Location: Athens Ohio

Athens Grand Juries from, 1805 to 1815

The first grand jury that ever sat in the county, was drawn in November, 1805, and was composed as follows: Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now John Dixon, John Hewitt, Samuel Moore, John Corey, Peter Boyles, Jeremiah Riggs, Canaday Lowry, William Howlett, Robert Fulton, Alvan Bingham, Josiah Coe, Philip M. Starr. March Term, 1806.-Alvan Bingham, Hopson Beebe, John Thompson, Silas Dean, John Lowry, Josiah Coe, Daniel Stewart, Robert Fulton, Baruch Dorr, Edmund Dorr, Peter Boyles, John Corey, Benaziah Simmons. July Term, 1806.-Alvan Bingham, John Havner, David Pratt, Reuben Hurlbut, Jacob Boyles, Moses Bean, Canaday Lowry, Alexander Fulton, George Wolf, Joseph Brooks, Abraham Shidler, John Corey, Peter Boyles. November Term, 1806.-Jehiel Gregory, Silas Dean, Samuel Humphreys, Thomas Sharp, William Howlett, Ignatius Thompson, Trueman Hewx, Michael Barker, Amos Thompson, William Weir, Phineas Allen, Benaziah Simmons, Silas Bingham. March Term, 1807.-Hopson Beebe, Archibald Stewart, William Brooks, Alvan Bingham, Christopher Wolf, John Thompson, Jared Bobo, John Steele, Abram Pugsley, Josiah Waters, John Miller, John Hewitt, Jason Rice, Jehiel Gregory. December...

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Athens County, Ohio Commissioners 1805-1868

County Commissioners from the Organization of the County. 1805 Silas Dean, William Howlett, John Curry-(At special election.) 1805 William Barrows, William Howlett, Samuel Moore-(At regular election.) 1806 Alvan Bingham, Bingham, Samuel Moore-(At regular election.) 1807 Alvan Bingham, Caleb Merritt, Samuel Moore-(At regular election. 1808 Alvan Bingham, Caleb Merritt, Ebenezer Currier. 1809 Asahel Cooley, Caleb Merritt, Ebenezer Currier. 1810 Asahel Cooley, Zebulon Griffin, Ebenezer Currier. 1811 Asahel Cooley, Zebulon Griffin, Seth Fuller. 1812 Ebenezer Currier, Zebulon Griffin, Seth Fuller. 1813 Ebenezer Currier, Caleb Merritt, Seth Fuller. 1814 Ebenezer Currier, Caleb Merritt, Robert Linzee. 1815 Daniel Stewart, Levi Stedman, Robert Linzee. 1816 Caleb Merritt, Asahel Conley, Daniel Stewart. 1817 Caleb Merritt, Asahel Conley, Levi Stedman. 1818 George Walker, Stambro P. Stancliff, Levi Stedman. 1819 George Walker, Stambro P. Stancliff, James Gillmore. 1820 George Walker, Stambro P. Stancliff, James Gillmore. 1821 George Walker, Edmund Dorr, James Gillmore. 1822 George Walker, Edmund Dorr, James Gillmore. 1823 George Walker, Edmund Dorr, James Gillmore. 1824 George Walker, Edmund Dorr, James Gillmore. 1825 George Walker, Daniel Stewart, James Gillmore. 1826 George Walker, Daniel Stewart, Justus Reynolds. 1827 George Walker, Harry Renshaw, Justus Reynolds. 1828 George Walker, Harry Renshaw, Justus Reynolds. 1829 George Walker, Harry Renshaw, Justus Reynolds. 1830 George Walker, Absalom Boyles, Justus Reynolds. 1831 Joshua Hoskinson, Absalom Boyles, Justus Reynolds. 1832 Joshua Hoskinson, Absalom Boyles, Justus Reynolds. 1833 David Jones, Absalom Boyles, Justus Reynolds. 1834...

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Athens County, Ohio Auditors 1805-1868

The first constitution of Ohio provided for the election by the people of only two county officers, viz.: sheriff and coroner; other county officers were, during the first eighteen years of the state’s history, appointed by the county commissioners or by the associate judges of the respective counties. The office of county auditor was created by act of the legislature, at the session of 182o-21. Before that time the principal duties of the auditor were performed by the county clerk, who was appointed by the commissioners. Henry Bartlett, so long known in the county as “Esquire Bartlett,” was clerk, and ex officio auditor, from 1806 till March 18,2 I. From this time the successive auditors were: Joseph B. Miles, appointed by commissioners in 1821, and served nine months. Gen. John Brown, appointed and served till March, 1827. Norman Root, elected 1827 and served till March, 1839. Leonidas Jewett, elected 1839 and served till March, 1843. Abner Morse, elected 1843 and served till March, 1845. Leonidas Jewett, elected 1845 and served till March, 1847. E. Hastings Moore, elected 1847 and served till March, 1861. Simeon W. Pickering, elected 1861 and served till present...

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Athens County, Ohio County Recorders 1805-1868

County Recorders. office. Recorded what volumes. Dr. Eliphaz Perkins, From 1806 to Jul. 1819, Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 Chauncey F. Perkins, From July 1819 to May 1826, Nos. 4, 5. A. G. Brown, From May 1826 to Aug. 1833, Nos. 5, 6. Robert E. Constable, From Aug. 1833 to Nov. 1835, Nos. 6, 7. A. G. Brown, From Nov. 1835 to Oct. 1841, Nos. 7, 8, 9, 10. Enos Stimson, From Oct. 1841 to Oct. 1844, Nos. 10, 11, 12. John Boswell, From Oct. 1844 to Oct. 1847, Nos. 12, 13, 14 A. J. Van Vorhes, From Oct. 1847 to Oct. 1850, Nos. 14, 15, 16. W. H. Bartlett, From Oct. 1850 to Dec. 1854 Nos. 17, 15, 19, 20'21. Frank E. Foster, From Dec. 1854 to Nov. 1855, Nos. 22. George H. Stewart, From Nov. 1855 to Jun. 1861, Nos. 23, 24, 25, z6. Norman Root, From June 1861 to Jan. 1862, Nos. 26, 27. Daniel Drake, From Jan. 1862 to Jan. 1868, Nos. 28, 29, 30, 31, 32. Josiah B. Allen, From Jan. 1868, still in office. Nos. 33, 34,...

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Athens County, Ohio Sheriffs 1805-1868

County Sheriff’s. Robert Linzee, appointed April, 1805; Silvanus Ames, appointed November, 1807; Robert Linzee, appointed November, 1809; Thomas Armstrong, elected October, 1813; Isaac Barker, elected October, 1817; Jacob Lentner, elected October, 1821; Calvary Morris, elected October, 1823; Robert Linzee, elected October, 1827; John McGill, elected October, 1829; Amos Miller, elected October, 1831; Joseph Hewitt, elected October, 1835; Joseph H. Moore, elected October, 1839; William Golden, elected October, 1843; J. L. Currier, elected October, 1847; Joseph L. Kessinger, elected October, 1851; Leonard Brown, elected October, 1855; H. C. Knowles, elected October, 1857; Frederic S. Stedman, elected October, 1861; John M. Johnson, elected October, 1863; William S. Wilson, elected October, 1867, and is still in...

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Athens County, Ohio County Court Officers 1805-1868

County Court. The first court of common pleas, July 8, 1805, consisted of Robert F. Slaughter, president judge, and Silvanus Ames and Elijah Hatch, associate judges. Henry Bartlett was appointed clerk. Since that time the following judges have acted: 1806-Levin Belt, president judge, and Silvanus Ames, Alexander Stedman, and Abel Miller, associate judges. In 1807, judge Ames became sheriff, and Elijah Hatch became judge. 1807 to 1812-William Wilson, president judge, and Alexanander Stedman, Abel Miller, and Elijah Hatch, associate judges. 1813-William Wilson, president judge, and Jehiel Gregory, Silvanus Ames, and Elijah Hatch, associate judges. 1814-William Wilson, president judge, and Jehiel Gregory, Silvanus Ames, and Ebenezer Currier, associate judges. 1815 to 1818-William Wilson, president judge, and Silvanus Ames, Ebenezer Currier, and Elijah Hatch, associate judges. 1819-Ezra Osborne, president judge, and Robert Linzee, Ebenezer Currier, and Silvanus Ames, associate judges. 1824-Alvan Bingham, associate judge, vice Silvanus Ames, deceased. 1825-Amos Crippen, associate judge, vice Robert Linzee. 1826-Edmund Dorr, associate judge, vice Ebenezer Currier, and Thomas Irwin, president judge, vice Osborne. 1827-Elijah Hatch, associate judge, vice Amos Crippen. 1828-George Walker, associate judge, vice Alvan Bingham. 1833-Ebenezer Currier, associate judge, vice Edward Dorr. 1834-David Richmond, associate judge, vice Elijah Hatch. 1840-John E. Hanna, president judge, vice Thomas Irwin. 1840-Samuel B. Pruden, associate judge, vice Ebenezer Currier. 1841-Isaac Barker, associate judge, vice D. Richmond. 1845-Robert A. Fulton, associate judge, vice George Walker. 1847-Arius Nye, president...

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Athens County, Ohio County Treasurers 1805-1868

County Treasurers. Alvan Bingham, appointed April, 1805; William Harper, appointed June, 1806; Ebenezer Currier, appointed June, 1807; Eliphaz Perkins, appointed March, 1808; William Harper, appointed June, 1809; Eliphaz Perkins,* appointed June, 1811; Amos Crippen, appointed June, 1815; Isaac Barker, appointed June, 1825, elected October, 1825; Amos Crippen, elected October, 1829; Isaac Barker, elected October, 1831; Isaac N. Norton, elected October, 1835, died in December, 1836. Abram Van Vorhes acted first year, and Isaac Barker, second year, by appointment. Isaac Barker, elected October, 1837; Amos Crippen, elected October, 1839; Robert McCabe, elected October, 1841; William Golden, elected October, 1847; Samuel Pickering, elected October, 1853; Leonard Brown, elected October, 1857; Joseph M. Dana, elected October, 1859; Leonard Brown, elected October, 1861; A. W. S. Minear, elected October, 1863; George W. Baker, elected October, 1867, and is still in...

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1806 2nd Ordinance Selling Land Lots in Athens

On the 2nd of April, 1806, Rufus Putnam and Dudley Woodbridge were appointed a committee to conduct a second sale of town lots, which took place November 25, 1806. Some of the lots previously sold were sold again, payments having not been made. The following is the report of the second sale No. of lot. Purchaser. Price. 1 Joel Abbott, $72 00 2 Joel Abbott, 40 50 3 Ebenezer Currier, 36 50 4 William Skinner, 15 00 5 Silvanus Ames, 15 00 6 Leonard Jewett, 15 00 8 Leonard Jewett, 15 00 9 Leonard Jewett, 13 00 10 John Walker, 12 50 11 William Skinner, 7 50 12 John Walker, 26 00 14 Silvanus Ames, 35 00 t5 William Dorr, 18 00 16 Silvanus Ames, 15 00 17 Ebenezer Currier, 52 00 19 Moses Hewitt, 35 00 20 Moses Hewitt, 40 00 21 Silas Bingham, 15 00 22 Silas Bingham, 22 00 23 Rufus Putnam, 10 00 24 Moses Hewitt, 11 00 25 Rufus Putnam, 16 00 27 Samuel Luckey, 14 00 29 William Skinner, 16 00 30 Joseph Buell, 15 00 31 B. Seamans, 20 00 32 Joseph Buell, 11 00 33 William Skinner, 35 00 34 Rufus Putnam, 26 00 36 Moses Hewitt, 18 00 38 David Boyles, 17 00 39 Timothy Wilkins, 14 00 40 Dudley Woodbridge, 11 00 41 Timothy Wilkins, 17 00 42 Dudley...

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1804 Ordinance Selling Land Lots in Athens

Sec. 1 appointed Rufus Putnam and Samuel Carpenter to survey and lay off the town of Athens agreeably with the rule of the resolution of the legislature of December 18th, 1799. Sec. 2 directed the treasurer of the university to have the town plat recorded. Sec. 3 directed Putnam and Carpenter, after due notice, to sell on the first Monday of November, 1804, at public auction, twenty-seven house-lots and an equal number of out-lots at their discretion, excepting and reserving house-lots number 57 and 58. The remaining sections related to the form of certificate and lease to be given. The sale took place November 5th, 1804, and with the following result: No. of Purchasers lot. Purchaser. Price. Residence 1 John Havner $132 00 Athens. 4 William McNichol 46 00 Salt works. 7 Silas Bingham 40 50 Athens. 10 Jarrett Jones 27 00 Middletown. 13 Silas Bingham 62 00 Athens. 16 Silvanus Ames 51 00 Ames. 19 Muses Hewitt 61 00 Middletown. 23 William McNichol 25 00 Salt works. 26 Eliphaz Perkins 30 00 Athens. 28 Eliphaz Perkins 101 00 Athens. 29 Rufus Putnam 59 00 Marietta. 32 John Simonton 27 00 Middletown. 36 John Johnson 20 00 Wheeling. 40 Rufus Putnam 20 00 Marietta. 43 Rufus Putnam 30 00 Marietta. 46 Henry Bartlett 17 00 Middletown. 49 Canaday Lowry 14 00 Middletown. 52 Daniel Mulford 13 00 Middletown. 55...

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Officers of the Town of Athens

The town records from 1811, the date of incorporation, to 1825, are lost. In 1825, James Gillmore was president of the town council, and Joseph B. Miles recorder. At an election held in the town of Athens, March 6, 1826, the number of votes cast was forty-three, and the following persons were elected members of the town council, viz.: Thomas Brice, by thirty-four votes; Columbus Bierce, by thirty-four votes; Ebenezer Currier, by thirty-one votes; John Brown 2d, by forty-three votes; and Joseph B. Miles, by twentythree votes. The following town officers were elected: Samuel Knowles, marshal; Eben Foster, supervisor; A. G. Brown, treasurer; Calvary Morris, collector; John Gillmore, assessor. The council elected Ebenezer Currier, president, and Joseph B. Miles, recorder. March 5, 1827.-Charles Shipman, Columbus Bierce, John Brown 2d, Thomas Brice, and Isaac Taylor, were elected councilmen; William W. Bierce, marshal; John Gillmore, assessor; James J. Fuller, collector; A. G. Brown, treasurer; Eben Foster, supervisor. The council elected Columbus Bierce, president, and John Brown 2d, recorder, for the ensuing year. March 10, 1828.- an election was held, pursuant to an act of the legislature, passed January 24, 1828, entitled “an act to incorporate the town of Athens, in the county of Athens.” Nine councilmen were chosen, whose term of office was afterward decided by lot, as follows, viz : Joseph Dana, Thomas Brice, and Jeremiah Olney, to serve three...

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Athens Ohio 1820 Census Index

Athens Ohio 1820 Census Index Abbot, Joel, Jr. 103 Abbot, John 103 Back, William 103 Bailey, Fromes 103 Baker, Isaiah 109 Baker, Nicholas 109 Ballard, Joseph 103 Barker, Isaac, Jr. 104 Barker, Joseph 103 Barker, Michael 104 Barker, Timothy 104 Barker, William 104 Bartlett, Henry 104 Beard, Colesmby 104 Beeris, William 104 Bending, Nathen 104 Benley, William 104 Bingham, Silas 109 Bone, Barent 104 Brigham, Alvin 104 Brigham, Alvin, Jr. 104 Browing, K. Thomas 104 Brown, John II 104 Calvin, Barzabel 104 Carpenter, Cipkes 104 Carpenter, Joseph 104 Carter, Ried 108 Chadwick, Thomas 104 Coats, Arthur 104 Coe, John 104 Coe, Josiah 104 Conn, James 104 Cormley, Senment 104 Courtney, Alanson 104 Courtney, Neal 104 Crippin, Amos 104 Currer, Ebenezer 104 Dana, Joseph 104 Dauer, J. Reuben 105 Dean, William 105 Disler, Christopher 105 Divol, Abram 105 Don, Benart 105 Don, Edmond 105 Don, William 105 Dowler, Richard 105 Easter, Sarah 105 Everts, Aesach 105 Farlin, Hosea 105 Fee, Abram 105 Fierce, Hannah 105 Fierce, John 105 Fince, Conrad 105 Forbs, Richard 109 Fuller, J. James 105 Fulton, Lemuel 105 Fulton, Robert 105 Gabil, Abram 106 Gilbert, George 105 Gillmore, James 105 Gillmore, John 105 Ginn, Peter 105 Glass, Abopus 105 Goodno, Domul 105 Goodno, G. 109 Goodrich, Timothy 105 Goodspeed, James 105 Goodspeed, Nathen 105 Goodspeed, Samuel 105 Graham, William 106 Grakinn, Samuel 105 Gregoyn 109 Hagle, Isaac...

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Biography of Robert H. Barton

One of the well known citizens of Moscow is Robert H. Barton, who is now capably serving as postmaster. He is true and faithful to this public trust and at all times has discharged his duties of citizenship with the same promptness and fidelity which marked his course when on the battlefields of the south he followed the starry banner to victory and thus aided in the preservation of the Union. He came to Moscow in 1877. His birth occurred in Perry County, Ohio, February 1, 1842, and he is of Scotch-Irish lineage. His grandfather, Robert Barton, emigrated from the north of Ireland to the New World and located in Baltimore, Maryland, where Andrew Barton, father of our subject, was born, in 181 1, The latter married Miss Elizabeth Biddison, also a native of Baltimore, and a daughter of William Biddison, a soldier of the war of 1812. They were farming people, and in 1833 removed to Perry County, Ohio, where the father improved a farm and reared his family. He died on the old homestead which he had acquired through his own industry, passing away in 1883, at the age of seventy-two years. His wife died in 1876, at the age of sixty-three years. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church and were the parents of twelve children, eleven of whom grew to years of maturity, while...

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Biographical Sketch of Theodore Elijah Burton

Burton, Theodore Elijah; U. S. senator to March 3, 1915; born, Jefferson, O., Dee. 20, 1851; son of Rev. William and Elizabeth ‘(Grant) Burton; A. B., Oberlin College, 1872, A. M. 1875; (LL. D., Oberlin, 1900, Dartmouth, 1907, Ohio University, 1907); unmarried; admitted to bar, 1875, and since in practice at Cleveland; member 51st (1889-1891), and 54th to 61st (1895-1911) congresses; 21st Ohio Dist.; resigned from 61st Congress, March 4, 1909; U. S. senator, 1909-1915; chairman Inland Waterways Commission, 1906-1908; chairman National Waterways Commission; member National Monetary Commission; Republican nominee for mayor, Cleveland, 1907; delegate Republican National convention, 1904, 1908 (placed William Howard Taft in nomination for the Presidency, Chicago, 1908); pres. Grant Family Ass’n of the U. S. Clubs: Union, Rowfant (Cleveland), Metropolitan (Washington). Author: Financial Crisis and Periods of Industrial and Commercial Depression, 1902; Life of John Sherman, 1906; Corporations and The State, 1911; pres. American Peace Society,...

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Biographical Sketch of William Nicholas Hailmann

Hailmann, William Nicholas; educator; born, Glaris, Switzerland, Oct. 20, 1836; son of William Alexander and Babette Hailmann; educated, Gymnasium, Zurich, and with tutor; studied in Medical College, Louisville, Ky., 1855-1856; (hon. A. M. University of Louisville, 1864; Ph. D., Ohio University, 1885); married Eudora Lucas, of Louisville, Dec. 24, 1857 (died 1904); 2d Helena Kuhn, of Detroit, Dec. 25, 1907; teacher of natural sciences, Louisville High Schools, 1856-1865; director German and English Academy, Louisville, 1865-1973; director German and English Academy, Milwaukee, 1873-1878; director German-American Seminary, Detroit, 1878-1883; supt. public schools, La Porte, Ind., 1883-1894; nat. supt. of Indian schools, 1894-8; supt. of instruction, Dayton, O., 1898; head dept. psychology, Chicago Normal School, 1904-1908; prof. history of education, Cleveland Normal Training School since Sept. 7, 1909. Author: Outlines of a System of Object Teaching, 1866; History of Pedagogy, 1870; Kindergarten Culture, 1872; Letters to a Mother, 1876; Early Education, 1878; Primary Helps, 1884; Primary Methods, 1887; Application of Psychology to Teaching, 1887; Froebel’s Education of Man, 1890; Constructive Form-Work, 1901; The English Language, 1902; The Laurel Primer, 1903; etc. Editor: Erzichungsblatter, 1870-1883; Kindergarten Messenger and New Education,...

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Biography of George W. Gabriel, M. D.

George W. Gabriel, M. D., of Parsons had his first medical experience as a hospital steward and soldier during the Civil war. He is now the oldest active medical man in the state, having practiced continuously for over forty-five years. Doctor Gabriel is one of the pioneer physicians of Parsons, and has identified himself with that community not only in a professional capacity but also as a public spirited man of affairs. He is a former state senator. He was born in that old center of education and culture of the Ohio Valley, Athens, Ohio, on November 17, 1841. The Gabriels were French Alsatians, but settled in Pennsylvania during the colonial days. His great-grandfather Abraham Gabriel was a Pennsylvania soldier in the Revolution, and thus Doctor Gabriel is eligible to membership in the Sons of the American Revolution. His grandfather Elias Gabriel was born in Pennsylvania in 1786, and as a young man went to Southeastern Ohio and settled at Athens. He saw active service in the War of 1812 and thus the Gabriel family has been represented in every important war of this country beginning with the establishment of the independence of the United States. Elias Gabriel was a stone mason and farmer and died at Athens, Ohio, in 1864. He married Susan Bane, who was born in Pennsylvania and died at Athens. Moses Gabriel, father of Doctor...

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