Location: Champaign County IL

Biography of Thomas M. Lyman

Thomas M. Lyman gave many consecutive years to the management of an Illinois farm, and through hard work and intelligent management obtained the financial competence which enabled him a few years ago to retire from business and enjoy the comforts of a good ‘home in the city of ‘Champaign. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Mr. Lyman was born in Vermilion County, Illinois, February 6, 1866. His parents, Bernard and Mary (McLennan) Lyman, were both natives of Ireland. His father came to America as a young man about 1854, lived for a time near Eaton, Ohio, and subsequently removed to Vermilion County, Illinois. He farmed a few years near Ridge Farm and made his farm in Champaign County the scene of his productive labors for many years. He died in Champaign County in 1904 and his wife passed away in 1902. Their children were: Lucinda, wife of John Martin, living in Adams County, Nebraska; John, a retired farmer in Champaign; Mary Jane, who died in childhood;...

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Biography of W. R. Cole

W. R. Cole is one of the former prominent business men of Champaign County now living retired. He and Mrs. Cole occupy a very attractive home on Belle Avenue in Rantoul. Mrs. Cole is a member of an old and prominent family of Champaign County, and is a sister of one of the foremost physicians and surgeons in the world, Dr. D. A. K. Steele, one of the founders of the University of Illinois medical department. Mrs. Cole and her brother both taught in the school at Rantoul and they are of a family of teachers, preachers and lawyers. A native of Canada, W. R. Cole was born at Adolphostown, a son of Conrad B. and Sarah Ann Cole. He was only an infant when his mother died. He grew up and received his early education at Nappanee, Canada, and at the age of twenty-six, in 1870, came from Kingston, Ontario, to Rantoul, Illinois, to visit his brother, L. B. Cole, who was at that time a coal, grain and lumber merchant. He assisted his brother in the business for several years. In 1872 Mr. Cole married Mary E. Lavinia Steele. She was born at Grandcote in Perry County, Illinois, daughter of Rev. Daniel and Mary Leatham Orr (Anderson) Steele. Her parents were natives of northern Ireland. Rev. Daniel Steele came to America in 1851, locating in Ohio, and...

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Biography of Joseph Fultz

Joseph Fultz, now living retired at Rantoul, has had a career filled with labors and ministrations of kindness, and has done what good he could as he went through the world. The practical side of his career has been as a farmer, and for a number of years he served as a local minister of the Methodist Church, a work of inestimable value which cannot be measured by any ordinary human standards. Mr. Fultz was born in Washington County, Indiana, a son of Frederick and Mary Fultz, the former a native of Virginia and the latter of Indiana. Frederick Fultz was twice married, had eight children by his first wife and seven by the second. Joseph Fultz was the youngest of the first family. He was carefully reared, had a common school education and became a farmer even before he reached his majority. At the age of twenty-one Joseph Fultz married Mary Bottorff, daughter of James and Lydia Bottorff, both of whom were born near New Albany, Indiana. James Bottorff was of German parentage. After their marriage Joseph and Mary Fultz began their wedded life on a farm in Washington County, Indiana, and farming was the work which Mr. Fultz pursued in order to provide the advantages and home life of his growing family. Eight children were born to them, Lewis B., Herman, Ernest, Elsie, Orval, Grover, Goldie and...

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Biography of Herman Schwanderman

Herman Schwanderman has his farm home in section 17 of Harwood Township, with postoffice at the village of Ludlow. He has contributed to the development and farm improvement of that locality for a number of years and he represents that sterling and industrious stock of people that came out of Germany. Mr. Schwanderman was born at Dewey, Illinois, a son of Leopold and Rebecca Margaret (Behrens) Schwanderman. The parents were both born in Germany, came to America in early life and married in this country. They had only two sons, twins, Herman and Henry, the latter died at the age of seven months. On December 25, Christmas Day, 1902, Herman Schwanderman married Ruth Mary Dodson of Monticello, Wayne County, Kentucky. She was the oldest of the thirteen children of James R. and Harriet (Simpson) Dodson. Among her family Mrs. Schwanderman was always called “Mollie.” Mr. and Mrs. Schwanderman married in Kentucky, and their wedding trip was the journey north to Champaign County, where Mr. and Mrs. Schwanderman located in the home of his parents. They took charge of the farm of eighty acres and gave the tenderest care to Mr. and Mrs. Schwanderman during the rest of their lives. This farm is the result of the accumulations and the hard work of Father and Mother Schwanderman after they came to America. The elder Schwanderman, who was born at Strassburg,...

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Biography of Samuel P. Atkinson

Samuel P. Atkinson. Perhaps Champaign has no more sturdy and progressive citizen than is found in Samuel P. Atkinson, manager of the S. P. Atkinson Monument Company. He is a thorough American, with a backing of colonial ancestry and Revolutionary stock; and is a veteran of the great struggle which prior to 1914 the people of the United States has called the saddest page on the world’s history. Mr. Atkinson is a vigorous and able business man, but he is much more, for he has the true welfare of his city at heart and is zealously working to advance movements that will be of the greatest permanent benefit to the whole community. His entire life has been a busy, useful and interesting one. Samuel P. Atkinson was born in Central Ohio, November 26, 1844. His parents were Peabody and Marenda (Elliott) Atkinson, both of whom were descendants of Revolutionary heroes and natives of New Hampshire. The old Atkinson homestead situated ten miles from Concord, New Hampshire, was the cause of a pilgrimage made by Samuel P. Atkinson in 1916, and in the vicinity, with other kindred of generations gone, rest the ashes of his grandfather, Joseph C. Atkinson. To Peabody Atkinson and wife seven children were born, namely: Henry and Mary, both of whom are deceased; Joseph, who is living in Ohio; George, who is deceased; Samuel P.; and...

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Biographical Sketch of William B. Keusink

William B. Keusink is one of the younger business men of Champaign, has been a resident of the city most of his life, and since 1910 has conducted a very successful drug business. He was born at Bloomington, Illinois, September 20, 1879, a son of William and Elizabeth (Lynch) Keusink. His father was a native of Schenectady, New York, and his mother of Utica, New York. William Keusink for a number of years conducted a laundry business in Champaign County, but is now living retired. He and his wife had two children, William B. and Wilhelmina, the latter the wife of H: C. Johnson, of Champaign. His early education William B. Keusink obtained in the grammar and high schools of Champaign. After some preliminary experience he definitely determined on a vocation as a pharmacist and entered the University of Illinois Pharmacy School in Chicago, where he was graduated in 1904. Returning to his home city he became a pharmacist with a local drug house until 1910, and at that date went into business for himself at the corner of West University Avenue and South Neil Street. He has a fine store, well equipped, and has always emphasized and sought in every way to improve the service of the pharmacy department. Mr. Keusink is a Republican in politics. He is a Thirty-second Degree Scottish Rite Mason and a member of...

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Biography of Benjamin Franklin Harris

Benjamin Franklin Harris, grandson of the late B. F. Harris and son of Henry Hickman Harris, was born on the old Harris farm in Champaign County, where his father was also a native, on September 30, 1868. He had of course liberal advantages during his youth and every incentive to make the best of his personal talents. Besides the common and high schools he attended the University of Illinois 1887 to 1889, and in 1892 was graduated from the law department of Columbia University. The law was only part of his preparation for life, not a profession. He returned home to assist in the management of farm lands and business enterprises, and he has continued the work of his father and grandfather as livestock farmers and bankers. From 1892 to 1899 he owned and developed and consolidated all electric street railway, lighting, power and gas plants in the twin cities. He succeeded his father as president of the First National Bank of Champaign, and in 1911-12 he served as president of the Illinois Bankers Association and has identified himself actively with many of its most important committees. He has also served as chairman of the Agricultural Commission of the American Bankers Association, and president of the Conference Committee on agricultural development and education of all state bankers associations. It was he who inaugurated the banker-farmer movement in 1908, and...

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Biography of Charles B. Johnson, M. D.

Charles B. Johnson, M. D. Valuable work in his profession and an unusual variety of experience contribute to make the career of Dr. C. B. Johnson one of note in Champaign County, where he has lived for the past forty-six years. Doctor Johnson is a veteran Union soldier, is grandson of a Revolutionary soldier, and’ during the half century since he came out of the Northern army he has been in the active practice of medicine and is still a competent member of his profession and one of Champaign County’s most useful citizens. Doctor Johnson was born at Pocahontas in Bond County, Illinois, October 8, 1843. His grandfather, Charles Johnson, was a native of North Carolina, and went with the troops of that state to battle against the British armies and the Tories in the times of the struggle for independence. Doctor Johnson’s father was James Johnson, an early settler in Illinois and a farmer. In 1849 he went out to California when that was the mecca of gold seekers and adventurers from all parts of the world, and he died soon after his arrival on the gold coast. James Johnson married Elizabeth Jane Volentine. Doctor Johnson spent his early life on a farm, attended the public schools, and early showed a tendency and desire for studious pursuits. On August 7, 1862, he enlisted in Company F of the...

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Biography of Patrick Brennon

Patrick Brennon was for many years identified with the community of Ogden as a stanch and reliable merchant, a citizen who was never negligent of his responsibilities and duties, and altogether completed a well rounded life of activity and service. A native of Dublin, Ireland, where he was born in 1844, he came to America at the age of fourteen. He had limited advantages in his youth, and by sheer force of will and determination gained a substantial position in the world. He lived in New York State for a time and then came west and located in Vermilion County, Illinois. He went from that county into the ranks of the Union army and three years after his honorable discharge in 1868 he laid the foundation of his own home by his marriage to Miss Cornelia Terrell. Mrs. Brennon, who is still living at the old home in Ogden, was born at Georgetown, Illinois, and grew up and married there. Her parents were William and Artemesia (Douglas) Terrell, the former a native of Ohio and the latter of Kentucky. Artemesia Douglas’ family was related to that which gave Illinois and the nation the great figure of Stephen A. Douglas. After their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Brennon came to Ogden, which was then a small hamlet consisting only of a post office and a general store. Mr. Brennon taught school...

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Biography of William J. Quinlan

William J. Quinlan. Any list of the big farmers and land owners of Crittenden Township would include the name of William J. Quinlan. Mr. Quinlan has been a resident of Champaign County for nearly half a century, and he used the generous rewards of his agricultural labors here to extend his investments to several states. Mr. Quinlan was born near Covington, Kentucky, March 15, 1856, a son of Daniel and Margaret (Harty) Quinlan. Both parents were born in Ireland. His father came to America in 1847, locating in Kentucky. In June, 1856, a few weeks after the birth of William J., the family moved to Illinois, locating in Peoria County, and in 1868 they came to Champaign County, locating in section 20 of Crittenden Township. Daniel Quinlan was a man of marked prosperity and industry. He died at Tolono, Illinois, in 1899. His widow is still living in Ohio, at the advanced age of ninety-two. They have six children: Margaret, who died in infancy; William J.; John, who died in childhood; Bridget, wife of Frank Hesler, of Ohio; Mary, who died in 1891; and Ellen, wife of W. J. Reinhart, of Ohio. William J. Quinlan has always lived close to the old home, grew up and received his education largely in Champaign County, and after reaching manhood his father gave him as a start eighty acres. The passing years...

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Biography of John Russell Stewart

John Russell Stewart. As a citizen who for many years was closely identified with journalism and local affairs in Champaign County, the people of this section feel a corresponding interest in the personality and career of John Russell Stewart. As supervising editor of this publication, the publishers feel that this interest should be gratified by the inclusion of a brief personal biography. He was born on his father’s farm in Butler County, Pennsylvania, November 6, 1840, a son of William and Eliza Jane (Gibson) Stewart, who were both of direct Scotch-Irish descent. Mr. Stewart received his education in the local public schools and private academies, grew up on his father’s farm, and at the age of eighteen qualified for work as a teacher and was in the schoolroom in that capacity for four terms. Coming west in 1863, he found work in the public schools of Scott County, Iowa. In the same year he had volunteered his services to the Union army in the Civil War, but was rejected on account of defective eyesight. After four years in Scott County, Iowa, he moved to Tama County, and became superintendent of schools at Toledo, the county seat. In 1868, he was elected superintendent of the Tama County public schools and filled that office until the time of the Chicago fire in 1871. As early as 1860 Mr. Stewart became deeply...

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Biography of Alonzo O. Morrison

Alonzo O. Morrison. One of the families that was established in Vermilion County, Illinois, in the early ’40s and has ever since been a representative agricultural one in east central Illinois bore the name of Morrison. This branch of the family was of pioneer stock in Ohio and doubtless can trace its far back ancestry to Scotland. The leading representative in Champaign County is Alonzo O. Morrison, a highly respected resident of Homer, Illinois. Alonzo O. Morrison was born in Vermilion County, Illinois, November 17, 1859. His parents were James Perry and Harriet A. (Sterns) Morrison. The father was born in Ohio and the mother in Virginia. When they came to Illinois James Perry Morrison secured land from the government, and this land he developed and his subsequent life was devoted to general farming and stock-raising. He was a man of sterling character, just in all his dealings with his neighbors and generous to his children. His death occurred in 1888. His widow survived until 1894. They were the parents of the following children: Elijah, who is a resident of Homer, Illinois; James, who died in infancy; Alonzo O.; Jasper, who died in childhood; Florence, who is the wife of J. M. Boggess, of Homer; and Harland P., who resides at Homer. Alonzo O. Morrison attended the public schools and remained at home assisting his father. When he was...

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Biography of Marion M. Ricketts, M. D.

Marion M. Ricketts, M. D. The leading physician and surgeon of Ivesdale and well known for his ability and service all over southwestern Champaign County is Dr. Marion M. Ricketts, who has enjoyed a successful practice there for the past six. years. Doctor Ricketts was born in Clay County, Illinois, October 20, 1877, a son of Jasper and Hannah (Stanford) Ricketts. His father was born in Ohio and his mother in Illinois. Jasper Ricketts has had an industrious career as an agriculturist and is still living at Pesottim. He moved to Champaign County with his family in 1881. The mother had died in Clay County before the removal to Champaign County. They had six children: Mrs. Emil Andre, of Eaton, Colorado; Harvey, of Vincent, Iowa; Charles, deceased; Homer, of Eaton, Colorado; Doctor Ricketts; and Lyda, deceased. Doctor Ricketts was four years of age when the family came to Champaign County and grew up on his father’s farm, at the same time wisely improving the advantages offered in the local schools. His active career began at the age of sixteen, when he hired out to work as a farm hand,, taught school one year, took the normal course in Austin College at Effingham, Illinois, and after that was one of the successful and popular teachers of Champaign County for twelve years. Thus Doctor Ricketts from his own earnings paid for...

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Biography of John W. Brown

John W. Brown. From a twentieth century point of view it may be difficult to fill out a picture of comfortable living in Champaign County in the primitive days when even no railroads reached this section, bringing news, commodities and visitors from the outside world, but it must be remembered that life is more complex now, that horizons are wider, demands greater and expectations higher. Undoubtedly those whose lot it was to carve out the pioneer path here and elsewhere ultimately found happiness and contentment despite the dangers and deprivations. Among the settlers of an early day in Homer Township, Champaign County, was John Brown, for many years an honored resident of this part of the county and’ the father of John W. Brown, one of the substantial men and leading farmers. John W. Brown was born in Homer Township, Champaign County, Illinois, February 2, 1877. His parents were John and Jane (Stafford) Brown. The father was a native of Ohio and the mother of Pennsylvania. When they came to the county many parts of it were practically unsettled. John Brown devoted all his active years to developing his land in Homer Township and accumulated 214 acres, a fine property on which all the rest of his life was spent, his death occurring March 23, 1913. He had survived his wife since 1884. They were the parents of eight...

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Biography of James A.Creamer

James A. Creamer, one of the business leaders of Tolono, has lived in this locality all his life, began his career as a farmer and still owns a large amount of Illinois soil, though most of his time and energies are taken up with local business affairs at Tolono. Mr. Creamer was born in Tolono Township, February 25, 1870, a son of Ephraim C. and Sarah (Espy) Creamer, his father a native of New Jersey and his mother of Ripley, Ohio. His mother’s father was killed by a stroke of lightning about forty-eight years ago. Ephraim Creamer came to Champaign County about 1857, locating on a farm in Tolono Township and followed farming for a great many years but is now living retired in Tolono. Through his efforts he accumulated a considerable fortune in land. He and his wife had nine children: Mary, deceased; James A.; Edward, who died in 1897, being a graduate of the law department of Wesleyan University at Bloomington; Howard, deceased; Etta, wife of F. E. Williamson, of Urbana; Estella, wife of W. W. Hill, of Tolono; Lyda, wife of Albert McBratney, of Tuscola; William C., who lives on the old home farm; and Charles F., of Tolono Township. James A. Creamer finished his education with the Tolono High School. He lived at home until twenty-seven, and then took charge of the homestead of 414...

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