Location: Caney Kansas

Biography of Charles Owen

Charles Owen. The production of oil and gas forms one of the most important industries in the State of Kansas. It is not only a source of great wealth, but at the same time serves as a medium of employment for a great many men and a means of livelihood for a great number of dependent families. In this respect Montgomery County is one of the busiest and most productive portions of the state. The cultivation of its fertile farms and the operation of its almost inexhaustible gas and oil wells go hand in hand to make it one of the prime contributors to the bountiful prosperity of a great region. To supervise all the details of the working of one of the concerns engaged in the production of oil and gas requires a man of more than ordinary energy, sound judgment and thorough knowledge, and such an individual is Charles Owen, president of the Caney Pipe Line Company, and one of the best known figures in oil and gas circles of Southern Kansas and Oklahoma. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR...

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Biography of Samuel Morse Porter

Samuel Morse Porter. The career of Samuel Morse Porter is largely identified with the history of Caney, and no record of either man or community would be complete without full mention of both. A resident of this locality since 1881, and of the city itself since 1896, he has seen the little town grow and develop to substantial proportions, and may take a proprietor’s pride in this advancement, for it has been a part of his life work. With his own hands he has aided in the building up of what promises to be an important center of commercial and industrial activity; his faith in it has been strong from the first. Mr. Porter is one of the best known business men of Caney, where he has large moneyed interests. At the age of sixty-seven years he is stronger in mind than most men of fifty, and intensely acute and active in all the cares of business life. The success which he has achieved as lawyer, legislator, railroad builder and financier should be a spur to the ambition of every boy in the country. Mr. Porter was born at Metamora, Lapeer County, Michigan, December 14, 1849, and is a son of Moses Green and Maria M. (Morse) Porter. His paternal grandfather was Moses Porter, a native of near Bristol, England, whence he emigrated to America prior to the Revolutionary...

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Biography of George H. Wark

George H. Wark, who has been in the practice of law at Caney for the past thirteen years, and in the fall of 1916 was elected a member of the State Senate, is a native of Montgomery County, where his father established a home about the time the Indians moved out of the country into Indian Territory. The substantial ancestry of which he is a representative was from Scotland and was transplanted to the American colonies, living in New York State and afterwards in Pennsylvania. Grandfather William Wark was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in 1808. In his early years he became a settler in Stark County, Ohio, and from there moved to Indiana. He was a farmer and died in Owen County, Indiana, in 1863. His wife, Margaret Sweeney, was born in Ohio. Of their marriage there are three children still living: Sampel, a retired farmer in Washington state; Luther, who was a pioneer homesteader in Thomas County, Kansas, where he is now a stockman and farmer; and Lizzie, wife of Lonis Norman, a wagonmaker at Emporia, Kansas. Of those now deceased besides the father of Senator Wark: George, who died at Spencer, Indiana, in 1915, was a lawyer; Aaron and John were farmers; Margaret, who died in Brazil, Indiana, in 1914, married Mr. Travis, a merchant, who is also deceased. George H. Wark was born on a...

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Biography of Harry E. Floyd

Harry E. Floyd. Prior to coming to Caney, Kansas, in 1907, Harry E. Floyd had been without experience in the journalistic field. He was familiar with the business of farming, had known the cattle ranches for ten years, and for several years had been identified with mercantile affairs, but the newspaper business was one in which he had not engaged. However, since taking hold of the Caney News, Mr. Floyd has built it up to be one of the strong papers circulating in Montgomery and the surrounding counties, and that he has been able to do so may doubtless be explained by the fact that he knows his country, is well informed along general lines, possesses inherent talent for work of an editorial nature, and has within him an inexhaustible stock of energy and perseverance, these latter being very desirable and necessary qualities in the make-up of the man who would successfully conduct a public print. Mr. Floyd was born in Chautauqua County, Kansas, February 15, 1877, and is a son of Martin Van Buren and Nancy (Steele) Floyd, and a descendant, of Scotch ancestors who emigrated to America during colonial times and were pioneers in the State of Kentucky. Martin Van Buren Floyd was born February 22, 1847, in Bond County, Illinois, and was there reared and married. He was a lad of fifteen years when he succeeded...

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Biography of Herschel V. Bolinger

Herschel V. Bolinger. The assistant cashier of the Home National Bank, Herschel V. Bolinger, of Caney, is by inheritance and training well equipped for his responsible position. He comes of a family given to valuable and practical accomplishment, particularly in the line of agricultural effort, which has resided in this country for many generations. Since leaving the schoolroom Mr. Bolinger has been connected with financial institutions, and at Caney has also been identified with railroad affairs and with civic duties. Herschel V. Bolinger was born at Shelburn, Sullivan County, Indiana, March 19, 1884, and is a son of W. T. and Arpy (Curry) Bolinger. The Bolinger family originated in Germany, from whence the founder came to the United States at an early date in this country’s history and took up his residence in Pennsylvania, from which state members of the family made their way south and west. The branch to which Herschel V. Bolinger belongs drifted to Kentucky, where, near Maysville, Mason County, W. T. Bolinger was born in 1851. He was given his early education in his native place until he was fourteen years of age, at which time he accompanied his parents to Shelburn, Indiana, in the vicinity of which town his father had purchased a farm. On starting his independent career, W. T. Bolinger adopted the vocation of farming, which he followed throughout his career, accumulating...

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Biography of Samuel H. Barr

Samuel H. Barr. Some men have such initiative and adaptability for the handling of diversified business that it is difficult to classify them or hold them in one profession. That is true of Samuel H. Barr of Caney. By profession he is a lawyer, practiced law successfully for some years, and has the taste and inclinations for the profession. Before he was a lawyer he was an equally successful school teacher in Montgomery County. From the active practice of the law he was called by his increasing connections with important business affairs and is now at the head or officially connected with some of the big industries in that section of the state. Among other positions he is assistant treasurer and local manager for the Caney Gas Company. Almost his entire adult career has been spent in Kansas. He was born in the Town of Virginia, Cass County, Illinois, April 16, 1861. His father, Robert Barr, was born in Ireland, was reared in that country, and on reaching maturity became a member of the Irish constabulary. In order to better his own and his family’s condition, he determined to emigrate and come to America. In 1858 he located at Virgina in Cass County, Illinois, subsequently moving to Beardstown and then to Rock Island in the same state. In 1878 he sought the opportunities of the great Sunflower State, and...

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Biography of William F. Coon, M. D.

William F. Coon, M. D., whose talents and qualifications have brought him into prominence as a physician and as a citizen of Caney, came to this state from Minnesota, where he was in practice several years, and by birth he is a Wisconsin man. Born at Eau Claire, Wisconsin, September 20, 1875, he is a son of William F. Coon, and a descendant of ancestors who came from England to the United States in colonial times. His grandfather died in New York State. William F. Coon, Sr., was born in New York in 1825, grew up there, and when a young man went to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, at that time one of the foremost centers of the lumber industry in the state. He was a farmer and also bought and sold horses on a large scale. Politically he was a republican. When nearly fifty years of age he married Emily M. Roberts, who was born in 1853, and is still living at Eau Claire. Doctor Coon was the older of their two sons. His brother, John R., is a resident of Dallas, Texas, and is cashier and adjuster for the Southern Rock Island Plow Company. It was largely through his own determined efforts that Doctor Coon acquired a liberal education. He attended the public schools of Eau Claire, also Wayland Academy at Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, and his schooling was...

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Biography of William M. Rounds

William M. Rounds. Among the men who have won places of responsibility in the gas and oil business in Kansas, one of the best known is William M. Rounds, district superintendent for this part of Kansas and local manager at Caney of the Prairie Pipe Line Company. From the time of his graduation from high school, twenty-three years ago, Mr. Rounds has been identified with his present line of business, and few men are better informed in its various branches. He has been a resident of Caney since 1915 and has already established himself in the confidence of the people of this thriving city. William M. Rounds was born in Buchanan County, Iowa, July 25, 1876, and is a son of William M. and Emma (Stalnaker) Rounds. He belongs to a family which, originating in England, was founded in America during Colonial days, the first of the name in this country locating in Vermont. His grandfather, William Seward Rounds, was born in 1809, at Brattleboro, Vermont, subsequently removed to McKean County, Pennsylvania, where he was engaged in farming for a number of years, and in 1862 went to Olean, New York, and enlisted in the Union army for service during the Civil war. He was captured by the Confederates and sent to the awful Andersonville prison, where he died along with hundreds of his comrades, in 1864. William M....

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Biography of Joseph R. Bernauer

Joseph R. Bernauer. Since assuming the management of the Fredonia Window Glass Company’s plant at Caney, Joseph R. Bernauer has been successful in showing excellent financial results, and has evidenced a broad knowledge of mechanical science as well as a wealth of executive ability. Many years of practical experience contribute to his equipment, and during his career he has been connected with some of the leading concerns of this kind in the West. Mr. Bernauer was born in Baden, Germany, August 13, 1863, and is a son of Raymond and Brigeta (Schlagel) Bernauer. His grandfather, Quirin Bernauer, was born in Baden, Germany, where the family has resided for many generations, in 1800, passed his life as a successful merchant, and died in 1883. Raymond Bernauer was also born in Baden, in 1834, followed the weaver’s trade for some years, and likewise engaged in farming to some extent. He was also possessed of much inventive genius, as his invention of the wire screen will testify, but his career in this direction was cut short by his early death, in 1869. Mrs. Bernauer, who was born in 1843, died in 1883, in the faith of the Roman Catholic Church, of which her husband was also a member. They were the parents of three children, namely: Joseph R., of this review; Pauline, who is still a resident of Baden; and Otto, a...

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Biography of James A. Templeton

James A. Templeton. One of the most important industries of the southeastern part of Kansas is the production of oil, a business that has enlisted the best talents of skilled men from every part of this and other states, and of the men who are devoting their energies to this line of endeavor few are better known than is James A. Templeton, of Caney. Mr. Templeton has been engaged in this business from early youth and his success therein has been brought about through a combination which includes a thorough knowledge of conditions, business talent of a high order and constant, unremitting industry. Mr. Templeton is a native of London, Province of Ontario, Canada, where he was born July 11, 1871, a son of David and Sarah (Sumner) Templeton. The family originated in Scotland, from whence the grandfather of Mr. Templeton emigrated to Canada as a young man. David Templeton was born in 1849, at London, Ontario, and at the age of twenty-five years went to Petrolia, where he still resides. He has been an oil operator all his life, and has followed the opening of new fields in various parts of America, having for several years been largely interested in the Pennsylvania wells. He is still active in business, although now sixty-seven years of age, and through his operations has built up a large business and accumulated a...

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Biography of Robert E. Kenner

Robert E. Kenner. No better lesson relative to the value of honorable effort intelligently directed can be found than that offered by the career of a man who has risen to a responsible position through his own initiative, and in this connection the life of Robert E. Kenner presents an example. Still a young man, he has worked his way to an important post, that of superintendent of the American Zinc, Lead and Smelter Company, at Dearing, Kansas, and in so doing has been dependent only upon his own resource and industry. Mr. Kenner was born at Eureka, Kansas, August 5, 1883, and is a son of J. W. Kenner and Cora Frances (Cogswell) Kenner, the mother a member of the old Colonial Cogswell family of New England. The Kenners originated in England and at an early day were to be found in Illinois, in which state, in 1815, James Kenner, the grandfather of Robert E. Kenner, was born. He became a pioneer in Kansas of the early ’60s, settling on Batchelor Creek, as a homesteader of 160 acres of land. There he passed the remaining years of his active life in agricultural pursuits; and died in 1900, at Eureka. During the Civil war be fought as a soldier of the Union, and assisted in repelling the forces of Price when the Confederates were engaged in their memorable raid....

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Biography of John Milton Cunningham

John Milton Cunningham. Of the men who have long lent dignity and progressiveness to the business of ranching and farming in Osage County none are held in higher esteem than is John Milton Cunningham, who is now a resident of Caney and one of that city’s leading and influential citizens. During a long and successful career he has been identified prominently with financial matters in several parts of the country, but has always returned to agriculture as a vocation, and in this calling has found his greatest measure of prosperity. Mr. Cunningham was born in the City of Louisville, Kentucky, November 10, 1857, and is a son of Robert Morrison and Annie Elizabeth (Milton) Cunningham. His father was born in Green County, Alabama, March 13, 1829, and as a lad was taken to Louisville, Kentucky, in the schools of which city he was given a good education. His parents were Joseph Parks and Elizabeth F. (Webb) Cunningham, and he was brought up to habits of industry and honesty. Early becoming interested in financial affairs, he was connected with banking all of his life, and at the time of his death, November 25, 1878, was cashier of the First National Bank of Louisville, of which he had been the organizer. Mr. Cunningham was a deacon in the Presbyterian Church and one of his city’s substantial and highly respected citizens. He...

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Biography of James F. Blackledge

James F. Blackledge. Protective laws are passed in every state that seemingly assure the safety of all money that may be deposited either by the laborer or the capitalist in a bank, and still permit enough latitude in the bank’s policy to make the business profitable. On the president of the concern rests the responsibility and thus, at the head of financial institutions of solidity are usually placed men of business experience and known integrity, of sterling character and conservative habit. It reflects credit on Coffeyville, Kansas, that just such a man is president of the Caney Valley National Bank, James F. Blackledge. James F. Blackledge was born October 29, 1869, at Rockville, Parke County, Indiana, and is a son of William and Phebe (Johns) Blackledge. William Blackledge was born in 1829 in Columbiana County, Ohio, and died in 1913 at Caney, Kansas. He grew up in Columbiana County and worked as a builder and contractor, removing to Rockville, Indiana, prior to the opening of the Civil war. In 1861 he enlisted for service in the same, in an infantry regiment, and continued his soldierly duties until the close of the war when he returned to Indiana. He had survived the many dangers to which he had been exposed but he found business conditions disturbed in his old home and in 1876 removed to Peoria, Illinois. In 1878 he...

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