Location: Blanco County TX

Biography of Ira Stubblefield

A man of great adaptability, with vigor to carry him through his various undertakings, and wisdom to guide him in the safe path, and, withal, possessed of executive force to manipulate enterprises with success, the subject of this article is a man to whom we gladly accord representation in this volume of Harney county history. He was born in Blanco county, Texas, on April 28, 1866, being the son of W. K. and Eliza (Lumas) Stubblefield. The father of our subject was born in Tennessee, October 30, 1816, and at the age of fourteen went to Bolivar, Missouri, and in his twentieth year he went to Texas and lived in twenty-three different counties in that state. He was on the frontier all of the time and did much hunting and scouting and fought the Indians continually. He was with the noted cattle king, Bob Tout, and the two doubtless slew more Indians when the savages were on the murderous raids than any other men of the country. At one time eight white men, including Mr. Stubblefield and Bob Tout, were attacked by Indians, seventeen in number, and all of the whites fled but Stubblefield and Tout and two companions, and they fought the savages to a finish, completely whipping them. Mr. Stubblefield was in many a battle and skirmish with the treacherous savage and always came out victorious. In...

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Blanco County, Texas Cemetery Records

Most of these are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing. The following cemetery transcriptions and photos can be found at Blanco County, Texas GenWeb. Albert Lackey Cemetery Armke Cemetery Artz Cemetery Beckmann Cemetery Bindseil Cemetery Blanco Cemetery, Blanco, Texas Blaylock Cemetery Blocker Cemetery Brown Cemetery, Hye Bryom Place Cemetery Chick Cemetery Church Cemetery Cleveland Cemetery Comanche Creek Cemetery Cox Family Cemetery Cypress Mill Cemetery Davis Cemetery Dixon Family Cemetery Dr. G. G. Hill Cemetery Dunman Cemetery Goeth-Wenmohs Cemetery Haley Family Cemetery Harmon Cemetery Heidmann Cemetery Henley Cemetery Holdman Cemetery Holy Archangels Church Cemetery Hyatt Family Cemetery Johnson Cemetery Johnson City Masonic Cemetery Jonas Cemetery Kirby, Rust Cemetery Klinger Cemetery Kneupper Cemetery Koch Cemetery Koch II Cemetery Lackey Cemetery Liesmann Cemetery McKinney Cemetery Miller Creek Cemetery Morgan Cemetery Murphy Cemetery Old Weinstrom Cemetery Palmer-Goer Cemetery Pearson Cemetery Peyton Cemetery Piersick Grave Ploch Cemetery Post Oak Cemetery Ray Cemetery Roberts-Shelley-Hardin Cemetery Rocky Cemetery Ross Family Cemetery Round Mountain Cemetery Sandy Cemetery Sauer Family Cemetery, Blanco Schmidt Cemetery Schuetz Cemetery Sharp Cemetery Sheppard Cemetery Sidney Cox Cemetery Sisson Cemetery Smith or Walnut Cemetery Snow Family Cemetery St. Mary’s Cemetery Stanley Cemetery Stubbs Cemetery Trinity Evangelical Luther Church Cemetery Twin Sisters Cemetery Wagenfehr Cemetery Washburn Cemetery Wegner Cemetery Wiley Cemetery The following cemetery transcriptions can be found...

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