Location: Cherry Valley New York

Biography of George B. Hill

George B. Hill, of the extensive mercantile firm of Hill & Ballentine, of Bellevue, Idaho, is one of Idaho’s prominent businessmen and states-men. He came, through New England ancestry, of honorable English and German descent, and was born at Cherry Valley, New York, August 28, 1843. He is of fighting stock, too, his great-grandfather Hill having fought for independence in the Revolution, his grandfather Hill having risked his life for his country in the war of 18 1 2- 14, and his father and himself having done battle for the Union in the civil war of 1861-65, the latter yielding up his life on the field in defense of the starry flag, while his maternal grand-father Busch fought in the war of 1812-14. Charles Hill, father of George B. Hill, was a native of Barrington, Massachusetts. He became a lawyer of ability and while yet a young man re-moved to Cherry Valley, New York, where he married Margaret Busch, of German descent and a daughter of an old and honored resident of that town. He was a member of the One Hundred and Twenty-first New York Volunteer Infantry and was killed while upon a reconnaissance in 1864. His good wife, a devout member of the Christian church, survived until 1884, and died in her seventy-ninth year. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a...

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Benjamin Todd of Cherry Valley NY

Benjamin Todd5, (Benjamin4, Benjamin3, Michael2, Christopher1) born 1756, died May 6, 1833, in Cherry Valley, N. Y., married March 1, 1778, Hannah Reynolds. Children: *386. John, b. Feb. 16, 1779. 387. Sophia, b. May 10, 1781. 388. Louise, b. Nov. 29, 1783. 389. Hannah, b. April 23, 1786. 390. Dorcas, b. July 17, 1788. 391. James, b. April 29, 1791. *392. Elnathan, b. Aug. 23, 1793. 393. Massa, b. Aug. 23, 1793. 394. Melinda, b. Sept. 10, 1799. 395. Sally, b. May 19,...

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Biography of James Brackett

James Brackett, a prominent lawyer of Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York, who graduated in the class with Daniel Webster, at Dartsmouth College, came to Rock Island in 1847 to spend the last years of a long and useful life. John Ely Brackett, eldest son of James Brackett, graduated from West Point and later was appointed a Lieutenant in the Second Regiment of Artillery. Later he became a Captain in Colonel Stevenson’s Regiment, which was to sail for California to serve during the war with Mexico, and afterwards, as Major-General John Ely Brackett, was very active during the troublous California days in 1849, and is much lauded in the annals of that State. He died in Rock Island some years later. Joseph Warren Brackett, second son of James Brackett, was appointed midshipman in the navy, at the age of fifteen, in 1830, from which he resigned four years later. In 1840 he was admitted to the bar of New York, and practiced nine years in Cherry Valley, his birthplace. He then went to Rock Island, where he remained till his death. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Colonel Brackett joined the Ninth Illinois Cavalry, and was appointed successively Battalion Quartermaster and Regimental Commissary. This Regiment made a record second to none in brilliancy and secured the special thanks of General Curtis and Thomas. He was a member of...

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