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Location: Bannack Montana

Residents of Bannack City, Montana 1862

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Besides the Fisk, Minesota Wagon Train, there were at Bannack City and that vicinity in the winter of 1862-3: John Ault Harry Arnett and brother James M. Arnoux William Babbett Ephraim Bostwick (killed by Crows on Bighorn River 1863), George S. Bachelder William H. Bell (died at Bannack Nov. 12, 1862, the first death in that camp), Henry A. Bell, Samuel W. Bachelder Joseph Bender David A. Bentley William Buchanan, Stewart Buchanan William Beeken Charles Benson John Bertwhistle R. M. Biggs Patrick Bray, Con. Bray George Brown Joseph A. Browne John Bothwell John Burnett (killed by Indians on Salmon River March 1863) George Beatty Mr Buttica Henry B. Bryan Felix Burton Richard Tinker Brown, Joseph Brown (killed by Indiana en Salmon River, March 1863), Ed. Brown William Buffington N. W. Burris (killed by Indians at the mouth of Maria River 1865) William Butz Henry R. Brooks Peter Butler Mr. Boyd William Cook John Campbell John Carrico Joseph Carrigan (killed by Indians on Salmon River 1863) J. M. Castner Albert G. Clarke Herman Clarke George Colburn Mr. Cole the two doctors Cox Henry Crawford Robert Homer Crawford George M. Carhart (killed by road agents in 1863) William Cole Peter Cardwell Josiah Chandler Jesse Crooks Thomas H. Clark William Cole George Copley (killed in attempting to arrest a...

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