Location: Bethany New York

Biography of Carlton M. Lounsbury

Carlton M. Lounsbury has played a very effective and successful role in Kansas affairs for over fortyfive years and now, at the age of seventy-one, a young old man, is enjoying comfortable retirement at the city of Lincoln. Mr. Lounsbury is of an English family. It was his grandfather who came from England and first settled in Canada. Carlton M. Lounsbury’s father Rudolphus Lounsbury, was born in Canada in 1797, but when a young man came to the United States and settled in Western New York, in what was known as the “Holland Purchase.” He followed the vocation of agriculture and spent his active life largely in the Town of Bethany in Genesee County, where he died in 1870. He was a whig in politics, later afflliating with the republicans, and was an active member of the Free Will Baptist Church. He married Almira Brown, who was born in New York State in 1810 and died there in 1866. There were three children; Earl Byron, a graduate of Buffalo Medical College and a successful physician and surgeon until his death at Rochester in 1880; James A., also a graduate of Buffalo Medical College, practiced medicine for a number of years, but is now president of the Farmers State Bank at Barnard, Kansas, and his career is noted on other pages; Carlton M., the youngest of the three. The father...

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Biography of Leonard T. Smith

Leonard T. Smith, whose scroll of life was rolled up a number of years ago, but the record of which remains in the grateful memory of many Kansas people, was one of the most forceful characters in the early history of Leavenworth and in a larger sense of Kansas as a whole. He was one of the men who had the iron of resolution in his soul and will, and he used his strength and self reliance in many ways for the good of an entire state. His life record begins with his birth on December 2, 1827, at Bethany, in Genesee County, New York. His father, Thomas G. Smith, was descended from an old New England family. His mother, Anna Burroughs, was a daughter of Daniel Burroughs, who established the first woolen mills at Skaneateles, in New York, and was also a man of wide renown as a ritualistic Free Mason. Beyond acquiring a practical education the early youth of Leonard T. Smith was passed uneventfully. In 1852, at the age of twenty-five, he went west to Kalamazoo, Michigan, and for five years was a landlord in that city. To the present generation it is impossible to realize the significance of the name Kansas fifty or sixty years ago. It was an invitation to the homeless and oppressed, and also to those who had fighting blood in them...

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