Location: Alluwe Oklahoma

Biography of W. T. Parrish

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now One of the well known farmers of Nowata County is W. T. Parrish, who is residing five miles southeast of Nowata. He is a native of this County, his birth having occurred in Alluwe township on the 18th of February, 1881, a son of Holland L. and Cynthia J. (Daniel) Parrish, the latter being of Cherokee extraction. Extended mention of Mr. and Mrs. Parrish is made in the sketch of A. H. Parrish, on another page of this work. In the acquirement of an education W. T. Parrish attended the common schools of Nowata County. Putting his textbooks aside at an early age, he engaged in farming. His present farm, five miles southeast of Nowata, consists of one hundred and thirty acres and he likewise owns a homestead of fifty acres on the Verdigris River, three miles northeast of the home place. The farm on which he resides has a fine house and outbuildings and he does general farming on an extensive scale. Oil has been discovered on the land and there are several wells in operation. In 1900 was celebrated the marriage of Mr. Parrish to Miss Pearl Starr, a native of Iowa. To their union thirteen children have been born: William R., Jr., twenty-two years of age; Sada B., who is the wife of...

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Biography of W. E. Campbell

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now The enterprise and energy which are leading to the rapid and substantial up-building of Washington County and other sections of Oklahoma find expression in the life record of W. E. Campbell, who is a merchant of the south, alert, energetic and farsighted. He came to this state from Missouri, his birth having occurred at Lexington, in Lafayette County, on the 4th of October, 1876. His father, Robert M. Campbell, was a native of Virginia and became one of the early settlers of Missouri, where he devoted his attention to agricultural pursuits for a number of years. In 1890 he removed to the Indian Territory and took up his abode at Alluwe, where he followed farming until a decade ago. He then settled in Kansas, where he now resides. His wife, who in her maidenhood bore the name of Bettie Harbor, is a native of Missouri and is with her husband in Kansas. W. E. Campbell was educated in the schools of Oklahoma, having come to this state with his parents when a lad of but twelve years. He afterward turned his attention to farming and stock raising, which he followed in Osage County until about three years ago and then retiring from active connection with agricultural interests he entered upon merchandising at Oglesby. He is a...

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