Location: Bartlesville Oklahoma

Biography of Carl E. Kayser

Carl E. Kayser, son of Carl F. and Lillian P. (Eble) Kayser, was born May 20, 1889, in Newark, New Jersey. His father was born in the Grand Duchy of Baden, Germany, and his mother was born in the state of New Jersey. His father came to the United States at the age of eighteen years and has been in the teaching profession ever since, being now professor of Germanic languages in Hunter College, New York city. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Carl E. Kayser attended the public schools in Newark, New Jersey, and in New York City, and from 1905 to 1909 he attended Columbia University in New York city, from which he graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Immediately after his graduation he entered the employ of the American Metal Company, Limited, and, after a thorough apprenticeship in their offices in New York, St. Louis, Denver and Joplin, came to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, in 1912, in the interest of this company. Here,...

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Biography of L. L. Warner

L. L. Warner, who is successfully engaged in business as a dairyman of Bartlesville, was born in Pennsylvania on the 17th of March, 1867, a son of Joseph and Catherine (Warner) Warner, who though of the same name were not related. They removed to Illinois six weeks after the birth of their son, L. L. Warner, settling in Fulton County, that state, where Joseph Warner carried on farming until 1879. In that year the family home was established in Fremont County, Iowa, where Mr. Warner of this review remained until he was twenty-three years of age, when he was married and made his way to Nebraska. He devoted his attention to general agricultural pursuits in the latter state for three years, after which he spent another year in Iowa and then disposed of his property removing to Arkansas City, Kansas, where he made his home for eighteen months. On the expiration of that period he settled in southern Oklahoma and for two and a half years followed farming in the Chickasaw Nation, while subsequently he spent five years as an agriculturist in Nowata County. He next took up his abode in Bartlesville, where he was engaged in teaming for more than fourteen Years and then conducted a grocery store for fourteen months. It was in 1920 that he embarked in the dairy business with but two cows and through...

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Biography of A. O. Harrison

A. O. Harrison, a member of an old and honored family that has figured prominently on the pages of American history, is a leading representative of the Bartlesville bar and is now capably filling the office of city attorney. A native of Missouri, he was born in Callaway County, September 25, 1871, his parents being Jilson Payne and Catherine (Bernard) Harrison, the former a native of Kentucky, while the latter was born in Virginia. In the paternal line the ancestry is traced back to General William Henry Harrison, known as “Tippecanoe,” who won fame in the Indian wars of 1812. The paternal grandfather of the subject of this review, Micajah Volney Harrison, represented his district in the Missouri state legislature in the late ’40s and was prominent in public life. He died in 1853 and the state subsequently erected a monument to his memory. His brother, Albert Gallatin Harrison, went from Kentucky to Missouri about 1830 and he also took a leading part in public affairs, being elected congressman from Missouri at a time when that state comprised but two districts. Both Harrisonville and Harrison County were named in his honor and he died in 1836, while serving his second term in congress. The maternal grandfather, Thomas Bernard, traveled in a prairie schooner from Virginia to Missouri in 1836 and in that state he engaged in farming, up to...

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Biography of Fred Roscoe Sutton, M. D.

Dr. Fred Roscoe Sutton, physician and surgeon of Bartlesville, has been successfully engaged in the practice of medicine in Oklahoma since 1898. The passing years have chronicled the steady growth and progress of the state and in keeping with the trend of change and advancement is the record of Dr. Sutton, who at all times has kept abreast of the latest researches and discoveries relative to the laws of health. He was born in Emporia, Kansas, January 14, 1874, and is a son of Dr. George W. Sutton, a native of Kentucky, whose birth occurred just across the River from Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1840, and who was largely educated in that city. He pursued his professional course in the Cincinnati Medical College, from which he was graduated with the class of 1865. In the meantime, however, he had spent four years as a soldier of the Union army during the Civil war, having enlisted at Cincinnati in an Ohio regiment, in which he rose to the rank of captain. In 1871 he removed to Emporia, Kansas, where he soon became established in a large practice, his ability being at once recognized. He also became a prominent figure in connection with public and political affairs and was a most ardent exponent of the Republican platform. It was Dr. George W. Sutton who more than any one else, was instrumental in...

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Biography of L. L. Higbee

L. L. Higbee, who since 1912 has been fire chief at Bartlesville, Oklahoma, was born in Chase County, Kansas, November 28, 1866. He acquired his education in his native state, attending the public schools of Emporia, Kansas, to the age of twenty years. He then entered the business world as an employee in the printing establishment of Jake Stotter in the capacity of a compositor, working on the Emporia News for some time. He afterward worked for Governor Eskridge on the Emporia Republican, also as a compositor. Mr. Higbee is in possession of the first fifty-cent piece Governor Eskridge gave him in recognition of his services, this silver coin being greatly prized by Mr. Higbee as a lucky piece and he has carried this about him for over thirty-five years, wearing it down almost to the thickness of a wafer. After following the printing business for twelve years he purchased a farm in Kansas, devoting a short period to its cultivation. He then became connected with the fire department of Emporia, driving a fire team for the fire patrol from September, 1896, to March, 1906, when he removed to Bartlesville. Here he also entered the service of the fire patrol. When the fire chief resigned Mr. Higbee succeeded him to the position of fire chief of Bartlesville, holding the office since 1912. That he is an alert and wide-awake...

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Biography of H. L. Anderson

The rapid development of northeastern Oklahoma, which is one of the richest oil fields in the country, has created a large and growing demand for competent men and women to handle the office end of this important industry and the Bartlesville Business College, of which H. L. Anderson is manager, is well equipped to meet this situation, for its graduates have gone forth into the business world well fitted to handle important duties, their developed powers serving as a foundation for growing success. Mr. Anderson is a native of Illinois. He was born in Vernon, August 14, 1890, and after completing his high school course he entered the State Normal School, from which he was graduated in 1914. For a year thereafter he taught school in Illinois and then came to Oklahoma, where he continued his educational work, serving for two years as principal of the high school at Oktaha. Following the entrance of the United States into the World war, he joined the service, becoming a corporal in the Medical Corps, and for seven months was stationed at Camp Greenleaf, Georgia. After his discharge he was made manager of the Bartlesville Business College, of which S. Maxwell Smith is President, while E. A. Guise acts as general manager. They also control the Tulsa and Sapulpa business colleges and are experienced school men who thoroughly understand the practical as...

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Biography of J. T. Shipman

J. T. Shipman, a successful attorney of Bartlesville, where he has practiced continuously during the past fifteen years, is now associated with B. A. Lewis and is widely recognized as one of the able representatives of the legal profession in northeastern Oklahoma. He was born in Ashley County, Arkansas, on the 1st of February, 1874, and began his education in the common schools there, later pursuing a high school course at Hamburg, that state. Subsequently be became a student in Ouachita College at Arkadelphia, Arkansas, which institution conferred upon him the degree of Bachelor of Arts, while his professional training was received in the law department of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, from which he was graduated with the class of 1906. In the same year he came to Oklahoma and opened an office in Bartlesville, here beginning the practice of law in partnership with W. T. Sidell, who is now deceased. Throughout the Period of his professional career he has devoted his attention strictly to civil law and his present associate is B. A. Lewis, the firm acting as attorneys for the National Oil & Development Company, the Dewey Portland Cement Company, Tyler & Company, the Central National Bank and the Security National Bank of Dewey. For four years, from 1911 until 1915, Mr. Shipman filled the office of County judge, making a most creditable and...

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Biography of H. H. Bowen

Among those who are doing effective work in connection with the development of the rich oil fields of northeastern Oklahoma is numbered H. H. Bowen, a successful operator residing at Ochelata, who is the possessor of considerable creative ability which he has utilized to good advantage in this field of activity. He was born in Adams County, Ohio, October 27, 1868, of the marriage of Reuben R. and Kate Bowen, the former a native of Virginia, while the latter was born in Ohio and was left an orphan when but an infant. The father devoted his attention to the buying of timber and became a pioneer of Indiana, passing away in 1907. H. H. Bowen acquired his education in the common schools of Indiana and in 1905 he came to Oklahoma, first locating at Bartlesville and later removing to Ochelata, where he entered the oil business, in which he has been very successful. He owns improved property in both Bartlesville and Ochelata and has a one hundred and thirty acre tract of land situated two and a half miles southwest of Ochelata, on which he has five wells which at first produced one hundred and fifty barrels per day, while their present output is about forty barrels daily. He has done all of the development work on this property with his own funds and has devoted much thought to...

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Biography of W. A. Kidd

W. A. Kidd, an astute, energetic and successful business man, is well known in commercial circles of Washington County as head of the W. A. Kidd Lumber Company of Bartlesville and in the conduct of his interests he displays foresight, determination and marked executive ability. A native of Pennsylvania, he was born March 9, 1869, and after completing his public school course entered an academy in that state. After reaching mature years he went to Bowling Green, Ohio, and there engaged in drilling oil wells as a contractor until 1900, when he went to Bakersfield, California, where for three years he was similarly occupied. From there he came to Bartlesville and for three years operated four strings of tools here, at the end of which period he disposed of his interests along that line, and in 1906 he became a member of the firm of Kidd & Bailey, later purchasing the interest of his partner, since which time he has conducted the enterprise independently. He handles lumber, catering to the retail trade exclusively, and obtains his stock from Texas and Arkansas. He has built up a business of large proportions, giving employment to seven people and utilizing four delivery trucks. In 1922 he opened up a yard at Shidler, Oklahoma. He is also engaged in the tile business and, in fact, handles everything pertaining to the building of a...

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Biography of Louis Tinker

Louis Tinker, a retired farmer and stock raiser of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, was born on the Neosha River, Kansas, and is a son of William H. and Lucille (Lessart) Tinker, both of whom were of Osage Indian origin. Both have passed away. Louis Tinker’s. parents removed with him to Oklahoma when he was a child, and on reaching adult years he there turned his attention to farming and stock raising. He followed this occupation in Oklahoma successfully for many years and as a result of his close application and industry he is now, at the age of fifty-four years, living retired from active business life, enjoying in well earned rest the fruits of his former toil. He has also made some judicious investments in oil and he and eight of his children who have oil holdings are receiving large royalties annually. Thus he is enabled to live in ease and comfort. On October 5, 1890, Mr. Tinker was united in marriage to Miss Ida May Harness, also a native of Neosha County, Kansas. She is a daughter of John and Sarah (Meeks) Harness, the former a native of Illinois, while the mother was born in Platte County, Missouri. After the death of her husband Mrs. Harness married Duncan McIntyre, who has also passed away. She became the mother of seven children. She has now reached the age of seventy-nine years...

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Biography of E. H. Huff

E. H. Huff is well known in business circles of Bartlesville as a successful contractor, engaged in road construction work, and owing to his thorough knowledge of his chosen occupation and his reliable and progressive business methods, success has attended his efforts. A native of Missouri, he was born November 11, 1897, and in 1900 was taken to Oklahoma by his parents, J. W. and Bessie (Williamson) Huff, who are also natives of that state. For many years the father followed contracting in the oil fields of this state but he is now living retired in Bartlesville and the mother also survives. In the acquirement of an education E. H. Huff attended the public schools of Bartlesville and Kendall College at Tulsa, after which he became a student in the Bartlesville Business College, from which he was graduated in 1917. He then entered the cigar and confectionery business but later disposed of his store and for a time was identified with oil interests, abandoning that line of activity to engage in contracting. He is now at the head of the Huff Construction Company and is doing road construction work for the state, being most thorough and conscientious in the execution of contracts and rendering excellent service to the common-wealth. On the 22d of September, 1917, Mr. Huff was united in marriage to Miss Viola Tayrien, a daughter of Andrew...

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Biography of L. W. Servey

The lumber industry of Washington County finds a prominent representative in L. W. Servey, who as President of the Ochelata Lumber Company is controlling a large and growing business, which he has developed through close application, capable management, energy and determination. He was born in Dempsey town, Venango County, Pennsylvania July 2, 1813, of the marriage of A. J. and Adeline (Weikal) Servey, both now deceased. The father, who was a building contractor, went to Kansas in 1868 and there took up a homestead, which he improved and developed. L. W. Servey completed a course in the high school at Iola, Kansas, after which he attended the normal school at Mankato, Minnesota, and a business college at St. Paul, that state. Following the outbreak of the Spanish-American war he became a member of the Fifteenth Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, commanded by Captain Spicer. After receiving his discharge Mr. Servey entered the employ of the Clark & Bates Lumber Company, first working in their plant at Gas City, Kansas. He was then sent by the firm to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, arriving there on the 1st of December, 1899, and eating his first meal at the National Hotel, which was the first good hostelry established in the town and was situated on the present site of the Model Clothing Store, being operated by Frank Overlees. The yards of the Clark & Bates Company...

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Biography of A. E. Myers

One of the most attractive establishments of Bartlesville is that conducted by Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Myers, who have here carried on both a wholesale and retail florist business during the past four years. Mr. Myers was born in Iowa on the 13th of September, 1879, and when a little lad of five years accompanied his parents on their removal to Indiana, in which state he obtained his education. Experience that well qualified him for his present line of business came to him during six years’ employment on the Coles Rose Farm at Kokomo, Indiana. In 1912, when a young man of thirty-three years, he came to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and assumed the duties of manager of what is now the Steinhauser Florist & Nursery Company, then owned by George B. Keeler. He served in that capacity until 1917. In the latter year he embarked in the florist business on his own account, establishing his present place at Eleventh and Shawnee streets, where he owns three acres of land devoted largely to the propagation of flowers of all varieties. He sells to both the wholesale and retail trade and has enjoyed a constantly growing business, having already twice enlarged his facilities and expecting to do so again in the near future. He now has about fourteen thousand feet under glass. On the 22d of August, 1902, Mr. Myers was...

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Biography of John C. Gray

A resident of Oklahoma for many years, John C. Gray, who is proprietor of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company at Bartlesville, Washington County, was born in Lee County, Virginia, February 3, 1877, his parents being C. B. and Matilda (Ball) Gray, both of whom were also natives of Virginia. The parents were married in Virginia and soon thereafter removed to Eldorado Springs, Missouri, and from there to Caney, Kansas, where he and his family lived for many years. This town is situated on the Oklahoma boundary line. The father has been a Baptist clergyman throughout his active career and while a resident of Kansas was also interested in real estate, as well as at Bartlesville, Oklahoma, where both he and his wife are now making their home. They reared a family of ten children. John C. Gray acquired his early education in the schools of Lee County, Virginia, and also in the Kansas schools, where he came with his parents on their removal to this state in 1893. In 1895 he removed with his parents to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, here establishing a general merchandise business just south of where the courthouse now stands. This he conducted successfully alone until 1898 when his brother, James Gray, joined him in the enterprise, under the firm style of Gray Brothers, and they were among the older firms of the now flourishing city of Bartlesville....

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Biography of Thomas J. Ellis, Sr.

Since 1882 Thomas J. Ellis, Sr., has been a resident of Oklahoma, coming here in territorial days, and after many years of active connection with farming and mercantile interests he is now living retired at Ochelata at the age of seventy-nine years, having accumulated a substantial competence through the capable management of his business interests. He was born in Vernon, Kentucky, January 25, 1842, of the marriage of Thomas and Susan (Wadzle) Ellis, the former a native of North Carolina, while the latter was also a native of the Blue Grass state. Mr. Ellis acquired his education in the public schools of Kentucky and in 1877, when thirty-five years of age, went to Springfield, Missouri, but left that city in the same year and went to Chautauqua County, Kansas, where he engaged in farming and stock raising until 1882. He then came to Indian Territory, at first locating on Cotton creek, in the vicinity of Caney, Kansas. From there he removed to Bartlesville, where he leased a large ranch, on which he raised live stock, continuing to cultivate that place for six years. On the expiration of that period he took up his residence on a tract of land southeast of Bartlesville, on the Caney River, devoting his energies to the improvement and development of that property. He assisted in laying out the town of Ochelata and there engaged...

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