Location: Cambridge Vermont

Biographical Sketch of Nathan Smilie

Nathan Smilie came from Massachusetts about the year 1811, and located upon the farm in Cambridge now owned by his son, Henry. He represented the town in the legislature, and served in other positions of trust, and died here at an advanced age. Henry, his fourth son, was born in 1826, and resides here. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start...

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Biographical Sketch of William Melendy

William Melendy came from New Hampshire about the year 1812, and located upon a farm in that portion of the town which was subsequently annexed from Sterling. He reared ten children, five of whom settled in the town. William, the oldest, born in 1819, now resides on road 8. He represented his town in the legislature in 1878. Nathaniel, a twin of William, Sr., came into the town with his brother, and located in the eastern part, where he resided until 1835, and then removed to the northern part, where he died in 1862. Of his family of eleven children, four are now residents of the town. Alfred, one of the younger children, born in 1823, resided on road 8. Crosby Melendy, son of Nathaniel, reared a family of four children, three of whom settled in the town. John F. Melendy, born here in 1852, has resided in the town all his life, with the exception of four...

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Biographical Sketch of Samuel Blaisdell

Samuel Blaisdell, from Bennington, Vt., located in the central part of the town at an early day, where he died in 1812, aged eighty years. He reared nine sons and four daughters, nearly all of whom settled in the town. Joseph, the second son, born in 1789, came with his father, and spent the remainder of his life here, excepting the last few days, which were passed where he died, in Brookfield. Of his family of nine children, only one settled in the town. Harry, his oldest son, born in 1805, still resides...

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Biographical Sketch of Willard Griswold

Willard Griswold, from Springfield, Vt., came here previous to 1820, and commenced work as a carpenter. In 1825, he built the house now occupied by his son, Alonzo C. During his long life here, he held the office of town clerk from 1839 to 1848, and served as representative two terms. Of his family of eight children, four now reside in town. Alonzo C., the youngest child, born in 1841, occupies the old homestead on road 26. Willard H., the fourth child, born in 1831, was engaged in mercantile pursuits from 1856 until 1875, and has held the office of town clerk since...

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Biographical Sketch of Daniel Blaisdell

Daniel Blaisdell came to Cambridge, from Ware, N. H., (Weare, NH ???) at an early day, and located near the Borough, though he finally located upon the old homestead, on road 2. He reared a family of eleven children, four of whom settled in the town, and died in 1865, aged ninety years. Ralph, the fourth born, and only son now living, was born in 1813, and now resides within fifteen rods of his birthplace, having never been out of the town for a period exceeding four weeks at one time during his life. Daniel Blaisdell, 2d, son of Daniel, born in 1800, always resided here, and reared a family of nine sons, only one of whom, Daniel, Jr., is now a resident of the town. Jonathan Blaisdell, a brother of Daniel, came here with Daniel, and located in the northern part of the town, where he died in 1842, aged seventy years: Of his family of seven children, two became residents of the town. Monro, his fifth son, born in 1818, now resides on road 16. It is said he was the first to introduce pure blood Jersey cattle into the town of...

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Biographical Sketch of Ezekiel Fullington

Ezekiel Fullington, from New Hampshire, was also an early settler in the northern part of Cambridge, where hee died in 1837. He had a family of eight children, four of whom, James, Ezekiel, Alexander, and Henry E., permanently located in the town. Ezekiel, Jr., born in 1800, was a resident of the town until his death, held several of the town offices, and reared a a family of four children, two of whom, Fidelia and Addison E., settled in the town. Addison E. now resides on road...

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Biographical Sketch of Benjamin Macoy

Benjamin Macoy emigrated from Ireland, and at an early date in the history of Cambridge, located in the eastern part thereof, where he resided until his death. Three of his seven children became residents of the town. Daniel, his second son, born in 1800, resided here until 1855, when he removed to Oneida, N. Y. Two of his sons, Byron G. and Wesley D., still reside...

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Cambridge, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory

(For explanations, etc., see main page) Andrew John, (Pleasant Valley) r 49, farmer, leases of C. Warner. ADAMS ELIJAH, (Jeffersonville) retired farmer 200, occupied by Chas. Ober. (Died August 5, 1882.) Adams Sylvester, (Cambridge) r 45, farm laborer. Armstrong Avaline, (Cambridge) widow of Martin, resident, h Main st. Atwell Charles E., (Waterville) r 3, farmer 100. Atwell Edwin J., (Waterville) r 3, farmer 60. Atwell Jonathan, (Waterville) r 4, farmer 6. ATWOOD NORMAN, (Jeffersonville) r 7, dairy 23 cows, and farmer 400. Austin Emerson, (Pleasant Valley) r 38, stone and brick mason, farmer 40. AUSTIN ENOCH, (Cambridge) retired carpenter, h South st. Bailey Jehiel S., (Jeffersonville) r 23, retired carpenter and builder. Bailey Jehial S., Jr., (Jeffersonville) r 23, sugar orchard goo trees, farmer 100. Bartlett Earl, (North Cambridge) r 15, dairy 14 cows, farmer, leases of John Brush 100. Bartlett Newell I., (North Cambridge) r 16, farmer 88 1/2. Bassett Abraham, (Jeffersonville) blacksmith and horse-shoer. Bassett Alfred, (Jeffersonville) r 6, farm laborer. Bellows Arthur B., (Cambridge) r 33, peddler of dry goods and shoes. BENNETT MARY, (Cambridge) r 42, widow of Eli, farmer 36. Bennett Noble E., (Cambridge) r 42, teamster and farmer, with Mary. BENTLEY ELISHA, (Cambridge) r 32, 14, head young cattle, farmer 83. BICKFORD GEORGE U., (Waterville) r 5, dairy 16 cows, and farmer, leases of J. W. Page 227. Bishop Apollus, (Cambridge) r 42,...

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1840 Census Index, Cambridge, Lamoille County, Vermont

Name Page Adams, Elijah  37 Adams, John  35 Adams, Pereter  35 Adams, Sampson  36 Baker, Joseph  37 Baker, Luther  36 Baker, Lydia  33 Baker, Oleth  33 Baker, Parthena  33 Baker, Silas  35 Barber, Giles A.  34 Barber, Paskel  34 Barlow, Truman  36 Barrett, Benjamin  36 Binning, John  36 Bliss, Harlow  37 Brad, Bensalear  35 Brman, Solomon  33 Brush, Abner  37 Brush, Salman  33 Bryant, John C.  35 Bullet, Alexander  37 Bunsler, Elijah  34 Burnham, Erastus  34 Burnham, Riley  35 Cadwell, Betty  35 Cady, Erastus  34 Cady, Josiah N. M.  36 Carlton, Stephen P.  36 Carpenter, John  34 Chadwick, David  34 Chadwick, Elias  37 Chadwick, Peter  37 Cheeseman, Isaac  33 Cheesley, John  34 Cole, William  37 Colgram, James  34 Crain, Jason  33 Davis, Andrew  36 Davis, Rachel  36 Dickinson, Elijah  33 Dinshee, Jonathan T.  33 Edgerby, Aaron  37 Edgerby, Bradget  37 Edgerly, Lyman  37 Edwards, Thomas  36 Edwards, William  36 Elsworth, Aaron H.  33 French, Asa M.  36 French, Hiraim  36 French, Judah  36 Futlington, Ephraim  34 Futlington, Moses  34 Gallup, Joseph  36 Gallup, Joseph B.  33 Giffin, Nathaniel  36 Gilman, James B.  34 Gollidge, Daniel  35 Gould, Stephen  37 Grant, Bridgeman  35 Green, James  34 Griswold, Willard  37 Harvey, Benjamin R.  37 Hawkins, Samuel  35 Hawley, Abe  34 Hawley, Daniel O.  34 Hawley, Erastus  34 Hawley, Joseph P.  34 Hawley, Julius  34 Heath, James M.  35 Hilliams, Plirey  36...

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1840 Vermont Census, Cambridge Twp., Lamoille County, Vermont

Name Page Armstrong, Martin 31 Atwell, James 27 Atwood, Norman 27 Austin, John 32 Austin, Joseph 31 Austin, Leonard 32 Austin, Welthy 31 Auther, Enoch 32 Barber, Jeremiah 32 Barsh, John 28 Bartlett, Amariah 28 Bauchelletta, Rossiste 29 Bench, Orlen 27 Bennett, Miles 28 Bentley, Elisha 31 Bentley, Levi P. 31 Black, George 27 Blaisdel, Betsy 28 Blaisdel, Jonathan 28 Blaisdel, Lorenzo 28 Blaisdel, William 28 Blaisdell, Daniel 28 Blaisdell, Daniel, Jr. 28 Blanche, John 27 Branon, Joel 30 Briney, Edmund A. 30 Briney, Thomas 32 Brown, Abraham 29 Brush, Harvy 29 Brush, Reubein 29 Buckley, Isaac N. 31 Bumps, Parker 28 Burster, Luther 28 Cady, Alpheus 30 Cady, Calvin 28 Cady, Charles C. 30 Cady, Hannah 30 Cady, Jacob L. 31 Cady, Rufus 30 Call, Philip 31 Cantremmel, Alexander 31 Carterton, Enoch 31 Castle, Daniel 30 Chase, Alden 29 Chase, Ambrose 30 Chase, Jonathan 29 Chase, Newton 29 Chase, Oren 29 Clark, Edmund 31 Cole, Dosius 30 Colman, Jacob P. 29 Connell, Stephen 32 Contivan, Francis 28 Contnos, Jacques 28 Curtis, Beniah 29 Curtis, O. C. 29 Dains, John 33 Dains, John, Jr. 33 Davis, Moses 29 Demares, Amos 31 Dennis, Erastus 32 Dennis, Louis 32 Dickinson, Ira 33 Dickinson, Nathaniel 32 Dickinson, Samuel 33 Dickinson, Silas 32 Duffee, Patrick 33 Edgerly, Hiram 28 Edwards, Oliver 28 Ellis, Judah 30 Elsworth, Artamus 31 Enslow, John 27 Ethoret, Francis...

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