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Location: Campton New Hampshire

Biography of Moody C. Little

Moody C. Little, treasurer of the Mutual Building and Loan Association of Emporia, was for many years a merchant and banker in Illinois, but had been identified with Emporia for more than thirty years. Moody Cook Little, father of the Emporia banker and business man, was born at Campton, Grafton County, New Hampshire, in May, 1822. Moody C. Little was the only child of his parents, and grew up in LaSalle County, attending the public schools until about eighteen, when he found employment that eventually led to his engaging in the dry goods business at Tonica, Illinois, where he remained about twenty years. In 1874 he also established the Tonica Bank, and served as its president ten years. With this long and varied experience, after selling out his interests in Illinois, Mr. Little in 1884 became a resident of Emporia. He engaged in the loan business, and had given most of his time to that for the past fifteen years, and for the past nine years had been treasurer of the Mutual Building and Loan Association. Mr. Little is a democrat and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the First Methodist Episcopal Church. In October, 1871, in Tonica, Illinois, he married Miss Evelyn Anderson, daughter of A. C. and Mary Anderson, who were Kentucky people and are both new deceased. Mr. Little and wife have two...

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