Location: Campbell County KY

Campbell County, Kentucky Church Records

Alexandria United Methodist Church History Apostolic Temple-Newport Asbury Methodist Church Old Asbury Chapel Historical Sketch Baptist Churches in Campbell County Baptist Church of Dry Creek Deeds of 1819 and 1828 Baptist Church of Jesus Christ at Decorsey’s Creek Deed of 1845 Beech Grove Sunday School Union History Bellevue Christian Church-Bellevue Bridge Community Church-Wilder Brush Creek Baptist Church-Persimmon Grove History Members 1820-1870 California Methodist Church History Central Christian Church-Newport Subscription List for 1896 Deaths 1897-1907 1900 Directory 1901 Directory 1902 Directory 1904 Directory 1905 Directory Christ Church United Church of Christ-Ft. Thomas (originally known as Christ Evangelical & Reform Church) History Baptisms 1907-1917 Deaths A-F Deaths G-L Deaths M-R Deaths S-Z Marriages 1908-1940 A-L Marriages 1908-1940 M-L Members 1908-1952 A-L Members 1908-1952 M-Z Christians’ Guide Subscribers in 1819 Cold Spring First Baptist Church Members 1794-1854 Corpus Christi Catholic Church-Newport History Baptisms 1845-1851 Baptisms 1852-1854 Baptisms 1855-1858 Baptisms 1859-1863 Baptisms 1864-1867 Baptisms 1868-1871 Baptisms 1872-1874 Baptisms 1875-1878 Baptisms 1879-1882 Baptisms 1883-1886 Baptisms 1887-1890 Baptisms 1891-1894 Baptisms 1895-1898 Baptisms 1899-1903 Baptisms 1904-1906 Baptisms 1907-1909 Baptisms 1910-1912 Baptisms 1913-1916 Baptisms 1917-1921 Baptisms 1922-Jan 1926 Deaths 1845-1851 Deaths 1852-1871 Deaths 1872-1889 Deaths 1890-1909 Deaths 1910-1925 First Communion 1873 Marriages 1845-1852 Marriages 1853-1862 Marriages 1863-1865 Marriages 1866-1871 Marriages 1872-1881 Marriages 1882-1893 Marriages 1894-1902 Marriages 1903-1910 Marriages 1911-1916 Marriages 1917-1921 Marriages 1922-Jan 1926 Dry Creek Baptist Church Evangelical United Brethren Church-Newport History Fairlane Baptist Church-Grants Lick...

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Campbell County Kentucky Family Bible Records

Campbell County, Kentucky Family Bible Records (Hosted at Campbell County, Kentucky KYGenWeb ) Baker, Samuel Bennett Family Bible Baker, Thomas Moore Family Bible Ball Family Bible Bonar Family Bible Bryan Family Bible Carll Family Bible Carroll Family Bible Chambers, Robert Family Bible Clore Family Bible Colliver Family Bible Crouch Family Bible Ellis Family Bible Epply, John P Family Bible Floyd Family Bible French Family Bible Gaines Family Bible Graham, Allen David Family Bible Green, John Ford Family Bible Grubbs, John H Family Bible Hawkins Family Bible Herndon, Elijah Family Bible Long Family Bible Metcalfe, George W Family Bible Miller Family Bible Morin Family Bible Newlin Family Bible Perry, Samuel Family Bible Rescued Family Bibles Shaw Family Bible Smith, George Family Bible Smith, John Family Bible Smith, Jeremiah Family Bible Spanier Family Bible Swetnam Family Bible Tanner Family Bible Templeman Family Bible Thatcher, John Family Bible Thomas, Robert Family Bible Thornton, James Family Bible Truman, Gilbert Family Bible Utz Family Bible Weaver Family Bible White Family Bible Wood, Richard L Family Bible Woods, James Family Bible Woods, William J Family...

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Biography of Joseph G. Waters, Capt.

Joseph G. Waters, soldier, publicist, author of note, public speaker, lawyer, of Topeka, is an individuality out of the ordinary. As a soldier, his services were a credit to his country, and himself, and his five wounds received in action are witnesses of his activity. As an author his published utterances have been rarely seen outside his own family circle owing to the retiemce and innate modesty of the writer, but throughout his writings, whether prose or poetry, forcefulness, pleasing diction and pathos of high order predominated. For three decades his services have been in demand as a public speaker covering a wide variety of subjects and including patriotic political, economic and social questions. On the occasion of Queen Vietoria’s jubilee, he delivered the address in Topeka before those of English nativity or descent, and this was so highly esteemed by her majesty as to be one of six, out of thousands, to be selected as especially pleasing to the queen and worthy of being engrossed and placed in the English archives. For this Captain Waters received a grateful letter of thanks inspired by her majesty. For nearly half a century he had been one of the leading lawyers of Kansas and although past the three-score-and-ten years of life, he continues to be a conspicuous figure in the legals affairs of the state. Captain Joseph G. Waters was born...

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Biography of Capt. Thomas Smith

CAPTAIN. THOMAS SMITH. – Captain Smith, the intrepid Indian fighter and pioneer, has seen the beginning of every Indian disturbance in Southern Oregon; and his narratives are therefore of peculiar interest. He was born September 14, 1809, in Campbell County, Kentucky. At the age of seventeen he removed with his recently widowed mother to Boone County, and learned the trade of a carpenter. In 1839 he went to Texas, and in 1849 formed a party designated as the Equal Rights Company, to cross the plains by the southern route via El Paso and the Gila River to California. The journey was notably difficult, chiefly from the excessive heat and lack of water. Captain Smith’s indomitable spirit had many occasions in which to be tested, as when he recovered a horse and mule from the Pima Indians on the Gila, or led his column – seventy-five men and two hundred and fifty animals – across the desert, following Colonel Crook’s trail by the animals of the government train which had died and had dried up by reason of the desert air, and finding water and grass on a sunken river and at a small lake. Arrived in California in the autumn, Captain Smith’s experiences in the mines at Dry Creek, Oroville, and on the Feather River, were of the checkered character of the argonauts, – more of sickness and ill...

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Biography of Charles C. Rich

Pioneer of Utah, California and Idaho, Charles C. Rich figured prominently in the early development of these states, and took an active part in furthering the welfare and promoting the progress of the commonwealths. He was also a most able exponent of the faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and with a colony of believers he founded the beautiful and thriving little city of Paris, the County of Bear Lake, Idaho, and the Mormon colonies of southeastern Idaho. A native of Kentucky, Mr. Rich was born in Campbell County, in 1809, and was of English and Irish ancestry. His parents removed to Indiana during his youth and there he was educated. In 1829 they went to Illinois, becoming pioneer settlers of that state, and in April 1832, Charles C. Rich embraced the faith and was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, becoming one of its most faithful and prominent adherents. In 1839 he went to Nauvoo, Illinois, where he remained until 1846, and while there he was elected an adjutant general in the Mormon forces, a part of the Illinois militia. A little later, however, the regiment was disbanded by the governor of the state. At that time Mr. Rich had been ordained a high priest of the church. In the fall of 1846, in the general Mormon exodus,...

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Biographical Sketch of John Blechschmid

Blechschmid, John; florist; born, Germany, June 7, 1870; son of John and Christina Hess Blechschmid; educated, public schools, Germany, and Newport, Ky.; married, Cleveland, April 26, 1906, Marie Sterk; three children; 1893, worked for Eugene Walter, florist, Lexington, Ky.; one year for Wm. Jones, florist, Newport, Ky.; one year for Mrs. Hennings, florist, Cincinnati, and several other firms and private parties; then was in Indianapolis, Ind.; then back to Cincinnati, as head gardener in The Zoo; was there two years; in 1904, started his own business in Cleveland; designer and decorator; vice. pres. The Florist...

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Biographical Sketch of John Danforth Nutting

Nutting, John Danforth; clergyman; born at Randolph, Vt., March 8, 1854; son of Rufus and Sarah H. Nutting; A. B., Wheaton (III.) College, 1878, A. M., 1881; graduate, Oberlin Theological Seminary, 1885; married, Nannie Keith Miller, of Oberlin (class 1883), June 23, 1885 (died, 1886); 2d, Lillis R. Morley, of Mentor, O., (Ohio, 1887), Jan. 1, 1890; ordained ministry in. Congregational Church, 1885; pastor, Wauseon, O., 1885-1888; Newport, Ky., 1888-1890; St. Louis, 1890-1892; Salt Lake City, 1892-1898; sec’y Utah Gospel Mission for special work in behalf of the Mormon people and against the Mormon system, since 1898; writer and lecturer on Mormonism and kindred...

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Biography of John H. Rardin

John H. Rardin, farmer; P. O. Rardin; one of the early pioneers of Morgan Tp.; born in the State of Indiana, Feb. 24, 1818; he removed with his parents when 3 months old to Campbell Co., Ky., where he lived until 25 years of age, where he was engaged in farming until he emigrated to Illinois and located in what is now known as Morgan Tp. in the fall of 1842, living within one mile of his present place since that date, a period of nearly thirty-seven years; at the time of locating here, his capital consisted of one team, without a dollar in money; he worked by the day to pay for his first dwelling, which was an old log house; he manufactured his first bedstead by boring a hole in one of the end and side logs, running a pole from each and entering a post at either end; the following year, he went back to Kentucky, where he worked as farm laborer one season, at $9 per month, in which way he obtained means to enter forty acres of land, and upon which he commenced his first farming; he has since disposed of the above, but now owns in his home farm, 280 acres, and 160 acres in Oakland Tp., all of the above being accumulated by his own hard labor, energy and industry; although in...

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Biography of J. L. Rardin

J. L. Rardin, farmer and Justice of the Peace; P. O. Rardin; one of the early settlers of Morgan Tp.; born in the State of Indiana Dec. 12, 1814; his parents removed to Campbell County, Ky., when he was 4 years of age, where he was engaged in clearing land and farming, with the exception of five years in Ohio, until 28 years of age, when he emigrated with his parents to Illinois, and located in what is now known as Morgan Tp., in the fall of 1842, upon the place where he has since continued to live during a period of nearly thirty-seven years; he first entered eighty acres of prairie land, which is now a part of his home farm, and eighty acres of timber upon the Embarrass River; at the time of his locating here, his capital consisted of one team and wagon, his provisions for the winter and $25 in money; his first log house and stable, which he built in 1842, was occupied by him until about the year 1853, when he erected his present house and, a few years later, built a frame barn; he now owns in his home farm 160 acres and upward of 300 acres in other parts of the township. Mr. Rardin has taken a deep interest in the cause of religion and education, having been a member of...

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Campbell County, Kentucky Census Records

1775 Campbell County, Kentucky Census Records Hosted at Campbell County, Kentucky KYGenWeb Prisoners at Fort Boonesborough 1790 Campbell County, Kentucky Census Records Free 1790 Census Form for your Research Hosted at Ancestry.com – 14 Days Free Hosted at Census Guide 1800 U.S. Census Guide 1795 Campbell County, Kentucky Census Records Hosted at Campbell County, Kentucky KYGenWeb 1795 Property Tax List 1796 Campbell County, Kentucky Census Records Hosted at Campbell County, Kentucky KYGenWeb 1796 Property Tax List 1797 Campbell County, Kentucky Census Records Hosted at Campbell County, Kentucky KYGenWeb 1797 Property Tax List Book 1 1797 Property Tax List Book 2 1798 Campbell County, Kentucky Census Records Hosted at Campbell County, Kentucky KYGenWeb 1798 Property Tax List 1799 Campbell County, Kentucky Census Records Hosted at Campbell County, Kentucky KYGenWeb 1799 Property Tax List 1800 Campbell County, Kentucky Census Records Free 1800 Census Form for your Research Hosted at Ancestry.com – 14 Days Free Hosted at Campbell County, Kentucky KYGenWeb 1800 Property Tax List Hosted at Census Guide 1800 U.S. Census Guide 1801 Campbell County, Kentucky Census Records Hosted at Campbell County, Kentucky KYGenWeb Property Tax List Book 1 Property Tax List Book 2 1802 Campbell County, Kentucky Census Records Hosted at Campbell County, Kentucky KYGenWeb Property Tax List Book 1 Property Tax List Book 2 1803 Campbell County, Kentucky Census Records Hosted at Campbell County, Kentucky KYGenWeb Property Tax List...

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Campbell County, Kentucky Cemetery Records

Following is hosted by Allen County Public Library Asbury Methodist Cemetery Aulick Family Cemetery Ball Family Cemetery Beall Family Cemetery Beech Grove Cemetery Bowling Family Cemetery Bud Brown Farm Graveyard Hosted at Campbell County USGenWeb Archives Project Alexandria Old Baptist Cemetery Alexandria Cemetery Asbury Methodist Church Cemetery Hoyt Baker Farm Cemetery John Baker Cemetery Ball Family Cemetery Bartlow Family Cemetery Bowling Family Cemetery Bud Brown Farm Graveyard Byrd Cemetery Caldwell Family Cemetery Carmack Family Cemetery Clary Grave Site Cold Spring First Baptist Church Cemetery Corbin Family Cemetery Daniel Family Cemetery , George Baker Farm DeMoss Cemetery Evergreen Cemetery, Southgate, partial New Additions Flagg Spring Baptist Church Cemetery John Gosney Family Cemetery Grandview Cemetery , Partial Grandview Cemetery Hornbeck Family Graveyard Island Creek Baptist Church Johns Hill Protestant Cemetery , Wilder James G. Lindsey Cemetery Mount Gilead Cemetery Mount Gilead Cemetery , Updated Mount Gilead Cemetery , Additions Nagel Road Cemetery Oakland Cemetery Old 12 Mile Baptist Church Cemetery Old Baptist Cemetery , Alexandria Old Catholic Cemetery , Wilder Old Licking Baptist Church Cemetery Peach Grove Cemetery Peach Grove Cemetery Persimmon Grove Cemetery Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery Plum Creek Church Cemetery Rardin Family Graveyard Saddle Ridge Cemetery St. Francis Roman Catholic Cemetery Surnames A-L Surnames M-R Surnames S-Z St. John’s German Evangelical Church Cemetery St. John’s Lutheran Church Cemetery , Camp Springs St. John’s Lutheran Church Cemetery St. Joseph...

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Biography of Daniel M. Sechler

Daniel M. Sechler, founder of the D. M. Sechler Carriage Company, of Moline, Illinois, was born March 4, 1818, at Danville, Pennsylvania, and died at his home in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 27, 1903. Mr. Sechler’s forefathers, in the days of the persecution of John Huss, were obliged to flee for refuge from Austria, taking up their abode in Holland, from which country, in 1685, Mr. Sechler’s great great grandfather emigrated to America, locating near William Penn’s town of Philadelphia. His grandson, John Sechler, a revolutionary soldier, founded the town of Danville, the birthplace not only of the subject of this sketch, but also of his father, Rudolph Sechler, and his mother, Susannah (nee Douty). His wife’s parents were Thomas and Catharine (nee Angstadt) Mackey. Mr. and Mrs. Sechler had but one son, Thomas M:, whose biographical sketch follows this one. Daniel M. Sechler’s early education was acquired in the public schools, of his native town, supplemented by several terms in the local academy. At seventeen years of age he began his apprenticeship at the carriage maker’s trade, in the City of Port Deposit, Maryland. Four years later he entered into a copartnership with a Mr. Ball, under the firm name of Ball & Sechler, Carriage Manufacturers, at Milton, Pennsylvania. During this period Mr. Ball died. Mr. Sechler continued the business for three years thereafter, producing from fifty to seventy-five...

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Biographical Sketch of Peter Dueber

PETER DUEBER. – The life of Mr. Dueber exemplifies the rewards which our coast and society hold out to the old-fashioned qualities of industry and economy. He was born in Newport, Kentucky, in 1857. At the age of ten years he removed with his parents from Minnesota and crossed the plains with ox-teams to Oregon, arriving in Portland safely the following autumn. He first attended school, and at the age of fourteen qualified himself for a sure livelihood by learning the trade of harness-making. He followed this actively in Portland and San Francisco until 1870, when he found a new location at Spokane Falls, which was then but in its earliest infancy. He established and conducted a harness and saddle store, which was the first of its kind in Spokane. He continued in that business for nine years, when his avails were so considerable as to enable him to deal successfully in real estate and in mining stocks. He has ever been highly respected by his fellow citizens, and has held the office of councilman for five years. He is recognized as one of the leading men of his city, and is foremost in every enterprise to insure its enlargement. He is a democrat in politics, and has filled the office of chairman of the Democratic county committee. He was married in San Bernardino, California, in 1876, to Miss...

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