmith at Factory Village. He died in 1826, aged seventy-four years. His son Calvin married Mehitabel, daughter of Joseph Pattridge, in 1810. Their children were Prescott W., Louisa M., Luke H., Sarah, and Joseph P. Prescott W., born December 33, 1812, married twice, first, Adeline Whitney, who died in 1836, and second, Urania M., daughter of Benoni Streeter, February 2, 1837. He had born to him two children, Calvin P. and Adeline L. The former was born October 5, 1839, married Ann E., daughter of Clark Streeter, March 24, 1867, is an auctioneer, proprietor of Gilson’s ferry, and also a dealer in horses, carriages, and...

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Biographical Sketch of John Butler

John Butler, whose father, Josiah, was a nephew of Col. Josiah Willard, the principal grantee of Chesterfield, was born in Hinsdale, February 5.1786, and settled in Chesterfield in 1824. His widow, Lydia (Crowninshield) Butler, survives him, residing on road 27. Mr. Butler reared eight children: Marshall, Warren, Josiah, Ephraim, Erastus, Maria, Roswell, and Otis. Thomas F., son of Otis, resides or road 53. Mervin H., son of Otis, resides also on road 53. Warren H., son of Marshall, resides on road...

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West Chesterfield, Cheshire County NH

WEST CHESTERFIELD is a post village located in the western part of the town near the Connecticut. It has one church (Union), one store, two sawmills, a box-stock factory, two grist-mills, two blacksmith shops, a village-hall, and about twenty...

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Biography of Francis W. Brooks

Francis W. Brooks, who died at Brattleboro, Vt., February 5, 1885, was born in Boston May 14. 1821, during the residence of his parents in that city or its vicinity. In the following August the family removed to Chesterfield. In 1839, however, they took up their residence in Brattleboro, and it was probably at about this time, or a year or two before, that the boy “Frank” went to Putney where he was the active, efficient clerk of Mr. P. R. Chandler, now of Chicago. After a few years spent at Putney the young man went to New York city as a clerk in the large mercantile house of Pierce & Brooks. His health, however, never robust, soon showed signs of breaking down and he was sent by the firm on a voyage to Europe, where he spent some time. Soon after his return the firm showed their confidence in him by sending him, in the fall of 1844, to Alabama to settle a bankrupt estate in which they had a large interest. The climate proved exactly suited to him, and here he soon grew strong and well. Here it was that he first met Mr. N. F. Cabot, the two becoming at that time, and remaining through life, warm and intimate friends. In 1847 Mr. Brooks entered into business with Mr. Cabot in the firm of Cabot, Tullis...

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Chesterfield Factory, Cheshire County NH

CHESTERFIELD FACTORY is a busy post village located on the outlet of the lake. It has one church, two stores, one hotel, a village hall, brushhandle factory, bit and auger factory, sash and blind factory, pail factory, grist-mill, wagon shop, shingle-mill, wheel-head and spinning -wheel shop, a steam saw-mill, blacksmith shop, and about seventy-five dwellings. The village hall was built in 1868, at a cost of about $2,500. A portion of the funds were raised by subscription, but when completed a debt of $1,600 remained, about $1,000 of which has since been paid by the Ladies’ Union Society. The hall is fitted with appropriate scenery for producing dramatic...

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Biography of Asa Britton

Asa Britton was among the earlier residents of Chesterfield, and among those who contributed largely to its business and prosperity. He was the son of Ebenezer and Sarah (Bullock) Britton, and was born in Raynham, Mass., April 30 1763. In 1771, with his father’s family, he moved to Westmoreland, N. H., where his early youth was passed, and where, in 1788, he married Sally, eldest daughter of Major Leonard Keep, a son of Experience (Lawrence) and Capt. Jabez Keep. Early in their married life the young couple removed to Lansingburgh, N. Y., where they buried their eldest son, soon after returning and settling on a farm in Chesterfield, on the shore of the beautiful Lake Spafford, now so much a summer resort. It was about the year 1805 that Mr. Britton purchased and removed to the large old house in Chesterfield village, where his daughters were educated and married, and where he lived during the most active part of his life. Some now living remember its long facade, its gambrel roof, and dormer windows. It was a relic of Revolutionary days, full of queer angles, corner cupboards and fire places, with a lovely view of Green mountain scenery from the west windows. The house was torn down some years ago. Here Mr. Britton grew to be a man of wealth and influence. His unusual business capacity, together with an...

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Biographical Sketch of Joseph Holt

Joseph Holt came to Chesterfield, from Fitchburg, Mass., about 1812. His son Joseph married Elizabeth Osborn, and died in Chesterfield in 1832. He kept a hotel where Leonard W. Leach now lives, also where Mrs. L. F, Bonney now lives. He was also of the firm of Holt & White. merchants, more than fifty years. Abel, son of Joseph, Jr., was born January 15, 1803, married Hepsibeth J. Brown; of Damers, Mass., October 11, 1829, and had born to him five children. Of these, Joseph was born December 9, 1830, married Mrs. Martha E. Bowen in September, 1869, and resides in Chesterfield. Edwin A. was born November 3, 1834, and resides in town, and his daughter, Mrs. L. F. Bonney, resides in Chesterfield Factory, where she has, for a score or more of years, had a millinery...

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Biographical Sketch of Capt. Samuel S. Brooks

Capt. Samuel S. Brooks was born in Medford, Mass., March 5, 1781. The early part of his life was spent on the sea, he being a sea captain for a number of years. On retiring therefrom he settled at Cambridge, Mass., where he was postmaster four years. In August, 1821, he came to this town and engaged in the manufacture of cotton goods at Factory Village, in which business he continued until 1850. In 1839, however, he removed to Brattleboro, where he died, in April T865. He married Eleanor Forman, June 20. 1807, who bore him a large, family, seven of whom survived him-William, Horace, Ellen M., George J., Francis W., Mary E., and Lucy T. George J. built, and still owns, the well known Brooks House, of...

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Biographical Sketch of Erastus Sargent

Erastus Sargent, son of Thomas, and great-grandson of Digory Sargent, settled in Chesterfield in 1792 or 1793. He married Annas Snow, who bore him seven children, namely: Edwin, Diana, Jason, Edith, Warren, Angeline, and Alanson. Edwin born December 16, 1793, married Sally, daughter of David Stoddard, December 27, 1815. He resided for a while on the paternal farm, then moved to the farm afterwards owned by his son, Oscar E. He was town representative in 1842. He had born to him nine children, as follows: Louisa, Emily, Corydon, John H., David W., Charles R., Jude S., Oscar E., and...

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Biographical Sketch of Phineas Fullman

Phineas Fullman, born February 26, 1749, came to Chesterfield, from Westminster, Mass., about 1778. He married twice, first, Lucy Lampson, and second, Mrs. Bathsheba (Britton) Leach. He died August 4, 1823. His children were Paul, Asa, Lucy, Myra, Ellis and Almira. Asa, born February 24, 1780, married Lucena, daughter of Jonathan Farwell, in 1811. From May, 1815 to 1821, he engaged in trade at the Center Village, in partnership with Hon. Levi Jackson, afterwards with Ashbel Wheeler, Sr., and alone. For a number of years he run a freight-boat on the Connecticut, between Chesterfield and Hartford. He also erected a mill on Broad brook, for the manufacture of lumber. He was selectman in 1815. His wife died November 10, 1817, and his death occurred December 14, 1870 (Editor’s Note: Highly unlikely death year as this would have Phineas dying at the ripe old age of 121). George Lampon, one of his three children, was born July 20, 1815, and married Persis S. Davis, of Holden, Mass., a teacher of music, February 20, 1850. He engaged in business with his father, on Broad brook, till their mill was burned, in July, 1853. when he removed to Lowell, Mass., where he remained eight years. He then returned to Chesterfield and rebuilt the mill. He is also a surveyor and...

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Biographical Sketch of Lucius Darwin Pierce

Lucius Darwin Pierce, son of E. P. Pierce, Esq., was born at Chesterfield, August 9, 1820. In boyhood and youth he enjoyed such limited advantages for acquiring an education as the common schools and Chesterfield academy afforded. In 1841 he entered Norwich university, Vt., gained a commendable proficiency in the ancient languages, and while yet an undergraduate, was appointed to and accepted the position of Professor of Languages, in a seminary in Portsmouth, Va. He served in that capacity until he found the climate did not agree with his constitution, when he resigned and returned, graduating as A. B. in a full collegiate course, at Norwich university, in the class of 1846. He studied law in the office of Hon. William P. Chamberlain, at Keene, was admitted to the bar in 1849, successfully practiced law at Marlow, till November, 1853, when he moved to Winchendon, Mass., and formed a law partnership with Benjamin 0. Tyler, Esq., a lawyer of extensive practice. He continued with him one year, then withdrew and opened an office by himself, and, from the first, did an extensive, increasing and lucrative business, and continued in his profession to the time of his death, May 8, 1858. He was a gentleman of high culture and refinement, bad a genial, affable disposition, courteous, obliging address, and studious, industrious habits. While in practice in New Hampshire he held...

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Biographical Sketch of Dr. Henry Carpenter

Dr. Henry Carpenter was born in Alstead, N. H., December 24, 1803. His father, Eber Carpenter, was a practicing physician in Alstead from 1802 until his death, May 23, 1841. Henry, the eldest of his eight sons, distinguished himself in the profession of medicine and surgery. He graduated medicine at Castleton, Vt., in 1825, and soon after settled in Chesterfield where he soon gave evidence of superior skill, and with a growing reputation as such, continued the practice of his profession until his death, August 1852. Decisive in all things, ignoring creeds, he spent his life in ministering to the wants of his fellow men, believing that acts, and not creeds or belief constituted true religion. He was a man of large sympathies. He married Lydia H. Chandler, of Colerain, Mass., in 1829, and had born to him two daughters, Helen and Lucretia. His wife died in 1837. Only one of daughters, Lucretia A., is living, and resides in Montrose, Pa., highly esteeme and noted for her Christian virtues. Dr. Carpenter served as representative in the legislature of the state with commendable ability, and in all things in trusted to his care was a man of accredited worth. A son by a later marriage, Charles Henry, served in the late Rebellion, and distinguished himself by meritorious acts and duties during the war, dying in Mississippi soon after the close...

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