Location: Blue Mound Illinois

History of Farming in Blue Mound, Illinois

For some years, the people of all this prairie country suffered great inconvenience in consequence of the expensive fencing necessary to protect their crops from the great herds of cattle which were allowed to roam at will over the prairie. In 1872, the township provided by ordinance against cattle running at large, at their regular town meeting. The ordinance followed the one of the town of Cropsey, which had been sustained and proved successful in its operation. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Since the first experience in wheat, corn has been, and probably will continue to be, the great staple crop. The adoption of the law preventing cattle from running at large, made it possible for men to crop their land without fencing, and hedges were started, although there are many pieces of land in the township which are still open. There is no railroad, marketing of the crops being done at Lexington on the north, and Ellsworth and Holder on the south. Old settlers...

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Town Officers of Blue Mound, Illinois

Below is given in table the names of those who have served the town in an official capacity during its history: Blue Mound Illinois Town Officers DateSupervisorClerkAssessorCollector 1858 J.H. Doyle N.T. Linthicum A.J. Willhoite D. Wheeler 1859 J.H. Doyle J.T. Smith A.J. Willhoite D. Wheeler 1860 D. Wheeler J.T. Smith J. Snail William Elbert 1861 D. Wheeler J.T. Smith J.A. Barton W.T. Elbert 1862 J.T. Smith J.M. Carey M.S. Gill P.J. Foster 1863 William Elbert D. Wheeler J. Snail Isaac Smith 1864 William Elbert D. Wheeler J. Snail Isaac Smith 1865 William Elbert D. Wheeler A. McMullen Milton Barton 1866 J.H. Newton William Elbert A. McMullen W.H. Russell 1867 J.H. Newton William Elbert Robert Barr A. Cumming 1868 D. Wheeler H. Green Scott Arnold J.K. Blandon 1869 William McHugh H. Green S.A. Stoops Scott Arnold 1870 William McHugh H. Green G.L. Libbey B. Brigham 1871 William McHugh H. Green J. Spawr H.C. Hayes 1872 William McHugh B. Brigham W.T. Branson T.H. Newton 1873 W.H. Russell J. R. Tavener H.C. Hayes Isaiah W. Farquhar 1874 W.H. Russell J. R. Tavener B. Brigham H.C. Hayes 1875 William McHugh George Cooney B. Brigham Ed. Allen 1876 William McHugh I.W. Farquhar C.H. Person Ed. Allen 1877 William McHugh I.W. Farquhar W.H. Russell Ed. Allen 1878 William McHugh I.W. Farquhar B. Brigham Ed. Allen The following persons have served as Justices of the Peace...

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History of Schools and Churches in Blue Mound, Illinois

The town is now provided with suitable schoolhouses, and good schools are maintained. From the report of 1877, the following figures are taken : _N-umber of districts. 9 ; whole number of children under 21 years, 621 ; number between 6 and 21 years, 429; number enrolled in schools, 384 ; value of school property, $6,000 ; amount of town fund, $6,823; amount paid teachers, 82,523. Total expenses, 83,626. The citizens of Blue Mound very early took the matter of religious service and religious instruction in hand. Mr. John Speed Stagner, who, in many respects, is a pioneer in every good work, had, by a recent consecration of his life to religious work, and ordination to the work, according to the custom and rule of the ” Christian ” Church, come into his new home determined to build up religious institutions. Meetings were at first held in his house. Elders David Sharpless, Anderson and Knight were the first to hold religious services in this neighborhood. After the schoolhouse was built, meetings were held with considerable regularity there by the same preachers, followed by Elder U. H. Watson, Father Johnson and others. In 1865, the present ” Blue Mound Christian Church ” was built under the direction of Messrs. Stagner, Arnold, Doyle and Willhoite. The building is about 26×40, plain, without spire or decoration, and cost about $1,200. A Sabbath...

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