Location: Berkshire County MA

Stockbridge Massachusetts Marriages to 1850 – J Surnames

JACKSON, Joel C. of Lee, and Eliza Ann Fuller of Lee, Mar. 31, 1849.* C.R.1. Joseph and Margeret French, Mar. 7, 1793. Julia of Stockbridge, and Charles Bliven of Lenox, Aug. 8, 1847, at S[tate] Line.* C.R.1. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now JAQUINS (see Jenkins), John and Lovina Stevens, [1793]* JENKINS (see Jaquins), Peter and Phebe Baker, June 29, 1788.* JENKS, Hervey, Eld[er], and Hannah Slauter, int. Nov. 27, 1812. JOHNSON, Dormon and Rachel Church of Lee, int. Mar. I 1789. Rebeckah and Squire Stone, int. Mar. 1, 1789. Sybill [int. Sibbill] [and] Jonathan Niles, — [1793].* JONES, Elijah and Mercy Codding of Washington, Jan. 7 [1819].* Horace and Betsy Alverson of Lee, int. Dec. 19, 1814. Justin and Anna. Young, Jan. 3, 1813. Lydia and Benj[ami]n Wilmarth [int. Wilmath], Apr. 12,...

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Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – T Surnames

TATE, Elizabeth, d. Patrick, R. R. engineer, and Bridget, Aug. 21, 1845. George, s. Patrick, R. R. engineer (b. Ireland), and Bridget (b. Ireland), Aug. 1, 1849. Jenny Ann, d. Patrick, railroad engineer, and Mary, Oct. 17, 1843. Margaret, d. Patrick, R. R. engineer, and Bridget, Aug. 6, 1847. TAYLOR, Abia, d. Tehan and Asenath, May 4, 1800. Clarinda, d. Tehan and Asenath, Oct. 3, 1796. Giles, s. Tehan and Ruth, Feb. 28, 1779. James E., s. Sylvester C., laborer, and Julia Ann, Oct. 5, 1844 Leroy, twin s. Sylvester C., farmer, and Julia Ann, Sept. 14, 1846. Lorinda, twin d. Sylvester C., farmer, and Julia Ann, Sept. 14, 1846. Ruth, d. Tehan and Ruth, Mar. 23, 1777. THAYER, Alhert G., s. Jesse and Sally, Nov. 23, 1808. Calvin, s. Jesse and Sally, Feb. 10, 1814. Emeline, d. Jesse and Sally, Apr. 22, 1810. Walter, s. Jesse and Sally, Jan. 29, 1812. THOMPSON, Adah M., d. James J., miller, and Sarah S., Oct. 15, 1843. Arlington Reed, s. James J., miller, and Sarah A., Apr. 19, 1847. Hubbard Fox, s. Chester C. M., blacksmith, and Sarah (Smith), Feb. 9, 1845 Martin W., s. Henry, laborer, and Huldah, July 11, 1847. THORP, Luanna, w. Albert Moore, –, 1844. G.R.3. TIDIUS, John, s. Patrick, laborer, and Margaret, Feb. 25, 1849. TOBEY, Amelia Jane, d. Franklin, farmer, and Elizabeth C., Aug. 11,...

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Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – F Surnames

FIELD, Abby Jane, negro, d. Albert, laborer (b. Pittsfield), and Lucy Ann (b. Springfield, Conn.), June 1, 1849 FINN, Thomas, s. Patrick, laborer (b. Ireland), and Ellen K. (b. Ireland), Aug. 31, 1849. FISK, James, s. Zebediah and Mary (Cook), Oct. 24, 1777. Polly, d. Zebediah and Mary (Cook), June 16, 1771. FITCH, Amos, negro, s. Abraham, laborer, and Sophronia, Jan. 15, 1849 Horace Sanford, s. Frederick and Nancy, Feb. 20, 1828. Laura Ann, d. Ebenezer and Harriet, Nov. 29, 1812. Laura Zeruah, d. William and Laura, July 18, 1828. Mary Jane, d. William and Laura, July 27, 1832. Sanford Edgar, s. William and Laura, Apr. 13, 1830. Sarah Abigail, d. Frederick and Nancy, July 5, 1830. Sylvester, negro, s. Abraham, laborer, and Sophronia, Sept. 5, 1846. Sylvia Mariah, d. Ebenezer and Harriet, Feb. 20, 1814. FITZGERALD, Maurice [h. Bridget (Keresey)], — [1814]. G.R.4. FLANAGAN (see Flanigan), Mary A., d. Thomas, laborer, and Mary A., Sept. 23, 1848. FLANIGAN (see Flanagan), Thomas, s. Thomas, laborer, and Mary A., Jan. 12, 1846. FLONTIN, Celestia Amanda, s. Joseph, farmer, and Harriet, May 31, 1844. Charity, d. Joseph, laborer, and Harriet L., Feb. 15, 1849. George W., s. William, laborer (b. Ancram, N.Y.), and Amanda V., Dec. 8, 1849. John J., s. Joseph, farmer and teamster, and Harriet, May 20, 1846. FORD, Agnes V., d. He[r]man, farmer, and Eunice, June 29, 1847....

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Stockbridge Massachusetts Deaths to 1850 – N Surnames

NEWELL, Polly, w. John, Apr. 21, 1806, in 35th y. NEWMAN, Francis [sic] Amelia, d. John V. and Parna, dysen. tery, Aug. 21, 1848, a. I y. 5 m. 6 d. NICHOLSON, Mary, w. Isaac, Mar. 6, 1849, a. 75. G.R.3. NOBLE, Loring A. [h. Mary], Sept. 6,1837, a. 43. G.R.2. NOOT, Thankful, w. Charles, Mar. I, 1816, in 90th y. G.R.1. NORCUTT, Charles S., laborer, b. Otis, s. Charles S. and Abigail M., taking opium, July 17, 1849, a. 19 y. 7 m. I d. [July 27, a. 19 y. 7 m. 21 d., G.R.3.] NORTON, Samantha, d. Joel and Samantha, July 16, 1814, in 6th y. NYE, William P., s. George M. and Catharine E., dysentery, Aug. 25, 1843, a. i y. 6...

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Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – B Surnames

BARNS, Abraham, s. Timothy and Betsey, Sept. 0, 1791. Alven, s. Silas and Anne, Dec. 27, 1797 [sic, see Lowis]. Anna, d. Silas and Anna, May 3, 1793. Asahel, s. Elisha and Vitate, Oct. 4, 1800. Betsey, d. Elisha and Vitate, Nov. 5, 1802. Charles Milo, s. Isaac and Sarah, May 5, 1811. Elisha Munson, s. Elisha and Vitate, Dec. 3, I804. Elizabeth Almina, d. Jotham and Lavina, Nov. 5, 1812. Elnathan, s. Elnathan J. and Rachel, Nov. 26, 1823. Erastus, s. Elisha and Vitate, Jan. 2, 1797 Isaac Miller, s. Isaac and Sally, Dec. 12, 1803. John, s. Jotham and Lavina, Feb. 26, 1815. Jotham Judd, s. Silas and Anna, Mar. 21, 1791. Laura, ch. Alva and Catharine, bp. Oct. io, 1830. C.R.I. Lowis, d. Silas and Anne, Sept. 11, 1797 [sic, see Alven]. Lucy Maria, d. Silas and Anna, Nov. 19, 1808. Mary Emeline, d. Isaac and Sarah, Oct. 13, 1813. Nancy Vitate, d. Elisha and Vitate, Sept. 5, 1814. Sarah Emily, d. Isaac and Sarah, Aug. 14, 1806. Seth Austin, s. Elisha and Vitate, June 28, 1808. Timothy Jr., Apr. 9, 1769. G.R.2. Timothy, s. Seth and Mehitable, Sept. 8, 1796. William, ch. Alva and Catharine, bp. Oct. io, 1830. C.R.I. BARRE, David, s. John, teamster, and Ellen, Apr. 2, 1847 Mary, d. John, teamster, and Ellen, Nov. 9, 1848. BARSTOW, Charles Rollin, s. Dr. Samuel...

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Stockbridge Massachusetts Deaths to 1850 – S Surnames

SALLS (see Searle), Calvin C. [h. Edna], Aug. 22, 1843, a. 30 y. 5 m. 7 d. G.R.3. SCOFIELD, Sarah S. B., w. L. W., Aug. 4, 1846, a. 25. G.R.3. SEARLE (see Salls), Edna, w. —, d. Dea. N. Seele, Jan. 14, 1842, a. 22. C.R.1. [w. Calvin C., G.R.3.] SECOY, Joseph, b. Canada, s. Joseph and Anna, Dec. 11, 1848. a. 4 m. 15 d. [Secor, Dec. 12, a. 7 m., G.R.3.] SHAW, Harriet Newell, d. Nathan and Lucy M., Dec. 20, 1842, a. 20. [Harriet Newel, d. Rev. N. and Lucy M., G.R.3.] Walter Gay, inf. –, Sept. 6, 1835. G.R.3. SHEAD, Louisa A., w. James, Feb. 19, 1849, a. 29. G.R.3. SHELDON, David Curtis, b. New Marlborough, s. Norman and Eliza A., scrofula, Jan. 23, 1845, a. 5 y. 5 m. SHULTIS, George, s. Dederick and Hannah, lung fever, Nov. 26, 1849, a. 8 m. 19 d. [s. Dedrick and Hannah, Nov. 27, a. 8 m. 25 d., G.R.3.] SKINKLE, —, d. John, Sept. 5, 1815, in 2d y. SLAUGHTER (see Slauter), Loiza, d. Sylvanus F. and Lurena, July 16, 1816, in 2d y. [Slauter, G.R.2.] SLAUTER (see Slaughter), Coridon, s. Jered and Sally, Aug. 5, 1805, in 1st y. G.R.2. Lydia, w. Ephraim, May 16, 1825, a. 67. G.R.2. Mary, b. Canaan, N.Y., w. Hiram, d. William Flint and Martha, general debility, Sept. 5,...

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Stockbridge Massachusetts Deaths to 1850 – E Surnames

EASLAND, Catharine, d. John and Sally, Feb. 25, 1809, in 2d y. Catharine, w. Francis, Sept. 4, 1818. [in 65th y., G.R.1.] Francis, Feb. 22, 1838, a. l00. G.R.1. [s. John G. and (first w.), in Alford, P.R.1.] Hannah, w. John G., Mar. 6, 1815, a. 90. G.R.1. [Hannah (Rawmocker), second w. John G., “came to this country from Amsterdam, Holland,” P.R.1.] John Jr., m., farmer, s. John and Rachel, accidental, Nov. 29, 1845, a. 51 y. 19 d. [Dec. 1, a. 51, G.R.1.] [Dec. 1, P.R.1.] John, m., farmer, b. New York City, s. John G. and Catharine, old age, Aug. 6, 1847, a. 90. [in 90th y., G.R. I.] John G., Apr. 25, 1800, in 93d y. G.R.1. [“(father of John Easland) emigrated to this country from France probably about the year 1753” P.R.1.] Monroe, s. Francis and Mariah, Jan. 30, 1831, in 5th y. [Munroe, C.R.1.] [s. Francis and Maria, a. 4 y. 6 m. 12 d., G.R.1.] Peter, Apr. 29 [? 1811]. P.R.1. Rachel, w. John, Apr. 6, 1802, in 42d y. G.R.1. Triphena, June 24, 1840, in 44th y. P.R.1. —, wid., Mar. 10, 1817. ch. Peter, Mar. -, 1836. C.R.1. –, first w. John G., – , “on their voyage to this country after giving birth to a son which was named Francis.” P.R.1. EATON, La Roy D. W., s. Edwin D. and...

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Stockbridge Massachusetts Marriages to 1850 – N Surnames

NASH, Sam[ue]l N. of Canton, and Frances Thayer of Braintree, May 27, 1845, at State Line.* C.R.1. NEALS, Peter and Catharine Seeley, int. Dec. 17, 1791. NEWEL (see Newell), Polley [and] Chancey Root, int. Oct. 13, 1798. NEWELL (see Newel), John Jr. and Polly Cook, Dec. 4, 1788. NEWELL, Miranda [int. Newel] and John C. Deming, Sept. 7, 1814. Ruth and Elisha Hooper, int. – [1793]. NILES, Emily Charlotte and Jonathan Chamberlain, Sept. 9, 1821.* Jonathan [and] Sybill [int. Sibbill] Johnson, – [1793]. Mary and Stephen Berry of Walton, int. Dec. 14, 1816. Sands and Edna Lewis, int. Jan. 29, 1819. NORTHWAY, Zenas and Rhoda Finna, int. Apr. -, 1788. NORTON, Mary and Clark Bassett, Mar. 26, 1823. NOTEWARE, Diadimmie and Joel Millen, int. Nov. 28, 1812. NOYLE, John of New Preston, Conn., and Ann Leech of Curtisville, Oct. 29, 1844, at State Line.*...

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Stockbridge Massachusetts Deaths to 1850 – A Surnames

ABBOTT, Julia A., w. Virgil S., childbed, Dec. 10, 1848, a. 34. ADAMS, Benjamin, Dr., Aug. 26, 1795. G.R.1. ADSIT, Sarah Jane, w. John P., Aug. 9, 1846, in 25th y. G.R.3. ALLYN, Sarah Ann, d. Elisha and Luania, Mar. 4, 1831, a. 6. G.R.2. AMADON, Payson, s. Leonard and Roxanna, bowel complaint, Oct. 31, 1848, a. II m. 27 d. ANDREWS (see An&us), Ephraim I., –, 1824, a. 52. G.R.2. Thomas, May 26, 1813. ANDRUS (see Andrews), Elijah, Mar. 21, 1832. Elizabeth, w. Benjah, July 12, 1794, in 28th y. G.R.1. Joseph, Aug. 21, 1832, a. 78. ARNOLD, Anna, w. Jacob, Mar. 14, 1827. P.R.2. Eunice, w. Lt. Josiah, Oct. 14, 18o6, in 52d y. Euseba C., d. Alvan and Polly, July 4, 1824, a. 16 m. G.R.1. [Euseba C., P.R.2.] George, s. Aaron and Laura Z., consumption, Oct. io, 1848, a. I y. 4 m. io d. [George F., Oct. 16, G.R.1.] Hiram, s. Josiah and Eunice, Aug. 29, 1826, a. 28. G.R.1. Jacob, father of Alvan and Polly, Jan. io, 1825. P.R.2. Josiah, Lt., Nov. 10, 1815, in 71st y. Olive, Mrs., June -, 1842, a. 54. C.R.1. Olive, w. Aaron, June 11, 1842, a. 29. G.R.2. Polly, w. Alvan, Feb. 19, 1813, in 35th y. [a. 35, G.R.1.] [Polly Brooks, a. 35 y. 5 m., P.R.2.] Sophia, July 29, 1815, in 24th y. Trephena, Mrs....

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Stockbridge Massachusetts Marriages to 1850 – S Surnames

SAUNDERS, Joseph of Curtisville, and Clarissa Whitehead of Curtisville, Sept. 30, 1848.* C.R.1. SCRIPTURE, Sarah of Alford, and Abishai Lewis, int. Dec. 17, 1791. SEALY (see Seele, Seeley, Seely), Erastus and Miss V. Barnes, Jan. 25, 1834.* C.R.1. SEELE (see Sealy, Seeley, Seely), Olive [int. Leete] and John C. Clark of Canaan, N.Y., Dec. 29, 1842. [Leete, C.R.1.] SEELEY (see Sealy, Seele, Seely), Anne of Stockbridge, and Martin Barber, int. — [1796]. Catharine and Peter Neals, int. Dec. I7, 1791. SEELY (see Sealy, Seele, Seeley), Abigal and Hiel Williams, int. Dec. -, 1789. SELLICK, Lewis of Stockbridge, and Juliet Fuary, int. Aug. 10, 1844. SHAW, Charles H., 21, merchant, s. Nathan and Lucy M., and Adaline Arnold, 23, d. Sam[ue]l and Rachel, Apr. 20, 1847.* Edward of Hampton, and Sarah Jane Fowle of Hampton, Feb. 26, 1844, at State Line.* C.R.1. SHEAD, James of Alford, and Louisa Ann Jennette Fitch of Alford, Apr. 15, 1845.* C.R.1. SIBLEY, John and Rhuby Boynton, int. Dec. 1, 1814. SLATER, Anne and Asa Smith, int. Nov. -, 1797. Elijah and Olive French, int. Oct. -, 1797. Mary and John Waters of Chatham, int. Mar. 7, 1803. SLAUTER, Ann E. and George W. Fuller of Canaan, N.Y., int. Sept. 12, 1844. Hannah and Eld[er] Hervey Jenks, int. Nov. 27, 1812. Lydia and Andrew Fuary, Dec. 4, 1817. Milinda and Peter French, int. Oct. 30,...

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Stockbridge Massachusetts Marriages to 1850 – E Surnames

EASLAND, Garet and Hanah M’Clarin, Feb. 20, 1787.* John and Sally Webb, int. Sept. 19, 1803. John [int. Jr.] and Sophrona [int. Sophrona] Andrus, Nov. 4 [1818]. Tryphena and Ephraim Fosket [int. Jr.], Feb. 13, 1817. EDWARDS, Gamaliel and Clemina Osborn, –.* P.R.4. Lucinda and Barnabas Woodworth, int. July 18, 1803. ELLIS, Clarissa of Cabotville, and Asa Parker of Cabotville, May 16, 1848.* C.R.1. ELLSWORTH, Allen of Becket, and Harriet Waters of Becket, Feb. 5, 1849.*...

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Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – N Surnames

NAVAN (see Naven), Patrick, s. Patrick, laborer, and Bridget, Sept. 6, 1847. NAVEN (see Navan), Patrick, s. Patrick, miner, and Bridget, Mar. 4, 1845. NEWELL, Augusta, d. John Jr. and Polly, Dec. 12, 1802 [? 1803]. Cyntha, d. Seth and Ester, July 6, 1787. Dennis, s. Hart and Mindwell, Dec. 12, 1802. Freelove, d. Seth and Ester, Nov. 8, 1788. Harriet Sophia, d. John Jr. and Polly, July 23, 1799 Irene, [twin] d. Oliver and Irene, Jan. 28, 1776. Jesse, s. John and Ruth, Oct. 5, 1779. Luecretia, [twin] d. Oliver and Irene, Jan. 28, 1776. Lyman, s. Asahel and Betsey, Jan. 7, 1790. Nancy, d. John and Polly, Oct. 19, 1789. Oringe, s. Asahel and Betsy, Oct. 6, 1787. Polly, d. Oliver and Lucy, Feb. 23, 1781. Rhodah, d. Oliver and Irene, May 28, 1778. Sophia, d. John and Ruth, June 16, 1783. NEWMAN, Francis Amelia, d. Dr. John V. and Parna, Mar. 15, 1847. NEY, George, s. Hozard and Clarissa, Nov. 28, 1821. Henry, s. Hozard and Clarissa, Apr. 29, 1817. NICHOLSON, Amanda G. [—], w. James P., — [1814]. G.R.3. Isaac [h. Mary], – [1772]. G.R.3. James P. [h. Amanda G.], — [1817]. G.R.3. Mary [? m.], — [1797] G.R.3. NILES, Albert G., s. Jonathan and Sybil, Mar. 30, 1803. Ariovistus [dup. Ariovestus] B., s. Jon[a]th[an] and Sybil, Apr. 27, 1799. Ebenezer [dup. Ebenzer], s. Jon[a]th[an]...

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Stockbridge Massachusetts Marriages to 1850 – A Surnames

ALCOTT, Phena of Egremont, and John French, int. Mar. 18, 1811. ALGER, Oliver [int. Rev. Oliver Ayer] and Phebe Brown of Stockbridge, Dec. 4, 1794, in Stockbridge. ALLARD, Aunrelia of Hinsdale, and Joseph Beurquet of Becket, Oct. 23, 1848.* C.R.1. ALLEN, Joseph of Lee, and Nancy A. Frost of Lee, Sept. 27, 1848.* C.R.1. ALVERSON, Betsy of Lee, and Horace Jones, int. Dec. 19, 1814. ANDREWS (see Andrus), Abigail and Newbury Oles of Egremont, int. Jan. 10, 1838. Cordelia and Ozias Olds [dup. Oles], int. Oct. 4, 1837. Elijah and Maryan Stone, int. May 12, 1798. Mariah and Gustavus Williams, int. Jan. 19, 1833. Nancy M. of Gt. Barrington, and Henry Clark, Mar. 25, 1848.* C.R.1. ANDRUS (see Andrews), Ester and Gideon Olmstead, Feb. 4, 1788.* Sophrona [int. Sophrona] and John Easland [int. Jr.], Nov. 4 [1818]. ARNOLD, Aaron (see Aron). Aaron, widr., 33, stonecutter, s. Daniel and Sarah, and Laura Z. Fitch, 18, d. William and Laura, May 5, 1846.* Abigail F. and Hart Brown, Aug. 20, 1842.* P.R.2. Abigail Fitch, 25, d. Alvin and w., and Erastus H. Brown, 32, farmer, of Austerlitz, N.Y., b. Alford, s. Erastus and Matilda of Austerlitz, Aug. 1, 1843. Adaline, 23, d. Sam[ue]l and Rachel, and Charles H. Shaw, 21, merchant, s. Nathan and Lucy M., Apr. 20, 1847.* Alvan and Polly Brooks, Feb. 14, 1802.* P.R.2. Alvan and Polly Grenell,...

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