Location: Baldwin City Kansas

Biography of Christopher Beal Beeks

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Christopher Beal Beeks was a Kansas pioneer whose memory should be kept green in coming generations. He was a man of quiet forcefulness intent in his devotion to those things that he believed right, and he made his career count for much in his chosen community because of a faithful performance of those duties that lay nearest at hand. He was a Kansas pioneer of the territorial period. He came here in 1859. Though a native of Virginia he was reared on a farm in Ohio, and his people being comparatively poor and his early youth being spent in a time when the needs of existence were of more importance than those of intellectual culture he had very limited advantages in the way of literary education. While in Ohio he married Hannah Jane Osler. He came to Kansas with his wife and two children, Edgar and Oscar, with his mother, Nancy Beeks, and with two sisters, Hattie and Mary. In coming West the family embarked on a boat at Wheeling, West Virginia, dropped down the Ohio River to Cairo, Illinois, and up the Mississippi River to St. Louis, and from that point another boat brought them up the Missouri River to Westport Landing, now Kansas City. While looking around for a permanent location Mr. Beeks and...

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Biography of Forrest M. Hartley

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Forrest M. Hartley’s talents made him foremost in the activities of college life while he was a student in Baker University. For a number of years he was actively identified with Kansas journalism and then returned to Baldwin City where he is now one of the leading merchants. Mr. Hartley was born at Indianola in Vermillion County, Illinois, July 26, 1874. He is one of the three children of George S. and Caroline (Vayhinger) Hartley. George S. Hartley, now a resident of Arkansas City, had for many years been a conspicuous figure in the political, banking and civic life of this state. Mr. Forrest M. Hartley had lived a very active life. He began his education in the public schools of his native locality. His parents lived for some five years in Illinois, removing then to Fowler, Indiana, where he received his early education, and he also passed part of his youth in Oklahoma. The father was Indian agent at the Osage Agency at Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and that was the family home for about eleven years. In the fall of 1889 Forrest Hartley entered the Baker University at Baldwin, and remained a student two years. From there he went to Wentworth Military Academy at Lexington, Missouri, was a member of its student body one year, and...

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Biography of Charles Purdy Ives

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Charles Purdy Ives. Every substantial city in Kansas had reason to be grateful to a group of its individual citizens who took the lead in affairs and largely molded those influences and institutions which make the community noteworthy and distinctive. Baldwin City thus honors the memory of the late Charles Purdy Ives, who was not only a business man but a citizen who stood foremost in every movement for the general good. Mr. Ives had a very long and interesting career. He was born January 27, 1840, in West Plains, New York, now part of New York City. When a lad he carried messages on Wall Street. Perhaps it was that experience which kept him ever afterward in close touch with commercial affairs. His education was acquired in the public schools of Williamsburg, New York, and at Huntington Academy on Long Island. In his early youth he frequently attended the famous Fulton Street prayer meeting in New York City, and in one of those meetings in 1857 he was converted. Under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church he became a teacher in a mission school at Choctaw Agency, Indian Territory. When he went out to the far Southwestern country as it was then it was his intention to return East and attend Princeton College. That design...

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Biography of Lewis A. Markham

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Lewis A. Markham was a physician by profession, but the services by which he will be longest remembered in Kansas as elsewhere were those he rendered as a devoted minister of the gospel. He spent his last years at Baldwin City, where the family have been prominent for over a quarter of a century. Doctor Markham practiced medicine for six years in Ohio, part of the time in Akron and part of the time at Massillon. He was married at Akron, September 19, 1858, to Sarah Wirt. Sarah Wirt was of a family of pioneers. Her father was born at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and his ancestry went back to 1590. Her mother was a native of Canton, Ohio, and her maternal grandfather owned much of the land included in the present City of Canton. Sarah Wirt was born on a farm near Massillon, Ohio, September 19, 1835. She was educated in Toledo and Oberlin College, and while teaching she met Doctor Markham. At the beginning of the Civil war Doctor Markham assisted in organizing a regiment of which he was to have been surgeon. The governor of the state instead asked him to remain in the barracks at Columbus and assist in recruiting. He then resumed his career as a physician, and was enjoying a large practice...

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Biography of Lester Martin Combs

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Lester Martin Combs has been an active newspaper man since he graduated from Baker University five years ago and is now editor, manager and treasurer of the Anthony Republican, the official paper of Harper County. The Republican is the oldest paper in Harper County and was established a few years after the county was organized in 1879. The first editors and publishers were George W. Maffet and Charles Metcalf. For several years in the late ’80s the Republican had a daily edition. At the present time the Republican is printed at a modern plant on South Bluff Street. The Anthony Republican Company, Incorporated, had the following officers: R. S. McGowen, president; S. K. Rife, vice president; E. C. Wilcox, secretary; and L. M. Combs, editor, manager and treasurer. Throughout its existence of nearly forty years the Republican had steadily advocated the principles of the party for which it was named. Lester Martin Combs was born in Wamego, Kansas, October 1, 1889. He is of English ancestry and his grandfather came from England and settled in Ohio, being a farmer in Butler County until his death. M. S. Combs, father of the Anthony editor, was born in Butler County, Ohio, in 1840, grew up and married there and spent most of his active life as a farmer....

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