Location: Bartlesville Oklahoma

Biography of Mrs. Anna Parks

Mrs. Anna Parks, a native daughter of Oklahoma and a member of one of the old and prominent families of the state, is the owner of a valuable farm near Bartlesville and is a most capable business woman, displaying marked executive ability, foresight and enterprise in the management of her interests. She was born on the present site of Bartlesville, her parents being John and Jennie (Downing) Lovelady, the former a native of Germany, while the latter was born in Indian Territory and was of Cherokee extraction. In 1860 the maternal grandfather, Jesse Thompson, settled near the present location of Bartlesville, becoming the owner of a large tract of land which he developed and improved. He was one of the most prominent men of his day, serving on the Cherokee council at the time the government transferred the Osage from Kansas to Indian Territory, and he also assisted in making the treaty for the land for both the Osage’ and Delaware tribes. John Lovelady came to the United States as a youth and resided for a time in New York. In 1893 he made his way to Indian Territory, where he acquired land, becoming one of the well known settlers of the region. Mr. and Mrs. Lovelady reared three daughters: Susie and Mary, who were Anna’s half sisters, and are both deceased; and Anna, now Mrs. Parks. Discover your...

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Biography of Judge J. R. Charlton

Judge J. R. Charlton, district judge of the thirtieth judicial district of Oklahoma and one of the most distinguished citizens of Washington County, his residence being at Bartlesville, was born in Salem, Marion County, Illinois, July 21, 1858, his parents being W. J. and Elizabeth Ann (Huff) Charlton, the latter a daughter of Samuel A. Huff, who in 1873 removed to Kansas and secured a government claim near Sedan, where his remaining days were passed. The grandfather in the paternal line was Isaac Bradbury Charlton, who was a native of Virginia, whence he removed to Tennessee in 1820. In that state he married a Miss Black and afterward became a resident of Marion County, Illinois, taking up his abode on the farm which was afterward the birth-place of Judge Charlton. It was also the birthplace of W. J. Charlton, whose natal day was December 31, 1836, and who in Marion County was reared and educated. After attaining adult age he there wedded Elizabeth Aim Huff, who was born March 28, 1838, about six miles from the Charlton home. They began their domestic life on the old homestead property which continued to be their place of residence until 1873, when they moved to Odin, Illinois, where they resided until October, 1877, when they removed to Chautauqua County, Kansas, crossing the country in one of the old-time prairie schooners and locating...

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Biography of William W. Jones

For more than thirty-six years William W. Jones has been a resident of Washington County, Oklahoma, and is a representative of one of its honored pioneer families. A native of the Lone Star state, he was born in Fannin County, Texas, in 1883, and is a son of John W. S. and Martha T. (Stowe) Jones. The father, a native of Illinois, was reared to manhood in that state, while the mother’s birth occurred in Indiana, but was also reared to young womanhood in the Sucker state, where her marriage was celebrated. In 1878 the parents removed to Texas, where the father followed the occupation of farming and stock raising until 1885, at which time he came with his family to Indian Territory. They made the overland journey in one of the old-time prairie schooners, Mrs. Jones driving the team attached to the schooner, while the father drove a second team, carefully supervising the primitive caravan and taking care of the cattle, which were driven by men hired for the purpose. In July, 1885, they arrived in what is now known as Washington County, where they located on a pioneer farm two miles east of Bartlesville. Here John W. S. Jones also continued to follow agricultural pursuits, achieving marked success as a farmer and stock grower. In 1895 he moved six miles southeast of Bartlesville, where he now resides....

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Biography of O. S. Somerville, M. D.

Dr. O. S. Somerville, who has been actively engaged in the practice of medicine and surgery at Bartlesville during the past sixteen years, is also a prominent factor in financial circles as Vice President of the Bartlesville State Bank. His birth occurred in Parkersburg, West Virginia, on the 11th of February, 1871, his parents being Andrew and Margaret (Slaven) Somerville, the latter also a native of West Virginia. Andrew Somerville, who followed general agricultural pursuits in that state throughout his active business career, passed away in 1899, while his wife was called to her final rest in 1913. In the acquirement of his education O. S. Somerville attended the common schools of Elizabeth, Parkersburg and Rockport, while his professional training was received in the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Baltimore, Maryland, and in the Louisville Medical College of Louisville, Kentucky. Prior to his, graduation from the latter institution, however, he taught school in West Virginia. He came to Oklahoma in 1904 and engaged in the practice of medicine at Oktaha for a year and a half, on the expiration of which period he took up his abode in Bartlesville, where he has followed his profession continuously since. Dr. Sutton and Dr. Woodring are the only physicians in Bartlesville at the present time who were here at the time of the arrival of Dr. Somerville in 1905. He has...

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Biography of George P. McKinley

George R. McKinley, forceful and resourceful, has accomplished much in the way of improvement and progress in Bartlesville as well as in the advancement of his individual fortunes. He stands as a splendid type of American manhood and chivalry, recognizing and utilizing the opportunities for development in the west and building along lines of future needs as well as of present day demands. Mr. McKinley is a native of Kansas, his birth having occurred at Lawrence, February 24, 1869, his parents being James B. and Julia A. (Porter) McKinley. He was named for his grandfather, George McKinley, a native of Scotland, who was brought to the new world in childhood by his parents, the family home being established in Pennsylvania, where George McKinley spent his remaining days, passing away when his son James B. was but eight years of age. The latter, a second cousin to the father of President William McKinley, was born in Venango County, Pennsylvania where his youth was passed, upon farm and his education was acquired in the public schools. He was but seventeen years of age when he began teaching in the rural schools and later he took up bookkeeping in Pittsburgh, being thus employed until the outbreak of the Civil war. He twice attempted to enlist but was rejected on account of his small stature. Finally, however, he removed to Kansas and there...

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Biography of R. L. Gordon

R. L. Gordon, the popular and efficient Mayor of Ochelata and a member of one of the prominent pioneer families of Oklahoma, was born just across the boundary line, in Kansas, April 4, 1891, his parents being W. H. and Sarah (Bolen) Gordon, the former a native of Kentucky, while the latter was born in Texas. The father journeyed, overland from Kentucky to Missouri and from that state made three round trips to Texas, also going by the over land route. He became a pioneer of Indian Territory and is now residing in Ochelata, where lie follows the carpenter’s trade, having reached the age of fifty-four, while his wife is fifty-two years of age. In the acquirement of an education R. L. Gordon attended school at Coffeyville, Kansas, and later at Bartlesville and Ochelata, Oklahoma. On starting out in the business world he engaged in teaming in the oil fields, later becoming district superintendent of the Indian Territory Illuminating Oil and Gas Company, which position he capably filled for ten years. He then worked as a tool dresser for various companies, continuing active along that line until the 1st of October, 1920, when he embarked in business on his own account, opening the Mission Billiard Parlor in Ochelata, which is conducted on a strictly moral basis. He devotes but little of his time’ to the business, employing a capable...

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Biography of Alfred J. Tayrien

From pioneer times until the present the name of Tayrien has figured prominently in connection with the development and up-building of Oklahoma and Alfred J. Tayrien, who represents the third generation of the family in this state, is actuated by the same spirit of progress and enterprise which dominated his for-bears, worthily bearing his part in the work of progress and advancement here. He was born in Osage County on the 17th of May, 1899, and is a son of Andrew, and Francis Tayrien, the latter May of Osage extraction. The father is also a native of Osage County, his birth having occurred at Skiatook on the 11th of October, 1873. He is now retired and lie and his wife are living in Bartlesville. The paternal grandfather, ‘Cyprian Tayrien, a native of Missouri, came to Indian Territory at an early- period in its history becoming a trader and farmer, and resides upon his ranch, which is situated three miles southwest of Bartlesville, having given up business activities. In the acquirement of an education Alfred J. Tayrien attended the public schools of Bartlesville and the Kemper Military Academy in Missouri, from which he was graduated with the class of 1917. During the World war he served for eleven months in the United States navy, being stationed on a receiving ship at Bremerton, Washington. After receiving his discharge he returned to...

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Biography of Amanda Payne Morgan Bell

The life history of Amanda Payne Morgan Bell, who formerly, served as County Superintendent of schools, will prove of interest to her many friends and acquaintances. She was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas, her parents being Gideon and Mary L. (Payne) Morgan, the former born near Nashville, Tennessee, and of Cherokee Indian descent, while the mother’s birth occurred in Arkansas. In early life the father removed to Arkansas and eventually to Oklahoma, the train on which he was riding being the first to stop at Gibson Station, this state. Here he became a large planter and took a very active part in the early political history of Indian Territory. He was chairman of the first joint statehood convention and has served in the legislature for three terms from Mayes County. He now owns and manages the Morgan Inn, a well known summer resort located on Grand River, Oklahoma. At this resort many distinguished visitors are to be found, General Goethals being one of their guests during the past year. Mr. Morgan is an own cousin to Senator John T. Morgan of Alabama, who has passed away and -who served with distinction for thirty-three years in the senate, making a most notable record. Mr. Morgan is living at the venerable age of seventy years and is still a most active man. His father, George Washington Morgan, was killed while in...

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Biography of John Mickels

John Mickels is a prominent farmer and stockman of Washington County, holding extensive interests in land, in cattle and in oil properties, while making his home in Bartlesville, where he occupies an attractive residence that is the visible evidence of his success in the management and control of his business affairs. Mr. Mickels is a native of the neighboring state of Missouri, his birth having occurred in Macon County September 1, 1877 and came to Bartlesville thirty-five years ago and throughout the intervening period has resided in this section of the state, taking active and helpful part in the development of the natural resources of Washington County. He became engaged with Charles Keeler in the cattle business and followed that pursuit successfully for a number of years, developing large herds, while his annual sales added a substantial sum to his yearly income. It was about twenty years ago that Mr. Mickels was united in marriage to Miss Rena Tayrien, a representative of one of the oldest, most prominent and most honored families of Oklahoma, of whom extended mention is made elsewhere in this work. Her parents were Cyprian and Susan (Captain) Tayrien, who had five children, of whom Rena is the youngest. She comes of French-Canadian and Osage Indian ancestry. Her grandfather was Enoch Tayrien, an employe of the American Fur Company, who spent the winter months in Missouri;...

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Biography of H. V. Foster

No history of Oklahoma especially having to do with the development of the great oil industry in the state would be complete without extended reference to the Foster family. Their activities have been a most potent element in connection with the development of the natural resources of the southwest and I L and H. V. Foster maintains the family standard of activity, progressiveness, initiative, determination and sagacity in relation to business affairs. He is today President of the Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company, with headquarters at Bartlesville and is the directing head of the company which controls the famous Foster lease in the Osage Nation. He entered actively upon the management of these interests in 1902 and in the passing years has become an outstanding figure in connection with the oil development of the southwest. A native son of New England, he was born September 6, 1875, in Westerly, Washington County, Rhode Island, his parents being Henry and Gertrude (Daniels) Foster. The father was also born in Westerly, while the mother’s birth occurred in Paxton, Worcester County, Massachusetts. The name of Henry Foster is indelibly engraved upon the financial records of his native state, for he became one of the foremost financiers of Rhode Island, where he engaged in the banking business for many years. Attracted by the opportunities of the growing west, however, he made his way to...

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Biography of Alfred J. Smysor

Bartlesville owes much to the progressive spirit and notable business ability of Alfred J. Smysor, whose extensive real estate operations have been a dominant force in the up-building and development of the town, and he is also recognized as a successful merchant and oil operator. He was born in Windsor, Shelby County, Illinois, February 4, 1873, and there attended the grammar and high schools, later attending a business college. In 1893 he completed his studies and then became a member of the firm of Smysor & Son, of which his father was the head, continuing active in general l merchandising until 1908. In that year Mr. Smysor came to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and purchased a fifty-five acre tract of land, which he subdivided into two hundred and sixty-eight lots. His business was conducted under the style of Collison & Smysor and at their own expense the firm completed three and a half miles of street grading, put in sewers and set out trees, expending twenty-two thousand dollars in street improvements. They also built sidewalks and on the property they erected over two hundred houses. At the present time, in association with Jay H. Mullen, Mr. Smysor is marketing an addition on the south side of the town, consisting of thirty lots. They operate under the name of Smysor & Mullen and have erected seven houses on the addition. They have...

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Biography of Robert Drakely Rood, M. D., D. S.

Dr. Robert Drakeley Rood enjoys the distinction of bringing in the first large oil well in what was then Indian Territory and since the fall of 1903 has made his home in Bartlesville, while through the intervening period he has operated extensively in connection with the development of the oil industry in the south-west. His labors have constituted a most effective and important factor in the up-building and progress of this section of the country, nor has he ever been remiss in duties of citizenship or in recognition and utilization of the chances for contributing to the development and welfare of the commonwealth, while the influence of himself and his family over the social life of the community has been most potent. Robert Drakeley Rood was born on the 20th of October, 1863, at Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and was the second son in a family of four children, whose parents were Dr. Galen Gear and Nancy Jane (Sylvester) Rood. In the paternal line his ancestry is traced back to the early Puritans who settled in New England and upon the family record appears such distinguished names as that of Charles Sumner, statesman; Caroline Hazard, at one time President of Wellesley College; Senator Gear of Iowa; and Ogden N. Rood, one of the founders of Columbia University. Robert Drakeley Rood’s father, Dr. Galen Gear Rood, was graduated from the Ohio...

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Biography of J. C. Cobleigh

For three decades J. C. Cobleigh has made his home in Bartlesville, arriving here at an early period in the development of the town, and with its subsequent growth and up-building he has been prominently identified, having extensive farming and stock-raising interests and also being a large oil operator. He is a keen, farsighted business man whose well matured plans are promptly executed, and opportunity has ever been to him a call to action. A native of Pennsylvania, Mr. Cobleigh was born December 15, 1873, of the marriage of C. C. and Mary (Mahoney) Cobleigh, the former of Scotch-Irish descent, while the latter was born in Cork, Ireland. The father was an oil contractor and operator in Pennsylvania, and under his able instruction J. C. Cobleigh gained a thorough knowledge of the business, which he followed as a contractor and operator in Indiana but met with financial reverses while residing in that state. He came to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, on the 10th of August,, 1891, at which time there were not more than one hundred buildings in the town, and his first operations in the oil fields of Oklahoma were made two miles northeast of Dewey. He still owns the land, which he has converted into a highly improved farm, engaging in dairying and also in the raising of hogs. He has three hundred head of registered stock, specializing in...

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Biography of W. F. Kendall

W. F. Kendall, who has been a resident of Bartlesville for the past two decades, is well known as proprietor of the Crescent Planing Mills, in which connection he is conducting a business of extensive proportions. His birth occurred in Iroquois County, Illinois, on the 25th of November, 1880, his parents being W. R. and Elizabeth (Vennum) Kendall, the former a building contractor. In 1896 the family home was established in Lincoln, Nebraska, while five years later a removal was made to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, where both the father and mother of W. F. Kendall still reside, the former having now reached the notable old age of ninety-nine years. Mrs. Elizabeth Kendall has passed the eighty-sixth milestone on life’s journey and both she and her husband are well known and highly esteemed throughout the community in which they make their home. They reside with Mr. Kendall of this review, as does also their daughter, Mrs. E. K. Saurer. W. F. Kendall had attained his majority when he came with his parents to Bartlesville. Following in the business footsteps of his father he became identified with building operations as a contractor. In 1920, however, he abandoned that field of activity and purchased the business of the Crescent Planing Mills, which were established in Bartlesville thirteen years ago. As proprietor thereof he is actively engaged in the manufacture of doors, windows, cabinet...

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Biography of John B. Fowler

Long connection with the oil industry has made John B. Fowler an expert in this branch of activity and through the capable management of his business affairs he has accumulated a substantial competence which now enables him to live retired in the enjoyment of a well earned rest, his home being in Bartlesville. He was born in Butler County, Pennsylvania, September 16, 1852, and his parents were John P. and Margaret (Keppler) Fowler, who were also natives of the Keystone state, the father’s birth occurring in the same County. John P. Fowler became a resident of Crawford County, Pennsylvania, in 1860 and there began drilling wells, but his first efforts were not successful. He became associated with Jonathan Watson, one of the largest oil operators in that section, a relationship that was maintained for seven years, and they were very successful in the conduct of their interests. Mr. Fowler passed away in Butler County, Pennsylvania, in 1877, and his wife’s demise occurred two years later. On reaching adult years John B. Fowler naturally turned his attention to the business with which his father was so long connected and he has been identified with the oil industry in eleven states of the Union. In 1903 he came to Bartlesville and became an active factor in the development of the oil fields in this section but has now retired from the...

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