Location: Catlin Illinois

Biography of W. H. Woodin

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now W. H. Woodin, now living in the village of St. Joseph, has had a very active and useful career in Champaign County as a farmer, contractor, business man and public spirited citizen. He was born at Catlin, Illinois, a son of Moses and Caroline (Walcott) Woodin. His father was born in New York and his mother in Indiana, and they were among the pioneers of Champaign County, coming from Indiana and locating east of St. Joseph, spending several years at Burr Oak Grove. Moses Woodin developed a large business as a farmer. Witlt his three sons he carried on an extensive estate. At one time he farmed the land where the village of St. Joseph now stands. The last time the site of that village was a scene of waving grain the fields were cultivated by the Woodin family. His son Ira drove a team helping grade the railroad through St. Joseph. Ira is now a prominent farmer in Southern Missouri. When the Woodin family came here most of the country was wild, and deer ran over the prairies in large droves. The hunters chased them with hounds, and furnished a sport which the little boys greatly enjoyed watching. The family of Moses Woodin consisted of six children, three sons and three daughters. W. H. Woodin...

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Biography of Charlie N. Cotton

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Charlie N. Cotton has lived in Champaign County over fifty years, and is rated as one of the enterprising and progressive agriculturists of Sidney Township. His well improved farmstead is on Rural Route No. 61 out of Homer. Mr. Cotton was born in Madison County, Indiana, April 6, 1860, and was brought to this county by his parents in 1866. He is a son of Robert and Margaret (Williams) Cotton, his father a native of Indiana and his mother of Ohio. When his father came to Champaign County he located on a farm near Catlin, and became widely known and respected as ( a business man and citizen. His death occurred March 13, 1907. The mother, who was born in 1838, is now living at Homer in her eightieth year. They were the parents of four children: Charlie N.; Emma R., wife of L. C. Palmer of Homer; Josephus W., who died in childhood; and William E. of Homer. Charlie N. Cotton had a farm as his early environment, and he learned the lessons taught in the local district schools. He was a factor in the family and at home until twenty-eight, and then rented ninety-seven acres in section 12 of Sidney Township. From there he moved to Lost Grove, Illinois, bought a place of 1291/2...

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