Location: Belmont Missouri

Slave Narrative of William Nelson

Interviewer: Sarah Probst Person Interviewed: William Nelson Location: Ohio Place of Birth: Belmont, Missouri Date of Birth: 1848 Age: 88 Sarah Probst, Reporter Audrey Meighen, Author-Editor Folklore: Ex-Slaves Meigs County, District Three MR. WILLIAM NELSON Aged 88 “Whar’s I bawned? ‘Way down Belmont Missouri, jes’ cross frum C’lumbus Kentucky on de Mississippi. Oh, I ‘lows ‘twuz about 1848, caise I wuz fo’teen when Marse Ben done brung me up to de North home with him in 1862.” “My Pappy, he wuz ‘Kaintuck’, John Nelson an’ my mammy wuz Junis Nelson. No suh, I don’t know whar dey wuz bawned, first I member ’bout wuz my pappy buildin’ railroad in Belmont. Yes suh, I had five sistahs and bruthahs. Der names-lets see-Oh yes-der wuz, John, Jim, George, Suzan and Ida. No, I don’t member nothin’ ’bout my gran’parents.” “My mammy had her own cabin for hur and us chilluns. De wuz rails stuck through de cracks in de logs fo’ beds with straw on top fo’ to sleep on.” “What’d I do, down dar on plantashun? I hoed corn, tatahs, garden onions, and hepped take cair de hosses, mules an oxen. Say-I could hoe onions goin’ backwards. Yessuh, I cud.” “De first money I see wuz what I got frum sum soljers fo’ sellin’ dem a bucket of turtl’ eggs. Dat wuz de day I run away to see sum...

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Biography of James Frederick McFadden, M. D.

Dr. James Frederick McFadden, who in keeping with the tendency of the age toward specialization has become a successful neurologist, was born in Belmont, Missouri, September 22, 1888. His father, James McFadden, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was an enterprising merchant of Belmont until a few years prior to his death, when he removed to St. Louis and retired from active business, passing away in 1907, at the age of fifty-three years. His wife, who in her maidenhood was Josephine L. Klinge, was born in Wabasha, Minnesota, and came to St. Louis with her parents when very young and is now a resident of Charleston, Missouri. By her marriage she became the mother of four children, two sons and two daughters, all of whom are living. Dr. McFadden, the second child, was educated in the country schools at Belmont, Missouri, to the age of eight years and afterwards in the graded schools of St. Louis and St. Louis University. In preparation for his professional career he attended the St. Louis University Medical School and won his M. D. degree in 1913. Prior to his graduation he served as interne in the Alexian Brothers Hospital, where he remained until September, 1913, when he became resident neurologist of the Alexian Brothers Hospital and acted in that capacity until July, 1914. At that date he removed to Boston, Massachusetts, where he...

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