Location: Belknap County NH

Biography of Frank B. Kenney

Frank B. Kenney, a prominent farmer of Loudon and a son of Bradley H. and Nancy (Young) Kenney, was born in Loudon, December 19, 1854. His father, who was a native of New Hampshire, and a cooper by trade, settled in Loudon after his marriage, was thereafter occupied in farming, and died May 24, 1882, on the farm where the subject of this sketch now lives. The first of the father’s two marriages was contracted with Miss Pease, who bore him four children. These were: Mary Ann, who married Joseph A. Foster, and lives in Manchester, N.H.; Clarissa, now deceased; Caroline, who is the wife of Joseph Hutchinson, and lives in Concord, N.H.; and Charles L., who married Myra Knowles, of Penacook, and lives near Frank B. Kenney in Loudon. By the second marriage, which was made with Nancy D. Young, of Gilmanton, N.H., there were three children, namely: Frank B.; and Ellen Frances and Ella Victoria, twins. Ellen Frances is now deceased. Ella is the wife of True M. Hill, and lives near her brother. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR...

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Biography of John Shackford Kimball

John Shackford Kimball was an enterprising lawyer of Boston and a business man of Burlington, Ia. A son of David and Abigail (Perkins) Kimball, Pembroke, N.H., April 28, 1812. His descent from Michael Kimball, who married Bettie Runnells, came through David Kimball of the second generation and David Kimball of the third, who married Abigail Perkins. The fifth generation is now represented by John Stevens Kimball. Mr. Kimball’s parents died at Pembroke when he was thirteen years old, leaving nine children-Betsey, Asa, Perkins, John Shackford, Abigail, Sarah Towle (widow of Timothy Colby, of Concord ), Joseph, Mary Lewis (widow of Samuel B. Wright, of Burlington, Ia. ), and Harriet. Of these Sarah and Mary are living. Mary, who was about five years old at the death of her parents, subsequently lived in the family made famous at that time by the noted Prescott murder. Perkins, after spending some time in the printing business, was later employed in the Boston custom-house, and then kept a store in partnership with J. Frank Hoyt in Concord. On retiring from business, he returned to Hopkinton, and died there December 15, 1876. He first married Lydia Reed Wilde, of Boston, a sister of Joseph Wilde, of the well-known firm of Lawrence, Wilde & Co., furniture dealers, Cornhill, Boston. His second marriage was made with Savalla Mason, of Grafton, N.H., who survived him with one...

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Biography of J. F. Merrill, M.D.

J. F. Merrill, M.D., a well-known physician of Franklin Falls, Merrimack County, was born in Gilmanton, N.H., June 5, 1856, son of Jacob D. and Sarah (Sanborn) Merrill. His parents are farming people of Gilmanton. Their six children are all living, and are as follows: Ida, who is the wife of Alonzo Caverly, and resides in Lynn, Mass.; George and Frederick, who are engaged in shoe manufacturing in Lynn, Mass., under the firm name of Merrill Brothers; Charles, who still remains with his parents; Addie, who is the wife of George Blanchard, and a resident of Lynn; and J. F., the subject of this sketch. After acquiring a fair amount of elementary knowledge in the common schools of Gilmanton, the subject of this sketch completed his general studies under a private tutor. He then studied medicine for about four years with Dr. Young, of Pittsfield, preparatory to entering Dartmouth Medical College, where he attended a course of lectures. He was subsequently graduated at the University of Vermont, receiving his degree of Doctor of Medicine from that institution, August 19, 1886. After graduating, he bought out the practice of Dr. J. P. Elkins, of New London, N. H., in which town he remained nearly nine years. He came to Franklin Falls in 1894, and has since been successfully engaged in the practice of his profession here. On January 1, 1879,...

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Biography of David M. Currier, M.D.

David M. Currier, M.D., a successful physician of Newport, was born in Grafton, Grafton County, September 15, 1840, son of David and Rhoda (Morse) Currier. The grandfather, David Currier, presumably came from Salisbury, Mass., and located in Canaan, where he became the owner of a good tract of land, and died at the age of seventy-one years. He married February 2, 1797, Ruth Stevens, David, born February 8, 1803; Edward, born June 12, 1805; Aaron, born September 10, 1813; Dorothy, born January 28, 1799; and Hannah, born June 23, 1800. David, the father of Dr. Currier, was also a farmer. His active life was spent in Canaan and in Grafton. At a later date he moved to the farm, where he died July 2, 1862. His death resulted from injuries from the fall of a tree upon him while at work in the woods. He married Rhoda Morse, who was born in Enfield in 1807, and died March 31, 1894. He was a Free Will Baptist. In his last years he was a Republican. His children were: Rhoda M., who died when two years old; Amanda M. Hadley, who died sixty years of age; Ruth S. Leeds, who lives in Orange, N.H.; Mary Y. Diamond, also a resident of Orange; David M., the subject of this sketch; and William H. Currier, who is a travelling salesman, residing in South...

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Biography of Norman A. Deming

Norman A. Deming, a leading farmer of Cornish, Sullivan County, N.H., is a native of the town. He was born July 18, 1824, son of Harvey and Eunice (Ford) Deming. His paternal grandfather, Ebenezer Deming, came to this State from Connecticut. He was a school teacher of great success, and taught for forty-six consecutive winters. Harvey Deming, son of Ebenezer, was born at Cornish, December 6, 1769. He owned a farm of four hundred acres, and carried on farming on an extensive scale, raising a large amount of stock, and producing great quantities of hay and grain. In politics he was a strong Democrat and in religious views a Baptist, and he was one of the Deacons of the church. He died in February, 1835. His wife, whose maiden name was Eunice Ford, bore the following children: John Milton, born October 27, 1799; Judah Solon, born March 10, 1801; Eliza Emily, born February 19, 1803; Harvey Ford, born June 17, 1809; Stephen Bial, born November 3, 1812; Daniel Philander, born May 3, 1816; Eunice Jane, born July 22, 1818; and Norman A., the youngest. John Milton Deming, the eldest son, received his education in the public schools of the town of Cornish. He became a farmer, and married Charlotte Huggins, and had five children, four of whom-Harvey F., John, Emily, and Alvery O. -are living. Judah Solon became an...

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Biography of Frank Gilman Edgerly

Frank Gilman Edgerly, the efficient High Sheriff of Merrimack County, N.H., was born in Meredith, N.H., on February 19, 1853. His parents were William M. and Lydia (Fogg) Edgerly. His ancestors, paternal and maternal, were of English extraction. Thomas Edgerly, the emigrant progenitor on his father’s side, came to America in 1664, settling near what is now known as Durham, N.H. Thomas Edgerly was a well-educated man, prominent in the early history of New Hampshire, being one of the Justices before whom were tried many important cases involving the civil and religious rights of citizens. Frank G. Edgerly acquired a public-school education in Meredith, N.H., completing his studies at the age of sixteen years. He then came to Concord and served an apprenticeship 1883 he started a printing establishment, in which he continued as proprietor until 1889, when he became a real estate broker. In 1893 he was appointed Deputy Sheriff; and on April 1, 1895, he became High Sheriff; which position he still holds, being also Jailer, having been re-elected by the largest vote ever accorded any High Sheriff in Merrimack County. In politics Mr. Edgerly affiliates with the Republican party. In 1889 and 1890 he was Representative to the legislature from Concord. On April 1, 1893, he was married to Anna M. Swasey, of Lisbon, N.H. They have one child, a daughter Lydia. Fraternally, Mr. Edgerly is...

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Biography of Henry Harrison Edwards

Henry Harrison Edwards, a watchmaker of acknowledged ability, who is now residing in Allenstown, was born in Laconia, N.H., July 28, 1840, son of Nathaniel and Rachel (Ranlett) Edwards. His grandfather, Ebenezer Edwards, who in his earlier years followed the sea, subsequently learned the hatter’s trade, and followed it in Laconia for many years. Another source of income to him was the Martha Watson, a native of Dover, N.H., who also died at the age of sixty-eight. Of their eleven children David, William, Charles, Eben, Mary, and Pierpont are living. Nathaniel Edwards, father of Henry H., was born in Plymouth, N.H., December 7, 1813. He learned the shoemaker’s trade in New Market, N.H., and followed it for several years in his native town. Later he became assistant superintendent of the Lake Water Company. In politics he was originally a Whig, and later became a Republican. He served as Tax Collector for some time, and was Chief of the Fire Department for a number of years. In his latter years he attended the Baptist church. He died at the age of seventy-two years. His wife, Rachel, who is a native of Gilmanton, N.H., became the mother of three sons-George W., Henry H., and Frank A. George W., now deceased, married for his first wife Miss Lawton, of Pittsfield, Mass., who had no children. His second wife, Ida Mills Edwards, of...

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Biography of Hon. Gardner Batchelder Emmons

Hon. Gardner Batchelder Emmons, a successful business man of Concord, N.H., who is now serving his first term as a State Senator, was born in Bristol, Grafton County, this State, February 18, 1847, son of Horace M. and Maria (Batchelder) Emmons. The paternal ancestors have been identified with the history of Bristol, N.H., for at least one hundred and fifty years; while the Batchelders have been inhabitants of Reading, Mass., about two hundred and fifty years. Gardner B. Emmons attended the public schools of Bristol in his boyhood, and completed his course of study in New Hampton Institute at the age of eighteen years. For the first two years of his active career he was employed in a provision store in Bristol, coming thereafter to Concord. He subsequently established himself in business in Tilton, N.H. Returning to Concord in 1871, he has since been engaged in the meat provision business in this city. He is half-owner in the Concord Coal Company, a Director in the Concord Street Railway Company, a Trustee Miles City, Custer County, Mont. In politics Mr. Emmons is a stanch Republican. He has served four years on the Board of Aldermen, and in 1889 he was a member of the House of Representatives in the legislature. In the fall of 1896 he was nominated by acclamation for State Senator, and was elected by a larger majority...

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Biography of Albion H. French, M.D.

Albion H. French, M.D., a wellknown physician of Pittsfield, was born in Gilmanton N.H., March 27, 1847, son of Thomas H. and Sarah Ann (Brown) French. His great-grandfather, Ezekiel French, an Englishman, who was a pioneer of either Loudon or Hampton, N.H., spent his last days in Loudon, where he owned a farm. The second of Ezekiel’s two marriages was contracted with Sallie Smith. His son John was a native of Loudon. When a young man, John settled in Gilmanton, where he became a wealthy farmer, and died at the age of seventy-five years. He married Lucy T. Prescott, who lived to the advanced age of ninety-three or ninety-four years. She reared five children, of whom Thomas H., Albion H. French’s father, was the eldest. Of these children the survivors are: Ann M., the widow of William Brackett, late of Epsom, N.H.; and Warren B. The other two sons, John O. and Samuel P., were graduates of Dartmouth College and physicians. In the latter part of his life the father was a Republican. Both he and his wife were members of the Congregational church. Thomas H. French was born in Gilmanton in 1815. In early manhood he engaged in agriculture with a determination to succeed. He was rapidly becoming prosperous when he died, in the prime of life, aged thirty-seven years. He held a Captain’s commission in the State...

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Biography of Frank Willard Grafton, M.D.

Frank Willard Grafton, M.D., a successful medical practitioner of Concord, was born in Gilford, N.H., in 1869, son of James and Mary Jane (Collins) Grafton. The earliest known progenitor of this family, also named James, emigrated from Scotland to America, locating in Cushing, Me., where he cleared a tract of land, and was afterward engaged in farming. He married, and had a large family, of whom Joseph, the eldest child, was the great-grandfather of Frank Willard. Joseph Grafton, born in Cushing, who was also engaged in agricultural pursuits, passing his entire life on the farm, married, and reared a large family. His son, James Grafton, attended the common schools of his native town until he was seventeen years of age. Then he engaged in seafaring, which he had Margaret Davis, and they had a large family. James Grafton, Jr., the father of Frank Willard, after acquiring his education in the public schools of Cushing, went to sea, continuing to make voyages for five years thereafter. He then came to Laconia, N.H., and worked at brickmaking for a year. In 1862 he enlisted in the Third New Hampshire Heavy Artillery, and subsequently served two and one-half years in the Civil War. After receiving his discharge he returned to Bow, where he has since been engaged in farming. He married Mary Jane Collins; and they had two children, of whom Frank...

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Biography of William Leavitt Bennett

William Leavitt Bennett, a prominent resident of Andover, was born in the town of Loudon, this State, January 16, 1837. His grandfather, Jeremiah Bennett, formerly of Kingston, accompanied Clough, journeyed from there to Loudon, carrying his luggage and implements on a hand-barrow. Having chosen a tract of timbered land favorably situated, he felled a few trees, and built a log hut. He had been a reed-maker by trade; but, after coming to Loudon, he devoted himself to clearing his land and to tilling the soil. He gradually placed it under cultivation; and, when he died, at the ripe age of ninety-five years, he could look with pride on a well-improved farm, won from a wilderness through his own industry and courage. His wife’s name before marriage was Alice Courrier. Their son Amos grew up on the farm, and was from boyhood trained to agricultural pursuits, in which he was engaged throughout the rest of his life. A man of thrift and industry, he increased the tillage area of the farm. His wife, who was christened Nancy Batchelder, became the mother of four sons and one daughter-Lucretia N., William L., Jeremiah F., True H., and Joseph Clark. True fought in the late war with the Ninth New Hampshire Cavalry, and lost his life in the service. Jeremiah lives in Rockford, Ill.; and Joseph Clark resides at Oelwein, Ia. William Leavitt...

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Biography of George W. Wilson

George W. Wilson, who owns a productive farm in Franklin, was born in Salisbury, N.H., July 15, 1824, son of Dr. Job and Nancy (Farnum) Wilson. His grandfather, Captain Nathaniel Wilson, who served as an officer in the Continental army during the Revolutionary War, settled in Gilmanton, N. H., where he spent the remainder of his life. He was an able Job Wilson, M.D., the father of George W., was born in Gilmanton. After graduating. from college, he began the practice of medicine in Boscawen. Later he moved to Salisbury and in 1831 to Franklin, settling on the farm which his son George W. now owns. The farm was tilled by hired assistants; and he continued to practise his profession with success until his death, which occurred in September, 1851. He was a physician of ability, and he provided his children with a good education. His wife, Nancy, who was a native of Concord, N.H., became the mother of ten children, of whom the only survivor is George W. Their son Benjamin died in infancy. Benjamin F. died in Battle Creek, Mich. Their daughter Lucinda Conant married Thomas Eastman, and died in West Concord. Abigail died in Salisbury, at the age of seventeen years. Lydia married Grove Stevens, of Haverhill, N.H., and died in that town. Jeremiah practised medicine in Contoocook, and died in May, 1896. Job P., who was...

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Biography of Henry M. Baker

Henry M. Baker, of Bow, Merrimack County, lawyer and Congressman, and son of Aaron Whittemore and Nancy (Dustin) Baker, was born in Bow, January 11, 1841. He comes of patriotic and heroic ancestry. His great-great-grandfather, Captain Joseph Baker, a Colonial surveyor, married Hannah, only daughter of Captain John Lovewell, the famous Indian fighter, who was killed in the battle of Pigwacket, May 8, 1725. A few years later the township of Suncook, or Lovewell’s town, which included much of the present town of Pembroke, was granted by Massachusetts to the surviving participants and the heirs of those killed in that battle. As its boundaries conflicted with those of the town of Bow, chartered May 10, 1727, by Governor Wentworth, of New Hampshire, the grantees never received the full benefits of the grant. The resulting contention was terminated December 13, 1804, when that part of Bow east of the Merrimac River was annexed to Pembroke and Concord. The Colonial heroine, Hannah Dustin, was a maternal ancestor of Henry M. Baker. Another maternal relative was Walter Bryant, who surveyed many of the townships and the eastern boundary of the State, and was prominent in Colonial affairs. Captain Baker’s son, Joseph, married a descendant of one of the Scotch Covenanters, and settled in Bow. He was among the first to locate there, and the acres he cleared and cultivated are a part...

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Barnstead Parade Ground, Belknap County, New Hampshire

BLANCHARD Cyrus W., b. 25 Oct. 1818, d. 12 Dec. 1899. Lovey N., b. 8 Mar. 1826, d. 28 Jan. 1906. NUTTER James, d. 19 Jan. 1881, ae. 85 yrs. (FLAG) Anna, d. 24 Apr. 1876, ae. 80 yrs. Wife of James Nutter. John M. d. 8 Oct. 1845, ae. 26 yrs., 2 mos. Betty, d. 24 Dec. 1817, ae. 62 yrs. Consort of John Nutter Esq. John Esq., b. 1 Mar. 1757, d. 8 Nov. 1840, ae. 83 yrs., 8 mos. Capt. William, d. 28 June 1867, ae. 77 yrs., 4 mos., 28 days. Hannah, d. 13 Mar. 1869, ae. 75 yrs., 7 mos., 2 days. Wife of Capt. William Nutter. Augustus G., 1820 – 1903. Eliza Jane, 1824 – 1901. Wife of Augustus G. Nutter. BUNKER Jonathan, d. Sept. 1796, ae. 67 yrs. Sarah, d. 26 Jan. 1826, ae. 96 yrs. Wife of Jonathan Bunker. Eli, d. 3 Aug. 1842, ae. 82 yrs. Anna, d. 22 Apr. 1840, ae. 79 yrs. Wife of Eli Bunker. Andrew, d. 1 Aug. 1851, ae. 67 yrs., 7 mos. Rebecca, d. 29 Mar. 1853, d. 67 yrs., 4 mos. Wife of Andrew Bunker. Alfred, 1809 – 1891. Polly Hodgdon, 1812 – 1900. Abraham, d. 14 Sept. 1861, ae. 75 yrs., 10 mos. Polly, d. 29 Mar. 1870, ae. 81 yrs., 11 mos. Wife of Abraham Bunker. Gardner T., d. 22 July...

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Barnstead Centre Graveyard, Belknap County, New Hampshire

BLAISDELL Mary B., d. 12 Aug. 1889, ae. 39 yrs. Dau. of J.P. & M.B. Blaisdell. Sophronia W., d. 29 Sept. 1895, ae. 75 yrs. Wife of Joseph P. Blaisdell. MCKEEN Phebe, d. 14 Aug. 1869, ae. 17 yrs., 1 mo., 21 days. Dau. of James & Betsey McKeen. James, d. 3 May 1879, ae. 67 yrs., 5 mos., 18 days. BARTLETT Little Hattie May, d. 28 Jan. 1890, ae. 2 yrs., 3 mos., 3 days. Dau. of John H. & Mary H. Bartlett. TUTTLE John, Esq., d. 12 Oct. 1854, ae. 70 yrs., 10 mos., 27 days. Hannah, d. 29 Jan. 1872, ae. 80 yrs. Wife of David Jacobs and formerly wife of John Tuttle. FOSS Jonathan, 1790 – 1873 Alice Ham, 1792 – 1863. Wife of Jonathan Foss. Olive A. Canney, 1847 – 1874. Wife of Jonathan Foss. YOUNG David, b. 25 May 1803, d. 9 Feb. 1861. Elizabeth, b. 22 Dec. 1805, d. 30 Sept. 1854. Wife of David Young. JACOBS David M., d. 30 July 1875, ae. 50 yrs., 7 mos. Mary E., d. 23 Dec. 1899, ae. 68 yrs., 15 days. Wife of David M. Jacobs. Cora May, d. 1 Dec. 1862, ae. 2 yrs., 3 mos., 11 days. Only child of D.M. & M.E. Jacobs. MUNSEY Henry J., d. 14 Dec. 1895, ae. 63 yrs., 1 mo., 21 days. SCRUTON Harry E., d....

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