Location: Calhoun Georgia

Slave Narrative of Alfred Smith

Person Interviewed: Alfred Smith Place of Birth: Calhoon, Georgia Occupation: Farmer I was born in Calhoon, Georgia. I don’t know the date of birth, but as near as I can get at, my age is 80 years old. My mother’s name is Mary Johnson and my father’s name is Alexandra Hamilton. He was named for his first master, but was later sold to Master Smith. I haven’t seen neither of them. I don’t even know how or who raised me up into the teens in age. I just remember my working here and there for what I could get. I learned to count myself, one day. I gathered some straws and went into the woods and broke them into short pieces and laid on my belly and first counted by 1 to 100, then I took them and counted by 2 to 100 and so on. I have one sister who is older than I and I give her credit in raising me up to the teens. I was not old enough to work in slavery and know but little concerning slavery. Since freedom I have worked in the States of Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Kansas and Oklahoma. I remember I went in my shirt tail in summer and same for winter with home-made outing underwear and no shoes ’til I was able and old enough to buy...

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Chandler Cemetery, Calhoun, Gordon County, Georgia

Some burials in Chandler Cemetery which is located approximately a mile and a half from Calhoun, Ga. Hayden F Ferguson 8/9/1840 – 3/8/1920 Mary A Goodwyn Wife of H F Ferguson 10/5/1854 – 12/21/1922 Catherine Louisa, wife of James Wylie and daughter of Edward and Rachel O’Callaghan 8/20/1834 – 11/19/1871 Julia Morris Wife of Joseph McConnell 1849-1928 Capt. Joseph McConnell Oct/ 1841 – October 1889 James Madison Ballew 12/4/1850 – 1/12/1915 Dora Davenport Wife of J M Ballew 1/6/1857 – 10/27/1894 M J Rankin 8/14/1841 – 10/15/1922 W R Rankin 12/18/1842 – 6/5/1913 W H Morris Died Mar. 1, 1872 Age 52 years Hannah Morris wife of W H Morris Daughter of Gen. C H and Ruth Nelson – Died 7/13/1881 Age about 46 years Sarah H Morris Wife of W H Morris Died 7/5/1860 age 28 years Abraham Chandler 11/26/1780 – 5/8/1847 Mrs. Mary W Chandler Wife of Abraham Chandler 3/19/ 1792-12/1/1854 David Shelton Law 9/10/1810 – 10/22/1888 Mary A Freeman 10/25/1812 – 3/17/1881 Thomas A Foster 11/1/1834 – 3/27/1879 Susan P Garlington Foster 3/17/1833 – 8/17/1891 John William Garlington 8/24/1842 -9/16/1866 Christopher Garlington 5/30/ 1792 – 3/16/1864 Eliza Aycock Wife of Christopher Garlington 2/27/1801 – 1/13/ 1892 J W Henderson 8/4/1844 – 9/14/1908 Col. R M Young 6/10/1819 – 3/9/1878 John W Swain 2/11/1834 – 6/24/1919 Mary Caroline Swain Wife of John W Swain 5/1/1836 – 5/1/1896...

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