Location: Botetourt County VA

Biographical Sketch of George P. Allen

George P. Allen was born in Botetourt county, Virginia, July 30, 1821. His parents, William and Caroline Allen, were both natives of the same State. He received his education in the common schools of Virginia, and began the study of civil engineering. He learned the surveyor’s art, and has been engaged principally in that business through life. For the first few years after leaving school he was engaged in the mercantile business in his native State. In 1854 he removed to Missouri and settled in Daviess county, and from 1856 to 1861 held the responsible’ position of county surveyor. In that year of the beginning of the great civil strife, he went south as a volunteer, under Governor Claiborne Jackson, in the Confederate army. In December, 1861, he was taken prisoner by the Union forces in Jackson county, Missouri, and remained a prisoner of war until March, 1862. After his release he moved with his family to St. Joseph, Missouri, and there resided until the close of the war, when he returned to Daviess county. In 1872 he was again elected county surveyor, and has discharged the duties of said office with credit to himself and the county, ever since. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL...

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Biography of Peter VanBibber

Peter and Isaac VanBibber, of Holland, came to America and settled in Botetourt Co., Va., previous to the revolution. Peter married Marguety Bounds, and they had Peter, Jr., Jesse, Jacob, James, Joseph, Matthias, Nancy, Sophronia, Ellen, and Olive. James married Jane Irvine, and settled in St. Charles County in 1803. He was Coroner at the time William Hays was killed by his son-in-law, James Davis. In 1817 he removed to Callaway County, and settled on the Auxvasse. His children were Joseph, Irvine, Frances. Lucinda, Melissa, Daniel and Minerva. Joseph was a surveyor and made the government surveys in range eight, west of the fifth principal meridian. Olive VanBibber married Nathan Boone. Isaac VanBibber, Brother of Peter, was Captain of a company in the battle of Point Pleasant, in 1774, and was killed there. He left, a widow and four children John, Peter, Isaac and Rebecca. John and Peter married and settled in Powell’s Valley, East Tennessee. Isaac was born in Greenbriar Co., Va., October 20, 1771, and was only two and a half years old when his father was killed. He was adopted and raised by Colonel Daniel Boone, and at the early age of thirteen years acted as a scout against the Indians in Virginia. In 1800 he came to Missouri with Nathan Boone, and settled first in Darst’s Bottom. During the Indian war he was Major of...

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Biographical Sketch of Richard Jones

Richard Jones, who was born in England, married a Miss Love, and settled in Botetourt Co., Va. He was a member of the Baptist Church, but had to give a hogshead of tobacco every year for the support of the Episcopal Church. The names of his children were William, John, and Silas. William married Elizabeth Metcalf, and settled first in Shelby Co., Ky., from whence he removed to Missouri and settled on Darst’s Bottom, St. Charles County, in 1818. In 1820 he removed to Callaway County, and built a horse-mill, under the shed of which the Baptists held religious services for a number of years. The mill was kept by his son, William M., who afterward became a Baptist preacher, and is now a merchant at Montgomery City. William Jones’ children were Jane, Richard, Elizabeth L., Susan, William M., Minerva, Maria, Martha, and Narcissa. Jane married Robert Saylor. Richard married Unicia Davis. He afterward died of consumption, and the day before his death he was taken to the creek, on his bed, placed in a rocking chair, and baptized, chair and all, by Jabez Ham. Elizabeth L. Jones married William McCormack. William M. married Elizabeth Jones, and they had twelve children, one of whom, Judge Robert W. Jones, has been Judge of the Probate Court of Montgomery County, and is now editor of the Standard at Montgomery City. Minerva...

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Biographical Sketch of James T. Allen, M. D.

James T. Allen was born in Botetourt, Botetourt county, Virginia, July 16, 1833. He lived with his parents until he was sixteen years old, then attended the Presbyterian High School for one year, and was a student one year at Princeton College, New Jersey. In 1851 he began reading medicine under Dr. Matthew Wallace, of Pocahontas County, Virginia, and continued under his preceptorship until 1853. During the winter of 1854 and 1855 he attended medical lectures at the Virginia Medical College, at Richmond. He came to Missouri in the spring of 1855 and settled at Auberry Grove, now Jamesport, and the following winter attended the McDowell Medical College, of St. Louis, graduating in the spring of 1856, when he returned to Auberry Grove and began the practice of medicine. In the spring of 1857 he, in conjunction with James Gillilan, laid out Jamesport, they giving the town that name after themselves, each bearing the name, James. In 1861 he enlisted in the Confederate army as a private in General Slack’s brigade, and served four years in the medical department on detail. After the war he returned home and soon after settled on a farm near Jamesport and pursued farming in connection with his practice until 1871, when he established himself in the drug business at Jamesport, still continuing the practice of medicine. He retired from the drug business in...

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Slave Narrative of Fleming Clark

Person Interviewed: Fleming Clark Location: Ohio Age: 74+ My father’s name wuz Fleming Clark and my mother’s name wuz Emmaline Clark. Both of dem wuz in slavery. Der massa’s name wuz David Bowers. I don’t know where dey cum from but dey moved to Bad Creek after slavery days. Der wuz three of us chillun. Charles, de oldest, den Anthony next and den me, de youngest. I wuz workin’ for a white man and wuz old enough to drive cows and work in de ‘bacco fields, pickin’ worms off de leaves. De other brudders worked wid my father on another plantation. De house where I lived wid de white Massa Lewis Northsinge and his Missus, wuz a log house wid just two rooms. I had just a little straw tick and a cot dat de massa made himself and I hed a common quilt dat de missus made to cover me. I hear dat my grandmother died during slavery and dat my grandfather wuz killed by his massa during slavery. On Sunday I would go home and stay wid my father and mother and two brothers. We would play around wid ball and marbles. We had no school or church. We were too far away for church. I earned no money. All I got wus just my food and clothes. I wuz leasted out to my massa and missus....

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John Murray’s Company Of Volunteers

A List Of Captain John Murray’s Company Of Volunteers in The Botetourt County Regiment Officers John Murray Captain (Killed at Point Pleasant) William McKee Lieutenant (Assumed command of the company when Captain Murray was killed.) Samuel Wallace Lientenant Adam Wallace Ensign William Taylor Sergeant Moses Coller Sergeant John Larken Sergeant John Simpson Sergeant Barney Boyls Sergeant Privates John Gilmore Hugh Logan James Hall James Arnold Stephen Arnold William Moore John Nelson John Sedbury William MacCorkle George Milwood Andrew Evans Joseph McBride Thomas Nail John Lapsly James Walker Ezekiel Kennedy John Jones John Moore William Simpson Thomas McClure Peter Cassady Robert Wallace Thomas Pearry John Griggs George Cummings John Eager (or Edgar) James Crawley Daniel Blair Thomas Burney Daniel Simpkins William Lyons James Simpkins Nicholas Mooney Solomon Brundige John McClure Stephen Harris Daniel Fullin (or Pullin) David Wallace Moses Whitby James Gilmore James Cunningham John Kelsey Hugh Moore Joseph Gibson William Cochran James Logan John Logan Thomas Hedden Prisley Gill John Coiler Jonathan Watson Hugh Logan William Neely James Neely John Miligan Peter Higgings William Conner William Bradley John McGee William Brown James McCalister John Barkley Andrew Wallace Isaac Trimble Peter McNeal William Johns Andrew Alden James Brambridge John Murray — Total...

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Captain Philip Love’s Company Of Volunteers

A List Or Captain Philip Love’s Company Of Volunteers in The Botetourt County Regiment OFFICERS. Philip Love Captain Daniel McNelll Lieutenant John Mills Ensign William Ewing Sergeant Major Francis McElhaney Quarter M. S. Shelton Taylor Sergeant James Alexander* Sergeant, (Wounded at Point Pleasant) John Crawford Sergeant Privates Robert Owen Samuel Andrews William Scott Samuel MtGumery (Montgomery) William Teasy John Todd Thomas Pierce Thomas Armstrong John Dunn Charles Byrne Thomas Gilbert Abraham DeMonts William Hooper Samuel Savage Thomas Welch Thomas Welch Jr. Patrick Conner Joseph Pain William Armstrong Daniel McDonald James Simpson Thomas Brown James Neeley Abraham Moon George Craig Richard Wilson Robert Smith John Buchanan Charles Davis William Franklin James Franklin William Hanson James McDonald Richard Collins James M. Guillin John McGinnis Griffin Harriss John Jones John Marks John Robinson John Todd Daniel Ormsbey. — Total...

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Captain John Lewis Company Of Volunteers

A List Of Captain John Lewis Company Of Volunteers in The Botetourt County Regiment. Officers. John Lewis Captain• This Captain John Lewis was a son of General Andrew Lewis, and a cousin of Captain John Lewis, (son of Thomas) of the Augusta Regimen, this father being a brother of the General. John Henderson Lieutenant Robert Alliet (Eliott) Ensign Samuel Glass Sergeant William Bryans Sergeant Peter Huff Sergeant William Wilson Sergeant Samuel Estill Sergeant John Donnally Fifer Thomas Alsbury Drummer Privates John Swope Alexander Kelley Edward Eagin James Ellison John Deniston James Stuart John Savage Christopher Welch James Crawley James Dulin Isaac Fisher Peter Ellenburg Andrew Kissinger Samuel Barton William Clifton Joseph Love Leonard Huff Thomas Huff (Wounded at Point Pleasant.) Samuel Croley William Isum Isaac Taylor Martin Carney Peter Hendricks John Hundley Henry Howard Molastine Peregrine Walter Holwell James McNutt Samuel Burcks Nathan Farmer Gabriel Smithers Thomas Edgar James Carlton Matthew Polug (or Pogue) Thomas Canady (or Kanady) William Jones Richard Packwood John Arthur William Robinson Samuel Huff Edward Wilson Robert Boyd John Reyburn Isaac Nichol Philip Hammond James Burtchfleld Solomon White Thomas Carpenter (Wounded at Point Pleasant.) Jeremiah Carpenter Solomon Carpenter David Cook John Bowman Jacob Bowman Robert Bowles James Burnsides Dennis Nail Hugh Caperton Matthew Creed Matthew Jewitt Adam Cornwell William Boniface Robert Davis John Carpenter Thomas Burnes Adam Caperton Henry Bowyer Mathias Kissinger William Mann. —...

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John Stewart’s Company Of Greenbrier Valley

A List Of Captain John Stewart’s Company Of Greenbrier Valley Volunteers in The Botetourt County Regiment. Officers John Stuart Captain, (Manuscript torn) James Donnally Sergeant Charles O’Hara Sergeant Skidmore Harriman Sergeant Privates Daniel Workman Samuel Williams William O’Harra Robert O’Harra James Pauley James Clarke John Pauley Archibald McDowell William Hogan Andrew Gardiner Quavy Lockhart Samuel Sullivan Thomas Ferguson (Wounded at Point Pleasant.) John McCandless Thomas Gillispie Henry Lawrence John Grain William Dyer Edward Smith John Harris Joseph Currence William Clendenin Spencer Cooper Daniel Taylor Joseph Day Jacob Lockhart George Clendennin John Burke Charles Kennison (Wounded at Point Pleasant.) William Ewing John Doherty John McNeal Joseph Campbell —Total...

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Captain Robert McClennahan’s Company Of Greenbrier Valley Volunteers

A List Of Captain Robert McClennahan’s Company Of Greenbrier Valley Volunteers in The Botetourt County Regiment. Officers Robert McClennahan Captain William McCoy Lieutenant Mathew Bracken, : Ensign (Killed at Point Pleasant) Thomas Williams Sergeant William Craig Sergeant Samuel Clarke Sergeant William Jones Drummer Privates John Harmon James Kinkaid George Kinkaid David Cutlip James Morrow, Sr. James Morrow, Jr. James Gilkeson Evan Evans William Stewart Edward Thomas Patrick Constantine William Custer Lewis Holmes William Hutchinson Edward Barrett John Williams Richard Williams James Burrens John Patton Thomas Ellias Charles Howard James Guffy Thomas Cooper William McCaslin John Cunningham Francis Boggs John Vaughn – Total...

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Pauling’s Company Of Volunteers

Pauling’s Company Of Volunteers Of The Botetourt County Regiment. Officers Henry Pauling Captain Edward Goldman Lieutenant (Wounded in Battle of Point Pleasant) Samuel Baker Ensign Obediah H. Trent Sergeant Robert Fittdley Sergeant James Woods, Sergeant Privates Robert Watkins Pnilip Hanes James DeHority William Thompson William Honey Joel Doss William Ray Dangerfield Harmon Stepnen Holston James Wilson Dudley Callaway William Canaday John Clerk John Frazer George Davis Thomas McCrary Richard Rollins Michael Looney John Gibson Charles Ellisson John Agnew James Donahoo David Belew Andrew Rogers Robert Ferrell Andrew Harrison George Zimmerman Thomas Wilson Alexander Caldwell William Gilliss Edward Ross Matthew Ratcliff William Glass John Fitzhugh Thomas Reid Joseph Whittaker Isham Fienquay David Condon Richard LeMaster James King John Hutson William McCalister Jeremiah Jenkins Edward Carther Martin Baker James Lynn – Total...

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Biography of John F. Richards

John F. Richards, born October 23, 1834, in Bath County, Virginia, the founder of the wholesale hardware house Richards & Conover Hardware Company of Kansas City, Missouri, and now residing at 200 Forty-fourth Street in that city, is not only one of the merchants who have risen to prominence in this section of the Middle West, but had a career connected by many experiences and activities with the Territory and State of Kansas. His parents were Walter and Nancy (Mayse) Richards, both natives of Virginia. Their old farm, Cloverdale, was situated on one of the stage lines which then crossed and recrossed the country before the railroad era, and this farm was also near a stage station where horses were changed. Mr. Richards’ maternal grandfather, Joseph Mayse, was a soldier in both the Revolutionary and Indian wars, and at one time was wounded in a battle with the Indians. Twenty years later his leg was amputated. The daughters of Walter and Nancy Richards were: Elizabeth Ann, who married William Saunders, at New Franklin, Missouri; Louisa, who became Mrs. Henry C. Miller of Arrow Rock, Missouri; Maria, who married Wesley Wickersham, who served in Colonel Hardin’s Illinois Regiment in the Mexican war; Mary Matilda, Mrs. Dr. A. F. Barnes of St. Louis, Missouri; the sons were William C., George Blackwell Shelton; Thomas and John Francisco Richards. In 1836 Walter Richards...

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Biographical Sketch of William Kiser

William Kiser, farmer; P. O. Charleston; was born in Botetourt Co., Va., March 11, 1814; the same year, his parents moved to Ross Co., remaining there until 1842. Mr. Kiser lived with his parents up to the time of his marriage with Miss Mary Ann Coon, of Ross Co., Ohio, which occurred Aug. 22, 1841; in October, 1846, they moved to Coles Co., and settled on Sec. 31, living there until the year 1851, when they came to the farm upon which he at present resides, on Sec. 33; his wife was born in Washington Co., Md., near ‘Harper’s Ferry, Dec. 7, 1823; they had nine children, two boys-Adam L. (born Dec. 4, 1849), and William H. (born Dec. 30, 1864), and seven girls, five living – Polly (born July 4, 1842), Hannah C. (Nov. 3, 1844), Virginia (Feb. 10, 1847), Margaret E. (June 8, 1853-now Mrs. C. Stone, of Ashmore Tp.), Alice M. (Feb. 12,1862-now Mrs. Richard Bidle), and two deceased – Zema E. (born Nov. 26, 1857; died Nov. 12, 1873), and one died in infancy; Polly is also married to Mr. Andrew Gossett, of Hutton Tp.; Hannah C. to L. Cooper, of Ashmore Tp.; and Virginia to B. F. McMorris, of Hutton...

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