Location: Blaine County ID

Biography of George B. Hill

George B. Hill, of the extensive mercantile firm of Hill & Ballentine, of Bellevue, Idaho, is one of Idaho’s prominent businessmen and states-men. He came, through New England ancestry, of honorable English and German descent, and was born at Cherry Valley, New York, August 28, 1843. He is of fighting stock, too, his great-grandfather Hill having fought for independence in the Revolution, his grandfather Hill having risked his life for his country in the war of 18 1 2- 14, and his father and himself having done battle for the Union in the civil war of 1861-65, the latter yielding up his life on the field in defense of the starry flag, while his maternal grand-father Busch fought in the war of 1812-14. Charles Hill, father of George B. Hill, was a native of Barrington, Massachusetts. He became a lawyer of ability and while yet a young man re-moved to Cherry Valley, New York, where he married Margaret Busch, of German descent and a daughter of an old and honored resident of that town. He was a member of the One Hundred and Twenty-first New York Volunteer Infantry and was killed while upon a reconnaissance in 1864. His good wife, a devout member of the Christian church, survived until 1884, and died in her seventy-ninth year. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a...

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Biography of Selden B. Kingsbury

The profession of the law, when clothed with its true dignity and purity and strength, must rank first among the callings of men, for law rules the universe. The work of the legal profession is to formulate, to harmonize, to regulate, to adjust, to administer those rules and principles that underlie and permeate all government and society and control the varied relations of men. As thus viewed there attaches to the legal profession a nobleness that cannot but be reflected in the life of the true lawyer, who, rising to the responsibilities of his profession, and honest in the pursuit of his purpose, embraces the richness of learning, the profoundness of wisdom, the firmness of integrity and the purity of morals, together with the graces of modesty, courtesy and the general amenities of life. Of such a type Selden Bingham Kings-bury is a representative. For eighteen years he has practiced law in Idaho, and for five years has been a resident of Boise. Mr. Kingsbury was born in Camden, Lorain County, Ohio, on the 29th of October 1842, and is descended from New England ancestry. Members of the family became early settlers of Brockport, New York, and also of Lorain County, Ohio. Lemuel Kingsbury, the grandfather of our subject, valiantly aided the colonies in their struggle for independence, and lost a limb in battle. He attained the age of...

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Biography of R. W. Berry

A leading representative of the commercial interests of Hailey is R. W. Berry, the well known proprietor of a hardware store. He is an enterprising and progressive business man, whose well directed efforts, sound judgment and capable management insure him success, and today he is numbered among the substantial and valued citizens of Blaine county. A native of Maine, he was born in Augusta, on the 25th of March 1842 and is of Scotch lineage. His father, Arthur W. Berry, was born in Maine and married Miss Lucretia Jane Marble, also a native of the Pine Tree state. The father was for many years engaged in journalistic work as the publisher of the Gospel Banner. He died at the age of thirty-two years, leaving a widow and one son, the subject of this review. The mother lived to be fifty-seven years of age and died in Boise. After the death of Mr. Berry she married again and with her second husband removed to California, locating in Yuba County in 1857. In the public schools of his native state, R. W. Berry acquired his education, and when fifteen years of age began to earn his own living. He accompanied his mother to California. Attracted by the discovery of gold, he went to Washoe, Nevada, where he engaged in prospecting and mining. He also entered land from the government and followed...

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Biography of Dr. Homer D. Jones

In nearly every community the leading dentist divides with the family physicians a public confidence which is accorded him to a degree that is little understood outside the profession. If a dentist cannot inspire such confidence he never becomes a leading dentist. The experience of Hailey emphasizes these facts. Hailey’s leading dentist is Dr. Homer D. Jones, who is also its oldest dental practitioner in point of years, of residence and practice. Dr. Jones was born in Jeffersonville, Oregon, April 12, 1867. His father, Ansel Cromwell Jones, a native of Ohio, was one of the bold and hardy pioneers who crossed the trackless plains in 1850 to the then isolated territory of Oregon. He was one of the first settlers in the beautiful Willamette valley, and there he met and married Miss Elizabeth Smith, a native of Pennsylvania, who had found an abiding place in that far-away land. He was a successful lawyer, influential in public affairs and was elected to numerous offices, representing his people in the Oregon legislature and otherwise serving their interests with ability and integrity. He is now living retired at San Diego, California, and the wife of his youth is spared to him in his declining years. He is sixty-seven and she is fifty-one years of age. They had five children, three of whom arc living. Dr. Homer D. Jones was educated at Albany...

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Biography of Joseph B. Hulse

Joseph B. Hulse, proprietor of the only photograph gallery in Hailey, is a native of Iowa, born in Glenwood, on the 3d of January 1859. The family, of German origin, was planted on American soil at an early period in the history of New England. The grandfather, Joseph Hulse, was a pioneer settler of the state of Ohio, and his son, Henry A. Hulse, the father of our subject, was born near the old home of Abraham Lincoln, in the vicinity of Springfield, Illinois. Having arrived at years of maturity, he married Caroline Maloon and removed to Iowa, whence he afterward went to Pike’s Peak. In 1863 he removed with his family to Denver, Colorado, and in 1866 went to Saline county, Nebraska, settling on a farm’ on a tributary of the Blue river, where he remained until 1880. In that year he became a resident of Oregon, taking up his abode near LaGrande, Union county, where he remained until called to the home beyond, in 1893, at the age of fifty-seven years. His widow still resides there and is now fifty-six years of age. They were the parents of eight children, five of whom are living. In the public schools Joseph B. Hulse acquired his literary education, pursuing his studies through the fall and winter months, while in the summer season he assisted in the labors of the...

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Biography of William E. Heard

William E. Heard, clerk of the district court of the fourth judicial district of Idaho, and ex-officio auditor and recorder in and for Blaine County, Idaho, is a native of Missouri. He was born May 21, 1865, in a part of Benton county which has since been set off to form Hickory county, where John Heard, his grandfather, settled in 1832 and died in 1864. John Heard was a typical southern gentleman, born in the south in 1796. He lived in the south until about 1830, when he moved to Benton county, Missouri, becoming one of its first settlers. Earl Heard, son of John Heard and father of William E. Heard, was born in Hickory County, Missouri, May 8, 1837. He has been a successful farmer and is a decided Democrat and a member of the Missionary Baptist church. He married Mary Miller, also a native of Hickory county, Missouri, and a member of the same church, and they are both living, contented and respected, in their native county. Reared on his father’s farm, William E. Heard attended the public schools near his birthplace in Missouri and later was a student at the Missionary Baptist Institute at Macedonia, Missouri. For five years after his graduation he divided his time between working on the farm and teaching school. He came to Hailey, Idaho, in 1890, and for four years afterward...

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Biography of R. F. Buller

In modern ages, and to a large extent in the past, banks have constituted a vital part of organized society, and governments, both monarchical and popular, have depended upon them for material aid in times of depression and trouble. Their influence has extended over the entire world and their prosperity has been the barometer which was unfalteringly indicated the financial status of all nations. Of this important branch of business R. F. Buller is a worthy representative. In April 1892, he came to Hailey, and is now president of the First National Bank, which has become one of the leading and reliable financial concerns in southern Idaho. Mr. Buller is a native of Coburg, Canada, his birth having there occurred March 10, 1840. He is of English descent, and his father, Charles G. Buller, a native of England, emigrated to Canada in 1830. He was married in Coburg to Miss Frances Boucher. He had been educated, in Oxford College, for the Episcopal ministry, but preferred agricultural pursuits to the calling for which his parents intended him, and throughout his business career carried on farming. His was an honorable and successful life, and his death occurred in 1897, when he had attained the ripe old age of ninety-six years. His wife passed away in 1898, at the age of eighty-six years. They had nine children, five of whom are living....

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Biography of Lyttleton Price

Michigan has contributed its full share toward the intellectual progress of the new west. As many Michigan men are to be found in places of trust and responsibility, in the learned professions and in the higher circles of business, in the Rockies and beyond them, as men from any state in the Union. Lyttleton Price, who is part owner and manager of the Red Cloud and Solace groups of mines, is a prominent Idaho lawyer and politician, a resident of Hailey and a native of Macomb County, Michigan. He was born twenty miles northeast of Detroit, May 4, 1848, a son of David and Elvira (Momford) Price. In both lines of descent he is of English blood. Both families turned out heroes in the Revolutionary war. One of these was Captain Peter Price. Another was Captain Simons, the maternal grandfather of Mr. Price’s mother. Both were from Maryland, and the records of their valor are to be found among the archives of that state. Mr. Price’s grandfathers both lived in Rush, New York, twenty miles from the city of Rochester, and there his parents were born and were married. His father was a merchant, farmer and miller, a man of extensive enterprises for his time and generation. In religion he was a Universalist; his wife was a Methodist. They removed to Michigan in 1835 and were among the pioneers...

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Biography of Joel B. Harper

History has long since placed on its pages the names of those who, coming to the Atlantic coast, planted colonies in the New World and opened up that section of the country to civilization. As the years passed, and the population of that region rapidly increased, brave pioneers made their way into the wild districts farther west. The names of Daniel Boone and Simon Kenton were enduringly inscribed upon the records of Kentucky, that of John Jacob Astor upon the history of Michigan and other states of the upper Mississippi valley. Later Kit Carson and John C. Fremont made their way into the mountainous districts west of the “father of waters’ and subsequently the explorers penetrated into the vast wildnesses of the Pacific slope. The development of the northwest, however, is comparatively recent, but when time shall have made the era of progress here a part of the history of the past, the names of men no less brave and resolute than those who came to the shores of New England or made their way into the Mississippi valley will be found illuminating the annals of this section of the Union, and on the list will be found that of Joel Beauford Harper, who is numbered among the early settlers of both California and Idaho. Mr. Harper was born in Georgetown, Scott County, Kentucky, October 15, 1837. His father,...

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Biography of Matthew H. Williams

Matthew H. Williams is an Idaho pioneer whose residence dates back to 1863, and he is a prominent citizen of Bellevue, Blaine County. He was born in Vermont, September 20, 1840. His father, John Williams, a native of New Jersey, did soldier’s duty in the war of 1812-14. He married Magdalene Shuffelt, a native of New York and a descendant of an old Dutch family of that state. They had twelve children, eight of whom grew to maturity, and five of whom are living. John Williams and his wife were Episcopalians and were people of social prominence. He died at the age of eighty-two, she at fifty-three. Matthew H. Williams, their youngest child, passed his childhood on his father’s farm and attended the public schools. In 1857 the subject of this review went to Minnesota, where he was occupied for a time at such employment as was open to him, and, having acquired a limited capital, he engaged in fur trading with the Indians and others, in which he continued until 1863, when his business was interrupted by the Indian outbreak. In company with four others he started across the country for Idaho. Their party was gradually enlarged by the accession of other parties at different points on the plains, and they had several exciting experiences with Indians. When they reached the Platte, Mr. Haskins, one of their number,...

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Biography of Hon. Frank R. Gooding

A gentleman to whom public attention has been directed by reason of his prominence in connection with the sheep-raising industry of the state and his leadership in political affairs is Frank R. Gooding, now an influential member of the state senate of Idaho. His service is characterized by a deep patriotism and fidelity to the general good and his devotion is all the more to be commended from the fact that he is of foreign birth, though of that nativity which ever begets the stanchest patriotism and the utmost integrity of character. He has passed the greater portion of his life in the United States and is as thoroughly American in spirit and devotion as any child ever born beneath the protecting flag of the stars and stripes. He has ever been an active and zealous worker in the cause of the Republican party and has taken a prominent place in the deliberations and councils of the Idaho contingent of the great political organization, which has ever stood for liberty, protection to American industries, reform and progress, and is now endeavoring to extend the spirit of righteous freedom to the land hitherto in the darkness of monarchial bondage. Frank R. Gooding is a native of England, born October 16, 1859, and is a son of John and Elizabeth (Galbraith) Gooding. In 1868, when eight years of age, he accompanied...

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Biography of Texas Angel

Since the town of Hailey was hardly more than a collection of tents Texas Angel has been numbered among its citizens and has successfully engaged in the practice of law, winning many notable lawsuits wherein he has demonstrated the possession of legal powers of high order. A native of the Empire state, he was born in Angelica, New York, October 19, 1839, and is a representative of one of the oldest families of New England. Hardly had the Mayflower deposited its precious cargo upon the shores of America, at Plymouth Rock, when the ancestors of our subject, people of Welsh birth, also came to the New World, and Nathan Angel, from whom he traces descent, removed to Providence, Rhode Island, with Roger Williams, the apostle of religious liberty. William Angel, the grand-father of our subject, settled on Block Island, and there William Gardner Angel, the father, was born in 1790. In 1792 the family removed to Otsego, New York, where William G. Angel was educated, studied law and was admitted to the bar. He was twice elected to congress during the administration of President Jackson, and was a prominent figure in the public life of that locality. He also served as county judge and was surrogate of Albany County in 1852. In politics he was a stanch Democrat in early life, but was a lover of liberty, and when...

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Biography of Joseph F. Griffin

For more than a half century Joseph F. Griffin, of Ketchum, has resided in the northwest. A native of Kentucky, he was born in Cumberland County, December 10, 1831. The family is of Scotch origin, and the first American progenitors were early settlers of South Carolina and participants in many of the events which form the colonial history of the south. Jesse Griffin, the grandfather of our subject, was one of the pioneers of Kentucky, where occurred the birth of Burrell Bell Griffin, the father of Joseph. Having arrived at years of maturity he married Miss Sally Thogmorton a native of Tennessee, and a representative of an old family of North Carolina. They became the parents of twelve children, eleven of whom reached years of maturity, while nine are still living. In 1852 the family crossed the plains to Oregon, and settled on the Rogue River, where they took up a government donation claim, upon which the parents spent their remaining days. The father attained the age of seventy-three years, and the mother, surviving him two years, passed away at about the same age. They were members of the Christian church, and were held in the highest regard by their many friends. Mr. Griffin was educated in Missouri and Oregon. He was in his fifteenth year when he arrived in the latter state, and during his boyhood he alternated...

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Biography of Walter Clark

Walter Clark, now the leading merchant of Ketchum, is numbered among the honored pioneers of Idaho of 1863, and for more than forty-five years has been closely identified with the development of the northwest, having taken up his residence in Oregon in 1853. Into a wild region infested by Indians and by ruffianly white men, the forests standing in their primeval grandeur, the mountains still holding their rich treasures, he came and established his home. He was one of the vanguard of civilization, and has borne an important part in opening up this region to industry and commerce. Few men of the northwest are more widely known in this section of the Union than Walter Clark, and today, in his pleasant home in Ketchum, he is enjoying the comfortable competence that has come to him as the result of years of honest toil. Mr. Clark was born in Iowa, October 10, 1840, and is of English and German ancestry. He lost his parents when only five years of age, and knows little of them save that his father was Jacob Clark, and that they resided in Danville, Lee county, Iowa. He lived with J. S. Reland until he was thirteen years of age, when, in 1853, he crossed the plains to Oregon, with W. C. Myer. They crossed the Missouri river May 10, 1853, and arrived at Rogue River...

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Templeton, Rebecca – Obituary

At Bellevue, Idaho, March 6, Rebecca, wife of B.T. Templeton, aged 24 years. Deceased was the sister of George Baird, of this city, and was well and favorably known in Union where she spent her youthful days. She left here with her parents in the spring of 1887 and went to Bellevue where she was married to Mr. Templeton. After having been married a short time she became afflicted with consumption. Two trips were taken to the sunny clime of Southern California but to no avail. The sorrowing relatives have the sympathy of this community. Mr. George Baird was present at the last sad rites. Eastern Oregon Republican, Thursday March 13,...

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