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Location: Brant New York

Brant, New York, 1865 Soldiers and Officers

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Over 2,000,000 men enlisted for part or all of 1860-1865. These records do include some Indian Soldiers, and listed as Indian, others are listed with the Indian Reservation and these could be white or Indian. Pay Of The Soldiers In Civil War The Act of Aug. 4, 1854, put the pay of the private at $11 per month with a Corporal at $13, a Sergeant at $17 and a First Sergeant at $20. The Act of August 6, 1861, raised the pay of a private to $13 per month with no change in pay for non-commissioned officers. The Act of May 1, 1864, raised the pay of a private to $16 per month, a Corporal to $18 per month, a Sergeant to $20 per month and a First Sergeant to $24 per month. The Act of July 1, 1871, reduced the pay of a private to $13 per month and of the non-commissioned Officers accordingly. Solders and Officers, March 18, 1865 Edwin Avery, Private, Born Apr. 9, 1838, Collins, N.Y., enlisted Aug 27, 1862, 3 years, mustered out Jul 20, 1865. Parents: Arthur Avery and Nancy Sherman. Farmer. $100 Charles H. Ballard, Born Mar 18, 1842. Enlisted Sep 1862. Plain Store, Port Hudson, Donerville, Pleasant Hill, Sabens Crossroads, La. Winchester, Opequan, Cedar Creek. Parents: William Ballard...

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