Location: Chesterfield New Hampshire

Biographical Sketch of David Holman

David Holman settled in Chesterfield about 1805, married twice, first, Mehitable Gale, and second, Mrs. Laura (Stone) Henry. He had two children, James, an adopted son, and Ella F. The former married Mary Falkner in 1824, who died August 31, 1841. He died April 28, 1844, aged thirtyfive years. His children were David, Hetta, William, Jason R., Sarah J., Esther M., Cynthia, George and Henry M. David, son of James, was born January 5, 1825, and married Sarah R., daughter of Ara Hamilton, April 27, 1848. He was selectman in 1879 and 1882. His children are Frederick H., Alice M., Evelyn A., and Gertrude,L. William, son of James, was born August 2, 1828, married Mary M., daughter of Josiah Higgins, April 8, 1851, and has children as follows: Mary Rosetta, born May 5, 1853; Frank M., born December 30, 1854; Frederick W., born September 30, 1856; George A., born October 26, 1858; and Helen L., born March 6, 1861, who died August 3, 1874. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI...

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Chesterfield Village, Cheshire County NH

CHESTERFIELD is a delightful little post village located in the central part of the town. It has two churches (Congregational and Methodist Episcopal), one store, one hotel, two blacksmith shops, town-hall, and about thirty dwellings. Here also was located the celebrated Chesterfield Academy. This institution was incorporated under the laws of the state, by an act passed in 1790. The school was soon after opened and was one of the most flourishing institutions of the kind in the county for a period of over a half century. An academy building was erected in 1794, on the southeastern part of the common. It was a two-story structure and did service until April 9, 1859, when it was destroyed by fire. During the same year a new building was erected, by school district No. 5 and the trustees of the academy, and is that now occupied by the graded...

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Biography of Ezekiel Porter Pierce

Ezekiel Porter Pierce, fifth son of Captain John Pierce, was born in Chesterfield, April 20, 1785. He lived at home, working on his father’s farm, attending the common schools and Chesterfield academy, until he learned the carpenter and joineis’ trade. At the age of twenty-one he left home, going to Farmington, Me., where he engaged in drafting and architecture. March 1, 1808, he married Susanna, daughter of Colonel Ezekial Porter, of Farmington, Me., who was born May 4, 1785. He moved here from Maine, to live with his mother, on the John Pierce homestead, in October, 1814. Here he attended to farming, trading, and manufacturing, entering largely into the manufacture of “patent acceleratory wheel-heads,”at the Factory Village, and the manufacture of bits and augers at West Chesterfield. About 1821 he purchased the so-called Cook Stand, at the Center Village, and kept a store and tavern there until in 1831, when he built the large stone tavern near the lake. Here he lived the remaining years of his life, keeping the E. P. Pierce Temperance Lake House, and which is still a temperance place. He had born to him ten children, viz.: Susanna P., Theresa J., Ezekiel P., Julia A., Lucius D., Horace T. H., Lafayette W., Andrew Jackson, Augusta E., and Benjamin F. Susanna P. married Colonel Bethuel Farley, of Marlow, November 12, 1840, and had two children, Lucius...

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Biographical Sketch of Ebenezer Safford

Ebenezer Safford came to Chesterfield about 1780, and settled upon what is now known as the “Dudley farm.” His children were Luke, Roswell, and Ebenezer. Roswell, born November 18, 1784, married Fanny, daughter of Jonathan Farr, in 1809, and had born to him five children, namely: Electa C., Philip, Ebial, Jonathan, and Eliza C. Ebenezer, Jr., born October 2, 1787, married Dolly, daughter of William Farr, in 1809, who bore him six children, as follows: Mary T., Norman E., Lydia P., Watson, Oliver H., and Otis. Watson, born February 24, 1818, married Catharine, daughter of Elijah Hildreth, September 27, 1843, who bore him five children, as follows: Leavitt W., born November;o, 1844; Ellon A., born March 19, 1849, married Mary R., daughter of William Holman, February 14, 1871; Charles H., born June 25, 1854; Frank L., born July 27, 1857; and Eddie A., born December 28,...

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Biographical Sketch of John H. Barrett

John H. Barrett was born November 8, 1789, and came to Chesterfield in 1851. He married Charlotte Thomas, of Hinsdale, who bore him four children-Shubael, Miranda, Julia and George W. The latter came here in x85 I, and now resides on road...

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Biographical Sketch of Reuben B. Foster Sr.

Reuben B. Foster, Sr., was born September 9, 1812, and married Betsey, H., daughter of Richard Hopkins, June 11, 1832. He is an employee of Currier Brothers, at Chesterfield Factory. He has had born to him seven children, as follows: James M., Helen M., Mary Jane, Mahalia S., Reuben B., Frank H., and William E. Reuben B., Jr., was born March 17, 1844, married Julia A., daughter of Hosea L. Stoddard, February 16, 1869. He is a mechanic for Currier Brothers at Chesterfield...

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Biographical Sketch of Jesse Hinds

Jesse Hinds came to Chesterfield about 1805, and settled on a farm in the southeastern part of the town. Corlis, son of Jessie, was born November 12, 1814, and married Harriet M., daughter of Elisha Hill, November 26, 1846. His children are Arthur C., Fernando P., Harriet E., Sarah M., Caroline L., Jesse B., Manly H., Louisa L., Royal T., Flora May, Noble A., Ernest W.,. William W., and Melvin...

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Biographical Sketch of Moses Dudley

Moses Dudley, son of Nahum, was born October 18, 1794, and married Persis, daughter of Rev. Allen Pratt, of Westmoreland. From 1817 till 1851 he was engaged in tanning at the Center village, and afterwards in farming, having purchased a farm in the western part of the town, where he died, April 16, 1874. He was selectman in 1832, 1833, 1835, 1847, and delegate to the constitutional convention in 1850. His children were Allen Pratt, Hannah C., Charles P., William L., and Persis M. William L., born December 20, 1824, married Mary Caroline, daughter of Thomas B. and Betsey R. (Mead) Doak, November 11, 1858. He was admitted to the bar, at Newport, in 1846, and commenced the practice of law in Chesterfield the same year. In 1849, he went to California, and resides at present in Stockton, engaged in the practice of his profession. His children are Elizabeth Mead, born at Mokelumne Hill, Cal., August 16, 1860; Elinor Gertrude, born there January 4, 1862; William Little, born at Stockton, June 13, 1869; and Mary Frances, born at Stockton, November 26,...

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Biography of Sergeant Thomas Pierce

Sergeant Thomas Pierce, the emigrant ancestor of the Pierce family, came to this country, from England, with his wife, Elizabeth Pierce, and settled in Charlestown, Mass., in 1634-35. From him was descended, in the sixth generation, Captain John Pierce, born in Groton, Mass., January 26, 1743. . He married Tabitha Porter, of Groton, and came to Chesterfield about 1770, and located at the Center Village, where he kept a store near where the stone store now stands. He served under General Ruggles, in the French and Indian war. When the Revolutionary war broke out, be owned a large quantity of land, including five nice farms, much of which, it is said, he sacrificed to the cause of liberty. Under the order from General Stark, he promptly volunteered and went to Bennington, taking part in the battle. Tradition states that he and his two lieutenants started ahead of the company, and as they neared the British forces at Bennington, they found themselves between a company of Hessians, who were bathing in a stream, and the main body of the British. Carefully crawling upon the bathers, who had their arms stacked, they separated, and representing themselves as three companies, called upon them to surrender, which they did, and they marched them as prisoners into the American lines. In 1782 he purchased the western half of lot twelve, in range ten, of...

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General History of Chesterfield New Hampshire

Chesterfield lies in the western part of the county, in lat. 42° 54′ and long. 4° 40′, bounded north by Westmoreland and Keene, east by Keene and Swanzey, south by Winchester and Hinsdale, and west by the west bank of Connecticut river, and has an area, exclusive of the Connecticut, of about forty-four square miles, or 28,160 acres. In tracing the sketch of the grant of Chesterfield, etc., it is necessary to glance at the trouble attending the settlement of the boundary line between New Hampshire and Massachusetts, which are written up in the sketch of Hinsdale and in the county chapter, on page 64, and hence are omitted here. In 1733 Massachusetts granted a township to Josiah Willard and others lying to the northward and eastward of Northfield, which they named Arlington. It embraced a portion of the territory now belonging to Hinsdale and Winchester. Subsequently, pending the King’s decision respecting the dividing line between the two Provinces, the general court of Massachusetts granted upwards of thirty townships lying between the Merrimac and Connecticut. Of these, townships named 1, 2, 3 and 4, lay along the Connecticut, just north of Arlington, and were nearly identical, in numerical order, with Chesterfield, Westmoreland, Walpole and Charlestown. These four townships were accepted by the general court November 3, 1736. The following year, December 13, 1737, Samuel Chamberlain, of Westford. Mass., was...

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Biographical Sketch of William Randall

William Randall came to Chesterfield from Cranston, R. I., about 1780. His children were Eleazer, Anthony, Benajah, and Esther. Eleazer married Martha Staples, and settled in Chesterfield on land given him by his father. His children were Roxana, Prusha, Diana, Nathan, and Eleazer. The latter, born August 4, 1796, married Clarissa, daughter of Benjamin Wheeler, in 1815. He resided marfy years in this town, on the farm on which his fatherin-law had settled, now owned by William L. Clegg. He died in Westmoreland, June 17, 1860. He had born to him eight children, namely: Diana, Roxana, Eleazer, Sarah Harris, Shubel Hastings, Martha Staples. Abigail Rockwood, and George. Eleazer, son of Eleazer, and grandson of Eleazer, Sr., was born February 27, 1820, and married Elvira, daughter of William and Sally (Little) Rnmrill, of Hillsboro, October 18, 1846. Having learned the carpenter trade when a young man, he afterwards engaged pretty extensively in the construction of railway and other buildings in Canada and in the United States. He had born to him two children, Oran Edmund and Frederick RumrilL The former, born in Manchester, December, 28, 1847, married Maria N., daughter of Moses N. Smith, April 13, 1871. She is the author of the admirable “History of Chesterfield,” published in 1882. Frederick R., born in Chesterfield, January 29, 1854, married Alice C., daughter of John A. and Fannie E. (Barrows) Kathan,...

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Biographical Sketch of Jonathan Hildreth

Jonathan Hildreth settled in Westmoreland as early as 1751, and moved to this town about 1763, settling on the farm now owned by Watson Wheeler. He was selectman in 1767, ’70, ’79. Lotan, son of Jonathan, was born March 29, 1763, married Sarah Pierce, and died June 3, 1812. Africa, one of his eleven children, was born April 1, 1797, married twice, first. Mariam Blanchard, and second, Mary Blanchard, a sister of his first wife. He died Tune 22, 1869. His children were as follows: Frances A., Cyrus C., Louisa E., Henry S., Lotan B., John W., George L., Elathine A., Christina C., Larkin J., Charles C., and Sarah E. Henry S. was born March 4, 1826, and married Carrie E. Pettee, June I, 1848. His only son, Irving A., was born June 5, 185o. and married Addie O. Wilber, who died September 24, 1874. Charles. C., son of Africa, was born November 4, 1848, and George L. was born March 31,...

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Biographical Sketch of John Darling

John Darling came to Chesterfield, from Winchendon, Mass., February 17, 1778, and settled upon a part of what is now known as Barrett hill. He was one of the party that made the famous march to Quebec, in 1775, under command of Benedict Arnold, through the wilderness of Maine. At an early period he built the large two-story house, situated on the road from the Center village to Winchester, long known as the “yellow house,” and at one time owned an extensive tract of timber land in the Winchester woods, from which he cut large quantities of lumber, sawing it in a mill erected for that purpose, then drawing it to the Connecticut and rafting it down to Hartford. He married three times, first Sarah Blood, of Groton, Mass., who died June 6, 1804; second, Mrs. Lydia Baker, of Westmoreland, who died September 9, 1815; and third, Mrs. Mary Taylor, daughter of Rev. Abraham Wood. Mr. Darling died March 28, 1824, in his seventy-third year. His children were as follows: John, born December 17, 1778, Nahum, born August 22, 1781; Montgomery, born April 8, 1785; Darius, born June 26, 1787; Boynton, born January 23, 1790; Sarah, born September 23, 1791; Mary Ann. born April 31, 1794; Louis, born January 2, 1796; and by his second marriage, he had born to him Miranda, and by his third marriage, Heliann and...

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Biography of Eli Pattridge

Eli Pattridge moved here from Mendon, Mass., about 1776, and remain in this town until 1800, when he moved to the northern part of the state. He had born to him nine children, namely: Eli, Joseph, Amos, M Rachel,, Charles. Nathaniel, Abel and Adam. Joseph, born in 1753, married Sarah Warren, of Mendon, Mass. He was selectman in 1801, ’03, ’16, ’17 and died in 1817. His children were Caroline, Prussia, John W., Mehitable; Joseph, Simon, Winslow, Sally, Abel, Ora and Samuel J. The last mentioned born November 22, 1800, was the youngest of Joseph and Sarah (Warren Pattridge’s eleven children; while Lucretia, born November 9, 1801, who he married October 25, 1827, was the oldest of Ziba and Nancy (Babbit} Albee’s fourteen children). He settled on the paternal homestead, about two miles east of Factory Village; and was a successful farmer. His father died in 1817, at the age of sixty-four. His mother, and also the mother of Mrs. Pattridge, received their personal care in their last years, the former attaining to the ripe age of eighty-nine, and the latter eighty-two. She was known to say that during the years she had lived in the home of Samuel Partridge, she had no knowledge of an unpleasant word between him and her daughter. He served the town as selectman in 1868, was elected representative to the general court in...

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Biographical Sketch of Joseph Atherton

Joseph Atherton, son of Oliver, of Howard, Mass., came to this town about 1794, and located upon what is now known as “Atherton hill.” He held many of the town offices and was highly respected. He died April 4, 1839. He married Hannah Farnsworth, in 1771, who bore him eight children: Nathaniel, Oliver, Arathusa, Sally, Humphrey, Fanny, Rachel and Lucy. William, son of Nathaniel, born December 18. 1826, married Hannah M. Pierce, and resides on road 13. Maria, daughter of Oliver, resides on road...

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