Location: Belvidere Vermont

Biographical Sketch of Isaac Tillotson

Isaac Tillotson, from Massachusetts, came to Belvidere at an early date, remaining until his death, in 1857, aged ninety-eight years. Isaac was a revolutionary soldier, and reared a family of eight children. His son, Eben, was born in 1783, reared a family of nine children, and died in 1848. Chauncey, youngest son of Eben, born in 1834, has been a resident of this town since 1862. Richard, the third son of Isaac, was born in 1798. His family consisted of six children, of whom the second, Orrin, has always been a resident of Waterville. He has held many of the town offices. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start...

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Biographical Sketch of William Thomas

William Thomas, from the southern part of the State, came to the eastern part of this town about the year 1800. He was a Baptist clergyman, and held services in houses, barns, etc. Amos, a grandson of William, born in July, 1800, still manages a farm in Belvidere. George B., the oldest son of Amos, born in 1824, now resides on road...

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History of Belvidere, Lamoille County, Vermont

BELVIDERE, a very mountainous, pentagonal shaped town, located in the northwestern corner of the county, in 44° 47′ north latitude, and in longitude 4° 19′ east from Washington,* is bounded north by Avery’s Gore, and Montgomery, in Franklin county, east by Eden, south by Johnson and Waterville, and west by Waterville. It was granted to a Mr. John Kelley, of New York city, March 5, 1787, and chartered by Vermont, November 14, 1791, by the name of Belvidere. The town originally contained an area of 30,100 acres, but was shorn of its limits November 15, 1824, when a portion of its territory was taken towards forming the town of Waterville, and again, October 30, 1828, 13,440 acres were annexed to Eden so that Belvidere now has an area of less than 20,000 acres. In surface, the town is extremely broken and irregular, some of the mountains attaining an elevation of from 2,000 to 3,000 feet, so that for agricultural purposes it is of little value, though there are some good farms found along the streams, where the soil is principally a clay loam. To compensate for this deficiency, however, Belvidere has, aside from a variety of wild and picturesque scenery, many thousand feet of valuable timber standing in her forests. The manufacture of this timber into lumber, and into manufactured articles, butter tubs, sap buckets, etc., constitutes the principal...

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Biography of Curtis Brown

Curtis Brown of Belvidere, son of Lybeout and Betsey W. (Ward) Brown, was born in Coventry, Oct. 16, 1825. His father was the first Republican representative in the Legislature of the state, to which both his son and grandson have been elected. Mr. Brown was educated in the common schools of Coventry and afterwards at Waterbury, N. Y., residing with his parents till the age of twenty-one. At that time he purchased a farm in Belvidere, and in order to pay for it went to Massachusetts, where he worked industriously in a mill for several years until he had accomplished his object. For a time he engaged in the manufacture of butter tubs and lumbering, but has given this up and now resides upon his farm. Mr. Brown is said to be the champion bear hunter of the state, having shot or captured sixty-eight of these animals, once performing the feat attributed to General Putnam of Revolutionary times by entering a cave and crawling a distance of forty feet on his hands and knees, when with unerring aim by the light of a torch he brought down the object of his pursuit. He is one of the best representatives of the old class of sturdy woodsmen, who have given such lasting fame to the hunters of the Green Mountains, so few of whom remain to narrate the deeds of...

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Biographical Sketch of Eugene L. Chappell

Eugene L. Chappell, from Canada, came to Belvidere in 1857, being the third to locate in that part of the town called the Basin, since which time, with the exception of three years spent in the service of his country during the late war, has resided in the town. He married Miss Amelia St. John, in 1861, and has a family of three...

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Biographical Sketch of Charles B. Weston

Charles B. Weston was born in Franklin county, in 1805, and came to Belvidere in 1852, since which time he has been a resident of the town. He represented his townsmen in the legislature of 1874, and has held most of the other town...

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Biographical Sketch of Sylvanus Brown

Sylvanus Brown, from Orleans county, came to this town in 1838, and located near the central part, where he died, in 1867, aged sixty-eight years. Curtis, his third child, born in 1826, has represented the town two years, held other town offices, and is reckoned one of the most expert hunters in the State. He has killed upwards of one hundred bears during his life, three of which he shot during the winter of...

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Biographical Sketch of David Chaffee

David Chaffee, from Athens, Vt., came to Belvidere among the early settlers, but, after a few years residence here, he removed to Boston, Mass. Alva, the second of his nine children, born in 1796, remained in the town, continuing a resident until his death, in 1868. He reared a family of nine children, and took an active part in town affairs. One of his sons, Alva J., who now resides on road to, represented the town in 1864, and has filled other offices of trust. Nason, another son, represented the town of Waterville in 1870, and held the office of high sheriff in...

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Biography of Martin Shattuck

Martin Shattuck, son of Randall and Mary Ann (Thomas) Shattuck, Randall being the youngest son of Moody, was born in this town in Feb. 5, 1842. Mr. Shattuck received his intellectual training at the common schools of Belvidere, but his practical education was derived from hard labor upon his father’s farm where he remained till he was twenty-two years of age, when he entered his cousin’s store at Waterville as clerk. After two years at Waterville he married and went home to reside. Mr. Shattuck married, Jan. 31, 1866, Meribah Esther Hyde, daughter of William and Betsey (Fuller) Wilbur of Waterville. They had two sons: Merton Carroll, and Harlan William. Having decided to engage permanently in trade he returned to Waterville, first entering business with his father-in-law, but soon buying him out. After continuing alone for more than a year, in May, 1871, he moved to Eden and with a very limited capital to start with for twenty-two years has conducted a general country store with a constantly increasing volume of business. He is also engaged in farming and the production of maple sugar. He is recognized where ever known, as a safe and successful financier and a liberal donor to public and religious enterprises. He has always favored the Republican party in his political inclinations and while at Waterville was made assistant postmaster, and after his removal to...

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Biographical Sketch of Moody Shattuck

Moody Shattuck settled in the northeastern part of the town in 1807, coming from Athens, Vt. He filled several of the first offices of the town, represented his townsmen in the legislature several times, and served in the battle of Plattsburgh, ranking as captain. His brother, Jeremiah, came to Waterville soon after he located here, and subsequently removed to this town, locating on road 14, where he followed the occupation of a farmer and shoemaker. Chauncey, a grandson of Moody, now resides in Waterville, on road 7, and Thomas W., the eighth child of Jeremiah, born in Belvidere, in 1812, still resides here, on road...

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Biographical Sketch of Nathaniel Hodgkins

Nathaniel Hodgkins, from New Hampshire, came to this town in 1806. Of his family of eleven children, two spent their lives in the town. Stickney, the third child, was born in 1791, and was a resident of Belvidere from 1806, until his death, in 1864. He served in the war of 1812, took a leading part in town affairs, representing his townsmen in the legislature of 1840, and his death was generally lamented. He reared a family of fourteen children, of whom Harriet, the seventh child, became the wife of Heman L. Fletcher, in 1854. Mr. Fletcher died in the service of his country during the late civil war, and his only son, Heman S., now occupies the old homestead, on road 10. Joel C., the ninth child of Stickney, also resides on road...

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Biographical Sketch of Timothy Carpenter

Timothy Carpenter, from the southern part of the State, came with his family to Belvidere in 1808, and located in the southern part of the town, where he died in 1814, aged forty-three years. He had a family of five children, all of whom resided in the town. Phineas, a grandson of Timothy, born here in 1815, now resides on road 6, owning one of the finest places in the...

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Belvidere, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory

(For explanations, etc., see main page) Railroad stations are Cambridge junction, 11 1-2 miles south, and Jeffersonville, 11 miles south. Badge George L., (Belvidere) r 9, sugar orchard 200 trees, farmer 50. Brown Azo P., (Belvidere Corners) r 1, farmer 75. BROWN CURTIS, (Belvidere) r 12, town lister, sugar orchard 700 trees, farmer 160. BROWN REALTUS J., (Belvidere) r 10, works in saw-mill and tub factory, petit juror. Brown & Fullington, (Belvidere) r 13, (James Brown, of Lowell, Orleans Co., and L. M. Fullington, of Johnson, Lamoille Co.,) props of saw-mill, planing-mill, and butter tub factory. Burroughs Josiah C., (Belvidere Corners) r 2, farmer 93, has lived in town for 51 years. BUSKAY ARTEMAS H., (Belvidere) r 10, works in tub factory. CARPENTER PHINEAS, (Belvidere) r 6, farmer 150. CHAFFEE ALVA J., (Belvidere) r 10, 1st selectman and highway surveyor, justice of peace, sugar orchard l00 trees, dairy 10 cows, and farmer 168. Chaffee Arnold, (Belvidere) r 8, cooper and farmer 40. Chaffee Frank, (Belvidere) r 8, farmer 40. CHANDLER ALLEN G., (Belvidere) r 7, tub manufacturer. CHAPPELL EUGENE S., (Belvidere) r 9, sugar orchard 480 trees, dairy 7 cows, farmer 85. Cheney George A., (Belvidere) r 12, tub manufacturer. CHENEY NORMAN M., (Belvidere) r 12, justice of peace, school committeeman, and farmer 31. Coburn Henry W., (Belvidere) r 14, carpenter and joiner. Cushing Frank, (Belvidere Corners) r 2,...

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