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Location: Bentonville South Carolina

Biography of John A. Pottorf

John A. Pottorf. When a man reaches the seventy-fourth milestone of his life’s journey it may be taken for granted that he has had a wealth of experience which, if properly written out, would fill a volume. In the case of John A. Pottorf, who has already passed his seventy-fourth birthday, long life means more than length of years. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth and even when he came to Kansas a little over thirty years ago he had to begin as a farm renter. The overcoming of obstacles to success has been a vital part of his experience. The honors due him are not solely on account of his success as a farmer, but also because of his service in the Union army during the Civil war and the influence he has radiated from his character and the worthy children who have grown up under his roof. He was born November 25, 1842, in Pike County, Illinois. His parents, Andrew and Lavina (Umbaugh) Pottorf, were both natives of Carroll County, Ohio, where their respective families were among the pioneers. In ancestry both father and mother were of the so-called Pennsylvania Dutch. Grandfather Pottorf was a native of Pennsylvania. In 1841, soon after their marriage, Andrew Pottorf and wife removed to Pike County, Illinois, and there, when their first son and child was...

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