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Location: Centropolis Ohio

Biography of Marsena St. John

Marsena St. John. A residence in Kansas of sixty years is in itself a distinction. In the case of the venerable Marsena St. John of Ottawa those years have been filled with honorable accomplishment and in all this time he had been one of the mainstays in Franklin County. He was born at Linden, New York, April 20, 1831, and had already passed his eighty-fifth birthday. His parents were Jasper and Julia Ann (Reynolds) St. John, who lived near Saratoga Springs, New York. From New York the family went to Huron County, Ohio, where the father was for ten years a tanner. In 1859 the parents came to Franklin County, Kansas, and settled on a farm six miles west of Centropolis. Jasper St. John was born in 1805, and died in 1886 in Franklin County, Kansas. He was a devout Baptist and was one of the charter members of the Ottawa Baptist Church, and also of the Appanoose and Centropolis churches, and was affiliated with the Masonic order. His widow, who was born in 1812, died in her eighty-sixth year. They were the parents of nine children, and three are now living. The oldest of this family, Marsena St. John, grew up in New York and Ohio, and came to Franklin County, Kansas, when Kansas was a territory. He lived for a time near Centropolis, and from there went...

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