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Location: Cherry Valley Arkansas

Biography of J. P. Greenwood

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now J. P. Greenwood, a farmer and stockman, residing eight miles northeast of Ramona, was born in Cherry Valley, Arkansas, February 25, 1871. His father, Thomas P. Greenwood, was a native of Alabama and crossed the Mississippi with the first emigrant Cherokees, prior to the Civil war. The Cherokees were on their way to their reservation in the Indian Territory and Thomas P. Greenwood accompanied his parents, who were very poor, to Cherry Valley, in Cross County, Arkansas, where he engaged in farming and stock raising. There the father passed away, leaving his widow with a family of nine children, of whom Thomas P. Greenwood was the youngest. He was reared in his native state and as the years passed and as the result of industry and perseverance he accumulated a comfortable competence and had become well established in life when he left Arkansas in 1885. At that time he went to Elk County, Kansas, but after two years came to Washington County, Oklahoma, which was then a part of the Indian Territory. During his stay in Kansas he suffered a considerable financial reverse, owing to the fact that he lost nearly all of his stock during the hard winter of 1886-7. In Washington County, however, he soon recovered from his losses and here devoted his attention...

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