Location: Bavaria Germany

The Grassinger Family of Prairie du Rocher Illinois

Mr. John Grassinger of Prairie du Rocher, was born July 6, 1836, in Bavaria, Germany, and came to America in 1850. Coming first to St. Louis, he remained there until his father died, in the same year, and left him an orphan. He worked as a gardener until 1865, when he bought the farm which is now owned by his son-in-law. He owns his present home in the town, whither he removed on his retirement from farming. In 1856 he was married to Miss Mary M. Chapen, who bore him four children, Henry J., William P., Lucille and Lizzie....

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Biography of Franz L. Koehler

The sturdy German element in our national commonwealth has been one of the most important factors in furthering the substantial and normal advancement of the country, for this is an element signally appreciative of practical values and also of the higher intellectuality which transcends all provincial confines. Well may any person take pride in tracing his lineage to such a source. As one of the able and enterprising citizens whom the German Fatherland has contributed to the United States, and as one of the prominent and progressive citizens of the flourishing town of Moscow, Latah County, Idaho, Franz Louis Koehler is worthy of distinct recognition in this work. Mr. Koehler is a native of the province of Bavaria, Germany, where he was born on the 8th of October 1859, coming of stanch old German stock. He received his educational discipline in the excellent schools of the Fatherland and there instituted his association with the practical affairs of life by learning the brewing business, a line of enterprise in which the sons of the German empire have ever been the leaders. He was employed in the leading breweries of his native land, becoming thoroughly familiar with every detail of the business and with the methods employed to secure the maximum excellence in products. Finally determining to try his fortunes in the New World, Mr. Koehler embarked for the United States...

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Biography of Phillip Brown

Phillip Brown. Like many other men of Eastern Kansas who are now possessed of independent means and hold well-established positions in their various communities, Phillip Brown was in modest eireumstances when he first came to this state. At that time, in 1879, he had been in the United States for nine years, but had not made any appreciable advancement, owing to the fact that his operations had been conducted in a community where it was necessary that a man be possessed of large capital in order to compete with his fellows. In Kansas, however, he found a field in which his energy, ability and ambition could be readily converted into cash, and had never regretted his decision in casting his fortunes with those of the Sunflower State. Mr. Brown was born in the Rhine country of Bavaria, Germany, in 1850, a son of Jacob Brown and a grandson of a Bavarian soldier who fought in the army of the great Napoleon. Jacob Brown was born in Bavaria, was a man of ordinary education, and in his native land followed the life of a laborer. On coming to the United States, in 1873, he secured employment at the Bona Print Works, Wappinger’s Falls, Dutchess County, New York, at which place he died in 1884. He was a Christian man and faithful member of the German Lutheran Church, and when he...

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Biographical Sketch of Frederick W. Bruch

Bruch, Frederick W.; manufacturer; born, Feb. 22, 1852, Rhine, Bavaria, Germany; son of Karl F. and Sophia Zeppn Brach; public school education; married, Cleveland, Sept. 29, 1888, Miss Emma Mohrman; issue, Alfred E., Karl F., Ethel S., and Edward P., learned and followed the machinist’s trade until 1880; became associated with Claus Greve and Daniel Luehers, establishing the Acme Machinery Co., business conducted as a partnership until 1892; then incorporated as The Acme Machinery Co., became pres. of the company at that time, and still occupies that position; pres. The Kraus Furniture Co., Adams Realty Co., organizer and director The Cleveland Machinery Co.; director the State Banking & Trust Co.; vice pres. Standard Fullers Earth Co. of America, at Mobile, Ala.; member Forest City Lodge, No. 388, F. & A. M.; Webb Chapter, R. A. M.; Cleveland Council, R. & S. M.; Oriental Commandery, K. T.; and Al Koran Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S.; member Colonial Club;...

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Biographical Sketch of C. K. Halle

Halle, C. K.; broker; born, Bavaria, Feb. 8, 1844; son of Mannuel and Ida Halle; Cleveland High School education; married, Cleveland, 1875, Sarah Hart; four sons; started in the oil business with W. C. Scofield, Great Western Oil Co., also handled glassware and wholesale groceries; sold out in 1897; joined Cleveland Stock Exchange, selling bonds, stocks and all kinds of securities; specializing in Standard Oil stocks; charter member Excelsior...

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Biographical Sketch of M. Alshuler

M. Alshuler, staple and fancy dry goods, Mattoon; was born in Bavaria, Germany, A. D. 1836; his early life was spent in school; having acquired a good education, in February, 1852, he immigrated to America, end first located in Danville, Ill., where he engaged as clerk in a general dry goods store. In 1854, he went to Chicago, and was employed in a jewelry and fancy store, on Lake street; he next located with the firm of Edsall & Co., in Terre Haute, Ind., and remained with that firm seven years; with another firm he remained three years longer, and, in 1865, came to Mattoon; here the dry goods firm of Alshuler, Aaron & Co. was formed, and continued one year; the firm of C. & M. Alshuler was next formed, and existed eleven years. In the spring of 1876, the firm of C. &. M. Alshuler was dissolved, and that of M. Alshuler & Co. formed. To Mr. Alshuler must be accorded, and justly, too, the honor of opening up the first exclusively dry goods establishment in the city; prior to his example, merchandising in Mattoon had been conducted on the plan of ” ye olden times,” when each carried in stock a line of dry goods, groceries, queensware, drugs, hardware, etc., etc.; under his healthful example, business soon became classified; by strict attention to business, fair dealing,...

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Biography of George Eberlein

GEORGE EBERLEIN-For generations the Eberlem family in Germany has maintained the Eberlein Blacksmith Shops, which were founded by one of their forebears in 1788. Every generation has produced one sturdy and efficient blacksmith, who loves his trade and manages the shops so well that their excellent reputation continues. George Eberlein himself began to learn smithing when he was ten years old, and had mastered it by his fourteenth year with German thoroughness, and he has greatly benefited by his knowledge since he came to America. William Eberlein, his grandfather, died in Germany in 5876. His son, William Eberlein, was born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1840, dying there in 1893. He served in the German army during the wars from 1866 to 1870. Like his father and four brothers, he was a blacksmith. William Eberlein married Marie Ahles, a native of Bavaria, who died in 1952. Their son was George Eberlein, subject of this sketch. George Eberlein was born in Bavaria, Germany, November 10, 1866. He received his education in the schools of his native town, learned the trade of blacksmith and also of machinist, and at twenty entered the German army for his term of service. This he completed in two years, the only soldier out of 9,500 to finish the required service so expeditiously. For a time thereafter he worked in his father’s shops, and in 1889 was...

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Biography of Peter Fries

Man whose personality was strongly A impressed on Rock Island County, was Peter Fries, distiller, banker, and man of affairs. Mr. Fries was born May 4, 1822, on the family estate known as “Guss-Hof,” situated on the River Main, in Bavaria, Germany. He died July 20, 1902, in Rock Island, Illinois. His father’s name was Johann, his mother’s, Gertrude (nee Brand), of Reistenhausen. Johann Fries was the owner of the Guss-Hof, the estate which had descended from father to son for many generations, and was situated near Stadt Prozelten. Peter Fries, the subject of this sketch, was the youngest of eight children. After receiving his education, he assisted his father in the affairs of the estate, until he reached the age of manhood, when he sold his inheritance to his oldest sister. The burden had been heavy, and being informed of the rare opportunities for thrift and energy in America, he came in the year 1849 to the United States, and located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Here he engaged in the tannery business, but his investment proved unfortunate, and he continued but for one year, when he removed to Henry, Illinois, where he once more embarked in the leather business. After two years spent in Henry, he sold his establishment and re-moved to Davenport, Iowa, where he engaged in the manufacture of vinegar, which he continued until the year 1854....

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Biography of Ignatz Huber

The City of Rock Island is indebted for its present prosperity and commercial activity to many men whose capital and intellect have been instrumental in promoting its growth; but one of the men to whom it is chiefly indebted for his activity in promoting those industries and measures which are the life of a city is Ignatz Huber, one of Rock Island’s pioneer brewers and financiers. Mr. Huber is a native of Bavaria, Germany. He was born February 1, 1826. His boyhood and youth were spent in his native Bavaria, and after his school days were finished, learned the brewer’s trade under the instruction of his father. Like many others of foreign birth who have emigrated to the United States, Mr. Huber saw in America a land of promise where individual ability counted for much more and brought much better returns than in the old world. He took passage for America on a sailing vessel leaving the Port of Rotterdam, and after a voyage of forty-two days on the ocean, arrived at New York on June 16, 1849. Pushing westward he stopped at Canton, Ohio, where he spent two months, and then removed to Columbus in the same state, where he found employment in a brewery. Leaving Columbus he went to Cincinnati, where he again followed that line of business in which he had received such thorough training. Mr....

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Biographical Sketch of John Kineth

JOHN KINETH. – This pioneer of Oregon and of Whidby Island, Washington, is a native of Bavaria, Germany, and was born in 1828. At the age of ten years he came with his parents to American, and passed his early life in Springfield, Illinois. He there obtained the practical education of the West, and learned as his resource for the livelihood the trade of a harness-maker. As early as 1849 he felt the impulse to go West. Joining a company of emigrants at Springfield, he crossed the plains, arriving at Milwaukee, Oregon, November 3d. Seeing that there was an abundance of money in circulation, he worked at his trade at Oregon City, making from ten to fifteen dollars a day. In 1851 he removed to Lafayette and opened a harness and saddle shop, the first and only one on the west side of the Willamette river, meeting with good success fitting out miners; but, his health failing, he sought a new location, making final choice of a Donation claim on Whiby Island in 1853, some two and a half miles from Coupeville. This became his home for thirty-two years; and he successfully carried on farming during all that time, becoming an influential member of the community. He took a special interest in schools, seeing the essential value of education in our new Northwest. He finds it at present more...

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Biography of Louis Schorn

Louis Schorn President of the Olive Milling Company, was born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1839, came to the United States in 1856, and engaged as clerk for a dry-goods merchant in Alabama until 1861, when he returned to the old country to visit his parents. In 1864 he again sought “the land of the free.” After clerking three years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he spent one year in Kansas, and then until 1882 he was successfully engaged in the grocery and milling business in Texas. Then he came to California and purchased forty acres of land northwest of Anaheim, where he now lives, and where he devotes his attention to fruits and vines, and is very successful both in horticulture and in the manufacture of wines and brandies. He has since bought 160 acres of highly improved land a half mile southwest of the Southern Pacific depot in Anaheim, devoted principally to oranges and deciduous fruits. In 1887 the Olive Milling and Land Improvement Company was organized, with a paid up capital of $50,000. Those forming the company were Mr. Schorn, Thomas Dillon, C. Culvert and Washington Martin. For four years prior to this organization Mr. Schorn and Mr. Dillon had been carrying on the milling business successfully. In the fall of 1889 the mill was totally destroyed by fire; but through the energy and enterprising spirit of these men...

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Biography of Frank Dekum

For many years the subject of this sketch has occupied a commanding position in the commercial and financial history of Portland. His career and achievements forcibly illustrate what may be accomplished by one who pursues earnest purposes and makes right use of his opportunities. Coming to Portland before it had outgrown the limits of an insignificant hamlet, he has grown with its growth until to-day he is one of the leading men of finance in the metropolis of Oregon. He was born in Bavaria, Germany, November 5, 1829. At the age of eight years he accompanied his parents to America, the family consisting of seven children. They settled on a farm in St. Clair county, Illinois. Here the boyhood of young Dekum was passed, and during this period, owing to the humble circumstances of his parents, he can hardly be said to have received any educational advantages, as but one winter in a log school house completed his opportunities in this direction. What he has since acquired in the way of an education has been gained by self application and in the great school of experience. He remained with his father assisting him in the management of the farm until he reached the age of sixteen, when desiring to engage in some work which offered greater opportunities for advancement, he left home and went to St. Louis. Here he...

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