Location: Athens County OH

Athens Township Trustees from 1807-1868

1807 Leonard Jewett, Jehiel Gregory, Silas Bingham. 1808 John Havner, William Harper, Aaron Young. 1809 Leonard Jewett, Ebenezer Currier, John Abbot. 1810 Jacob Lindley, Ebenezer Currier, John Abbot. 1811 Silas Bingham, Hopson...

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Lee Township Town Officers 1820-1868

The town was incorporated in 1844. At the first election for town officers John V. Brown was chosen mayor, and J. M. Gorsline recorder. For a number of years afterward there was no election, but since 1855 they have been held...

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Dover Township Town Officers 1825-1868

We have not been able to procure the records of the township previous to 1825; they have been lost or destroyed. The following are the township trustees since that time. Township Trustees 1825-1868. 1825 Resolved Fuller, Daniel...

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Carthage Township Town Officers 1855-1868

The early records of the township are lost, and there is no list of its officers prior to 1855. The population in 1820 was 320; in 1830 it was 395; in 1840 it was 734; in 1850 it was 1,087; in 1860 it was 1,827. Township...

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Canaan Township Town Officers 1819-1868

The first election for township trustees was held at the house of Edward Pilcher, April 5, 1819. John C. Carico and Stephen Pilcher were judges, and Joshua Hoskinson and John McGill clerks of the election. Township Trustees...

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Residents Lands, Ames Township, 1807

Legend: 1: Acres 2: Range 3: Township 4: Section 5: Dollars 6: Cents Last First 1 2 3 4 County Orignal Proprietor 5 6 Comments Ames Silvanus 108 13 6 4,9 Athens Manasseh Cutler 43 Brown John 132 13 6 14 Athens Winsor 87 Brown...

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Bern Township Town Officers 1828-1868

Township Trustees 1828-1868. 1828-30 John Henry, James Dickey, John Wickham. 1831-33 ” David James, Jeffrey Buchanan. 1834 Dyar Selby, Sen., John Wickham, James Dickey. 1835 William J. Brown, ” ” 1836 ”...

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York Township Town Officers 1840-1868

The first election for town officers was held April 27, 1839, when Charles Cable was elected mayor; A. J. Bond recorder; John Coe, S. M. Sheppard, John Hull, W. W. Poston, and James Rusk trustees. Luther Burt was appointed...

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Ames Township Town Officers 1804-1868

The first election for township officers in Ames was held June 1, 1802 (nearly three years before the organization of the county), at the house of Silvanus Ames, and resulted as follows: Nathan Woodbury, George Ewing and Samuel...

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Waterloo Township Town Officers 1827-1868

Township Trustees since 1827. 1827 William Lowry, Elias Gabriel, Silas Benjamin. 1828-30 William Lowry, Abram Gabriel, Hezekiah Robinett. 1831-34 William Lowry, Daniel Lowry, Jeremiah Thompson. 1835 William Lowry, William...

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Troy Township Town Officers 1837-1868

The township records prior to 1837 are lost. Township Trustees since 1837. 1837 M. L. Bestow, Jesse Derry, Samuel Dutton. 1838 M. L. Bestow, Jesse Derry, Ferdinand Paulk. 1839 Nicholas Baker, Jedediah Fuller, Ferdinand Paulk....

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Alexander Town Officers 1828-1868

The early records of the township were destroyed by fire in the house of John McKee in 1827 or 1828, but as nearly as can be ascertained the first trustees were Caleb Merritt, John Brooks, and Thomas Sharp, and Caleb Merritt the...

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