Location: Boone County AR

Biography of Dr. Calvin J. Floyd

DR. CALVIN J. FLOYD. He whose name heads this sketch has built up a large practice by steady devotion to duty and the constant exercise of energy and judgment, and, though he belongs to the younger class of physicians, he has already made an excellent reputation for himself in this most honorable, if laborious, line of human endeavor. The Doctor was born in Independence County, Arkansas, December 15, 1859, a son of E. N. and Martha (Russell) Floyd, the former of whom was born in Jackson County, Ala., and is now living on a farm on Crooked Creek in Boone County, whither he came at about the close of the war, having become a resident of Independence County in 1858. He espoused the Confederate cause during the Civil War and was appointed captain of Company G, in an Arkansas Infantry regiment, with which he did gallant service during that great struggle. He has now reached the age of sixty-three years, is hale and vigorous, and in politics has always been a Democrat, as are also his sons. He and wife are the parents of five children: Isaac S., who is a farmer and a man of a family; Paulina T. is the deceased wife of Blake Smith, her death occurring in Boone County in 1871; Elizabeth is the wife of D. A. Eoff, sheriff of this county; Dr. Calvin...

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Biography of J. R. B. Moore

J. R. B. MOORE. Within years of recent date the remarkable growth of the real estate business has given it a prominence and placed it in a position that is attained by very few other elements in this country. This increase and promotion can be nothing less than a reflex of the progress and prosperity of every general interest in the community, and constitutes strong reason for gratification among all observant and appreciative business men. J. R. B. Moore has an excellent knowledge of real estate, as well as the general routine work of a real estate agent, and has been a potent contributor to the growth of his section. He was born near Mt. Vernon, Lawrence County, Missouri, August 15, 1858, a son of Isaac R. and Mary A. (Genoe) Moore, who were born in Meigs County, Tennessee, and were married there in 1857, after which they moved to Lawrence County, Missouri, and in 1866 to what is now Boone County, Arkansas, locating near the present flourishing town of Harrison. He is now residing in Heber and holds the office of justice of the peace in his township. His wife died in February, 1893, when sixty-one years of age, and he is now in his sixty-fourth year. He has served in the capacity of deputy sheriff of Boone County, during the Civil War was in the Confederate service...

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Biography of Capt. Gillum Hopper

CAPT. GILLUM HOPPER. There is no greater pleasure for the hand and pen of the historian or biographer to perform than in recording the life and achievements of a man who, through his own unaided efforts, has secured a comfortable competency and the general acknowledgment of being an honest man and esteemed citizen. Gillum Hopper, whose success in life is the result of honesty, industry and good management on his part, first saw the light in Warren County, Tennessee, in 1841. His parents, Moses and Rebecca (Hicks) Hopper, were natives of Kentucky and Tennessee, respectively, the former born in 1802 and the latter in 1804. When a lad Moses went with his parents to Tennessee, grew to manhood there, and was married in Cannon County, that State to Miss Hicks. Afterward they located in Warren County, Tennessee, and there all their children were born. In 1851 they moved to what is now Boone County, Arkansas, and settled in the woods, one mile northwest of the present town of Harrison. There the father tilled the soil until 1862, when he was killed by bushwhackers, on the farm where our subject now resides. He was a Union man and opposed to secession, but took no part in the war. He was one of the pioneers of this section and an extensive stock trader. When he first settled in Boone County it...

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Biography of John Bailey Heffley

J0HN BAILEY HEFFLEY. John Bailey Heffey has devoted the greater part of his life to the calling of a farmer and stock raiser, and has met with more than the average degree of success by his industry and good management, accumulating a fair share of this world’s goods. Like other representative men of the county he came originally from Marion County, Tennessee, of which his parents, Philip and Hannah Sharp Heffley, were also natives. In that State the father died when our subject was about five years of age and the mother afterward removed to Henderson County, West Tennessee, where some of Mr. Heffley’s people were living. Later she returned to Marion County on business and died there, leaving the children orphans at an early age. John Heffley, our subject’s paternal grandfather, was also a native of Tennessee, and was probably killed in the Florida War. He was of Dutch origin, and a practical and successful farmer all his life. The maternal grandfather, Daniel Sharp, was a farmer, and died in Tennessee when one hundred and four years of age. His wife was also quite aged at the time of her death. They were Dutch people. John Bailey Heffley’s birth occurred in 1829, and he was second in order of birth of three sons and one daughter. The others were named as follows: Daniel, a farmer of Big Creek;...

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Biography of M. L. Aderhalt

M. L. ADERHALT. This gentleman is one of the most extensive farmers and stock-men of Boone County, Arkansas, and although he resides in Harrison he operates a farm about two miles south of that place. He has made his home in this county since 1867, but was born in the Old North State April 17, 1843, being the third of seven children born to M. E. and Mary E. (Rudisill) Aderhalt, the former of whom is still engaged in farming in his native county of Gaston, N. C. His father, Jacob Aderhalt, came from Germany and settled in North Carolina prior to the Revolution, became prominent in that section and there passed from life many years ago. M. E. Aderhalt became captain of a North Carolina company during the Mexican War, during which time he was wounded once, and in 1861 he also enlisted in the service, first as a Union man, but was forced to join the Southern army for the sake of his family and effects. He served under Gen. Lee and took part in the engagements at Richmond and Petersburg. He is a highly honored citizen of the section in which he lives, has held the office of county treasurer, and in other ways has been prominent in the affairs of his county. His wife died in 1861, a daughter of Jonas Rudisill, also a native...

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Biography of David A. Eoff

DAVID A. EOFF. This gentleman is the capable and efficient sheriff and collector of Boone County, Arkansas, has resided in this section all his life and was born here December 29, 1852. His grandfather, Alexander Eoff, was a Tennessean, came to this section of Arkansas at a very early day, settled on an unimproved tract of land on which he resided until advancing years compelled him to desist from work, when he gave his farm to one of his sons, with whom he afterward moved to Lead Hill where he died in 1890 at the advanced age of ninety years. He was a Democrat, was married to Susan Anderson, who died many years ago, and by her became the father of nine children, of whom John J. Eoff, the father of the immediate subject of this sketch, was one of the eldest. He was born in Tennessee on January 25, 1832, and at the time of the family’s removal to Arkansas he was but a lad. He obtained a fair education in the early schools of Boone County, was brought up to a knowledge of farm life, which healthful occupation admirably fitted him for the hardships of army life, which calling he adopted in 1862, becoming a member of the Confederate Army, and serving until the war closed. He participated in the engagements at Pea Ridge, Oak Hill, and...

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Biography of Robert A. Thornton

ROBERT A. THORNTON. Robert A. Thornton, a prominent merchant, stock-man, farmer and cotton dealer of Shaver, Arkansas, came originally from Christian County, Missouri, his birth occurring in 1859 to the union of K. M. and Jane (Boatwright) Thornton, natives of Tennessee, where they lived until 1851. From there they removed to Springfield, Missouri, and resided in Greene and Christian Counties for a good many years. Mr. Thornton, who was born in the year ____, died at Shaver in 1885. Mrs. Thornton died when about seventy-seven years of age. Both were members of the Free-Will Baptist Church for nearly fifty years. All his life the father tilled the soil, and met with fair success in this calling. During the war he was a Union man, but took no part in that struggle. His father, Nedham Thornton, was a farmer and slave owner of Tennessee, where he passed the closing scenes of his life. He was probably a native of the Blue Grass State. Of his six sons and two daughters, the father of our subject was the only one who removed to Missouri. The maternal grandfather, Thomas Boatwright, was a native Tennessean. From there he moved to Texas, where he died, leaving a large landed estate. He was a Confederate soldier. Our subject is the youngest of thirteen children, three sons and ten daughters: Mattie, deceased, was the wife of...

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Biography of Dempsey S. Harrell

DEMPSEY S. HARRELL. The name of this gentleman is a familiar one throughout Searcy County, Arkansas, and is synonymous with the farming interests of his section. There is no one who illustrates more fully in his career the unbounded energy and activity of the agriculturist than does he, and the magnificent farm of 700 acres, of which he is the owner, is one of the finest lying pieces of ground in this section of the country. He has resided on and been the owner of this land since 1887, and has 247 acres under cultivation. He first saw the light of day in Hardin County, Tennessee, February 16, 1830, a son of E. D. and Mary (Whaley) Harrell. who were natives of the Old North State, the former being a son of David and Celia (Davis) Harrell, North Carolinians also. The Harrells are of Irish extraction, and the family tree first took root on American soil when three brothers of the name came to this country and were among the very first settlers of North Carolina. Some of the early members of the family were soldiers in the Revolutionary War, notably the great-grand-father and the grandfather of the subject of this sketch, the service of the former extending throughout the entire struggle, during which time he was wounded four times. David Harrell was in the cavalry service during the...

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Biography of J. A. Weatherly

J. A. WEATHERLY. In this day and age of bustle and hurry very few people stop to consider what we can and how to select it, but the skillful housewife is very careful in her purchase of groceries, for she knows that on their purity and wholesomeness depends in a large measure the health and happiness of her family. J.A. Weatherly, dealer in fine groceries at Harrison, Arkansas, enjoys a reputation for courteous dealing and promptness in his line of business which any grocer might be proud to have and his goods have become noted for their excellence and purity. He was born in Maury County, Tennessee, January 27, 1844, the third of nine children born to Samuel M. and Eliza J. (Duncan ) Weatherly, the former of whom was a Virginian, but an early pioneer of Tennessee, from which State he moved to Illinois about 1853 and settled in Union County, afterward locating at Murphysborough, Jackson County, where he was called from life about 1880. He was a mechanic by trade, a man of unblemished reputation and was a strong Republican in his political views. During the great Civil War he served as lieutenant in the One Hundred and Ninth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, but was wounded at Vicksburg and was compelled to retire from the service. His wife was a native Tennessean and died shortly after her husband,...

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Biography of John O. Morrow

JOHN O. MORROW. Activity and business enterprise is in no direction more lucidly marked in any city than in the livery business. This calling is the pulse of a city’s enterprise and vim. The experience and brain work of capable business men are called into requisition in this line, and a city that is noted for its transient patronage as well as its busy home life is sure to give good profits to the liveryman. One of the most popular establishments of this kind is that owned by John O. Morrow, which was established in Harrison in 1889, and as he has all his life been a great admirer of that noble animal, the horse, he chose this calling out of true adaptability for it. He was born in Christian County, Missouri, near Ozark, October 28, 1856, John O. Morrow, son of N. B. and N. S. Morrow, who were among the early pioneers of that section. N. B. Morrow was killed at his home in Christian County; at about the close of the war by bushwhackers, having been a successful agriculturist throughout life and a resident of that county from 1832. He was also at one time engaged in merchandising in Ozark. The maternal grandfather of the subject of this sketch, Samuel McDonald, was a pioneer of Christian County, became influential throughout southwest Missouri, and was a prosperous...

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Biography of James H. Gray

JAMES H. GRAY. Lead Hill, Arkansas, is known as a flourishing town and contains many able and brainy business men, among whom the general merchant takes prominent rank. In this calling few members possess a wider reputation for ability and enterprise than James H. Gray. He was born in Stone County (then Independence County), Arkansas, in 1865. and is a son of John W. and Tennessee (Cornett) Gray, natives of Mississippi and Hamilton County, Tennessee, respectively, the father born in 1836 and the mother in 1844. When young Mr. and Mrs. Gray came with their parents to Arkansas, and here grew to mature years and married. For a number of years afterward they resided in Stone County, Arkansas, but in 1875 moved to Boone County and located in White River where they made their future home. Mr. Gray died on the 9th of April, 1878, in Taney County, Missouri, after returning from a business trip to Greene County, Missouri He was a successful farmer and stock man, and for two years served in the Confederate Army with Gen. Price. He was a Mason and a man well known and universally respected. He was one of five sons and four daughters born to William B. Gray who died in Boone County, Arkansas. about 1880, after a long and useful life. He came here in 1874 and was a prominent farmer...

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Biography of Allen Phillips

ALLEN PHILLIPS. The creditable condition of agricultural life in Boone County, Arkansas, is due to a great extent to the enterprise, energy and intelligence of her worthy tillers of the soil, prominent among whom may be mentioned. Allen Phillips, born in Surry County, N. C., February 12, 1847, a son of A. and Susan (Wilburn) Phillips, who were born, reared, married and died in the Old North State. The father was a leading Democrat of his day, was a prosperous farmer, but the late war swept away a considerable portion of his Property. He and wife had the following children: Louisa, who is living in North Carolina; Nancy, who is dead; Robert, who is living in Henry County, Missouri; Richard, who is living in North Carolina; Allen and Sarah E., who also reside in the Old North State. The paternal grandfather, Richard Phillips, was an early pioneer of this State, having been a participant in the Revolutionary War. Allen Phillips was reared on a farm in the State of his birth, received a practical common-school education, but the bursting of the war cloud which had so long hovered over the country put an end to his education. After he had attained his majority he started out to make his own way in the world, and in 1873 emigrated westward, and settled in Boone County, Arkansas, purchasing the farm on...

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Biography of Capt. Hampton B. Fanchier

CAPT. HAMPTON B. FANCHIER. The intelligence and ability shown by Capt. Hampton B. Fancher, as a progressive tiller of the soil, and the interest he has taken in the advancement of measures for the good of Boone County, Ark, caused him long since to be classed as one of the leading citizens of his section. The most that he has achieved or gained has come as the result of his own efforts, and he deserves much credit for his industry and enterprise. He is a native Tennesseean, born in Overton County in 1828. The son of James and Elizabeth Carlock Fancher, natives of North Carolina, the former born in 1790 and the latter on March 18, 1800. This worthy couple were married in Tennessee, whither they had moved with their parents when young, their nuptials being celebrated in 1818, and about 1838 they came by ox-team to northwest Arkansas, being about two months on the road. They located at the head of Osage, eight miles west of Carrollton, on a claim for which he paid $700 in gold. This he at once began improving and soon had a good home. He was one of the most prosperous, practical and enterprising farmers and stock traders in the county, and accumulated a fortune. However, he lost nearly $50,000 during the war, besides many slaves. He represented Carroll County in the Legislature...

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Biography of L. T. Cornett

L. T. CORNETT. The name of this gentleman is a familiar one through-out Taney County, Missouri, and is synonymous with the merchandising and farming interests of his section. Since 1876 he has resided in Taney County, and during that period has kept his escutcheon untarnished. Like other representative men of the county, he came originally from Searcy County, Arkansas, his birth occurring on the 27th of November, 1854, comes of good old Virginia stock. His parents, Henry and Malinda (Yowell) Cornett, were natives of Virginia and Tennessee, respectively, the former born in the year 1813. The father moved from his native State to Tennessee, and in 1849 settled in Searcy County, Arkansas, where he resided for a number of years. Thence he moved to Independence County, Arkansas, and cultivated the soil there with unusual success until his death in 1861. He was a prominent and useful citizen and a stanch Democrat in his political views. His brother John was a soldier in the War of 1812. The name Cornett is of English origin and the first members of this family to come to America settled in the grand old Mother of States, Virginia. The mother of our subject died in 1860. Eleven children were born to her union, six of whom lived to an adult age, and five are now living: Tennessee, deceased; James G. is a physician in...

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Biography of W. A. Greever

W. A. GREEVER. The name of Greever is one of the most influential in Boone County, Arkansas, and is one of the most respected in the community. Mr. Greever deserves special notice for his public spirit and enery, and is now a prominent trader and speculator, and one of the largest land owners in the State. He is a native of the Blue Grass State, born in Adair County in 1836, and is a son of John and Sarah (Williams) Greever, both natives of Virginia. The father was born in the year 1807, and when but a small boy went with his parents to Kentucky. There the mother came with her parents also, when a child, and there they grew to mature years and married. Afterward the father tilled the soil, and being energetic and industrious he met with more than ordinary success. His death occurred in Kentucky in 1846. Mr. Greever’s grandfather, Abraham Greever, was born in the Old Dominion, but at an early date settled in Russell County, Kentucky, where he died about 1850. As a tiller of the soil he was very successful. His father, Philip Greever, was born in England. but when grown came to America. This was prior to the Revolutionary War, in which he served through the eight years of that struggle. He was under Gen. Greene, and fired the first gun at...

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