Location: Alstead New Hampshire

Biographical Sketch of Whitney Breed

Whitney, son of Nathaniel and Nancy (Whitney) Breed, and great-grandson of Dr. Nathaniel Breed, the first settler in Nelson, was born in Nelson in 181o, and came to Alstead in 1832. He married Persis Hatch, October 26, 1837, who bore him two sons and four daughters. Mr. Breed has been a justice of the peace forty years and a deacon of the Congregational church at Alstead Center thirty-five years. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start...

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The Third Congregational Church of Alstead New Hampshire

On the 3d of August, 1842, this church was organized, located at Alstead village. It grew out of the inconvenience undergone by the people in this vicinity reaching the other churches, and was made up of members as follows: twenty from the church at the Center, eight from the church at Langdon, one from the church at Acworth, and one from the church at East Alstead, making, with three who united by profession, thirty-three in all. Their first minister, Rev. Darwin Adams, remained about three years, and was succeeded by Rev. John Lawrence. Their church building, erected in 1843, is a neat wood structure capable of seating 250 persons, and valued, including grounds, etc., at $2,500.00. The society now has twenty-five members, with no regular pastor. It has also a Sabbath-school with fifty-five...

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Biography of Jonathan Shepard

Jonathan Shepard, of English descent, came from Coventry, Conn., in 1768, and a few years later moved his family here. For his first wife he married Love Palmer, of Stonington, Conn., who bore him seven sons and three daughters, all of whom,_ except the oldest daughter, lived in this town. Be his second wife, Polly Underwood, he had one daughter. Jonathan’s son were Jonathan, Oliver, Nathaniel, Amos, Simeon, Joshua, and Roswell, allo; whom came to the town about the same time with their father, and some of them became the most wealthy and influential persons in the town. Jonathan, a shoemaker, married Hannah Benjamin, of Hartford, Conn., and had born to him six sons and a daughter. Capt. Oliver married Zerviah Hatch who bore him two sons and two daughters. He represented the town in the colonial congress and state legislature nine years. Nathaniel married Lois Marvin. Gen. Amos married Thankful Cadwell, of Hartford, Conn., and was the first merchant in the town, served as a major-general of militia, represented the town in legislature many years, was councilor and state senator, and president of the senate seven years. He died in 1812, leaving a large property. Simeon married Rachel Brooks, who bore him four sons and four daughters. Joshua married Lucy Farnsworth and reared two sons and four daughters. Roswell died in youth. William, the eldest son of Capt....

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Biographical Sketch of George W. Kilburn

George W. Kilburn came to Alstead when a young man, married Lovina Marvin, December 31. 1820, and died November 29, 1880, surviving his wife from November 18, 1878. Of their six children, Alfred, Mary L., Maria, Frank, Cyrus, and Josephine, two are...

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The Second Congregational Church of Alstead New Hampshire

In 1788 a number of the members of the first church became dissatisfied with their pastor, or pastors, withdrew from the society, and with others, organized the Second Congregational church, at East Alstead, with eighteen members, over whom Rev. Levi Lankton, of Southington, Conn., was installed, September z, r 7 89. He remained with the society about a third of a century, receiving into the church ninetythree members. The society now has sixty-seven members, a Sabbath-school with sixty-five members, and a church building capable of seating 250 persons, with Rev. George A. Beckwith,...

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Biographical Sketch of Henry A. Lovell

Henry A Lovell, son of Aldis Lovell, was born in Drewsville, N. H. February 12, 1837. At the age of seventeen he began life as a clerk, and at the age of twenty-four began business for himself where he is now located. In 1868 his store was burned, but was immediately rebuilt, and for four years he operated a branch store at East Alstead. He married Georgina B. Fellows, of Hopkinton, N. H., in 1866, and has two sons and a...

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The First Congregational Church of Alstead New Hampshire

The first baptism in town was administered in September, 1768, by Rev. Thomas Fessenden, of Walpole. In 1770 the town “chose nine men to conduct religious worship,” one of the number being appointed to procure a minister. Its 1773 a committee was chosen to select a site for building a house of worship, and the same year Rev. James Treadway was employed to supply the town with preaching, and was subsequently given a call to settle with them in the ministry, but declined because no church had been organized. In 1776 a vote was passed by the town to build a house of worship, yet it was not carried into, effect until 1781, when a wooden structure was built at what is now known as Alstead Center. The church was organized in 1777; but, owing to the loss of the early records, no details relative to its organization can be gathered. Those who expected to constitute the new society met in a barn, and the Rev. Mr. Fessenden. of Walpole, conducted services. The Lord’s supper was first administered to the church by Rev. Mr. Hall. of Keene. The same year a call was renewed to Mr. Treadway, but owing to a disagreement on the part of the members, he was not settled. In 1780 Dr. Payson, of Rindge, was employed as a candidate, and in June, 1781. Rev. Jacob...

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Biographical Sketch of Lauson Robertson

Lauson Robertson, son of Alexander, was born in the town of Chesterfield, N. H., April 23, 1811, in the western part of the town. When a young man he worked in a store for Oscar Cooledge, in his native town. October 13, 1835, he married Edith, daughter of John Harris, of Chesterfield, and came to the town of Alstead and located at the Center, where he kept a store. He remained there for five years when he sold out and removed to what was known as Paper Mill Village, now Alstead, and purchased the hotel and brick store opposite. Here he carried on both enterprises about nine years, when he gave up the hotel. He then built the house where his widow, now Mrs. Kimball, resides, and continued in the store for some years longer, and then, sold out. He carried on a large business, was called upon to settle estates and act as guardian, and was sought often in counsel by his townsmen. He was county commissioner in 1858-’61, and was also selectman. He died October 31, 1863. His family consisted of four children: Herman L., born October 19, 1838, died December 30, 1868; Stella E., born September 18, 1841, died July 16, 1843 ; Edward H., born June 19, 1844, died February 12, 1849; Frank H., born June 18, 1853, and is now residing in Boston, Mass....

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Alstead, Cheshire County, New Hampshire History

Alstead, Cheshire county, New Hampshire, with an area of 24,756 acres, lies in the extreme northern part of Cheshire county, in 43º 6′ of north latitude, and longitude 4º 48′ east from Washington, bounded north by Sullivan county, east by Marlow, south by Gilsum and Surry, and west by Walpole and a part of Sullivan county. The territory now lying within its limits was originally granted by Gov. Benning Wentworth, probably in 1761. This history entails sketches of early industry, churches, military, and benevolent societies, as well as biographies and sketches of the early settlers. History of Alstead, New Hampshire General History of Alstead, New Hampshire Early Settlement of Alstead, New Hampshire Early Manufacturing History of Alstead, NH Alstead Center Alstead Village East Alstead Military History of Alstead, NH Church History Baptist Church History Methodist Church The First Congregational Church of Alstead The Second Congregational Church The Third Congregational Church Biographies of Alstead, New Hampshire Banks, John Blake, Obadiah Breed, Whitney Browne, Abraham Cady, Isaac Chandler, Samuel Cooke, Josiah Dinsmore, Thomas Emerson, Azel R. Fisher, Isaac Hatch, Azel Howard, Jeremiah, Dea. Kidder, Amos Kidder, James Kilburn, George W. Kingsbury, Absalom Kingsbury, Cyrus, Col. Lovell, Henry A. Marvin, Giles Messer, Nathaniel D. Partridge, Sylvester Prentiss, Thomas R. Proctor, Benjamin Robertson, Lauson Shepard, Jonathan Slade, John Smith, Emerson Spencer, James Thurston, Samuel Tinker, Russell Town, Elijah Townsend, Levi Tufts, Timothy Turner,...

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