Location: Camden New York

Biographical Sketch of Capt. William Newton

Capt. William Newton was born in Colchester, Conn., Oct. 15, 1786. His father, Asahel Newton, had served several years in the army of the Revolution. He was in straitened circumstances and had a large family of children, of whom William was the oldest, and on him devolved a large share of the burden of supporting his brothers and sisters. Having learned the trade of a clothier he came to Sherburne in 1806 and worked with Landon & Mills at Bullocks Mills. He took a factory in New Berlin in 1807, and went to Camden, N. Y., and worked in 1809. Aug. 22, 1810, he married Lois Butler, a native of Wethersfield, Conn., who still survives him and is living in Sherburne with mental faculties unimpaired. Mr. Newton moved his family to Sherburne May 11, 1812, and resided here from that time till his death, which occurred August 13, 1879, at the age of 92 years. He bought twenty acres of land and in 1812 built the house now occupied by Jacob Kuhn, and near it a woolen factory, on the bank of Handsome brook, which was ready for cloth dressing in the fall of that year. The factory was burned in 1822 and rebuilt in 1823. It was again burned in the winter of 1826-7 and was not rebuilt. The house in which he resided at the time of...

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Biography of John Gottlieb Seewir

John Gottlieb Seewir was one of Kansas’ pioneer physicians. He was prominent in the profession at Lawrence from the beginning of the Civil war until his death twenty years later, and his life was one of unceasing devotion to his profession and to the service to humanity which he rendered through it. Doctor Seewir was born in Switzerland, March 4, 1828, a son of John G. and Elizabeth Seewir. In 1838 the family immigrated to America. They came on a sailing vessel and the vessel took fire and burned for two days before it was extinguished. The family located at Camden, Oneida County, New York. A singular fact in the family history is that for five successive generations there was just one son who reached maturity, and each became a physician. John G., Sr., was a member of the medical profession and practiced at Camden, New York, and afterwards at Syracuse. The late John Gottlieb Seewir grew to manhood in New York State, and read medicine under his father. He afterwards returned to Switzerland and had the advantages of the best technical schools of that country. He attended the medical college at Berne. Coming back to the United States, he rejoined his father and was associated with him in practice for a number of years. Doctor Seewir came to Kansas in 1859. Locating in Lawrence, he soon had a...

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Lewellyn E. Todd of Camden NY

Lewellyn E. Todd9, (Zerah A.8, Zerah7, Jehiel6, Stephen5, Stephen4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born April 25, 1854, married March 20, 1879, Mary Gaul. He is a merchant and resides in Camden, N. Y. Children: 2635. Jay, b. June 2, 1880, he is a printer in Oswego, N. Y.; is unmarried. 2636. Fred, b. April 28, 1884, m. June 1909, Ethel Teague. *2637. Stewart, b. June 15, 1886. 2638. Nettie May, b. April 12, 1890, m. Albert Norton. *2639. Mary A., b. April 22,...

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Biography of Dr. John W. Short

Dr. John W. Short, who has been established in the practice of the medical profession in Geneva, Ontario county, New York. since 1909, while young in years has had an amount of experience which many of his older colleagues have not been able to attain in twice the number of years of practice. Thoroughly conversant with the details of his profession, energetic in all his business transactions as well as honorable and high-minded in all the different phases of life, Dr. Short occupies an enviable position among his fellow citizens, who willingly accord to him a place in their first ranks, not alone for his many professional and business qualities, but for every trait that marks the true christian gentleman and the man of honor. He is the son of the Rev. John L. Short, who is a minister of the Methodist denomination, and is at present living at Camden, New York. Dr. Short was born in Bernhards Bay, New York, August 24, 1880. His earlier education was acquired at the Brookfield high school and the Fairfield Military Academy, and he was graduated from the Verona high school, Oneida county, New York. In 1889 he matriculated at Syracuse University, from the medical department of which he was graduated in 1903, with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. Without wasting any time he commenced his practice in Canistota the same...

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