Location: Ames Ohio

Ames Ohio 1820 Census Index

Ames Ohio 1820 Census Index Aguh, Silvanus 99 Alden, George 99 Ame, Thomas 99 Atkin, Adam 99 Baldwell, John 99 Bayles, Absalem 99 Bayles, John 99 Bayles, Martin 99 Blanc, Betsey 99 Book, Elisha 99 Bowman, Jacob 99 Brown, Nella 99 Cain, John 99 Carner, David 100 Carter, George 100 Chadwick, Lind 100 Cigsor, David 99 Cone, Balbut 100 Cone, G. Benjamin 100 Cooper, Cornelius 100 Davis, Benjamin 100 Davis, William 100 Dean, Gulliver 100 Dean, Nathen 100 Dean, Nathen, Jr. 100 Dean, Stephen 100 Demirlson, William 100 Diaper, William, Jr. 100 Draper, William 100 Duvett, James 100 Eddy, James 99 Edwell, Enoch 99 Eiget, Obadeah 99 Fisk, L. Clander 100 Fleming, John 100 Fuller, Seth 100 Fullon, Robert 100 Garden, Thomas 100 Gasnil, Nicholas 100 Gillet, Jesmal 100 Glarin, Abel 100 Gobet, Henry 100 Gombel, Aron 100 Graves, Isachar 101 Green, Willard 100 Height, A. C. 101 Henry, John 101 Henry, Mathew 101 Hill, Nathen 101 Howond, Elisha 101 Hysonton, Joab 101 Jackson, John 101 Johnson, Caleb 101 Johnson, Henry 101 Johnson, Jemy 101 Johnson, John 101 Johnson, John II 101 Kasler, Killiam 101 Knap, Cyrus 101 Linscott, Amos 101 Linscott, Isaac 101 Linscott, Noah 101 Luce, John 101 Mc Cune, Polly 101 Mc Daryal, John 102 Mc Evers, Charles 101 Mc Evers, Elisha 101 Mc Evers, James 101 Mc Evers, William 102 Mc Lean, John 102 Melchel,...

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Biography of Pearly Brown

Pearly Brown, oldest son of the preceding, was born in Massachusetts, July 24, 1798, and was four years old when brought to this county. In the year 1819 he married Eliza Hulbert (who is still living), and settled in Ames township, on a new farm, given him by his father. A hard-working and energetic man, he soon improved his circumstances, and laid the foundation for a competence. To afford some idea of the prices that prevailed when he was a young man, Mr. Brown states that he worked a week for Judge Currier, in Athens, in 1823, at 311 cents a day, and at Saturday night was paid in two tin cups at 25 cents each; a quarter of a pound of tea, 5o cents; one pound of coffee, so cents, and 371 cents in money-making $1.871-with which valuables he walked home-ten miles. While yet living with his father, in 1814 or 1815, he was hired to carry the mail, with two other riders, between Marietta and Chillicothe, the distance being about one hundred miles, and to make three trips a week, or two hundred miles a week for each rider; for which service he received $6 a month. He cultivated his farm in Ames till 1829 or 1830, when he removed to McArthurstown (then in Athens county), and engaged for many years in selling goods and dealing in...

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