Location: Butler County OH

Roll Of Capt. John Robinson’s Company

(Probably from Butler Co.) Served from July 1812 until April 26, 1813. Capt. John Robinson Lieut. John Nelson Ensign Edward Roby Sergt. Stephen Ball Sergt. Nicholas Yeager Sergt. Thomas Virgin Sergt. Joseph Nichol Corp. Benjamin Virgin Corp. David Hayes Corp. Robert Reid Corp. William Loury Musician, Ezekial Powers Musician, Jonas Smalley Privates Arthur, John Austin, Joseph Barber, Henry Boggs, James Bracken, Joseph Brackney, John Brees, John Carnihan, William Carson, John Clark, Barzilla Clark, David Cullen, Allen Davis, Robert Finney, John Freeman, George Garryson, Jacob Goble, William Graham, James Graham, Samuel Gregory, James Gregory, William Hahn, Joseph Hall, Thomas Harlin, Ishmael Heaton, John Hudgall, John Kountz, Phillip Landon, David Loury, Fleming Loury, Samuel Lytle, William McAdams, Thomas McGouggal, Daniel McIntyre, James Miller, Samuel Misner, Charles D Murphy, James Peak, Samuel Place, Philip Popejoy, Edward Popejoy, Nathan Potts, Jacob Powers, John Powers, Jonothan Priddy, Daniel Reed, Charles Reed, William Robby, Isaac Roby, Abraham Sisersan, Robert Sproot, David Thomas, Lewis Thompson, William Vanscoyoe, Jacob Virgin, William Wade, George Wagamon, Asher Westfall, Jacob Whittlesey, Durarn Willis,...

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Roll Of Capt. John Hamilton’s Company

(From Ross or Butler County) Served from February 6, until August 6, 1813. Part of company served until 1816. Capt. John Hamilton Lieut. William Sheafor Ensign James Harper Sergt. John Haynes Sergt. Adam Stonebaker Sergt. Benjamin Barry Sergt. Eli Davis Corp. Nicholas Bailey Corp. John Miller Corp. John Cain Corp. John Porter Drummer, Mark Briny Privates Abbott, Joseph Anthony, Mark Bailey, John Baker, Daniel Briam, Joshua Brosure, Peter Cain, Robert Carlisle, James Chambers, Samuel Clark, Daniel Colhv. Samuel Craig, John Denney, Joseph Dickey, James Emerson, Winthrop Feaster, John Flemming, Alexander Flemming, Samuel Fraser, Joseph Galloway, Enoch Gregory, Thomas Heaton, James Huffman, Abraham Hunter, John Immick, John Johnson, Thomas Jordon, Robert Kiger, Christopher Linder, Stephen Martin, John McCloskey, John Miller, Jacob Park, Arthur Pierce, John Potts, William Price, William Russell, Geo Scuder, Stephen Shuckman, John Spencer, Thomas Squire, David Stine, Christian Stone, Benjamin Thomas, Henry Thompson, John Vansickle, Evert Vansickle, Robert Vansickle, Robert, Sr. Vinage, David Weir, Thomas Wells, John Winn, Benjamin Winn, James Winn,...

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Roll Of Capt. William McMain’s (Or McMean’s) Company

(From Clermont or Butler Counties.) Served from August 11, 1812 until February 11, 1813. Capt. William McMain Ensign Robert Orn Sergt. Joseph Cotteral Sergt. Henry Stroman Sergt. Archibald Clinton Sergt. Isaac Elston Corp. Joseph Hutchinson Sergt. John Coteral Corp. Edwin Hughs Corp. James Mullin Corp. Enoch McMaines Privates Abat, Jeremiah Barber, Daniel Briding, Thomas Brown, John Cambo, Thomas Clark, William Cotrell, William Cramer, David Crawford, Charles Crawford, Clark Cummins, John Daniels, William Darison, William Davis, Thomas Dougherty, David Durham, Silas Eacret, William Easton, William Eastwood, Joseph Elston, William Farden, Christopher Finlong, Lewis Fisher, Samuel Flagle, Vulentine Frazer, David Gilmon, Daniel Gost, Jacob Huddleston, James Hughes, Isaac Hughes, James Hutchinson, Joseph Jones, James Jones, Thomas Lenet, Adam Lenning, David Lenning, Nicholas Lining, Gabriel Long, Frank Long, Jacob Malot, Peter McCollum, James McDonnough, Samuel McMains, Benjamin Megrue, Charles Megrue, Paul Motainer, Felix Nerrit, Isaac Notruge, Felix Parks, James Pobst, Frederick Porter, Victor Price, Jeremiah Ramsey, George Reeves, Alexander Shields, Darld Sinnard, Abraham Stewart, Hall Stronie, Collen Wableton, John Wakeland, Charles Webster, John Wikkel,...

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Roll Of Captain Matthias Corwin’s Company

(Probably Butler County) Served from August 11 until November 30, 1812, and from January 5 Until February 11, 1813. Capt. Matthias Corwin Lieut. Nathaniel McLean Ensign John Ruser Sergt. Jeremiah Smith Privates Adams, John Bartleson, Andrew Bell, Simion Birdrall, Henry Bishop, David W Cruters, Ezekial Dunlary, Howard Eddy, John Jones, Henry C. Lenawred, John Maish, William McWhorten, Tyler Neville, David Phillips, William Reding, James Reeder, Nficalah Richardson, Elijah Ross, Joseph Runlon, Absalom Rush, Abraham Seward, John Sinnard, Thoman Skinner, David Timothy, Millard Townsend, Benjamin Voorhis, Jacob Wiles, James Wolf, Michael Wooters,...

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Roll Of Captain Asa Hinckles’ Company

(Probably Butler County) Served from Aug. 11, 1812, until Nov. 30, 1812, and from Jan. 1 until Feb. 15, 1813. Capt. Asa Hinckle Lieut. Benaiah Ayres Ensign James Cummins Setgt. Thomas Richey Sergt. James Burns Sergt. Calvan Tipman Sergt. Joseph McNight Corp. John Ferris Corp. Garnit Swallow Corp. Lewis Drake Corp. Daniel Hunter Musician, William H. Wilcox Privates Beard, Samuel Bonnel, Lewis Boys, Ezekial Brexcunt, David Brown, David Chirington Clark, John Cosbey, Samuel Cosbey, Thomas Danford, William Denman, Nathaniel Graham, Isaac Haney, George Hinckle, Henry Hinckle, John Hinckle, Ziba Kennedy, David Larne, Moses Line, Joseph Mathers, James McClellan, William McClelland Meland, James Moncrief, Caleb Morris, Daniel Morse, John Murdock, John Murdock, William Nichols, Lenester Nichols, Prosper Pierson, Lewis Redenbaugh, Adam Redenbaugh, George Redenbaugh, Jeremiah Redenbaugh, John Redenbaugh, Phillip Redingban, Frederick Rian, Martin Rickey, John Riker, Jacob Riker, Thomas Riker, William Runion, Isaac Sampson. John Sipe, Charles Stirlen, James Thompson, Joseph Thornbill, William White,...

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Roll Of Capt. Luther Leonard’s Company

(Probably from Butler County) Served from August 11, until November 30, 1812, and from July 5, until July 23, 1814. Capt. Luther Leonard Lieut. Clarlmon Price Lieut. Nathaniel Terwillegar Ensign William Mitchell Sergt. William Cochran Sergt. John Terwillegar Sergt. Jonothan Harris Sergt. John Mellen Sergt. Henry Miller Sergt. Burgan Miller Sergt. Samuel McKee Corp. James Mitchell Corp. William Robinson Corp. John Moore Corp. John Hetzer Corp. Mathias Roosa, Corp. Benjamin Danford Privates Beaman, Abraham Black, Mathias Bolner, John Bolsel, John C Bolser, Henry Bolser, John R Boraff, Michael Boran, Jesse Bowerly, Tapin Bowman, George W Bowman, John Bradwell, David Broadwell, Elliott Burns, John Byfield, Horatio Canter, Shaffield Card, Abraham Christ, Abraham Christ, Joseph Cochran Joseph Cochran, John Cochran, Nathaniel Cochran, Richard Cochran, Samuel Cochran, Thomas Cummings, John D Cummings, Peter W. Cummings, William Doughty, John Dunlap, Josiah Edwards, John Edwards, Noah Edwards, Thomas Elliott, Simon Evans, Jeremiah Everhart, Frederick Finney. Thomas Fitzwater, Samuel Flinn, Jacob Frazer, John Gambriel, Travis Ganard, Will Gomly, Thomas Griffin, Wilson Haggerty, John H Harris, Amos Harris, William Hoover, Michael Husler, or Hustin, George James, William Jones, Evan Jones, Oliver Jones, William Kerns, Daniel Kerns, Jacob Kerns, Joseph Kitchel, Moses Landon, John Landon, William Lions, Henry Little, David Madaris, William Mathews. Abraham McCain, Robert McCohn, Thomas McCown, John McGee, Joseph Mondor, Jacob Morrison, William Mulin, Mathew Nash, John Patterson, Moses Perry, William Porter, Thomas Price,...

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Roll Of Capt. Joel Collin’s Company

(Probably from Butler County) Served from August 11, 1812 until February, 1813. Capt. Joel Collins Lieut. Ephraim Gard Ensign, John Hall Sergt. Jeremiah Gard Sergt. David Sutton Sergt. Joseph Haines Sergt. John Price Corp. Zechariah Parish Corp. Joseph Douglas Corp. George Sutton Corp. Jacob Gard Fifer, Hays Taylor Drummer, Henry Thompson Privates Anderson, James Beeler, George Bone, John Boys, George Broadburn, Simeon Broadbury, James Brown, John Carper, John Carr, James Casker, James Cmne, William DeCamp, William Dencen, John Dickard, Jacob DUlcoe, Vincent Gard Moses Garver, Peter Gates, Jacob Gower, Jacob Gray, Robert Howard, Thomas Hyder, John Isaacs, John Jones, Henry Kerr, Jacob Kirkpatrick, George Lintner, Aildrew Malone, John Malone, Samuel Mansfield, John Martin, James McKinstry, John McMaken, Joseph McManus, William McNeal, James Megongle, Phillip Mosteller, Christopher Newkirk, Robinson Owens, Silas Pilson, Robert Pine, Benjamin Price, Joseph Rainy, William Reath, William Rinehart, Jacob Rutledge, Isaac Sackett, John Salmon, Jacob Scott, John E Scott, Richard Shields, John Simpson, Samuel Sinnors, John Smaley, James Smith, Andrew Smith, David Smith, William SmUey, John Stark, Archibald Steele, Samuel Steil, Alexander Stephen, Thomas Stephens, Samuel Stonebrake, John Sullivan, Patrick Sullivan, William Suttons William Taylor, Robert Thompson, Samuel Tigard, George Tigard, William Watson, Eber Watson, Isaac Wickart, Joseph Wilever, Joseph Wilson, Thomas Woodfin, Nicholas Woods,...

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Biographical Sketch of Daniel B. Powers

Daniel B. Powers, retired farmer; P. O. Oakland; one of the early pioneers of Coles Co; born in Butler Co., Ohio, July 1, 1807, where he engaged in farming until 1836, when he emigrated West and located in Crawfordsville, Ind., where he engaged in the mercantile trade for about eighteen months, when he sold his interest in the store and removed to East Oakland Township in March, 1838, where he purchased 180 acres of land, where he has since lived during a period of forty years; he has upon his old farm upon which he lives, a fine brick residence, which he erected in 1846, making the brick himself upon his own farm. He married September, 1828, to Maria Runnels; was born in Butler Co., Ohio; she died April 17, 1861, leaving four children – Jonathan W., Nancy, John and Levi; his marriage with Phoebe Bates was celebrated Aug. 29, 1861; she was born in Ohio July 25, 1817; Mr. Powers has held the office of Justice of the Peace four years, and Town Collector two years in the Township in which he...

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Biographical Sketch of J. B. Moore

J. B. Moore, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Ashmore; was born in Butler Co., Ohio, July 22, 1836; he is a son of William S. and Julia A. (Eddingfield) Moore; his father, an early settler of Butler Co., having come from his native State, New Jersey, at the age of 4 years; his mother was born in Ohio, her parents being from Pennsylvania. In 1862, his father removed West with his family, spending the summer in Vigo Co., Ind., and coming to Coles County in the fall; he resided in Ashmore until his death, Feb. 8, 1875; his father was a Universalist, and his mother a Baptist, and both led blameless Christian lives, and were highly respected by all who knew them; his father was especially noted for his generous, charitable course toward the poor, and all in distress; his mother now lives in Ohio, to which State she returned two years ago. There are four of the family living, viz., Lucinda C. (wife of A. K. Miner, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa), James B., Martha J. (wife of John Mell, of Ashmore), and William T. James B. Moore, the subject. of this sketch, was married Nov. 4, 1869, to Miss Martha J. Lane, a daughter of George W. and Sarah Lane; she was born in Muskingum Co., Ohio, Oct. 1, 1842; they five children, as follows: Della May, Mary...

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Biography of Daniel A. Van Sickle

Daniel A. Van Sickle, proprietor of the Charleston Hotel, Charleston; was born in Trenton, Butler Co., Ohio, Oct. 20, 1833, being the oldest son of J. C. and Belinda (Craig) Van Sickle; his father was born in Trenton, Ohio, May 31, 1811, and his mother at Ball’s Ferry, on the Miami River, in Butler Co., Ohio, Dec. 17, 1815. The family consisted of nine children, as follows-Daniel A. Jasper, born Jan. 3, 1836, and died Nov. 12, 1868; Sally A., born March 19, 1838; Caroline, born June 20, 1841, and died Feb. 26, 1866; John Wesley, born March 18, 1843; George W., born Aug. 17, 1846; Newton, born Dec. 23, 1848, died Aug. 24, 1850; Craig, born Feb. 23, 1851, died March 15, 1853, and Charles P., born July 10, 1853. At the age of 17 years, Mr. Van Sickle began with Schenck & Denice, of Franklin, Warren Co., Ohio, to learn the horseshoeing business, and followed that trade altogether about fourteen years. In 1851, his father removed with the family to Coles Co., and about ten years ago, he removed to Girard, Macoupin C6., Ill., where he died Sept. 25, 1876. His mother still resides in Girard. During his residence in Charleston, he has been engaged six years as a clerk in the wholesale and retail grocery house of Wright, Minton & Co.; has served as City Marshal,...

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Biographical Sketch of Albert W. Flenner

Albert W. Flenner, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Kansas; was born in Butler Co., Ohio, March 17, 1850, being a son of Isaac and Rachel A. (Hughes) Flenner; in 1856, he came with his father’s family to Coles Co., his mother having died in 1852. He was raised on the farm, and on arriving at his majority, he purchased the farm of his uncle, M. B. Flenner, adjoining his father’s place, and containing 160 acres of land, and he still resides there. He was married Jan. 17, 1871, to Miss O’Kalla Breeding, the fifth daughter of Hutchinson and Elizabeth M. Breeding; she was born in Edgar Co., Ill., March 16, 1850; her parents came to Edgar Co. about thirty-six years ago; her father died there in 1866, and after his death her mother removed with her family to Ashmore, and there lived till 1876, when she returned to Edgar Co. where she now resides. They have two children – Rachel Annie and Isaac B. Mr. Flenner has been a member and Clerk of the Board of School Directors for the past three...

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Biography of Isaac Flenner

Isaac Flenner, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Kansas; was born in Butler Co., Ohio, Feb. 25, 1825; his father, Daniel Flenner, was among the pioneers of that State, coming from Maryland in 1809. He was a soldier in the war of 1812, and was a prominent citizen, holding many offices of trust in his county. His mother, Hannah (Andrews) Flenner, was a native of Ohio, and a descendant of an old Pennsylvania family. Mr. Flenner removed to Coles Co., in 1856; his father removing to Clark Co., Ill., at the same time; he purchased 200 acres of land and engaged in farming and stock-raising, and during the past five years has devoted his attention to fine stock, having, at present writing, thirty-nine head of thorough-bred short-horn cattle. He also makes a specialty of the breeding of Berkshire hogs, of which he has seventy-five now on hand. He is one of the most thorough and successful farmers in the township. From the railroad, which passes a short distance in front of his residence, the view is most beautiful. His fine buildings, with the large yard set to evergreens and shrubbery, the orchards of fruit of all kinds, the rolling prairie “Stretching in billowy undulations far away,” present a sight not surpassed in this part of the country. Mr. Flenner was married Sept. 30, 1847, to Miss Rachel A. Hughes, who...

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