Location: Assaria Kansas

Biography of Arnold Francis Weeks

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Arnold Francis Weeks. Much of the commercial history and the civic annals of the prosperous little Town of Assaria in Saline County could be told as a commentary upon the life of Mr. Arnold Francis Weeks, the leading merchant and now the mayor of that little city. In 1907 Mr. Weeks organized the Assaria Hardware Company. He became president and chief executive in the concern, while his brother Joseph was made secretary. In 1913 the two brothers bought all the other interests, and since dissolving the incorporation had conducted it as a partnership and had made it the leading business of its kind in Assaria. The brothers are also interested in the Assaria State Bank and in the Farmers State Bank of Assaria, and in 1914 they promoted and helped to organize the Farmers Elevator. They have recently purchased one third interest in the Bridgeport Flour Mills at Bridgeport, Kansas, and one-eighth interest in a zinc mine near Yellville, Arkansas, which promises to be one of the best mining properties in that section of the country. The main business institutions of the town are practically enumerated in this brief survey of Mr. Week’s activities. In 1913 Mr. Weeks was elected mayor of Assaria, and had filled that responsible office ever since. Before he was elected mayor...

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Biography of Peter Gregorius

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Peter Gregorius, who died at Salina May 20, 1914, was one of Saline County’s best known business men and in many ways was a notable character. He was a veteran German soldier, and had occupied many places of distinction and honor in the German government during the reign of Kaiser William I, father of the present German Emperor. He was born October 15, 1844, in Prussia, a son of Peter Gregorius. He was liberally educated, had the training of a soldier, and for two years was with the Prussian armies in the war against France in 1870-71. He won several medals for his faithfulness and efficiency as a soldier, and was also an honored official under Kaiser William I. For several years he served as an official forester under the Kaiser’s government, and was many times a guest on state occasions in the emperor’s household, dining at his table. In 1880 he left Germany and came to America, locating in Saline County. He bought unimproved land eight miles east of Salina and improved it into a fine farm. He subsequently bought other tracts in different parts of the county and at one time owned two valuable farms, all of which he had improved under his personal supervision. In 1884 Peter Gregorius built the first and only...

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