Location: Caribou County ID

Prominent Cities and Towns of the State

Boise, The Capital City Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now The following descriptive article is an excerpt from the souvenir edition of the Boise Sentinel, issued in June 1897: So much has been said and written and sung of “Boise, the Beautiful,” that the task of saying any-thing new seems utterly hopeless; and of this there is little need. While those who have made their homes here from the beginning, and those who from year to year have come to stay, might naturally be expected to be most fervent in their praises, they have not always been the happiest in laying appropriate tributes before the shrine of the object of their love and admiration. Strangers and transient visitors have often been more fortunate in their offerings. Perhaps the first question that arises in the mind of a stranger in regard to this locality is why was it so named. After more than a third of a century has passed since the first human habitation was erected...

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Biography of Benjamin A. Jenne

Character and ability will come to the front anywhere. As boy and man, many a man has been buffeted by fortune and had almost insurmountable obstacles thrust in his path, but per-severance has cleared them away and he has gone on to success. Such has been the experience of the subject of this sketch, one of the rising and popular citizens and public men of Bingham County, Idaho, a man with a heart for any venture, and a smile for friend and foe. Benjamin P. Jenne, deputy sheriff and jailer of Bingham County, Idaho, was born at Poor Man’s Gulch, California, October 22, 1855, and is descended from English and French ancestry. His grandfather, Benjamin P. Jenne, was born in France, whence he emigrated to the United States and settled in St. Lawrence County, New York. There his son Benjamin P. Jenne, 2d, was born and reared. He went, while yet a young man, to California, and there married Miss Annie Ann Richardson, who died in giving birth to her only child, the subject of this sketch. Benjamin P. Jenne, 2d, died, aged eighty-seven, in 1894. When he was four years old, Benjamin A. Jenne was taken to Ohio to live with his uncle, Ansel Jenne, and remained there, attending school after he was old enough, until he was twelve. He then went back to St. Lawrence County, New...

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Biography of Samuel G. Benedict

Samuel Benedict, a brave Idaho pioneer, who was killed by the Nez Perces Indians June 14, 1877, was born in Kingston, Canada, and was of English lineage. In his early manhood he married Miss Sarah Kelley, a native of New Brighton, New York, and in 1862 they came to Idaho. They were among the earliest settlers in the northern section of the state and Mr. Benedict established a general mercantile store at the mouth of White Bird River, where he was carrying on business at the time of his death. When the Nez Perces Indians went upon the warpath they visited that locality, and he lost his life at the hands of the treacherous savages. In the early morning he was shot through both of his legs, but managed to escape to the house. At six o’clock in the evening of the same day eighteen Indians called him out of the house and shot him eighteen times. The hired man then shot one of the Indians, but was himself shot, the ball entering his right eye and causing his death. Mrs. Benedict and her little daughter, then eight years old were taken prisoners by the savages, who burned their house, but the squaws took pity on the white woman and secured the release of herself and daughter, so that she was only held as a prisoner one night. She...

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Biography of Judge Frederick S. Stevens

The distinguished citizen of Bingham County, Idaho, whose name appears above, has lived longer in that county than any other resident now alive. He has at different stages of his life in the county been soldier, pioneer, storekeeper, farmer and jurist, and in each capacity has won the respect of all who have been associated with him, and he is widely known as one of the most prominent citizens of southeastern Idaho. Frederick S. Stevens was born in Lynn, Massachusetts, August 7, 18^8. Benjamin Stevens, his grandfather, was born in Massachusetts, as was also Benjamin Stevens, Jr., his father. Benjamin Stevens married a native of Lynn, Massachusetts, and a daughter of Smith Downing. He was a tanner, and died in 1856, at the age of forty-four years. His widow lived seventy-five years, her death occurring in 1896. They were devout and helpful members of the Methodist Episcopal church. They had four children, three of whom are living. Judge Frederick S. Stevens, the eldest of the survivors of his father’s family, was graduated from the Lynn (Massachusetts) high school. He went early in life to California, via the Isthmus of Panama, and was there a miner, a bookkeeper and a clerk in turn, until the outbreak of the civil war. In April 1861, he enlisted in Company H, Third Regiment of California Volunteer Infantry, with the expectation that the regiment...

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Biography of L. C. Eastman

The quality of a man’s manhood has everything to do with not only the degree but with the quality of his success. In point of magnitude a man’s success may be great, but it may be of a character pitifully weak, if not dangerous to the public weal. The sold, substantial, honest and admirable success which brings a man not only money but the respect of his fellow men is the kind of success that has crowned the endeavors of the man whose name appears as the title of this article. L. C. Eastman, postmaster at Soda Springs, Idaho, and pioneer and leading druggist of that city, was born at Oskaloosa, Iowa, August 22, 1855, a son of Hon. Enoch and Caroline (Greenough) Eastman. The founder of this family of Eastman in America was Jeremiah Eastman, an English gentleman who had a fine place near some of the landed property of the king of England. Frequently, it is related, he was annoyed by the sheep belonging to His Majesty breaking into his grounds and injuring them. Remonstrance was vain. One day the animals invaded Mr. Eastman’s garden and destroyed it, and in driving them out, not any too gently perhaps, the wronged subject shot one of them, greatly to the displeasure of those who were presumed to have them in charge and to His Majesty’s personal displeasure also, it...

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Biography of Wallace Fairbank

WALLACE FAIRBANK. – The subject of this sketch is one of the substantial and capable men of Union county, and one who showed the metal of which he was made at the time Columbia called for sons to avenge her insult and to put down the minions of rebellion, at which time he responded and did good service until the work was completed and he was honorably discharged, carrying, however, until this day the serious effects of his service and the wounds that he received. Mr. Fairbank was born in St. Lawrence county, New York on July 27, 1848, being the son of Luther and Nancy (Green) Fairbank. At the early age of ten he started for himself and when he was fifteen years old he enlisted in Company H, First Wisconsin Cavalry, under Colonel Lagrange. In June, 1864, he was detailed to take a wagon train from Nashville, Tennessee, to Atlanta, Georgia, and enroute he was troubled much with guerilla bands, and on one occasion he was prostrated from over exertion, which, with its effects, is present with him, now. While attacking General Wheeler at Spring Hill, he had a horse shot from under him, and in falling the animal crushed the side of our subject, and although he was sent to the hospital, he never recovered his wonted vigor. After his discharge he returned home, and in...

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Biography of Hon. Fredrick H. Turner

Hon. Fredrick Hugh Turner, merchant, Idaho Falls, and grand master of the grand lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Idaho, has represented his district ably in the state senate, and is in all respects one of the leading business men and most distinguished citizens of southeastern Idaho. Mr. Turner was born at Janesville, Wisconsin, October 31, 1858, a son of John and Margaret (Jehn) Turner. His father was an English barrister, born in London, who came to the United States in 1838, and located as a pioneer in Rock County, Wisconsin, where he became a prominent farmer and landowner and there died in 1885, aged eighty-four years. He was an influential Republican and was one of the county commissioners of Rock county, Wisconsin, and held other important local offices. Fredrick Hugh Turner’s mother, Margaret Jehn, was a native of Wales. She died in Rock County, Wisconsin, in 1891, at the age of sixty-three years. Mr. and Mrs. Turner were members of the Episcopal Church and were of the most exalted personal character. They had eight children, of whom Fredrick Hugh Turner was the fifth in the order of birth. He was educated at Milton Academy, Wisconsin, and at the Wisconsin State Normal School, at Whitewater, and for ten years devoted himself to the work of a teacher. He taught two years in Wisconsin and eight years...

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Biography of Thomas Crane

The manifestation of superior business talent at an early age is always a good sign. It usually marks a young man who will care less for pleasure than work, who will keep trying and will try intelligently, and who is pretty apt to come out strong financially sooner or later. The career of the late Thomas Crane, of Soda Springs, Idaho, was an illustration of these claims. He began early and endeavored always; he despised not the day of small things, and he died successful and honored. Thomas Crane was born in Canada, July 4, 1843, and died at Soda Springs, Idaho, May 15, 1896. His parents, who were natives of New Jersey, had taken up farming in Canada. His father, Isaac Crane, died in the prime of life, and the widowed mother removed with her children to Michigan, where she died in 1899, aged eighty-six. Of their family of nine children Thomas was the sixth in order of birth. He attended the public schools near his home in Canada and made good progress with his books. When but a boy of seventeen, he demonstrated his possession of extraordinary business talent by establishing a match factory, in which he employed several men. Information is wanting as to how this enterprise terminated, but it is safe to state that it was not a failure. After some years of business experience...

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Biography of William Chester

The substantial rewards that come to the able and upright man as the result of well-doing, small as they may be in comparison with the fortunes and apparent honors won by questionable methods, bring With them a sense of satisfaction to which the sharp financier and the corrupt politician live and die as strangers. A man who wisely and honestly adjudicated the small misunderstandings of his fellow citizens for sixteen years, and who has the respect of all those for or against whom he has decided, as has Justice Chester, of Soda Springs, Idaho, has a greater reward than the perjured judge who ends his days in a bitter struggle to enjoy thousands obtained by oppression, injustice and a systematic affront to the law he has falsely sworn to uphold. William Chester, who is a member of the board of county commissioners, has been for sixteen years justice of the peace at Soda Springs, and is well and favorably known throughout eastern Idaho. He is a native of Lincolnshire, England, and was born May 3, 1843. His father, Thomas Chester, died when William was only a year old, and the baby was taken into the home of his grandfather, John Chester. He was educated in a plain, practical way, worked on the farm and learned the machinist’s trade. He came to America in 1873, with the expectation of having...

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Biography of Hon. George W. Gorton

The late Hon. George W. Gorton filled a place in the business and social circles of Soda Springs, and in fact of the entire state of Idaho, which will be vacant as long as his friends and admirers survive, for he was a man of marked individuality, a magnetic man who drew men to him and bound them with bonds of strongest friendship, and a helpful man who was always assisting others over rough places, and those who knew him believed that there was no man like him. Air. Gorton was born at Scranton, Pennsylvania, March 3, 1846, a son of Job P. and Deborah (Sweet) Gorton. His ancestors were English, and the progenitors of his families of Gorton and Sweet located early in Rhode Island, and some of their descendants participated in the Revolutionary struggle of the American colonies. His father and mother were born in Rhode Island and found a new home in Pennsylvania soon after their marriage. They had four children, and Mrs. Gorton died in giving birth to the subject of this sketch. George W. Gorton was educated in the public schools of Scranton, Pennsylvania. He was only seventeen years old in 1863, when the fortunes of the Union cause, in the great struggle for northern and southern supremacy, were darker than at any other time during the war, but realizing how sorely our nation...

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Powell, Ireta A. “Reta” Ransom Mrs. – Obituary

Ireta A. “Reta” Powell, 88, of Baker City, died March 2, 2005, with her family at her side. Her graveside service will be at 11 a.m. Monday at Mount Hope Cemetery. She was born at Preston, Idaho, to George Ames and Ava Inez Ransom on Oct. 17, 1916. She received her education at Preston and Grace, Idaho. She loved summers as a child when her mother and siblings would join their father camping in the mountains. She talked often of her escapades. Reta married Harold M. Powell on Feb. 3, 1941, at Kenmore, Wyo. They lived most of their married life in Idaho and Oregon. They had three children, Geraldine, Gary and Diana. As a family, they enjoyed many camping and fishing adventures. Reta was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. In her younger years, she could whip up a beautiful family dinner at the drop of a hat. As her children married, they returned often and enjoyed Mom’s fried chicken and many games of pinochle. She enjoyed sewing, crocheting, canning and gardening. Her years working at Levinger’s Drug Store were fond in her heart. She was a member of the Degree of Honor Lodge and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Her husband died in 1982 and she lived on her own until 2003. Survivors include her children, Geraldine “Gerri” Smith of Portland, Gary and Jackie...

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Caribou County, Idaho Census Records

1870 Caribou County, Idaho Census Free 1870 Census Form for your Research Hosted at Ancestry.com – 14 Days Free 1870 Caribou County, Census (images and index) $ 1810-1890 Accelerated Indexing Systems $ Hosted at Census Guide 1870 U.S. Census Guide 1880 Caribou County, Idaho Census Free 1880 Census Form for your Research Hosted at Ancestry.com – 14 Days Free 1880 Caribou County, Census (images and index) 1810-1890 Accelerated Indexing Systems $ Hosted at Census Guide 1880 U.S. Census Guide 1890 Caribou County, Idaho Census Free 1890 Census Form for your Research Hosted at Ancestry.com – 14 Days Free 1890 Veterans Schedule $ 1810-1890 Accelerated Indexing Systems $ Hosted at Census Guide 1890 U.S. Census Guide 1900 Caribou County, Idaho Census Free 1900 Census Form for your Research Hosted at Ancestry.com – 14 Days Free 1900 Caribou County, Census (images and index) $ Hosted at Census Guide 1900 U.S. Census Guide 1910 Caribou County, Idaho Census Free 1910 Census Form for your Research Hosted at Ancestry.com – 14 Days Free 1910 Caribou County, Census (images and index) $ Hosted at Census Guide 1910 U.S. Census Guide 1920 Caribou County, Idaho Census Free 1920 Census Form for your Research Hosted at Ancestry.com – 14 Days Free 1920 Caribou County, Census (images and index) $ Hosted at Census Guide 1920 U.S. Census Guide 1930 Caribou County, Idaho Census Free 1930 Census Form...

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Caribou County, Idaho Cemetery Records

Idaho Cemetery records are listed by county then name of cemetery within the Idaho county. Most of these are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing. Caribou County Cemetery Records Hosted at Caribou County USGenWeb Bancroft Cemetery Burials listed by Surname Additonal information on some names Plot owners information on some plots Chesterfield Cemetery Additonal information on some names Plot owners information on some plots Lago Cemetery with photos Old Presbyterian Cemetery/Elliott Hill  with photos Caribou County Cemetery Records Hosted at Cemeteries of Bannock County, Idaho Soda Springs Cemetery, Photos...

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Biographical Sketch of John E. Jones

JOHN E. JONES. – The second to locate in the beautiful Indian valley was the gentleman of whom we write. He was born in South Wales in 1818, and crossed the Atlantic to America in 1850, removing to Salt Lake in the next year. Removing to Cache valley in 1859, he made some valuable improvements on his place; but, disagreeing with the Mormons, he removed to Soda Springs in 1863. The next year he removed to Deer Lodge valley, Montana, farming until a destructive invasion of grasshoppers. Meantime he has been making butter, which commanded a price of two dollars per pound, and selling hay at Butte at one hundred dollars per ton. After the grasshopper plague, he made a personal examination of California, Oregon and Washington Territory, finally, in 1871, selecting Indian valley, Oregon, as his home, locating near the present site of the town of Elgin. There he has since remained, farming and raising stock, and owning half a section of very rich land. He has brought up and educated a family of eight children, and has ten grandchildren. Mr. Jones is a veteran of the Ute war of 1853; and in 1863 was in the Beaver Lake valley, where a companion was killed at his side by...

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